20 Animal Names That Unexpectedly Work Beautifully As Baby Names

Choosing a name for a baby is one of the many important things a couple needs to do even before the delivery date. Choosing a name early usually helps the couple to put some deep thought into it, because rushing to decide the name the last minute before leaving the hospital will usually result in a poor decision.

Couples often strive to choose a name for their young one that sounds great, has a cool nickname, and one that is not too common. Although these days couples are truly thinking out of the box, it's obvious that some couples, especially celebrities, are picking names that are too ridiculous in a bid to stand out.

An easy way for couples to narrow down their search is for them to choose a category in which they would love to pick a name, and then pick the most appealing name from their chosen category. For example, some parents would want to choose names beginning with a certain letter, others would love names from a particular region of the world, while others would love names that have a relationship with nature.

Here are some names parents can give their children that are originally animal names but work beautifully as baby names. The most suitable names in such a category are the names of the animals we all consider cool; otherwise choosing the wrong one will attract a lot of ridicule from a holder's peers.

20 Bear

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Bear is a wonderful boy's name of English origin that obviously comes from the huge mammal with a long snout and small round ears. Just like the animal, this name means strong and brave. Arguably, the adventurer called Bear Grylls is responsible for making this name so popular; however, not many people have this name, which makes it perfect for parents looking for a unique name for their son.

Celebrity actresses Alicia Silverstone and Kate Winslet, as well as English singer Liam Payne, chose this adorable name for their sons. Elizabeth Bear Wishnevsky, an author, uses Bear as a pet name. Other notable celebrities with this name include Cree writer Glecia Bear and football player and coach Bear Bryant. Bear is unique and robust for a baby boy.

19 Fox

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Fox is an old English name that's great for a handsome baby boy. Some of the qualities of a fox such as being smart, cunning, and lithe are great to associate with any baby boy. In 2016, Fox was one of the fastest rising given boy's names in English speaking countries, since it's simple, suave, and perfect for parents looking for a cool name. Fox was a popular surname before it gained fame as a given name.

Fox Mulder a lead character in the television series The X-Files contributed greatly to making it so popular. The Fox Entertainment Group has also shed some light on the name. Famous bearers of the name include US major general Fox Conner, actresses Megan Fox and Vivica A. Fox, and actor Jamie Fox.

18 Tiger

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Just like the animal, Tiger is a fierce and powerful animal inspired name that's great for a baby boy. This name sounds so cool and rare; you will hardly come across this name within your circles. In the 19th century, notable people such as anthropologist Lionel Tiger, creek artist Johnny Tiger, and Nigerian boxer Dick Tiger wore this name with pride.

Professional golfer Tiger Woods is arguably the most popular Tiger out there, and thanks to him, we associate this name with winning. Celebrity rapper Michael Ray Stevenson uses the name's variant Tyga as his stage name. Tiger is a strong, unique, and powerful name that can make any young man look and feel confident and ready to take on any challenge.

17 Leo

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Leo is a lovely name of Latin origin meaning lion. Leo is a boy's name. People with the names Leonard, Leonardo, and Leon use Leo as a nickname. This name has been in use since the 18th century though its fame has mildly declined in recent years. This name is cute and fun, and it has a classic sound to it.

Over the centuries, scientists, and rulers have borne this name. Leonardo DiCaprio and the famous Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci are arguably the most famous personalities to go by this name. Other bearers of the name include footballer Leo Barry, Finnish musician Leo Luxxxus, and actor Leo Howard.

16 Birdie

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Birdie is an adorable girl's name that has a strong relationship with the name bird since this is what most children call birds. This name has English and Swedish origins but is in use all over the world today. Professional wrestlers Daniel Bryan and his wife Brie Bella named their baby girl Birdie Joe Danielson and singer and songwriter Jasmine Van Den Bogaerde "Birdy" uses Birdie's spelling variant as her stage name.

Birdie is not too common, so parents can be sure that their little Birdie will be the only one in her class. This name is fun and sweet, and any parent would want to give it to his or her daughter. Even actresses Busy Philipps and soap opera star Maura West chose it for their daughters.

