20 Baby Girl Names That Have Fallen Off Of Everyone's Radar

When it comes to selecting the perfect baby name for the little one, picking a name that is unique to them is of the highest priority for any parent. So, moms buy a book or fifteen, she scours the internet searching for names and their meanings. She even checks the popular names list to either be a part of the crowd or to pick a name that isn’t in the top ten.

It’s one of the hardest things as parents we’ll have to do for our little ones. And the fact that a name isn’t just a name doesn’t make our search easier. The one thing you want to do today is to lean in the direction of rare names. Why not? Who really wants to give their kid a name that everyone has. Granted, if this is a name that is being passed down from another relative who happens to also have a popular name, this is justifiable. But if you are looking for something that is fresh and new and far from a duplicate, then rare is what you’ll want.

Lucky for you, we have a list of 20 baby girl names that are rare and very beautiful… even today. Check them out and prepare to help your little one standout amongst their peers.


20 Alissa

Alissa is one of those names that is feminine and will continue to stand the test of time. Though it isn’t as popular as it once was, it’s a great name to give to a little girl with confidence that not too many of her peers will share the same name. Well, at least not the same spelling.

Alissa means noble and is of German origins. It is a variant of Alicia, which means nobility. Alissa is also believed to be a variant of Alice. Another meaning for Alissa, normally spelled Alyssa, could be the name of the alyssum flower. On the baby name charts it appears at the far end of the list. This is a good thing if you are looking to give your daughter a name that isn’t like many others.

19 Heather


We all remember when the name Heather was a popular name. You couldn’t watch a movie without hearing the name or visit somewhere and not be introduced to someone named Heather. There’s something very light and airy about the name and that is the reason why it is perfect for a little girl. Heather has English origins and means flowering evergreen plant that thrives on peaty barren lands.

This was a name that was very popular in the 80s. Do you remember the 1988 movie Heathers? That’s how popular it was in that decade. In 2017, it was one of the least popular names making it one of the rarest. The name Heather is on the verge of extinction, but it still has a youthful sound. Like we mentioned, rare is good when you’re searching for something beautiful but still modern enough to leave a lasting impression.

18 Kaelynn

Kaelynn is one of those names that are a variant of a host of other names. The thing about parents who are searching for unique names is that when they can’t find a name that will set their little one apart from others, they’ll take a classic and add their own little twist. It seems this is what happened with Kaelyn.

Kaelynn is of English origins and means keeper of the keys and pure. It is a variant of Kay and Kayla. The more typical spelling of the name is Caelyn which means meadow, waterfall, and pool. This is one of those names that can be spelled in a variety of ways to add a spruce to a name that is rare in sound. Astrologers believe Kaelynn is the perfect name for a little girl born under the moon sign of Gemini.

17 Kiana


Kiana has such a lovely ring to it. It’s feminine and extremely exotic. The name reminds us of the tropics and for good reason. Although Kiana has Gaelic and Irish origins, others believe that this name has Hawaiian origins. And you can tell this by the high syllables present. The meaning of Kiana is ancient and is considered the Hawaiian form of Diana which means divine.

In terms of popularity, Kiana appears on the baby name charts in the 1,000s. Surprisingly, this is one of the least chosen names today making it one of the rarest. Again, this is a great thing if you want something pretty but rarely picked. Kiana first appeared on the charts in 1978.

16 Kimora

Kimora is a name that is associated with pop culture. Some parents tend to look to pop culture when searching for beautiful names for their babies and this is one of them. No one ever heard of the name until it was popularized in the US by model Kimora Lee Simmons. It was originally a Japanese surname. Similar to how many people do in the states to maintain the family name when it cannot be passed down, this is how Kimora came to be.

It is believed to be a variant of Kim which means brave and noble. Kimora saw a peek in popularity in 2008 but has lost its popularity, currently appearing on charts in the 1,000s although as of last year the name has risen in popularity… just not high enough to be common.

15 Mirabelle


Would you believe us if we told you that Mirabelle was originally a name for little boys? Well, Mirabel of which Mirabelle was derived from. See, this is a perfect example regarding the evolution of names. Some names start out as gender specific, then transition to being unisex, and eventually trade gender teams to be the complete opposite.

Mirabelle as mentioned is a variation of Mirabel. It has Latin origins and means wonderful. It is often said this name came from the French Belle which means beautiful. Mirabelle is one of the least popular names today with a position in the low 2000s on the baby name charts. It would be very difficult to find little girls with the name Mirabelle today because of this which is a great thing.

