20 Babies From "The Bachelor" Nation

From The Bachelor to The Bachelorette and even Bachelor In Paradise, romance has come (and mostly gone) for many contestants. We’ve seen couples fall in love, change their minds, live a happily ever after, and so much more. As a show that launched back in 2002, The Bachelor is pretty well ingrained into our culture at this point. After every season ends, a new one kicks off and every news station is zeroed in on this year’s contestants.

But what happened to all the past favorites? Now, thanks to social media, it’s easier than ever to keep up with past contestants and learn what they’re up to today. Some contestants have gone on to build businesses, marry,  find new love, and everything in-between. For some, The Bachelor is a faraway memory, but for others, The Bachelor has changed their lives forever.

While The Bachelor series is focused on finding love, we’re focused on the next step for many: babies. More specifically babies that, quite frankly, wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for The Bachelor Nation. Check out these 20 super cute kids whose parents would most likely have never met if it weren’t for the show.

20 Samuel Lowe, 2

@seanloweksu, Instagram

Sam Lowe is the first child of The Bachelor’s classic couple: the Lowes. Sean and Catherine met on the seventeenth season of The Bachelor when Sean was looking for love and she was one of the contestants looking for a rose.

At now two years old, Sam is the cutest mix of both his parents. He seems to have quite the sense of humour and is always smiling or full of energy, to say the least. When Catherine had her second son Isaiah, it didn’t take long for Sam to fall in love with the idea of being a big brother.

19 Isaiah Lowe, 9 Months

@seanloweksu, Instagram

Speaking of Sean and Catherine, we’ve got another cutie to mention: nine-month-old Isaiah Hendrix Lowe.

There’s no doubt that Isaiah and Sam are brothers when you take one look at them, and Isaiah definitely does not shy away from looking right at the camera with his big, beautiful eyes. It’s clear he’s going to be just as bubbly as his brother!

According to Catherine’s social media pages, Isaiah had a rough stint of bronchiolitis around seven months old and was having trouble getting enough oxygen. Luckily he powered through it and is healthy as can be today, just two months after the scare.

18 Isabella Evelyn Bass, 1

@carlywad, Instagram

Isabelle Evelyn Bass is the first child of Evan Bass and Carly Waddell at just one-year-old. When Evan and Carly found love on Bachelor in Paradise, Evan was already a dad to three sons from his first marriage: Nathan, Liam and Ensley.

The couple were married on national television in 2017 and their own little beauty came into the world just last February.

Nicknamed Bella, Isabella was destined to be a star. With mom’s sense of style and dad’s sweet charm, she is always looking fabulous for only having been around just under a year. We can’t wait to see her get to know her older brothers and keep rocking her furs and bows into her toddler years.

17 Fordham Rosenbaum, 3

@ashleylynnrosenbaum, Instagram

After finishing as a third runner up on season 15 of The Bachelor, Ashley Hebert, now Hebert Rosenbaum, was selected to find love for herself on season 7 of The Bachelorette. After falling for J.P. Rosenbaum on the show, the couple later wed on national TV before welcoming Fordham into their life.

If you’re familiar with Ashley and J.P., it’s no surprise to find out Ford is totally adorable. He loves spending some one-on-one time with dad and he knows how to step up in his big brother role to show his new little sister Essex how things are done.

Ashley and J.P. have been long-time fan faves, but somehow we love them even more as their little family grows.

16 Essex Rosenbaum, 1

@_jprosenbaum, Instagram

Like her brother Fordham, Essex was born into a totally cute and unique name. You might also notice if you sound out their middle names, they’re the same. Rosenbaum told People Magazine, “We thought it would be cool to connect them forever by giving them the same middle name, just different spellings.”

Even though she seems like a bundle of good times now, Ashley says her pregnancy wasn’t as smooth as it was the first time around. “I was more tired, and my body was just different,” she told People, “With my son, I never felt pregnant. I was like, ‘This is so easy! Why does anyone complain? But with her, I was really uncomfortable and in pain the last few months.”

Since Essex, nicknamed Essie, was born, the siblings have been inseparable and we can’t wait to see them grow up together!

15 Asher Siegfried, 2

@desireesiegfried, Instagram

After becoming engaged at the end of her season of The Bachelorette, Desiree and Chris tied the knot in 2015 and welcomed their first child, a son named Asher, in October 2016.

Not knowing what to expect of early parenting, the couple also signed up for a new reality show, Marriage Bootcamp, when Asher was only eight months old but made sure it would leave them enough time and privacy to spend with their first born.