15 Phoenix

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Phoenix is one of those unique names any baby would love to have growing up. In Greek mythology, Phoenix is the name of a bird, which has the special ability of regeneration. Many people consider this a boy's name though many countries now consider it a gender-neutral name, so it is perfect for either a boy or a girl.

Thanks to the film Harry Potter And The Order of Phoenix, this name is very popular today. Furthermore, former spice girl Mel B chose this name for her daughter. Phoenix is a unique name and your child is sure to enjoy being the only Phoenix in school. It has cute nicknames to choose from like Phoe, Nix, and Nick.

14 Lion

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While many fearless little boys would certainly want to live up to this strong name, very few get the opportunity to bear it. Lion is a perfect name for a boy, and its variant Lyon sounds even cooler. Lion is a symbol of kingliness and courage just like the animal. The name is mildly in use in the US and in other parts of the world.

Notable people who go by the name include German Novelist Lion Feuchtwanger, Italian singer P. lion, and Israeli diplomat Joel Lion. Even the lead characters of the series Empire used its variant Lyon as a surname. This name will be perfect for parents looking for a name that resembles bravery and is fit for a king.

13 Jay

Jay is a common masculine name derived from the name of several species of birds. This is a given name and is a popular nickname for names that start with J such as Jaden, Jamie, Jason, and Jordan. Jay is originally from an ancient Indian language called Sanskrit and it means to win or victory. It is quite popular as a boy's name.

Famous people who go by the name include skateboarder Jay Adams, ice hockey player Jay Beagle, and English singer Jay Aston among many others. It is also a popular character name in the television and film industry. Jay is a short but very sweet name, making it one of the reasons it's such an adorable name.

12 Sparrow

Sparrow was a popular surname before people started using it as a first name. Many people consider this a gender-neutral name though it is more popular as a boy's name than it is a girl's name. Sparrow has been in use since the 18th century but its popularity has declined over the years.

Johnny Depp's character in The Pirates Of The Caribbean film series called Jack Sparrow has greatly enhanced the name's popularity. In addition, celebrity Nichole Richie and husband Joel Madden named their son Sparrow James Midnight. It's definitely a choice to consider if you are looking for an animal inspired name that stands out from the crowd.

11 Cricket

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Cricket is a feminine name that's clearly inspired by the creatures that go by the same name. The name means a bug or a sport, though it has a great sound to it and is slang for harmonica. The name has never been among the top 1000 names in America, which means that it's a rare name. Cricket has likable nicknames like Crie and Rick.

Actress Busy Philips and husband Marc Silverstein chose this unique name for their baby girl. Other bearers of the name include Actor James Cricket Colter, actress Cricket Hamar, and production manager Cricket Benevento among others. Parents looking for a unique twist on a nature-inspired name should look no further than Cricket.

10 Bunny

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Bunny is a girl's name of English origin and is the name used for a little rabbit. Bunny has variants like Bernie, Bunnie, and Berny. Since not many children go by this name today, parents looking for a unique and sweet name for their baby girl should definitely go with it.

In the late 1930s, the animated cartoon character called Bugs Bunny of Looney Tunes really made this name popular. More recently, rockstar Bryan Adams named her daughter Mirabella Bunny Adams. Many people love this name because it easily rolls off the tongue. It is a nickname for Berenice and Bernice.

9 Robin

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Robin is a gender-neutral given name that comes from a type of a bird that goes by the same name. It has several variations like Robyn, Robbin, Robine, Robyne, and, Robbyn. It is of English origin meaning bright flame. Robin was popular in the late 1980s but is not as common today as it used to be back then, therefore a parent can be sure that only a few kids will have it.

Robin is a nickname for Robinson, though some people called Robert also use it as a nickname. It lends itself to cute nicknames like Rob, Robbie, and Bobby. Famous people who go by the name include Robin Coleman, German football manager Robin Dutt, and actor Robin Brockway.

8 Kitty

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Kitty is a cute name of Greek origin meaning pure. It's a diminutive of the name Katherine or Catherine. Kitty has been in use since the 18th century though its popularity has declined over the years. It is a cute and cuddly girl's name, ideal for parents looking for adorable animal-related names with a nice meaning to it. Its variation is Kittie.