14 Nala

Nala is one of the rarest and most beautiful names for little girls. It is a variant of the original spelling, Nahla. Nala has many origins but what it is closely attributed to African origins. The African meaning of Nala is successful and in Sanskrit it means stem and hollow reed. The name Nala, specifically, is said to mean beloved in African origin.

This name was first made popular after it appeared in the Disney film The Lion King as the character who was Simba’s best friend. In 2016, Nala appeared on the charts at number 784. With such a lovely ring to it, there’s no doubt its position will rise as it continues to attract attention again.


13 Reina


Reina is a name that has an old school sound to it but still has that element that keeps it youthful. It has Latin origins and is often chosen by people of Latin decent. The Spanish meaning of Reina is simply Queen. Meanings are very important to parents who not only want to choose names that aren’t popular but names that will make their little one proud to have it. And this name is one of those names to evoke that pride.

Like most of the names on this list, Reina isn’t as popular as it was when it first made its debut decades ago. It appeared on baby name charts recently in the 800s. There are many spellings you can use for this name, although this spelling is what makes it rare. Other varieties include Raina, Rayna and Reyna.

12 Renee

Renee has a lovely ring to it and an interesting history of how it came to be. This name has French origins and is often spelled with an accent over the second to last E. Now, you may know many women with this kind of name because it has been feminized with the extra E. It was inspired by the masculine Rene. Rene is a French form of the late Roman name Renatus which means reborn or born again.

Renee isn’t as popular as it once was. For one, it is a French name and most French names have lost its appeal since the 90s. Also, it does offer some old school undertones that most parents shy away from today when searching for names that are modern. This name peeked in popularity in the late 1960s. But Renee is still beautiful even if it only landed in the 904 spot on baby name charts.

11 Veda


If you’re looking for a name that is both beautiful and spiritually fulfilling, Veda should get your attention. Veda is a Sanskrit baby name and in Sanskrit means understanding and knowledge. It has religious meaning, giving this name even more appeal to parents who refuse to accept the notion that a name is just a name. Vedas are the most sacred texts in Hinduism.

To make things even better, the spelling of Veda has the quintessential feminine V beginning and A ending. After falling off the charts in year’s past, this name reentered the top 1000 names chart in 2015. Today it is in the 800s. So, although it is a rare name that most parents aren’t naming their children it is slowly rising in popularity again.

10 Jamila

This lovely name is a great choice for parents looking to give their little one a name that has culture and roots. Jamila has Arabic origins and is a Quaranic name for little girls. The meaning of Jamila is beautiful, elegant, and graceful. Like most little girls’ names, Jamila was derived from a little boy’s name. From the Arabic Jamil, Jamila was born. Jamil is also a form of Jamula which means to be beautiful.

The Quran uses Jamila only to refer to beauty and behavior, so this name has very deep meaning. Other variations of Jamila include Jamilah and Jamiyla although we recommend that you keep the spelling listed here as this is what makes this name a rare find for little girls. Currently, Jamila is at number 981 on baby name charts.

9 Starla


Keeping trend with names that are a little out worldly and carry deep meanings, we present to you, Starla. Starla has English origins and simply means star. What makes this name great is that it is entirely based on astronomy and is inspired by the one thing we all love gazing at, stars.

Starla is believed to be a combination of Star and the name Carla. This name first appeared on the charts in the 1950s. It didn’t chart to its highest position until the 1960s when it reached the number 761 spot. Soon after, Starla fell off the charts but as of late it is rising again, appearing on baby name charts in the 900s. Astrologers believe that children with a moon sign in Aquarius would benefit from being named Starla.

8 Roxy

Do you think of a party or happy time when you see this name? So do we. Which is why this name is rare, making it nearly impossible to find a little girl named Roxy. Roxy has Persian origins. In Persian it means dawn or bright. Usually given as a nickname for girls named Roxanne but can do well just as it is. Other spellings for Roxy include Roxie but the name spelling with a Y leaves a stronger impression.

Now, it’s hard to deny that Roxy has a very showgirl perception to it. Roxy is a sassy name as many people would describe it. Probably because of the Broadway show Chicago that gave this name its popularity. Currently it is at number 398 on the baby name charts. Roxy is not as popular as it once was, but it's still rare since you won’t find many little girls named Roxy.