Once they had the hang of things, they decided to bring a baby brother into the world for Asher, and there’s no hiding he is totally in love with his little baby brother. We love seeing moments of him with his brother on Desiree’s social media accounts, and it’s clear he’s infatuated with his new pal.

14 Zander Cruz Siegfried, Just A Few Weeks

Shortly after Zander’s birth, his parents celebrate their six-year anniversary and the growth of their little family. It’s still too early to say exactly what Zander will look like or what type of personality he may develop, but the baby fever is real and we can’t wait to watch him grow.

13 Riley Mesnick, 5

@mollymesnick, Instagram

In one of the most dramatic moments in The Bachelor history, Jason Melnik chose Melissa Rycroft in his final ceremony, but soon after went back on his original proposal to choose contestant Molly. Already a father to a recently turned 14-year-old son, Ty, Jason and Molly welcomed a baby girl into their world when Ty was eight years old.

Growing up with an older brother and his friends, Riley is far from shy. Now five years old, she is a total ball of sunshine full of personality. If you follow her mom Molly Mesnick on social media, there’s not a moment where Riley doesn’t just ooze joy. And when it comes to her brother, it’s clear she’s his number one fan.

12 Addison Stagliano, 4

@deannastag, Instagram

"People always ask me if I went on for the right reasons and as dumb as it sounds and as cliché as it sounds, I really did," DeAnna Stagliano shared with E! New, "I was sold on the love story and the happy ending."

You may remember DeAnna first appeared on season 11 of The Bachelor and then as The Bachelorette herself where she set a wedding date with Jesse Csincsak, only to call it quits shortly after. Funnily enough, The Bachelor Nation led her to find her now-husband Stephen Stagliano: the twin brother of a contestant from a following season of The Bachelorette.

While the world works in funny ways, the pair are happy it does now that they have two beautiful children together. Addison, now 4 years old, is definitely princess material from head to toe. She seems well beyond her years, and taking on her role of a big sister just two years ago has definitely played a role in that.

11 Austin Stagliano, 2

@deannastag, Instagram

Two years after DeAnna and Stephen welcomed Addison to their world, Austin Stagliano was up next. To call Austin and Addison best friends would be an understatement. With one look at DeAnna’s social media, you’ll find the pair holding hands, cuddling, hugging and playing just about anything together. 

He may have a bit of help from mom and dad, but we can’t help but love his sharp outfits and well-groomed head of hair. It looks like this family might just have another bachelor on their hands!

10 Emerson Tolbert, 17 Months

@jadelizroper, Instagram

Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert are one of the iconic relationships to come out of Bachelor in Paradise. After getting engaged on the show, they were married in 2016 and their daughter Emerson joined them the next year in August 2017.

Only 17 months old, Emerson, nicknamed Emmy, is always smiling. If you can’t get enough of her by following her mom Jade online, don’t worry because she’s got her very own account. With more than 138,000 followers at @emmy_tolbert, she’s a verified influencer and definitely cooler than the rest of us. From age updates to matching PJs with mom, her account is as sweet as her little scrunched up smile.

9 Lyla James Lambton, 2

@peytonwlambton, Instagram

Chris Lambton and Peyton Wright were both contestants on The Bachelorette and The Bachelor but didn’t manage to find love on the show. Thankfully by being contestants on the show, the two were later introduced to each other and got married in 2012.

Four years later, they welcomed beautiful Lyla James to the world and became their own little Bachelor Nation family. According to Peyton’s birthday post for Lyla, the two-year-old is wise beyond her years.

“She doesn’t miss a beat and has the memory of an elephant. She loves to dance and always has a song in her heart even when the music isn’t playing,” wrote Peyton, “Her smile and belly laughs will brighten your day instantly.”

8 Hayes Jennings Lambton, 1 Month

@peytonwlambton, Instagram

Hayes Jennings Lambton is little Lyla James’s tiniest of brothers. With just barely a month of life under his belt, Hayes is living the life of snoozing and eating. It’s tough to know if he’ll take on his sister’s blonde curls or not, but based off newborn standards, he’s just plain adorable.

According to Peyton’s blog, Hayes was actually quite the surprise to the new parents. "Lyla James was an IVF baby and we went through so much to bring her into this world," she wrote. "I just assumed that was how we would create all of our babies.....boy was I wrong!"

