20 Baby Girl Names For The Boho Mom

With it's sweet yet sensual names often rooted in nature, it's almost impossible to go wrong with a Boho style name.

Bohemian or Boho is a beloved wave of hippie chic and hippie glamour which took over the world with its free and flowing sentiment. With it's sweet yet sensual names often rooted in nature, it's almost impossible to go wrong with a Boho style name for your baby girl. They suit almost anyone as they have a beautiful quality and conjure up images of feminine purity. The majority of the names I considered for my two baby girls were considered bohemian with a natural flair and wily characteristic.

I love Boho names that inspire poetry and art. While many of these names are often considered to be contemporary, they have a beauty and uniqueness about them that last a lifetime. I've always loved names that ooze with character and you can't go wrong with a Boho name. With thousands of names to go through before your little bundle arrives, it can feel daunting and terrifying having to filter through the names to find just one or two that will last your baby a lifetime.

But by narrowing it down to a type of name you like, this can shorten the list down a little. Natural and earthy names are always popular but if you are trying to avoid popular names, there are many Boho names out there that have yet to be pushed up the ladder. You may just find a few on our list of Boho baby girl names you love.


Origin: Greek – Ranking: #580

Name Meaning: In Greek the meaning of the name Ophelia is Help, Serpentine.

Oh Ophelia! What a beautiful name. Ophelia is a traditional Shakespearean name that has been long since loved by the masses. With it's incredibly traditional feel, it is a somewhat daring choice but what a wise and stunning choice it is. In Shakespeare's masterpiece Hamlet, Ophelia was Hamlet's lover who, due to Hamlets irrational behaviour, went insane. She is the tragic heroine who will always be remembered.

Ophelia is a perfect choice for your Boho baby. The name often comes with characteristics of deep inner desire but a desire to help not only themselves but others also. She is talented and creative and shows her gifts through acting, writing or singing. She often tries to incorporate her creative side into her home by surrounding herself with art creating a calm and relaxed environment. She will be drawn to the arts in her career which may potentially put her in the limelight.


Origin: Scottish – Ranking: #417

Name Meaning: In English the meaning of the name Skye refers to the Scottish Isle of Skye and is also a nature name referring to the sky.

You can't really get much closer to nature with a name than Skye. Based on either the actual sky or Scottish isles, this name is rooted deeply with the earth. It's a strong name with beauty written right through it. This bohemian name has settled in between being somewhat popular and also unique enough to not be heard everywhere and anywhere.

Skye is often seen to be a strong character with a passionate personality. She will want to travel and will seek out adventures in any way she can. In fact, Skye will very rarely let anything stand in her way. She sees the beauty and strength in not only situations but also people and will try to maintain a positivity and harmony in her life and theirs.


Origin: Hebrew – Ranking: #115

Name Meaning: In Hebrew the meaning of the name Delilah is Amorous, delight, languishing, temptress.

Delilah is a name which is almost as old as time. In the Old Testament, Delilah tricked Samson into revealing the secret of his strength. She then betrayed Samson to the Philistines. Her story shows a conniving and unique strength and courage which is not necessarily a bad quality to have but something to watch out for.

Delilah is a person that is considered to have an irrevocably intense and deep desire, love and need for a stable and comforting family life. She is not a solo or isolated person and enjoys being in other people's company and she works incredibly well alongside others. She will look for peace and harmony in her life since she needs to have a positive balance to keep her mind focused.


Origin: English – Ranking: #344

Name Meaning: In English the name clover is a flower name.

Clover is certainly a daring choice but also an ultimate boho chic name. I will admit though, before I go any further, that Clover reminds me of a horses name. Regardless, it's been a somewhat popular name in the US in the last few years considering it has sat in the top 350 top baby names and has risen for quite some time.

Clover is characteristically the type of person who is overtly creative and passionate about what she creates. On that note, she is excellent at expressing herself and her talents shine through. Naturally, Clover is drawn to the arts, and because of this dramatic and creative urge, she enjoys life immensely. She is often at the center of attention, and will certainly enjoy a career that will put her in the limelight and at the centre of attention. She may wear herself down, however, considering she puts so much time and effort into her talents.