7 Nicola


Nicola is a lovely spin to the usual Nicole. It has Latin and Greek origins, but many say it has more Italian origins than anything else. In Italian the meaning of Nicola is people victory. This name is a version of Nikolaos which is derived from Nikos meaning victory and laos meaning people.

As beautiful of a name as Nicola is, it has never ranked the top 1000 names in the US. Nicola first appeared on the baby name charts in 1943 and in the 1000s. It’s important to remember that with names that are not popular, they appear farther down on lists. This doesn’t mean the name isn’t appealing. It often means a lot of people have forgotten about the name’s existence.

6 Ivy

There’s something very mysterious about the name Ivy. Obviously, it has a beautiful sound to it. But because of the letter make-up of this name, it has even hotter appeal. Ivy has English origins and means faithfulness. It’s derived from a plant name which is an evergreen climbing vine of the ginseng family. This name is currently in the 100s of popular baby names for little girls.

Ivy is a name that has been around for centuries but didn’t grow in popularity until it appeared in pop culture. In fact, we are certain that after entertainers Beyonce and Jay Z gave the name Ivy to their daughter, Blue Ivy, that this put Ivy on the radar of soon-to-be parents. To prove this, the name peeked in popularity in 2012 the year of Blue Ivy’s birth. This name is quite rare, but it is still a name that is beautiful and unique.

5 Carlyn


The simplicity in the name Carlyn is what makes this name a rare but beautiful choice for parents searching for a name for their little girl. Carlyn has Greek origins and is a shorten form of the name Caroline. Like with most names that pop out of nowhere, these names are derived from old classics out of a need to be different. Searching for something new can be a burden so some parents choose to take a well-known name and make it their own. This seems to be the case with Carlyn.

Some believe the origin of this name evolved from the name Carla. It’s also believed that Carlyn is a feminine form of Carl and Charles. Carlyn is a unisex name but it is popularly given to little girls today. If you’re searching for this name on popular baby name charts, you’ll be searching for a long time because it is completely off the charts and is currently sitting in the 6000s making this name considerably rare.

4 Bella-Rose

It’s hard not to see how lovely this name is. It has a wonderful spelling to it, a beautiful sound, and is a fresh take on flower names. It’s the perfect example of what happens when you combine two popular names. Bella-Rose is derived from the Latin bella which means beautiful. It has Italian origins and means beautiful like a rose. Bella-Rose is not as popular name of a name as it once was, making it quite rare.

So rare, just like its neighbor Carlyn, Bella-Rose currently appears in the 6000s on the popular baby name charts. The last time it peeked was in 2006 when it first appeared on the charts. This name is versatile and will carry the same meaning if you spell it with or without the dash.

3 Bentlee


If you really want to step out of the box and choose a name that is different but not so different that no one recognizes it, Bentlee may be what you’re looking for. This name has English origins and means from the meadow or bent grass meadow. This spelling of the name is something new. The more popular spelling is Bentley which shares the name and spelling with the luxury vehicle company.

But again, if you want to give your little one a name that will stand out from a list of other names, this spelling is the way to go. Plus, the spelling of Bentlee is best suited for little girls since the spelling with the -ley ending is often chosen for little boys. Bentlee reached its peak in 2012 when it ranked at number 577.

2 Primrose

This is a great name if you’d like to give your little one a feminine flower name that has a classic ring to it. Primrose is a name that has English and Latin origins. The meaning of Primrose is first rose. Like most great unique names, Primrose was originally a Scottish surname.

What makes this name great is that it is a fresh and exotic take on the usual rose name. More and more parents are wanting to give the little loves in their lives names that are a bit dated but still has modern appeal. The popularity of Primrose is certainly not there. The name is currently in the 4000s for little girl names and sees more popularity as a British baby name than anywhere else.

1 Shayla


Shayla is a very feminine name that is fresh but certainly not new. Shayla has Hebrew and Irish origins. It’s actually not a name but more so a question in Hebrew. As in an inquiry you make with a rabbi. But the beauty in this name trumps the Hebrew meaning and makes it a lovely choice for a little girl.

It also has Irish Gaelic origins that means fairy palace. Some believe this name is a variant of Sheila. Shayla gained popularity in the US during the 1970s then peaked in 199 at number 268. This is one of the names on this list that is surprisingly not as popular as it should be. It is currently in the 988 spot, making it a perfect choice for parents who want to give their little girls names that are beautiful and different from the rest.


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