With a late 2018 birth, Hayes, unfortunately, picked up a cold from his older sister and had a tough first Christmas, but Peyton says in her recent post that the cold seems to have gone and Hayes is finally catching up on some newborn-needed sleep.

7 Brooks Hartman Brannen, 2 And A Half

@absalt, Instagram

Ashley Salter has been a long-time fan favourite in The Bachelor Nation. Despite not finding love on The Bachelor or Bachelor in Paradise, Ashley’s Bachelor adventure eventually led her back to her college sweetheart, Austin Brannen. Now that’s a love story where we can’t help but say “awe”!

The Bachelor host Chris Harris has even admitted she was one of his favourites on the show to date and was thrilled to hear of the birth of her first son Brooks. Now two and a half years old, it seems Brooks has got to go on some wild adventures with mom and dad. From dolphins to Disney, he’s been having a blast and keeping the couple entertained along the way.

6 Ava Grace Strickland, 7

@melrystrick, Instagram

Ava Grace is the oldest of three belonging to former Bachelor contestant Melissa Rycroft. During Jason Mesnick’s season of The Bachelor, Melissa received the final rose from Jason, only to have it retracted after a change of heart.

As the saying goes, all things happen for a reason and the national television disaster ended with Melissa reconnecting with an old friend and finding love of her own with Ty Strickland.

Now seven years old, Ava Grace is cute as a button. Since the birth of her two little brothers, Ava has taken to being a leader in the Rycroft-Strickland household.

5 Beckett Thomas Strickland, 4

@melrystrick, Instagram

Three years after Melissa and sweetheart Tye Strickland welcomed Ava Grace into the world, they gave birth to their first son Beckett Thomas.

With his blonde hair and soft complexion, Beckett is quite notably Ava Grace’s brother. The two have the same fun personality and beachy hair.

It’ll be exciting to see how Beckett’s personality develops since he’s had a little bit of everything in his mix: the youngest in the family for three years, the first boy, and now, a middle child. So far it seems he’s handling it A-okay.

4 Cayson Jack Strickland, 20 Months

@melrystrick, Instagram

Beckett experienced a few years of his own being the youngest of the family, but things quickly changed when the family welcome Cayson Jack just 20 months ago.

With two older siblings coming before him, Cayson is showered with love and guidance every day with Ava and Beckett by his side.

With his hair already darker than both of his older siblings, it’ll be interesting to see if Cayson ends up looking more like mom or more like dad. Either way, he’s full of hugs, snuggles, and kisses based off the candids you can find on Melissa Rycroft’s social media pages. What more can you ask for at 20 months?

3 Maxwell Sutter, 10

@tristasutter, Instagram

While no longer a baby, Maxwell was one of the earliest babies to come out of The Bachelor Nation. Trista was the first runner-up on season one of The Bachelor, which was devastating at the time but arguably a best case scenario for Trista who met her now-husband shortly after on The Bachelorette.

As the first ever couple to come out of The Bachelorette, the pair led by example for future contestants and have been happily married for more than 15 years.

At now ten years old, Maxwell is the byproduct of the very first season of The Bachelorette so long ago. He rocks a cool skater look today and is an avid hockey player, spending time with his dad on the ice according to Trista Sutter’s social medias.

2 Blakesley Sutter, 9

@tristasutter, Instagram

Born just a year after her big brother Maxwell, Blakesley is the second and so far final child in the Sutter family. Now in grade four, she’s blending her own mix of athletic and feminine and couldn’t be cuter. It seems she also knows the trick to balancing time with both mom and dad to make each feel like the favourite.

Based off Trista Sutter’s social media accounts, it’s clear Blakesley is a humble and sweet girl. Notably, she posted a page written by Blakesley going over all of the things she is thankful for from family and friends to the food produced by the world today.

1 Baby Luyendyk

@babyluyendyk, Instagram

Last but certainly not least, it’s Baby Luyendyk.

Lauren Burnham met Arie Luyendyk on season 22 of The Bachelor but failed to receive the final rose at the end of the show. Not uncommon to other seasons, Arie realized his mistake and reached out to Lauren Burnham on social media, according to E! News.

Arie proposed to Lauren on the After the Final Rose special, and the two planned to wed in Hawaii this month. In the middle of wedding planning, the pair discovered they had another new surprise: a baby on the way!

Recently wed, the couple is 21 weeks into their pregnancy, and according to @babyluyendyk’s last post, their baby is the size of a carrot right about now. With more than 177,000 followers on the unborn baby’s social media account, it’s set to be a promising account to follow for all things Baby Luyendyk.

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