20 Awkward Pregnancy Situations That OB/GYNs Don't Warn Moms About

Pretty much everyone wonders what pregnancy must feel like at some point in their life. Especially men, who are immune to the whole thing.

According to livescience.com, there are a couple of ways people can get an idea of what pregnancy must feel like, even if they have never been pregnant themselves. But in all honesty, no one can ever really know what every moment of it feels like unless they have been through the real thing themselves.

Every woman who has ever brought a child into this world knows how awesome it can be. But, being pregnant is not exactly a walk in the park, and neither is giving birth.  Even making sure that all of the right things have been purchased ahead of time can be a challenge.

For example, there are quite a few things that women are not warned about before they experience pregnancy themselves. The human body is capable of some wonderful things, one of which is definitely carrying a baby. But at the same time, a lot of awkward situations tend to happen when a woman is awaiting the birth of her new little girl or boy.

A great example is how pregnant women can go from being fine one second to puking the next second. That is extremely unpleasant for multiple reasons, one of which is that it is pretty awkward sometimes.

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20 Excess Sweat Is A Thing


Unfortunately, excess sweating is not just for those women who are going through menopause. Pregnant women actually get a taste of what menopause is like if they experience a lot of sweating, which seems to be somewhat common.

According to whattoexpect.com, women will likely be feeling extra sweaty during the first and third trimester of pregnancy. Oh, and it doesn’t end there. Some moms who find themselves feeling extra warm during pregnancy also tend to feel like that after the baby is born. That is because those are all moments when hormones are rapidly rising or declining, which has an effect on body temperature.

19 Moms Might Not Be Able To Go Number Two


Things can get pretty weird down south when a woman is awaiting the birth of her child. Also, a few of the awkward things that can happen during pregnancy sometimes start in the early weeks.

According to whattoexpect.com, some women find that they cannot go number two as easily as they could before they were pregnant. Also, those who have pregnancy-related constipation usually start to notice it around the second or third month of pregnancy.

This is another thing that can be blamed on pregnancy hormones. Constipation also is not exactly helpful to those who are already experiencing excess gas.

18 Shaving Gets Complicated


Walking around with a baby bump can be pretty cool. After all, it does make for some really cute pictures, and some maternity clothes are really adorable.

But there are actually some moments when it can be rather inconvenient to have a big pregnancy bump. For example, bumping into annoying things; some ladies feel like they need to give up on shaving altogether until the little one is born.

Fortunately for a lot of ladies everywhere, there are some tips and tricks that are pretty useful. According to romper.com, sitting down to shave can actually make things a lot easier.

17 Some Areas Change Color


In most cases, the changes that take place in a woman’s body when she is expecting a new baby can all be blamed on her hormone levels, since they can get pretty crazy during that time. In addition, there might be a little bit of swelling down there.

But, according to whattoexpect.com, that isn’t the only change that happens in that area. Pregnancy can also make some areas on a woman’s body appear to be a different color than they were before, which is not something doctors typically discuss with their patients. But it is not usually something to be worried about.

16 Varicose Veins Are Unpleasant


It seems that nearly anyone can get varicose veins. Also, they can happen at any point during pregnancy, and even though they are harmless, they can look kind of alarming as they get bigger.

But when a pregnant woman has them, they are usually not very visible to anyone else until she begins to get bigger right before the baby is born. The good news is that this does not last forever since things will go back to normal once the baby is born.

There are some things women can do to try to avoid having varicose veins. According to whattoexpect.com, getting exercise helps a lot.

15 Some Mothers Are Surprised By Skin Tags


Pregnant women definitely have a lot of rather small annoyances to deal with when before their babies are born, especially when it comes to their skin. One of the unfortunate things that can happen to ladies who are expecting a new little one is skin tags.

According to everydayhealth.com, these things are usually very small and harmless. But they are also unsightly to some ladies, and they can be a little awkward to deal with, especially for women who didn’t expect to have them in the first place.

Some of these things will likely disappear once the baby is born. But if not, it is best for moms to speak with their doctor to figure out what they can do about this issue.

14 Drool Isn’t Cool


A lot of people expect that a woman will feel pretty unpleasant in the early weeks of her pregnancy. Between the nausea she may have and the cramping that can happen sometimes, the first few weeks of pregnancy can be strange, to say the least.

However, something that many women typically do not anticipate is all of the excess saliva they might actually have early on in pregnancy.

According to kidspot.com.au, excess saliva usually accompanies nausea and morning sickness, and it can make both of those things even more stressful to go through. In addition, there are some ladies who believe this can cause heartburn.

13 Other Fluids Surprise Moms, Too


Pregnancy and the weeks that come after childbirth can be pretty hard on most women. After all, they are both pretty exhausting at times.

But there are a lot of really awkward things that happen during those times as well. For instance, some women experience some leakage down south whenever they laugh, cough, sneeze, or make any other sudden movements like that. While some people think that can only happen after a woman has had a baby, the truth is that it can actually start happening before the child has even been born.

According to webmd.com, some ladies have mild experiences with this while they are pregnant, some have severe experiences with it, and some moms may not have to deal with this at all.

12 Moms May Release Gas At The Most Unexpected Times


Pregnant women tend to experience a lot of embarrassing things that can be slightly surprising to them when it happens. One of those things is passing gas, which is usually not pleasant for anyone, whether they are pregnant or not.

But there are some ladies who say that they experienced this more frequently when they were expecting a baby. According to healthline.com, one of the biggest things that can cause a woman to have excess gas while pregnant is a hormone called progesterone. This hormone relaxes the muscles, which leads to slow digestion. This eventually leads to the expecting mother passing gas.

