20 Baby Boy Names That Will Dominate By 2019

Naming a baby boy is fun, but it's a big task, too, because a name is for life. This is why moms-to-be often spend months checking out baby names before they decide what to call their sons. Of course, dads-to-be are involved in the naming process, too. Actually, a lot of people, including immediate family, non-immediate family, friends, and co-workers, are going to share baby name ideas, whether the parents ask for suggestions or not! It's enjoyable to think about names that might work. Everyone likes naming babies.

I'm here to share 20 boy's names that are fresh and appealing.

There are so many options out there, from common names, like Harry, that everyone is familiar with, to more unusual names, such as Zayn, that are amazing, but off the beaten track.

The best way to find the ideal name for a bouncing baby boy is to check out plenty of names. I want to help by letting you know 20 baby boy names that will dominate by 2019.

Whether you choose a famous pop star's first name or give your baby boy the first name of an Olympian or a royal prince (or choose another name on today's list), you'll be selecting a moniker which is ultra-modern.

The names that I'm going to talk about today are popular right now and they are going to get more popular in the near future. They are boy's names that everyone is excited about.

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20 Zayn


Zayn Malik became famous as a member of boy band, One Direction. These days, he's in the news because he's just split up with his longtime girlfriend, Gigi Hadid. Those two were such a cute couple. They did a Vogue photo shoot together and it's safe to say that Zayn was just as photogenic as Gigi.

The Zayn/Gigi (Zigi) breakup is all over the Web. Zayn and Gigi were respectful of each other in their "breakup announcements", which they posted on social media. People definitely want the low-down on why they broke up and more juicy details may come out in time. Right now, things are pretty quiet.

If you love the name Zayn, you may want to give your baby boy this soon-to-be-trending first name. It's a Quranic name which is used for baby boys and baby girls. It means, "adornment, excellence, grace, and beauty".

This Arabic name suits Gigi Hadid's ex to perfection and it may be perfect for your baby boy, too.

19 George


Royal wedding fever and royal baby fever are peaking right now. Prince Harry is marrying Meghan Markle in May and Kate (the Duchess of Cambridge) is expecting her third baby, who is due in April.

Since the royal family is everywhere in the press these days and they are only going to get more coverage in the future, it's safe to say that one royal baby name, George, is going to become more popular by the end of the year. George is the name of Kate and William's firstborn. It's a classic name which is appropriate for a future King of England. Is it right for your baby boy, too?

This name is Greek and it means, "farmer" or, "tiller of the soil".

18 Evan


Evan is a cool boy's name and it can be a cute girl's name, too. Evan Peters from American Horror Story is getting a lot of press these days and he's one of the reasons why this boy's baby name will become really popular by the end of the year. Also, Evan Rachel Woods is a talented actress who's often in the news. She makes this name edgy and interesting.

Evan is much more popular for boys than girls, but it's very fresh and modern because it's basically gender-neutral.

This name has Welsh origins and it means, "young". Evan has a nice, soft sound to it. It's not a harsh name. Also, it's just two syllables, so it will pair well with a longer last name. Another bonus of this baby name for boys (and girls) is that it's simple. It doesn't have a nickname or shorter version.

17 Drew


Here's another gender-neutral name that I love. Drew is actually more unique for boys than girls right now, but it used to be more popular for boys. I predict that the name Drew is going to surge in popularity as a male baby name by the end of this year.

It's easy to say and spell, it's cute and it has just one syllable. If you prefer simple names which are easy for others to pronounce and spell, then why not call your baby boy Drew?

If you don't know whether you're going to have a boy or a girl, and you love the name Drew, it's the perfect option. It's also a cool middle name option.

Naturally, Drew Barrymore is the most famous Drew of them all. She's America's Sweetheart. However, there are some well-known guys with this name, including NFL quarterback, Drew Brees, and rapper, Drew Chadwick.

This name is Scottish and it means, "manly".

16 Xander


Xander is the name of Vin Diesel's character in the XXX movies! It's a name which is synonymous with adventure, masculine confidence, and boldness. If you love Vin Diesel's portrayal of extreme athlete-turned-spy, Xander, in the popular, high-octane XXX film series, why not give your baby boy the same name?

Xander is a modern version of Alexander. It's a hip name which is really fresh. It doesn't feel old-fashioned in any way and it's fun to say. The X at the start of this name makes it really different! There is something so cool about the letter, "X".

This name is basically the name, Alexander, with a new twist. It has the same meaning as Alexander, which is "defender of men". Alexander is a Greek boy's name.

15 Blake


Blake is a great name and it's only going to get more popular. This is yet another gender-neutral name which is a wonderful choice for boys and girls. Actress Blake Lively has made the name famous, but it's perfect for baby boys, too,

It's the name of Dynasty character, Blake Carrington. In the new Dynasty reboot, handsome actor, Grant Show, who used to star on Melrose Place, plays the oil tycoon, who is head of the Carrington family.

Blake is also the last name of a very famous English poet, William Blake, who wrote an amazing poem, called, "Tyger Tyger". Blake's poetry has inspired Duran Duran and plenty of other rock bands and musical artists.