Famous Kittys include voice-over actress Kittie Troy, English model Lady Kitty Spencer, actress Kitty Kelly, and journalist Kitty Pilgrim. The name has also been popular in the fictional world of TV and film. Kitty is one of those names that is sure to make a comeback because it's too adorable.

7 Drake

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Drake is an English masculine name that means dragon or male duck. The name's popularity peaked in the year 2010 but it has since been on a slow decline. As a one-syllable name, Drake is easy to say and simple to spell hence perfect for a little boy.

Someone can argue that the newfound fame for this name is thanks to rapper and singer Aubrey Drake Graham. Other notable bearers of the name include actor and musician Drake Bell, professional wrestler Drake Younger and major league baseball pitcher Drake Britton among others. Just like a dragon, Drake is a strong, confident, and smart choice for parents anywhere.

6 Hawk

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Hawk is a masculine name that is aggressive and strong. This name comes from the predatory bird that goes by the same name that has incredible eyesight and intuition. Many people use Hawk as a last name, though the name is gradually becoming a first name option. Its variation is Hawke.

Notable bearers of the name include professional skateboarder Tony Hawk, actress Kali Hawk, actor and director Daniel Hawk Hicks, director and producer Beth Elise Hawk, and writer Robert Hawk. Hawk is a popular character name in the novels "The Revenant" and "The Path". Hawk is a strong and brave name any little boy will be lucky to go by it.

5 Tora

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Tora is a feminine name meaning thunder. This name is of Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish origins with the variant Thora. Tora has been in use since the late 1900s but its popularity has been dwindling in the last few years. The name is strong and fiery and has a ton of character, making it easy to fall in love with.

The name is famously borne to Norwegian biathlete and Olympic champion Tora Berger, high jumper Tora Harris, Indonesian actor Tora Sudiro, and Icelandic actress Thora Bjorg Helga. Tora is pretty and adorable, and super unique for anyone looking for a different yet stylish name for his or her little girl.

4 Wren

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Wren is a girl's name of English origin. It comes from a fragile songbird by the same name. Wren is both a surname and a given name and some people consider it gender neutral in some countries. It has been borne to notable people like English rock drummer Alan Wren, author and teacher Wren Blackberry, former ice hockey coach Wren Blair, baseball player Kyle Wren, and a few others.

This unique name is worth considering especially for parents who are searching for an extraordinary name for their girl. It has unusual but cool nicknames like Wrennie and Wrenagade. This name will definitely separate your baby from the pack.

3 Fawn

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Fawn is a girl's name of Old French origin meaning a young deer. This name has been popular in English and French-speaking countries since the 1950s, though it's not as popular today as it was a few decades back. However, this makes it a perfect choice for parents searching for that relatively rare name.

Fawn has been borne to famous people like actress Fawn Reed, filmmaker and producer Fawn Yacker, and biographer and history professor Fawn McKay Brodie. This name will be difficult to pronounce at first but since its hip and trendy, your baby girl will appreciate having it as her name.

2 Lark

Lark is a bird's name that sounds wonderful as a girl's name. Parents have been naming their children Lark since the 18th century, despite the fact that it is not as popular today as it was a few years back. Lark is not a very common name these days, which makes it perfect for parents who are looking for a very unique name.

Actress Lark Voorhies, popularly known for starring in the sitcom Saved By The Bell, brought the name back to the limelight. Other namesakes include cartoonist Lark Pien, soul and gospel singer Tobi Lark, actress Maria Lark among a few others. Parents should definitely choose this fun, yet a classic name for their little girl.

1 Finch

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Finch is the name of a lovely bird that goes by the same name, which parents can give either their little boys or girls. It's of English origin and has variations like Finched and Fincina. Finch was a very popular surname before people started using it as a given name. This name is effortlessly cool and not overused.

Famous people who have made the name popular include actor Peter Finch, poet and writer Annie Finch, cricketer Aaron Finch, sociologist Janet Finch, and many others. It is also a common fictional character name used in films, books, and TV series.

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