20 Awkward Pregnancy Truths Moms Hide From Non-Moms

If only life was the way it is portrayed in Hollywood. They make everything look easy and glamorous, and this includes pregnancy. Those who have not had children (yet) or have never experienced pregnancy may get a misguided view on what it is really like to be pregnant. It is not just Hollywood that is making pregnancy look beautiful, moms do it too.

If a mom and a non-mom are chatting, and pregnancy comes up, there are always going to be certain things that are left out, and they are left out or various reasons. The biggest reason these details are left out is that they can be a bit embarrassing. Another reason is that the preggo mom does not want to appear like she is complaining about being pregnant. She wants everyone to believe that it is a magical time in her life.

The truth is, pregnancy is beautiful in that a beautiful new life is being brought into the world. However, it is anything far from easy and it has some pretty harsh side effects. We are here to blow the hidden truths — we are going to expose the truth about being pregnant. All the awkward pregnancy truth bombs are going to be dropped here.

20 Baby Kicks Hurt!


One of the best parts of pregnancy is feeling your baby kick. That first time you feel the little one kick is magical and it is so exciting. However, the novelty of it wears off but we wouldn’t dare say that to anyone. By the third trimester, that baby is running out of room and it is trying to figure out all its new limbs.

It is stretching, kicking, punching and doing some yoga in there and it can get a bit painful for mom. There does come a time when mom is so over the baby kicks and just wants her body back. The baby may even end up with a foot in her ribs, which I don’t think we need to explain how that feels.

19 You'll Be A Teenager All Over Again


There are those that would love to be a teenager again, but with some strict limitations. They want the seemingly carefree lifestyle of a teenager. When your only concerns where your part-time job, homework, going out and having fun. There were no ‘adult’ problems to deal with, and you really didn’t know how lucky you had it.

However, there is one aspect of being a teenager that is going to come back when you are pregnant, and it may not be what you expected: acne. Due to all the pregnancy hormones, acne can make a comeback and it is going to be worse.

There can be painful acne on your neck, ears, chin, and even on your back. A lot of women develop cystic acne when they are pregnant, and it is not so easily cleared up.

18 Who Knew The Nose Was A Mess?


When we think about a runny nose, we think of two situations; either the woman has a cold, or her allergies are acting up. We don’t automatically put pregnancy and nose problems together, but we should. As soon as a woman sees those two pink lines on a test, she really should go and stock up on some tissues.

It is quite common for a woman to have to deal with a runny nose, nosebleeds, and even congestion when she is pregnant. This is all due to those pesky hormones, which will be the culprit of a lot of these. The nose will also start to work against the woman, because suddenly everything that should smell nice will have her running to the bathroom.

17 'Morning' Sickness Isn't Just For The Morning


Speaking of running to the bathroom, morning sickness is kind of a given with pregnancy. Everyone knows that throwing up in the morning is a clear indication that you are with child. Hollywood does acknowledge that this happens, but somehow, they make even this look glamorous. It is not, and there is a lie right there in the name. it is very rarely ‘morning’ sickness.

It should be called, ‘any time of the day, or all day’ sickness. There is no time that this happens, and a woman can be throwing up all day long. It also doesn’t always magically go away after the first trimester; some women remain sick their entire pregnancy.

16 Your Body Lets You Down Sometimes


One of the hardest parts of pregnancy is the loss of control. Women are often caught off guard by how out of control they feel. They have cravings which dictate what they can eat, and nausea which tells them that they can’t eat. The body messes up women in a lot of ways when a woman is pregnant, and a lot of women are not prepared for all the tiny pains and aches she will feel.

There is random numbness, sciatica, backaches, headaches, and heartburn to deal with. These are just some of the issues a pregnant woman can deal with, and sometimes all at the same time. The list of weird bodily symptoms goes on, some pregnant women faint every time they have a shower. There are no rules as to how your body will react to a pregnancy, which is frightening.

15 ...And You Won't Be Able To Keep That Gas In!


This is probably one of the more embarrassing pregnancy truths out there, but it happens to everyone. The sooner you just realize you are human, and it is not your fault, the better off you will be. The pregnancy hormones, specifically the surge in progesterone, can make you a bit gassier than normal. This gas can come out both ways, and there is usually very little you can do about it.