Blake is a last name that's used as a first name. It's an Old English surname which may mean, "dark skin or hair", or "son of the lake".

14 Samuel


Samuel is a boy's name which is a total classic. It is old school. If you prefer traditional baby names, this one may be right up your alley. It's been around for centuries, so it has tremendous staying power. Also, if you're a Christian, you may appreciate the spiritual significance of this name.

In the Bible, Samuel was a judge and prophet who created the Hebrew monarchy. The name has Hebrew origins and means, "asked of God" or "heard God'.

If you're a fan of the actor Samuel L. Jackson, who shines in so many movies, from Star Wars epics to Tarantino action films and beyond, then this name may be perfect for your little superstar. It can be shortened to Sam or Sammy, so make sure that you like these briefer versions. It's likely that people will call your son by the shortened versions, whether you want them to or not.

13 Philip


Philip is another royal name which is very popular right now and promises to become even more popular by the end of the year. Prince Philip is Prince Harry's grandfather and he's going to be at Harry and Meghan's wedding this May.

Rumor has it that Harry wanted the wedding to happen fast because Prince Philip is very elderly. Harry wanted to be sure that his beloved grandfather would be there to see him marry his beautiful bride. That's kind of sweet, isn't it?

The name Philip is very attractive. It's a traditional and masculine name. If you call your baby boy, Philip, expect a lot of people to refer to him as Phil. Make sure that you're okay with the shorter version.

This name has Greek origins, so it's not a surprise that it's Prince Philip's name. He was born a Prince of Greece! The name means, "friend of horses".

12 William


William is a name that's always been popular. It's the name of Shakespeare, the name of the British prince who will be king (Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge) and the name of so many actors and musicians, from William Baldwin (Alec's brother) to Will Smith to Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins.

This name may be shortened in so many ways. You may call your little William by his full name or refer to him as Bill, Billy, Will or Willy. This is a versatile name!

If you prefer classic names which aren't too crazy or out there, this name will deliver. It's traditional to the max. The name William will become more popular towards the end of the year because the royal family is getting a tremendous amount of media exposure and is going to get even more of it when Kate and Prince William's third baby is born in the spring. Also, the big royal wedding will put the spotlight on Prince William as well as his brother, Harry.

This name has German origins and it means, "resolute protector".

11 Harry


The baby in this pic is none other than Prince Harry! He was an adorable ginger baby who looked a little bit curious. He had a bit of mischief in his eyes and that sense of playfulness and naughtiness is still there today.

Prince Harry just got some unwanted media exposure for raising an eyebrow at Liam Payne's performance of "Waiting on the World to Change" at a recent Commonwealth Day celebration. Payne fist-bumped his bandmates after they performed the song, which was written by John Mayer. That's when Prince Harry seemed to roll his eyes. His expression made Meghan Markle giggle.

Harry needs to be careful about leading his bride-to-be into bad press with his antics. Meghan is still learning the ropes and the press will turn on her if she makes a lot of mistakes.

Anyway, Harry is a cute name. It's easy to say and spell. This name may be perfect for your little one. The name is English and means, "house protector".

10 Donald


If you love the Backstreet Boys, you're probably a big a fan of Donnie Wahlberg, who became a great actor, as well as a great singer and dancer. Naming your baby boy Donald will be a great way to honor the Backstreet Boys. Even if you're not a fan of this boy band, you may want to consider calling your baby boy Donald. You can shorten it to Don or Donnie if you want to.

The respected actor Donald Sutherland, who is Kiefer Sutherland's dad, has this classic name. It's also the name of a famous film character, Donnie Darko, who was played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Naturally, it's the name of Donald Duck as well. Donald Duck is awesome.

This baby name has Scottish origins and it means, "great chief". It's the name of "45", too...I mean Donald Trump. This may be a pro or a con, depending on your political stance.

9 Adam


According to the Bible, Adam is the very first man's name. It's a name that is quite popular nowadays and you'll find some attractive male celebrities with this first name, including Adam Levine, who is a judge on "The Voice" (as well as the singer for Maroon 5). Adam Brody, who starred in "The OC" and is married to Gossip Girl alum, Leighton Meester, also has this name.

If you love this name, you should know that it's likely to become much more popular in the future. It's a cute name which is old-fashioned without sounding that way.

Historians aren't in total agreement about what the name Adam, means. Some think that this Hebrew name means, "red earth", while others think it means, "to make". Both are very down-to-earth meanings, perfect for a hard-working boy.

8 Gus


Smashing Pumpkins frontman, Billy Corgan, named his little boy Gus. Well, the baby's full name is Augustus, but Gus is the short version of that name. Billy Corgan's baby mama is Chloe Mendel, who is the daughter of fashion designer, Gilles Mendel, who runs the J. Mendel fashion house!

I think this name will become more popular because the Smashing Pumpkins are doing a reunion tour this year, so Billy Corgan and his little boy will be in the news more often.

If you want something a bit unusual which is becoming more popular, you may like Gus. It's short and easy to say and you may name your baby Augustus or just put the shorter version, Gus, right on the birth certificate.