Origin: French – Ranking: #686

Name Meaning: In French the meaning of the name Raine is Queen.

Raine is perhaps the ultimate boho chic name for your little baby girl. Conjuring up real and raw elements of nature, Raine sprinkles down on us in a gentle haze. The pure elements of nature make this name expecially beautiful and it's interesting spelling makes it wonderfully unique. Again Raine may be considered to be an interesting and daring choice. It is also a special and beautiful name with strong characters which make this name stand out bright and strong against others.

Raine may come across as being idealistic with a strong imagination. She is not only intuitive but also a naturally spiritual person. She will often go forth and srek out the necessary truth which may inspire others to do the same. She will rarely fail in her achievements and desires.


Origin: Welsh – Ranking: #173

Name Meaning: In Welsh the name Arwen means Noble Maiden.

Arwen is rooted in works of incredible literary fiction. The name is best known from Tolkien's, Lord of the Rings, as Arwen is the princess of the Elves. There is no denying that this name is a stunning moniker with an authentic Welsh ring to it. It's wispy pronuniciation and beauty makes it stand out so wonderfully from crowd.

It's a daring choice because of its pronunciation especially for the American market but worth the risk because of its incredible natural beauty. Arwen however is somewhat popular in the States which is no surprise considering how well loved Tolkien's masterpieces are. If you love Arwen, you may also like the idea of Anwen, Bronwen, and Rhonwen which all have the same Welsh sound and appeal.


Origin: French – Ranking: #2743

Name Meaning: In French the meaning of the name Claudine is: lame and is a feminine form of Claud.

So for a moment, let's forget that this name means lame which obviously is not entirely the name meaning you were hoping for your Boho chic baby girl but Claudine is another incredibly beautiful, classic name with a depth of history, emotion and personality which is undeniable and can't be ignored. Coming from the masculine name Claud, Claudine has an irrevocable beautiful feminine sound to it which is perfect considering its a stunning French name.

Claudine has a beautiful intensity about it and those who proudly hold this name are said to have a deep desire to help their fellow workmates, friends and family whether that is through sharing money, knowledge or their experience and they have plenty of all three. Claudine tends to be creative and she manages to strike the balance in her life by using her natural creative side and includes it in everything she does.


Origin: Italian – Ranking: #540

Name Meaning: In Italian the meaning of the name Allegra is: cheerful or lively and is related to the musical term allegro.

I'm a little biased about this name considering it was top of our list of baby girl names for an awfully long time. There is a gentle musical flow to this name which almost makes it sing when it's pronounced. I also love the idea of using Aly as a nickname but Allegra is so beautiful in its own right, why would you want to shorten it!

According to numerology, someone with this name craves and adores quiet and peace. She enjoys trying to understand her world and all that is in it and spends a considerable amount of time analysing her surroundings to understand life more. She may also, however, be somewhat idealistic and look for the perfect answer to life. She uses her imagination and intuition to the best of her ability but can lose focus if she fails to develop her potential although this is rare.


Origin: English – Ranking: #286

Name Meaning: In English the name River comes from nature.

River is a stunning Boho chic name that is perfectly rooted in nature. While it has traditionally been a boys name, River has recently taken the leap into the feminine form as more parents choose it for their little girl. In my opinion, River is more suited as girls name because of its delicate and flowing characteristics. Having settled, at the moment, in the top three hundred most popular baby girls names, River is quickly rising through the ranks to become one of the most popular nature themed names.

And why not? River is highly justified to finding it's place amongst the most popular names of our century considering it is a stunning, free flowing name with tons of character and personality. It's almost guaranteed that if you name your little girl River, she will happily go with the flow but be strong enough to move and and sway popular opinion in her direction.


Origin: French – Ranking: #16

Name Meaning: In French the meaning of the name Avery is Rules with elf-wisdom.