Being pregnant also makes it harder to hold it in (if you know what I mean). This means that one could slip out at the dinner table, during church service, or at the check-out lane in the grocery store. You can either pretend it wasn’t you or laugh it off and own it, because you are growing a human baby.

14 Never Snored Before? You Will Now


It is not only your nose you won’t have control over, but your mouth will also leave you behind, too. We are not just talking about the silly things women sometimes say when they have ‘pregnancy brain.’ No, we are talking about more involuntary actions. If you didn’t snore before, you may now. This relates to the problems you are now having with your nose, too.

You will also snore so loudly that you will probably wake yourself up. When you do wake up, you will also likely notice that you have drool everywhere. On your pillow, hair and all over your face. Hormones are causing your body to make more saliva than normal, and it has to go somewhere. We should also mention that nothing will ever taste the same due to these changes as well.

13 Welcome, Teen-Wolf!


It is amazing that something as simple and small as hormones can cause so much havoc on a woman’s body when they are pregnant. If a woman has never had an issue with body hair before, now may be the time it all changes. There are many women out there who sprout thick hair when they are pregnant, in places they have never seen hair before.

It may be time to invest in some hair removal devices or be prepared to get on a first-name basis with Kelly down at the local spa. Not only will mom-to-be be sprouting extra hair, but she will also be sweating a lot. She may wake up in the middle of the night and she is completely drenched and may need to take a shower. Just keep telling yourself that it is all worth it.

12 Every Commercial Will Become Sad


Everyone is different when it comes to emotions. Some people are generally more emotional than others, and some just like to hold it all in. When you become pregnant it is time to embrace the emotions, because everything is going to make you cry. Due to hormones (again) it is quite normal for a pregnant woman to cry over the seemingly smallest things.

Maybe the car tire commercial just hit you right in the feels, or maybe the gas station was out of your favorite car air freshener? It could be anything and it can come without warning. Be prepared to get some really strange looks when you are at the library and start crying over a book cover that just hit you right the heart.

11 You Might As Well Move Into The Bathroom


It is amazing how we take going to the bathroom for granted. It is just something that we do every day and we don’t even think about. It is also something that is relatively easy and doesn’t take much thought. This all changes when you become pregnant. It will also change in multiple ways. Get ready to have to go to the bathroom all the time.

This constant need to go to the bathroom starts right at the beginning of pregnancy and just gets worse as the baby grows and puts more pressure on your poor bladder. It is also going to be impossible to go number two. Prenatal vitamins can make a woman constipated, and this can be quite uncomfortable and painful for a lot of women. Time to start a daily fiber supplement, which can help keep things moving.

10 No One Likes The Word 'Discharge'


There are always certain words that people do not like. Words that make them squeal over. The word ‘moist’ is one of them, but discharge may be the winner now. Discharge from a woman is something no one wants to talk about, and certainly something no one wants to hear about. But guess what? It's completely natural!

This happens a lot during the later parts of pregnancy and there is sometimes so much of it that it has led women to think their water broke. I’m not going to say this happened to me once, but just that I know it happens. There really is nothing a woman can do to stop it, and she can wear a feminine pad to help keep everything dry and under control.

9 It Is Always Summer To You


There are some women who are so lucky when they do the math on their pregnancy. When they get that positive pregnancy test and realize that they will not be heavily pregnant in the summer. They are happy they get to miss that experience of being sweaty, warm, and uncomfortable. It turns out, that even if a woman has a winter pregnancy, she still may feel like its summer.

This is again due to the amount of sweat her body produces when she is pregnant. Pregnancy hormones can make a woman’s temperature skyrocket, and this can cause an excessive amount of sweating. It is probably best to park yourself in front of a fan or a bit, and if you have long hair it may be time for an early mommy makeover.

8 Leaks Everywhere


A lot of things can leak during pregnancy, but no one thinks it will come from the upper part of the body before the baby is born. Whether or not you plan on breastfeeding, your body is always going to plan like it is. It is just biology and what our bodies are made to do. Our bodies start producing milk while we are pregnant in anticipation of the little baby.

