20 Baby Foods And Products That Have Been Recalled Since 2015

We spend our life making sure we are safe, that the people we love are safe and that no harm will come to them. When we become parents, this feeling intensifies. We do everything we can to make sure our little ones are safe and taken care. We trust that the products we buy are sturdy and reliable.

After all, most products that are available to the general public have gone through testing, especially when it is a product aimed for use by a baby. Companies test their products to make sure that they are secure for infants to use.

Unfortunately, any product that is manufactured is bound to be subject to some mistakes. There will always be faulty products that sneak past inspections and make it on the shelf; mistakes that are only discovered after the product has been purchased and used by hundreds of parents out there. Hopefully, the product is discovered before any harm comes to a child.

Since 2015, there have been many recalls of baby and children’s products and they range from gear, toys to food. There continues to be recalls almost every day, and it is important that parent’s stay up-to-date on which items are no longer free of harm.

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20 Combi Shuttle Travel System

One of the most essential items in any new moms’ life is a good stroller. A travel system is even better due to is convenience. A travel system is a stroller and infant bucket seat that match together. They all click into place making it very easy to get baby out of the house and do some errands or just go for a much-needed walk.

Combi USA had a Combi Shuttle Travel System that experienced a recall on May 4th, 2017. They recalled about 1, 000 units because the car seat was found to disengage with the stroller which could cause the car seat to fall out.

19 Graco Car Seat

Graco is a brand that is well trusted around the world. It is one of the most recognized brands of baby gear and is the first choice of a lot of parents. Well, it goes to show that even the best and most trusted brands can have issues with their product.

On May 10th, 2017, Grace had to recall about 25, 000 of their My Ride 65 Convertible child seats. This child seat could fit infants up to children who were 65 pounds and it is meant to keep your child safe in the car. These seats had an issue with the webbing. In the event of a crash, they found that the webbing may tear and would not properly restrain a child in them.

18 Hobby Lobby In Trouble

Hobby Lobby is a popular store in the USA and many people shop there for almost everything they need, including toys for infants and children. Well, the company is also not safe from having dangerous items that they would have to recall.

In May of 2017, Hobby Lobby had to recall a set of spinner toys for a very good reason. Their July 4th and Easter spinner light toys had to be recalled because they discovered that the battery cover can detach and expose the batteries. Batteries mixed with little fingers that like to put everything in their mouth is never a good mix.

17 Plush Toys Are Not Safe

There is nothing sweeter for a little baby like a stuffed animal. They are soft, cuddly and every child will claim one of their own to love and care for as they grow up. They are hardly seen as dangerous items for children, until a bunch of them were recalled on May 17th, 2017.

A company by the name of Douglas had to recall a selection of stuffed animals. This included Oliver the Bear, Chewie the English Bulldog and Charlotte the Fox. All of these stuffed animals were pulled from the shelf because it was found that their eyes could detach, which would pose a choking risk. It affected about 25, 000 of the toys.

16 Footed Pyjamas

Clothing is not something that many people would think would be recalled too often, but it does happen. When a baby is first born, they spend a lot of time in sleepers. They are just comfortable and easy to work around when it comes to changing a lot of diapers.

Dondolo is a company that makes clothes for all the little people in our lives, but they had to recall a selection of nightgowns and two-piece pajama sets in November of 2017. The reason why is because they did not meet the federal flammability standards. Children’s clothing has to be flame retardant, and these were not. About 3, 100 of them were recalled.

15 Baby Carrier

Babywearing is something a lot of parent’s do. It is an easy way to carry your baby around while leaving both hands free to do other things, like chores and errands. It also is great when it comes to calming a baby who wants to be held all of the time.

In November of this year (2018), LILLEbaby had to recall their Active series baby carriers. That is because there were three reports of the chest straps detaching from the carrier. This involved one child actually falling from the carrier, but no injuries were reported. A lot of trust is placed in these carriers that when our little ones are in them that they are not going to fall out.

14 The Honest Company

The Honest Company is a big name when it comes to baby and infant gear, and a lot of parents trust them to have a quality product and be honest. The Honest Company is a company owned by actress Jessica Alba and it voluntarily recalled some of their baby wipes because they could be contaminated with mold.

They released a statement that said that it is unlikely the mold was any more dangerous than everyday mold that is found in your house. They offered customers who had purchased these wipes a full refund. Parents were advised to check the LOT number and match it up with the affected numbers on their website.

13 Apple Sauce Recall

Now we are on to a couple of food products that have been recalled recently for babies. Food items are the items that are recalled more frequently, and they are normally the ones we hear about the most because they make it on the evening news.

Trader Joes is a popular grocery store chain in the USA, and a lot of people shop there for everything including baby food. Trader Joes had to recall jars of their unsweetened applesauce. The reason for the recall was because there was a chance that there were small glass shards inside of the jar, which could have been extremely dangerous.

12 Gerber Pasta

Gerber is another brand that parents trust, and it has been around for years. It is the face of baby food and they are coming out with more and more different kinds of food for little ones to eat. They now make what they call Gerber pick-ups, and these are food designed for little fingers.

They are small and easily picked up by little babies, which is great for fostering independence. There was a brand that had to be recalled recently. The Gerber pick-ups cheese ravioli had to recall a lot of their product because there was an issue with the labeling. The package was labeled stating that it was fine for children with egg allergies, but it turns out there was an egg in this product.

11 Infant Building Sets

It is a fun time when our babies start to play with toys. It is so much fun to watch them explore the world and learn about things. We also try very hard to make sure that the toys they are playing with are safe. We know that anything they get their hands on is going to go right in their mouth.

