20 Baby Boy Names That Will Turn Him Into A Heartbreaker

As soon as the doctors tell you that you are having a little baby boy, the first thing most people think of is the name. Parents begin to imagine what their little boy is going to look like and act like. Maybe they will be interested in sports, or maybe they will find unique hobbies. Either way, most parents know that their son will grow up to be a heartbreaker because obviously, they will be good looking and charming.

With any baby boy, you want to find that perfect name that fits. Parents want to give their son a name that will be fitting for when they are a baby but also allows them to grow into it, and there are certain names that do that. Most people would agree that some children have bad names. They either sound nerdy or just don’t seem fitting at all. However, there are also those kids that were given incredible names and basically become popular because of it.

When parents give their child a name, they are setting the tone for that person’s whole life. Often times, parents want to give their little boy a name that sounds really cool. We hear people talk about boys growing up to be little heartbreakers, and there are certain names that fit that description better than others. They give a little bit of a bad boy feel while also adding an attractiveness to the person. Here are some of the popular baby boy names that are definitely going to be heartbreakers when they grow up.


20 Levi

Levi is a unique name that has slowly been gaining popularity. It screams heartbreaker when you hear it, and is currently number 42 in the ranking. With its unique vowel sound, it is a more lively biblical name that means joined in harmony. It is widely known and associated with the brand of jeans but has also gained attention from celebrities as well as common biblical stories.

There is no doubt that parents who name their son Levi will have a good looking kid on their hands. The Hebrew origin is said to provide a deep inner peace and a desire for travel and adventure. Levis tend to be trendsetters and do not necessarily follow traditions, so parents may have a rule breaker on their hands. Levis will most likely be good at a wide range of activities and tend to gravitate towards the limelight, so popularity is their destiny.

19 Eric


The name Eric stands forever or eternal ruler. It comes across as a strong name, but Erics are known for having dreamy eyes and being extremely cute. Girls will easily fall for them and the reasons are evident. Just like the name ‘Eric’ has been around for a while, these guys are loyal to a fault and are worth the investment. Although everyone has their faults, nobody can deny the popularity of Eric. It is the most popular Scandinavian boys' name in the U.S. ever.

Eric reached its peak in 1970 and although there are still a ton of boys named Eric in Sweden, the number has gone down in the U.S., giving it a solid stability that comes from its age. Since Eric is a well-known name, it is perfect for those parents who are looking for a good name but don’t want to stray too far from tradition.

18 Blake

Blake is a short and sweet baby boy name that has even gained popularity among some girls in the past. It originated from old English and is associated with the color black or a dark complexion. It can mean light or dark and is a Scottish baby name. The hard ‘B’ sound in the beginning of the name provides an essence of strength that is associated with it.

Although sweet and lovely, Blakes may find it difficult to get along with people they disagree with, or people who see the world differently than they do. They value truth, justice, and discipline, and are very practical, cautious and conservative at times. While the qualities of a boy named Blake can all be great things, they can also cause stubbornness, which parents will have to deal with from a very young age. Blakes are often extreme, which could get them into trouble, but isn’t the worst thing in the world.

17 Luke


Luke is another form of the baby boy name ‘Lucas’ which means “light-giving.” Luke also has biblical origins as the third author of the new testament. Luke is also a popular name among artists with the name Luke appearing in well-known movies like Star Wars. With the extreme popularity that the name Luke has, it is almost inevitable that a baby boy with the same name will grow up to be a heartbreaker.

Luke is a common but cool name that provides tradition with popularity. Luke is someone that everyone will know, and most people will want to be their friend. Their leadership quality is strong, just like their ability to achieve status, power and wealth. It is easy for Luke to make people jealous of who they are, or what they have, so it is important for the parents to teach their baby to be humble from a young age.

16 Saint

Often times, moms and dads look for baby boy names that are inspired by saints. They enjoy the religious or spiritual aspect that the name brings to their child. However, when parents cannot agree on a specific saint, the easiest solution is just to simply name their baby “Saint.” Many people probably never thought of doing this until Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West decided to name their second child Saint. The name automatically includes a sense of hierarchy and class. It makes the child appear to be better than others which is usually how parents view their own child, but it may not be the best message to send to little kids.

Saint is the descriptive word category such as Royal, Noble, King, and Rogue. Saint was a top trend in 2015. The name is now circulating the celebrity realm and is bound to grow even more in popularity in the coming years.

15 Jesse


Jesse will always have the girl he wants because the name itself makes this boy irresistible. The true name of a heartbreaker is clear when there is a song dedicated to someone wanting the girl that Jesse already has. The typical bad boy name completely reflects the essence of cool. Most Jesses will probably grow up to wear leather jackets and ride motorcycles late at night. Jesse is the father of King David in the Old Testament, and actually means gift, which is odd considering the reputation that the name has.

A famous Jesse is Jesse James, who was actually an American outlaw known for robbing banks and stagecoaches. The name that originated in Hebrew also means wealthy, which seems fitting for a bad boy like Jesse James. Parents will need to keep a watchful eye on their little Jesse because although the name has an irresistible charm to it, it can be dangerous once your little boy begins to grow.