There may come a time when a woman even starts to leak a bit, and this can be incredibly embarrassing. Some women have this happen as early as halfway into their pregnancy. It may be awkward, but it is actually a good sign that your body is getting ready for the little one. If you notice leakage happening, just pop in some breastfeeding pads early and you will be ready to go.

7 Your Hands SOMEHOW Forget How To Work


This is a pregnancy symptom that no one talks about, and therefore women are always surprised when it happens to them. There may be a morning that a woman wakes up and she can not feel her hands. If she can feel them, they are going to feel like they have pins and needles in them. Much like how it feels when our feet fall asleep.

This is actually called pregnancy carpal tunnel syndrome. It happens when there is swelling in the wrists that press on a nerve. This can cause pain and numbness in the hands and it can be annoying and painful. What really helps is wearing braces on your wrists to take some pressure off. Though, now you are definitely going to get asked some questions.

6 Constipation Is Every Pregnant Woman's Struggle


We feel like constipation needs its own section because no one wants to talk about their bathroom problems. Since no one wants to talk about it, they don’t, and a lot of women can be caught off guard when it happens to them. The flow of hormones when pregnant can slow down and relax your belly muscles which can make going to the bathroom nearly impossible.

As the baby grows and places pressure on your bowels, it can also make it difficult. It is always best to add more fiber to your eating habits and try and get ahead of the game. You want to beat constipation before it beats you.

5 Relax — The Baby Will Not Fall Out


It is no surprise that the last trimester can be a bit painful and tricky. It is one of the hardest parts of pregnancy and that is because the women are so uncomfortable. The baby is quite large now and is quickly running out of room. Mom-to-be has probably also stopped sleeping through the night which makes it even harder.

There will come a point when it may feel like the baby is going to literally fall out. You start walking like you have something stuck because you are terrified if you don’t, the little one is just going to crawl right out. Pelvic pressure and pain are normal, and it is quite painful. This means the baby is engaging and heading towards the birth canal. Don’t worry, this means you are almost done.

4 Your Belly Won't Be The Only Thing Growing!


If you think that the only part of you that grows during pregnancy is your belly, then you are wrong and misguided. There are a lot of other body parts that grow when a woman is expecting. Her feet may grow a size and never go back, but that’s not too bad because that means shoe shopping! What a lot of women don’t know is that her lady parts can actually grow too.

The lips could get bigger and start to swell as you near the end of the pregnancy. The good news is that it doesn’t happen to everyone and it doesn’t last too long. This is due to more flow and volume in the woman’s body, and it is trying to reroute it to the uterus, but it gets a little lost on the way.

3 Practice Contractions Are The Real Deal


Childbirth is easily one of the scariest things a woman can face. Especially if it is her first baby, she has no idea what to expect when it comes to giving birth and all she has been told is that it hurts. However, there are also moments leading up to the birth that is her body’s way of practicing for birth, and that is Braxton Hick’s contractions.

This is considered false labor and it is the body’s way of practicing what it needs to do. These contractions are not incredibly painful, but they can be uncomfortable. It can be hard to know the difference between the real deal and the fake. If they don’t get more intense with time and they can not be consistently tracked, then they are likely just a warning.

2 We Won’t Tell You About The Strangers...


Not a lot of people talk about how the world perceives a pregnant woman, so it can be a bit of a surprise when a woman goes outside rocking her bump and she sees the response she gets. This is one of the most awkward moments in pregnancy, especially if you are someone who does like confrontation.

There will be a lot of interactions with strangers who want to touch your belly. In no other circumstances would anyone consider touching the body of someone they don’t know unless it is a baby bump. They will also want to know all kinds of personal information, like your due date and the gender of your baby. This is all awkward, but you need to own your body!

1 Advice Becomes Awkward


This can be another awkward situation and it can come from family, friends or strangers. It is also another nightmare for anyone who does not like confrontation. As soon as it is recognizable that you are pregnant, everyone is going to be desperate to give you their advice. Anyone from your mother-in-law to the cashier at the grocery store.

They want to let you know how you should give birth and how to raise your little baby. It can be awkward to be in these situations, because we don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, but their advice is really not needed. Everyone should just abide by the policy that if a woman wants your opinion, she’ll ask.

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