I think Augustus is cute. It reminds me of Augustus Gloop from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. While it's definitely a bit different, it's not too unusual. The name Augustus is English and it means, "majestic".

7 Red


Naming your baby Red will be such a bold and confident decision. The name is all about simplicity. Plus, red is the color of energy and passion. Red is beautiful. It's out there in nature, in falling leaves and in campfire flames and in bright flowers. It's a color that so many people love. While most people who name their boys Red will do so because their sons are redheads, rules are made to be broken. Call your baby Red if you want to. You should choose a baby name that you adore.

The name's meaning is pretty self-explanatory. It's Old English and it's a traditional name for redheaded males or males with ruddy complexions.

Do you think your baby will be a ginger? If you do, calling him Red will be a lot of fun.

6 Chase


Did you drool over the drop-dead handsome Chace Crawford on Gossip Girl? If so, you may want to name your baby boy Chase. You can spell this baby name with two Cs or with a capital C and a lower-case "s". Either way works.

This name feels very modern. It's quite millennial. If you're looking for something fresh which doesn't feel too old-fashioned and dusty, this name may be right for you. Plus, the word "chase" is all about excitement. When we "chase", we're going after something that we want. So, this name does have an adventurous spirit!

The name, Chase, means, "Huntsman". It's a baby name of English origin. It sounds cool, it's slightly edgy because of its meaning and it's got a Hollywood vibe, too. Is it right for your bouncing baby boy?

5 Justin


Hunky Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has been in the news a lot lately because he was trying to convince American president, Donald Trump, not to impose tariffs on Canada. Canada is a "buddy" nation of the USA and Trump did decide not to impose the tariffs on Canada.

All of this news about trade agreements puts Justin Trudeau front and center in the media and this is just one reason why I think the name Justin is going to become very popular for baby boys by the end of the year.

Of course, it's also Justin Bieber's name. It's a popular name which is everywhere. For some moms-to-be, it may be a little too popular. This isn't an unusual name in any way. If you want a nice, normal name, it will be great. If you want something unique, it may be too popular and too conventional.

The name, Justin, means, "righteous" or "upright' and it's a baby name with English origins.

4 Ewan


Ewan McGregor left his wife of decades for a younger woman. Then, the younger woman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead (who stars with Ewan on Fargo) reportedly dumped him, because she hated being referred to as a "homewrecker". Wow, what a mess! Now, Ewan has no woman at all, although I'm sure that'll be a short-term situation.

Apparently, Ewan's ex-wife, Eve, has been devastated by the end of her marriage and she's very angry with Ewan. Ewan won an award recently for his acting and he thanked both his estranged wife and his new lady (Mary Elizabeth) for their support. That was pretty weird and Eve didn't like it at all. Shortly afterward, Mary Elizabeth allegedly left Ewan. I think Mary probably disliked the speech as much as Eve did.

Anyway, this scandal has put the name Ewan in the news. It's a name that is in the media a lot these days and it may pick up steam as a baby name because it's all over the place. The name, Ewan, is Scottish, and it means, "young warrior".

3 Charlie


Charlie is a cute name. It's actually gender-neutral. Did you know that Rebecca Romijn and her hubby, Jerry O'Connell, called their baby girl Charlie? Charles is a traditionally masculine name, but some parents love it for girls, too. Prince Charles is probably the most famous living male with this name. He may have people in his life that call him Charlie. Maybe Camilla uses it as a pet name sometimes.

Since Prince Charles is going to be in the news so much this year, thanks to the upcoming royal birth (the third baby of Kate and William is due in April) and the wedding of his son, Prince Harry, to Meghan Markle (this happens in May), Charles is a baby name which is going to become more popular by the end of the year.

The name, Charles, means, "manly" and it is the French version of the German name, Karl.

2 Lance


Lance Armstrong used to be a major hero to many people, and not just for his cycling accomplishments. He was a hero to some because he was a cancer survivor who helped to raise funds for cancer research and awareness (through his LiveStrong foundation). Lance is due to go on trial and he may lose the bulk of his fortune for hiding his doping from his former sponsors. It's hard to say what will happen, but expect Lance's name to be back in the news soon.

The name Lance is pretty romantic. It hearkens back to the days of Camelot when King Arthur and Lancelot (a brave knight) fought for the love of Guinevere. If you love the stories of the knights of the round table and don't mind the name Lance being associated with Lance Armstrong, this name may be right for you.

This name is a baby name with French origins. It means, "land".

1 Vincent


Another baby name for a boy that is interesting and trending is Vincent. If you're into art, choosing the name Vincent will be a great way to show your love for the paintings of tortured artist, Vincent van Gogh. Just bear in mind that Vincent van Gogh didn't have the happiest life!

Vincent is a popular name, so there's no shortage of Vincents out there in elite sports and in Hollywood. It's a name that has been around for a long time. People are comfortable with it. It may be shortened to Vince. The lead singer of Motley Crue, Vince Neil, never refers to himself as Vincent. It's always Vince. Vince has a tough, rugged vibe. It's a very masculine name.

The name Vincent has Latin origins and it means, "conquering".  The musical artist, Annie Clarke, performs under the name, St. Vincent.

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