Avery has been around for quite a while but has certainly picked up speed in the last ten years which has shown the recent surge for the love of this name. In twenty years, this name has jumped a dramatic 800 spots to an incredible number 16 in last years charts. It's popularity is undoubtedly obvious and with good reason. Avery is a very beautiful and overly feminine name with sounds that ring like windchimes. A perfect Boho name for your baby girl.

According to numerology Avery is the type of person who desires to have and focus on a loving and stable family, whether that is through real family or a close network of friends. She feels the need to be appreciated and loved by them and shows them a similar passionate consideration. Not only that, Avery is also strong, practical and competent in all she undertakes. She is a success because she works hard and focuses her strength where it needs to be focused.


Origin: Greek – Ranking: #1759

Name Meaning: In Greek the meaning of the name Ilona is Shining light or The bright one.

Ilona is a beautiful name that sings happiness and love. A name that means the bright one is simply perfect for your little girl who will be the light of your life. Choosing this name for your baby is ideal if you're looking for a name that is about happiness. The Greek version of Helen, Ilona has never been in favor in the States which is an incredible shame because of its intense beauty. But that means that it's not overly used so you will hardly hear of another girl nearby with this name, making your baby girl unique.

Ilona is the type of person who again desires a solitude with inner quietness and peace. It gives her time to think and analyse her life and her world. It's her time to refocus and maintain her inner calm for a happy life.


Origin: Greek – Ranking: #144

Name Meaning: In Greek the meaning of the name Melody is: Music; song.

Melody has always hovered gently around popular baby names but slipped in its appeal for a number of years. It cracked the top 150 baby names in 2015 and has the potential to climb further if it so dares. Being a subtle yet melodious name, Melody sings a song for everyone to hear and delight in. It is a perfect flowery, happy and pretty Boho chic name that will guarantee you a bright and cheerful little girl.

Melody is pure inspiration according to numerology which suggests that she leads by example. She sings her song through life inspiring others to follow in her happy and beautiful journey. She is a naturally optimistic person who has a strong sense of spirituality.


Origin: Latin – Ranking: #567

Name Meaning: In Latin the meaning of the name Pearl is: Precious.

Pearl often comes across as an old woman's name but it is on the verge of a revival as Boho chic names take over and Pearl is a staple of Boho baby girl names. In recent years this name has been more commonly used as a middle name for baby girls but it's beauty and charm is likely to be upcycled for a new generation of free loving, powerful women as it makes its way towards the top 500 baby names.

Pearl is a name that encourages the holder to focus on family and create a loving and stable environment for everyone they love and appreciate. She is the type of person who will gladly sit back and watch the world and try to understand her place in it. More often than not, Pearl is encouraged into education as her natural tendency to teach and learn herself shines through. However, because she is introspective, she can miss out on important things that happen in her family and friends lives.


Origin: English – Ranking: #65

Name Meaning: In English the meaning of the name Autumn is Born in the fall and The fall season.

Autumn is one of the most beautiful baby girl names around at the moment. The perfect seasonal name despite it possibly restricting you to babies born in the Fall, Autumn delivers images of crisp cool evenings as the sun sets. A deeply natural name, Autumn sits perfectly in line with our hippie Boho chic list. In fact it probably should be first on tour list of potential names.

Autumn may be considered to be a deeply introspective person who lingers in her own thoughts savoring the peace and quite of her own mind. She has a desire to understand the inner workings of her life and finds comfort in having real direction. She is passionate and romantic and wonderfully compassionate and intuitive. She is generous and appreciative but can easily be upset or hurt by others due to her gentle nature.


Origin: Greek – Ranking: #644

Name Meaning: The surname name of the liternary novelists, the Bronte sisters.

The ultimate boho chic name, this incredible literary name is unbelievably perfect and wonderfully daring for your baby girl to wear with pride. Bronte is the surname of the literally sisters, Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte who took romantic fiction to a new level with their writings about classic English romance. The name is a wonderful tribute to the talented sisters whose novels are still popular to this day.