14 Alex

The baby name ‘Alex’ is a Greek name meaning defender of men or protector of mankind. Alex is usually a shortened version and a nickname for the male name Alexander, however many parents are simply going with Alex as their little boy’s official name. Alexander the Great is the first male to make this name popular back around 300 B.C.

Alex was a majorly popular boy name two decades ago but has become increasingly unique through the years. However, variations of Alex have become quite trendy but Alex remains the strong and basic original. The fact that it originated as a nickname to Alexander gives Alex a light, fun and slightly edgy feel that will definitely spell heartbreaker for any future baby boy. With a name that means defender and warrior, any parents who name their son Alex will definitely have a tough guy on their hands. From the inside out, Alex will be a strong one.


13 Benjamin


Benjamin is a Hebrew name that means son of my right hand. Many Jewish families actually name their youngest son Benjamin. Benjamin was the youngest of the twelve sons of Jacob in the bible. It means "son of the south" and possibly also "son of my old age." Some fairly well-known Benjamins are Benjamin Franklin, the journalist Ben Bradlee, and Dustin Hoffman's character in The Graduate.

The name Benjamin is actually rising in the United States. Over the past few years, it has become more popular and is still on the rise. It was ranked number six back in 2016 which means there are probably going to be a whole generation of little heartbreakers running around pretty soon. Benjamin is a classic name that provides historical significance, a biblical reference, as well as an updated socially relevant name. These little boys are destined to be triple threats when they grow up.

12 Carter

Carter is a versatile name that has been used in movies and television shows throughout the years. Sometimes Carter has been associated with the social outcast, like in A Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff where her best friend was named Carter. However, in Bella Thorne’s new hit series Famous In Love, the super hot love interest is named Carter. If he doesn’t scream heartbreaker, nobody will.

Carter is considered a family name and is of English, Irish, and Scottish origin. The occupational name was given to one who transports goods by cart or wagon originally believed to be of Gaelic and Celtic origins and a possible form of the name McCarter. Carter is a simple and easy name that almost guarantees a good-looking child. The name simply sounds cool and has been growing in popularity among parents over the years. The name is strong and is usually given to baby boys that are destined for big things.

11 Elijah


Elijah has a way of flowing off of the tongue and sounding very inviting. The name alone could make girls fall for an Elijah and parents know this. The beautiful sounding name is a Hebrew origin and meaning "my God is YAHWEH". Elijah was a Hebrew prophet and miracle worker according to the two books of Kings in the Old Testament. The boy name was traditionally popular among Jewish families, but Elijah has skyrocketed in popularity in that last 20 years.

It is currently ranked as number eight, and the masculine name also provides a softness with its sound. Elijah was a popular name in medieval tales, and because the name was given to a few early saints, the name became popular with the general public in the Middle Ages. In medieval England, it was usually spelled, Elis. By the 16th century, but it was revived by the Puritans in the form Elijah after the Protestant Reformation.

10 Grant

The name Grant is a baby name that is of Scottish origin. In Scottish, the name Grant was originally a surname derived from the French word 'grand', meaning tall or great. Now, the name Grant is common as both a last name and a first name. One famous Grant is the American President Ulysses S. Grant.

With a name that literally means great, it is no surprise that parents who give this name to their child expect big things out of them. Of course, nobody wants their little boy to grow up to break hearts, but sometimes it is unavoidable. The name has actually dropped in popularity by 28 in this last year, which means that the baby boys who get this name are going to be super unique and independent. The boys with the name of Grant most likely won’t have any other friends with their same name which gives them a lot of individuality.

9 Keaton


Keaton is a unique name that many people may not have even heard of. A lot of the time, the boys that become popular in school and have all the girls after them, are the ones that stand out and are a little different. If a boy had the same name as everybody else, there is a good chance that they could get overlooked, but not with a name like Keaton.

Keaton is an English baby name that means place of the hawks. Keatons are usually quite creative and tend to express themselves through public speaking, singing, acting, and writing. Beauty and aesthetics are very important to boys named Keaton, which could cause them to be pretty picky when it comes to finding a romantic partner in the future. Keatons are sure to break some hearts with their unique name and creative personality. It is practically inevitable, and the parents should be aware of this from the beginning.

8 Michael

Michael is a very solid baby boy name. It seems like it has been around forever because it is such a solid name. There is a good chance that almost everyone knows at least one Michael, and there is a huge likelihood that this name will remain a constant favorite for many couples for years to come. Michael is a Hebrew name that means “who is like God?” The rhetorical question implies that no person is actually like God at all. Michael is one of the seven archangels in Hebrew tradition and the only one identified as an archangel in the Bible.

Michael’s biblical roots could be the main reason for the name’s age and longevity. A word often associated with Michael is humble, and usually, these boys want a stable and loving family or community. They need to work with others in order to feel appreciated. Harmony and balance is a desire for a Michael.