ALEX Jr is a brand that makes toys for babies and they had to recall a large set of their popular building toys for young babies. This was because they were considered a choking risk. The recall included their Baby Builder, First Pops and First Snaps sets which had small plastic parts that they discovered could break away and pose a choking risk.

10 Pacifier Holders

Hobby Lobby is in trouble again after another baby product from them has been recalled. Maybe, they should just stop making baby products. Hobby Lobby also had to recall a collection of their Little Wishes Summer Plush Pacifier Holders in 2016 due to the risk of choking.

Pacifier holders are very popular for parents of infants. They allow you to clip the pacifier to a piece of the baby’s clothes so that if they remove it from their mouth it won’t fall on the floor. Meaningless cleaning and sterilizing. Hobby Lobby had to recall almost 13, 000 of these items after it was discovered that some parts could detach and become a choking hazard.

9 Stuffed Rattles

Along with the pacifier holders, Hobby Lobby also had to recall a bunch of stuffed rattles. Rattles are great because they are often among the first toys a baby will handle. They are easy to hold on to and they make noise when they are shaken. This can help a baby learn cause-and-effect or the idea that when they do something, something else happens.

Hobby Lobby recalled more than 14, 000 Little Wishes Chenille Stuffed Rattles. They recalled them because it was found that the seam was separating, exposing the fluff filling and the ball rattle. Both of these things can be choking risks if placed in an infant’s mouth.

8 Munchkin

Munchkin is a company that a lot of parent’s trust when it comes to their pacifier needs, they are very popular among babies, and when a baby finds a pacifier, they like the parents will stock up on it. Munchkin had to recall their Latch lightweight Pacifiers and Clips. This recall happened on May 6th, 2016 and it involved more than 180, 000 products.

The danger was that the cover could detach from the pacifier’s clip, posing a choking hazard. These items were sold at numerous stores and parents were advised to stop using these products immediately and contact the company for a refund.

7 Fisher Price Cradle And Swing

There are a lot of parents out there who wouldn’t know what they would have done if they did not have a swing for their baby. A swing is a great investment as it is great at calming a baby down and it is often the only place a baby will nap.

Fisher Price, which I don’t need to point out is one of the biggest babies and child manufacturers in the world had to recall a group of their cradle swings. The recall happened in Aril of 2016 and it involved about 34, 000 product. The problem was that there was a risk of the seat falling unexpectedly, which could cause injury to a baby. There were two reports of this happening, but no injuries were reported.

6 Organic Can Be Recalled Too

We often think that organic food is better, it is healthier and held at higher standards. It also costs more, so we trust that it is the best quality we could give our children. Gerber had to recall some of its organic food pouches. The recall happened in March of 2016 and it involved their easy-to-use pouches of organic food.

The worry was that there may have been a packaging defect which caused the food inside to spoil during transport and handling. The company released the specific UPC codes of the products they believed to be affected. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

5 Booster Seat

Evenflo is a big name when it comes to car seats, and they also had to recall a group of products in February of 2016. They can to recall their Transitions 3-in-1 Combination Booster Seats. The issues with this are that the front button on the seat was within a child’s reach and they would have been able to loosen the straps which could be dangerous if there was a crash.

They released the serial numbers parents needed to watch out for. When mom and dad purchase a car seat, it is always a good idea to register it with the manufacturer. Once you do that you will automatically be contacted if there is a recall on your product.

4 High Chair

High chairs are another staple in life with a baby and child. When you start feeding them solid foods it is always recommended that they go in a high chair to support them while they eat. This leads to fewer events of choking. Nuna Baby Essentials High Chair was another victim to a recall. The danger was that the armbar could bend or detach during use which would put the child at risk of falling out.

Nuna received 50 reports of this happening, and while 6 children had fallen out of the high chair, only minor injuries were sustained. This product was sold at specialty stores, like Nordstrom, and sold for around $300.

3 Too Many Strollers To Name

There seems to be a lot of strollers recalls out there, and this could be because they are one of the most popular items for babies. They are purchased more than anything else and they are used often, so it is normal to see there being more issues.

Britax had to recall their B-Ready strollers in January of 2016 because of a choking risk. Choking is not something you would connect with a stroller. The problem was the foam padding on the stroller’s armbar was coming off in pieces, and if a child bites it, they could choke on a piece of the padding. The company had received 117 reports of this happening, including 5 children who had choked.

2 Specific Onesie

Clothing is not something we see recalled all the time, so when we do see it recalled we have to wonder why. There was a collection of Star Wars themed onesies that were recalled in January of 2016. The problem was that the snaps on the bottom could detach, meaning it was now considered a choking hazard.

The recall involved about 10, 000 one-piece bodysuits that had Darth Vader on the front. The recall also involved another style, which had popular Disney characters on the front. These items were only sold at a store in Disney World, so it would be easier to pun down if mom or dad had this onesie for their child.

1 Crib Mobile

Crib mobiles are wonderful, they attach to the side of the crib and can provide some entertainment and comfort to a little one who is settling down for the night. However, they can also be dangerous. Skip Hop had to recall about 4, 350 Moonlight & Melodies Projection Crib Mobiles for a very good reason.

The strap that would attach the mobile to the crib rail was found to be faulty. This meant that the strap could break, and it would send the mobile down on your sweet little baby laying below it. This has always been a concern with mobiles, so it is scary to hear that it actually happens. The company was offering credit for new products at a much higher value than the cost of the mobile in compensation.

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