This name is quite a daring choice because of its incredible uniqueness and link to the popular writers. It's a name that stands out heavily. No one will forget your choice of name although they may question it until they get used to the idea of your baby girl being called Bronte. I've yet to hear anyone using this name and would love to know if you used it or even if you considered it for your little girl.


Origin: Greek – Ranking: #1098

Name Meaning: In Greek the meaning of the name Elysia is: From the blessed isles.

I'm not sure the name Elysia could be any more amazing than it already is. It has quite a number of elements that stand out. Firstly it is almost futuristic in its sound and pronunciation conjuring up images of dystopian futures. Secondly it is romantic and beautiful with its elongated vowel sounds and lulling L sound. A truly feminine name, Elysia is the mark of awe and beauty. Personally, I find it stunning and wish I had heard it before naming our girls. But considering it still sits outside the top 1000 baby girl names, I'm not surprised I never crossed it's path.

Elysia according to numerology needs a stable and loving family life or at least a community of friends she can call her own. She needs to feel love and connection with others. She is a very practical and competent person who will fulfill her desire and achieve almost anything she sets out to do. This is turn often makes her successful and the envy of others.


Origin: French – Ranking: #123

Name Meaning: In French the meaning of the name Odette is Wealthy.

Most of us are familiar with Odette from Tchaikovsky's ballet Swan Lake. More than likely it is where we heard the name first and if you are like me, you probably fell in love with it then. This name has many feminine elements that make it stand out and deserve to be loved but it also has a strong sentiment with a strength that can not be denied. It is a powerful name that will serve your baby girl well should you choose to use it.

Odette seeks an inner quietness that will help her focus her life and keep herself on track. She maintains a quiet in her mind that allows her to understand her life more and know where she is going. This introspection allows her to analyse her life and fulfil her dreams. She is a naturally positive person who sees beauty in all around her.


Origin: English – Ranking: #241

Name Meaning: In English the meaning of the name Hope is One of the three Christian virtues (Faith, Hope and Charity).

Hope is a perfect Boho chic name, not unlike it's counterparts Faith and Charity. Hope as one of the three Christian virtues holds a certain story that gives an intense weight to the name. Not only is it a powerful and beautiful name in its own right, when it is linked to such history it uncovers a new element and gives it a greater emphasis on positive virtues. Hope has always been popular but regained momentum at the turn of the century, giving it a new lease of life.

Hope is a pure inspiration to almost everyone who comes in contact with her. She has a need and a want to inspire others and guide them on the right path. She will, of course have strong opinions on this guidance which may not always go down well with others. She is a very competent and practical person who knows when and where to use a particular skill. She is often successful and therefore able to do and choose as she pleases.


Origin: Latin – Ranking: #77

Name Meaning: In Latin the meaning of the name Luna is The moon. In Mythology Luna is one of the names of Artemis the moon goddess.

Luna is a stunning baby girls name that firmly holds itself against other powerful names that often seem more appealing. But Luna has a strong and everlasting name that will suit your baby from birth. This name had dived in quickly throughout our century and now sits in a prime position at number 18 on the baby name charts.

Luna unlike most of the other Boho chic names we've discussed unjoys the physical. She revels in nature whether its rain, hail or shin. She desperately wants to be involved with others lives and likes to  share likeminded hobbies and needs. She is creative and can easily express herself in ways others can't. She will be drawn to the arts so that she can use her creative side and will revel in the attention of her crafts which often put her in the limelight


Origin: Latin – Ranking: #2593

Name Meaning: In Latin the meaning of the name Perpetua is: Perpetual; continual.

The final name is a Boho chic name that will literally last the test of time. Perpetua will always be loved and desired by us here despite it trending badly and sitting heavily in the top 2000 baby name lists. The name is still somewhat obscure with its old English demeanor and attitude. But it is a name worth considering because it has a stunning feminine quality and sound and you are unlikely to hear it on any other child your little one may befriend.

Perpetua may be a surprising choice but a wise one. With its incredible natural beauty, Perpetua is the name that will see your baby from inception to old age. Perpetua may be unable to stay stationary for too long as her desire to travel and explore is deep.

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