7 Nathan


The baby boy name Nathan is derived from Hebrew and means gift. The name originated in the Bible by a prophet who rebuked King David for the death of Uriah, which enabled the king to marry Bathsheba, Uriah's wife. The name Nathan has dropped in ranking by four, but still holds the number 35 spot for the year 2017. Nathan had been climbing the ranks for almost 40 years.

Nathan is a very popular baby boy’s name in Europe right now. It is the number one name in France and the number three name in Belgium. With the popularity that the name Nathan has, there is no doubt that whoever is given it will grow up to be a heartbreaker. Nathan has some historical roots and when you combine the name with good looks, a solid personality, and a slightly old-fashioned nickname, it creates the perfect name for a special baby boy.

6 Oliver

The name Oliver is actually a French baby name that means “the olive tree.” The meaning goes back to the name’s biblical roots because, in the Bible, the olive tree symbolizes fruitfulness and beauty and dignity. Extending an olive branch signifies an offer of peace. In 2016 the baby name was ranked number 12, but only entered the top 1,000 list of names in the United States for the first time in 2009.

Oliver is ranked number one in England, Australia, and New Zealand. Oliver has clearly jumped significantly in the U.S. ranking and it is most likely due to Oliver being a very energetic and good-natured name. It is stylish but not over popularized like the girl variation Olivia. Oliver symbolizes peace and fruitfulness and is clearly making an impact on the baby name market. Parents clearly love the sound of Oliver, and it will most definitely be the perfect baby boy name for an adorable little guy.

5 Reign


Reign became a household name when Kourtney Kardashian decided to name her third child by this name. It definitely has a natural orientation to it, but it could also be perceived as a powerful person as well, such as someone who presides over people. It is a simple but pretty sounding baby boy name that is not extremely popular, despite its recent celebrity endorsements.

Reign is currently listed as number 880 in the ranking of top 1,000 baby names in the United States. It is down 20 spots from 2016, which makes sense since Kourtney and Scott named their third child Reign in 2015. The newness and excitement of the unique name have begun to wear off causing it to drop in rank, but the essence of the name has not lost any of its original magic. It is still an extremely popular name and a frontrunner for many parents and moms-to-be.

4 Ryan

The origin of the name Ryan is from the Irish surname O'Riain, referencing the descendant of Rian. Rian is an ancient Irish name believed to be a diminutive form of rí meaning king. This would also explain the meaning behind the name, which is little king. It is a classic Irish name that could also mean descendant of the king.

It is a popular name among many actors and has even begun to gain popularity among females as well. However, Ryan still remains a solid baby boy name. Ryans tend to have a strong inner desire to use their abilities in leadership. They would rather focus on larger, more important issues, than worry about delegating the small, little details. When it comes to their capabilities and charisma, they may be quick-tempered, impatient, impractical, and rigid, but only if they fail to develop their potential. Overall, Ryans are strong-willed fighters who are considered assets if you can get them on your side.

3 Scott


Not to much surprise, but the name Scott is of Scottish origin but is actually an English baby boy name that means either Scottish or wanderer. Its popularity is currently ranked at number 617, which means it has dropped 151 places since last year. The name’s peak came in the early 1970s and has slowly been declining in popularity ever since.

Scotts are usually kind-hearted, sensitive and have a deep inner desire for family and unity. It may be difficult for them to have rules or restrictions placed upon them, but Scotts are excited by change and adventure. They are usually very dynamic and versatile and tend to have big visions for their future. Their optimism, energy, and intelligence allow them to make friends easily, but this could also lead them to break some hearts in their lifetime as well. Scotts are also known to be slightly changeable, as well as a bit on the messy side. Their restless nature can cause some rebellion too.

2 Zachary

The name Zachary is a Hebrew baby name that means remembered by God. It is a very cool sounding name that almost guarantees your baby boy to be a heartbreaker. It is barely out of the top 100 names in the United States, coming in at number 106 on the charts. It has dropped 17 spots since 2016 and has continued to decline ever since it peaked back in 1993.

Zachary has been a long time winner when it came to baby boy names. The strong Z sound, in the beginning, gives the name some edge. However, the name Zachary is also attached to eight different people in the bible. The most prominent and well known would probably be the father of John the Baptist. Zachary was also the name of our 12th U.S. President, Zachary Taylor. There are many different spellings and nicknames for the name Zachary, and a large number of celebrities have given the name some star power.

1 Tristan


Tristan is a relatively popular baby boy name, barely missing the top 100 mark. The name is of Celtic origin and means noise or sorrowful. The sound and flow of the name make it very appealing to parents because the ending is similar to other popular names such as Christian. The uniqueness gives it a wistful quality, and the name Tristan is also known through medieval legend.

It has been growing in popularity since the 1970’s and in the Celtic legend, Tristan is the dragon-slaying hero. This seems quite fitting since baby boys named Tristan are easily going to be sweeping girls off of their feet. Look at Khloe Kardashian. Her new boyfriend Tristan has been a saint to her, and they are finally living out their happily ever after. However, Tristan definitely broke some hearts before getting to Khloe. If you are lucky enough to land a Tristan, hopefully, you hold them tight because they are definitely a keeper.

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