11 Sometimes Pregnancy Can Be A Pain Down South


When a woman is carrying an unborn baby, the child usually puts pressure on some areas. This already sounds unpleasant enough, but then there is also the unfortunate fact that this can cause some rather awkward things to happen.

For example, it is not totally uncommon for a pregnant woman to have some hemorrhoids. These things can pop up before the baby is born because of the pressure the child puts on the large veins that are located behind the uterus, according to webmd.com.

Fortunately, there are some things ladies can do to make this a bit easier. They can ease the pressure on that area by moving around every little bit.

10 Things Might Stink


At this point, pretty much everyone knows that pregnant women have a sense of smell that is so strong it could almost be considered a superpower. But the downside of that is that expectant mothers can also smell their own body odors, which may not smell very wonderful since pregnancy can change a woman’s personal aroma.

According to parents.com, the main reason why this happens is because a pregnant woman’s sweat glands are incredibly active. One good thing is that it is very unlikely that anyone else is picking up on it, so expecting women probably don’t have to worry about what they smell like to other people.

9 Acne Is Embarrassing


For some people, one of the most annoying things about being a teenager is the acne some of us get. A lot of women think they are out of the woods when they leave their teenage years, but there are occasions during which acne can come back, and pregnancy is one of them.

This can happen to some pregnant women because the rise in their hormones often causes changes in their skin. Their skin can become more oily than it was previously, which can then cause pores to clog up. All of this usually ends up leading to acne, according to healthline.com.

8 Hair Might Appear Everywhere


One of the many awesome things that a lot of women tend to experience when they are pregnant is thick and shiny hair that may or may not appear to be even healthier than it was before they became pregnant. But on the other hand, this also means that other parts of the body might see more hair growth too, which can be awkward and annoying.

The comforting thing about this is that it does not last forever. But according to sharecare.com, it can last for quite a while. In fact, some ladies might experience this for as long as three to six months after the baby has been born.

7 Discharge Can Be Inconvenient


Pregnancy is extremely exciting. But on the other hand, it is almost equally as confusing as it is exciting since there is a lot going on during this time in a woman’s life.

One of the numerous uncomfortable things ladies tend to experience when they are pregnant is an increase in discharge. A normal amount can be a little awkward, but sometimes pregnant women feel much more of it than they are used to, which can be a little bit surprising to say the least.

But the good news is this isn’t usually something to worry about. According to healthline.com, an increase in discharge is actually an early pregnancy symptom.

6 Some Moms Get Blotchy Skin


When a woman is pregnant, that means that there is a lot going on inside of her body. When there are that many changes happening on the inside, what’s on the outside is bound to go through some new things as well.

In fact, that is why so many expecting moms claim that their skin is much different than it was before pregnancy. That makes a lot of sense since skin often reflects on the health of our other body parts. According to mom.me, hormonal fluctuations can often result in changes to a person’s skin, which is why some ladies have a slightly different appearance when they are pregnant.

5 Bad Breath Might Happen


Having a baby is great, but getting to that point is a whole different story entirely. There are a lot of times when being pregnant is pretty amazing, but there are also moments that don’t feel so great.

For example, sometimes pregnant women might find that they have some bad breath, which is really unfortunate when they also have morning sickness, and they have a very powerful nose. According to cb12.co.uk, the reason why this sometimes happens is because a pregnant woman’s hormones can turn her mouth into a good area for plaque to form. Those who have a dry mouth might have an even more difficult time with this issue.

4 Mom's Mouth Might Change


Seeing red definitely is not fun during pregnancy, as it can be rather alarming. But there are times when this is actually normal, especially considering the fact that our gums often give us signals that there is a visitor in the womb before we even know we are pregnant.

While this doesn’t seem like anything terribly serious, it should never be ignored. Expecting ladies should pay a visit to the dentist, since they can influence the dental health of their unborn baby, according to drstevenlin.com. Oral and gut bacteria are both a really big deal, especially for those who are expecting.

3 Nasal Congestion Can Be Awkward


Nasal congestion is a lot of things all at once. It is gross, awkward, and just plain annoying. But it is also a normal thing pregnant women experience, unfortunately.

According to huffingtonpost.ca, this kind of condition is referred to as pregnancy rhinitis. Apparently, approximately 30 percent of expecting women will go through this at some point before they give birth.

In most cases, moms will begin to experience this symptom sometime during the second month of their pregnancy. This condition is undoubtedly very annoying and gross for most ladies, and it usually does not ease up until the baby arrives.

2 Mom May Suddenly Be Forgetful


It is normal to forget things once in a while. Men and women of all ages sometimes do that. But pregnant women sometimes find themselves being even more forgetful than normal, and which can be a bit worrisome.

But expecting moms don’t need to worry. This is a normal pregnancy symptom, even though it is a really weird one. Some people believe that this is actually a good thing. According to verywellfamily.com, having a foggy brain during pregnancy might actually help a woman prepare herself for what being the mother to a newborn baby is going to be like.

1 Sometimes Things Get Itchy


Some ladies may experience very few pregnancy symptoms, and others might feel as though they are experiencing every symptom in the book. Every pregnancy is different, so it is hard to predict exactly what anyone will experience when they are with child.

Nevertheless, some expecting moms have claimed to have itchy skin before giving birth. It’s pretty easy to see what would cause such a thing. According to verywellfamily.com, pregnant women have to expand at least a little bit in order to have room for the new resident. This can cause itching, which can definitely be really uncomfortable and awkward.

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