20 Baby Girl Names That Will Be Trending By The End Of 2018

Seeing that positive pregnancy test is the beginning of a very exciting journey. There is so much to prepare for when a woman finds out that she is pregnant, and picking out a baby name is just the beginning. For the first few months of pregnancy, you don’t know the gender of your child so you are probably searching through multiple lists of baby names. Maybe you have a favorite picked out for a boy and a favorite for a girl. There are also some really unique gender-neutral names that some parents love.

However, once you finally see that ultrasound and find out that you will be having a beautiful little baby girl, the options for baby names becomes endless. There are so many different varieties when it comes to names, from simple and sweet to unique and different.

Every parent has something in mind that they want. Every little girl is different and unique, but there are certain baby names for girls that are trending in 2018.

These are definitely the most popular and we will likely see a lot of girls with these names in the coming years. Some of the names have been popular for a while, some are new, and others are making a comeback, but they are all beautiful.

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20 Savannah

The baby girl name Savannah is of Spanish origin and means “treeless plain.” Other interpretations of the name claim it means “flat, tropical grassland.” There is no denying that this name stems from nature. Many families love the idea of having a little girl that reminds them of the beautiful outdoors. Savannah is a popular baby name and has remained very well-liked for decades.

There are multiple ways of spelling the name but all of the variations are guaranteed to be beautiful. Although this name has been in the favorites since the 90s, it has not become over-popularized yet, which a lot of families who want their child to feel unique will appreciate. Oftentimes, girls with the name Savannah are very eloquent speakers, social activists, and even talented musically.

19 Natalie


Natalie is a cute and adorable baby girl name that has been around for a while now. There are a ton of fun nicknames that are associated with this name. Some of them include Nat and Allie. The name Natalie originates from the Russian name Natalia that means birthday or Christmas. Eventually, the name became popular among the French and English speaking countries and we ended up with our version of Natalie.

There are a few famous celebrities with the name of Natalie, such as Natalie Portman, and Natalie Wood, but besides that, the name is relatively unique. Although it has been around for a while and would be considered common, not that many baby girls get this amazing name. For those parents looking for a common but not overly popular name, this would be perfect.

18 Nova


Nova is a very popular Latin baby name that means new or young. It makes sense that this name is just now starting to gain popularity, especially knowing that it means new. Nova might be new to the baby girl names, but it is rising in popularity very quickly. Part of this might be due to the fact that two reality television stars named their daughter Novalee.

Caitlyn and Tyler are from Teen Mom OG and when they gave birth to their second daughter, they were planning on naming her Nova. However, many fans pointed out that the name Nova with the middle name Reign sounded a lot like the birth control method NuvaRing. When the two realized this, they decided to change Nova’s first name to be Novalee Reign.

17 Maya


Maya is a very beautiful baby girl name. It is sweet and simple, yet so feminine. Although the name Maya has been around for a while, it is not all that popular. It is a nice name for those who like the sweet and simple sounds. Maya is actually a unique name with multiple meanings. In Hindi, the name Maya means illusion, and in Hindu mythology, the name Maya is an alternative name to the Hindu goddess Durga.

If parents were looking for a cool and different baby name that has a deep meaning but also is relatively normal in our society, Maya might be the perfect option for them. It also allows for the possibility of different spellings in order to make the name appear to be more special.

16 Paisley


Paisley is such a cute little girl name, but people often love it or hate it. It is definitely different and something that has only been introduced recently. However, it is growing like crazy and many people are falling in love with the way the name sounds. Although Paisley has often referred to a type of pattern on fabric in the past, that doesn't seem to be bothering parents who choose to name their little girl Paisley.

For one example, the girl Taylor on Teen Mom 2 decided to name her daughter Paisley. This was about 4 years ago and back then the name was very new. However, over these past few years, the name has grown tremendously and 2018 is proving to be its most successful year yet.

15 Stella


Stella is an absolutely adorable, short and sweet little girl’s name. The name Stella is of Latin origin and literally means “star”. The translation is perfect because most parents believe that if they have a little girl and name her Stella, then she is destined to be a star. One famous celebrity, Tori Spelling, decided to name her first daughter Stella. This was quite a few years ago, but the name appears to be making a comeback.

Many parents are moving towards the cute “normal” baby names that maybe might not have been as common or as popular in recent years. Stella is a name that truly flows with so many other names and parents are bound to have an amazing time trying to find a middle name to match.

14 Hazel


The name Hazel was definitely popularized by the book and movie ‘The Fault in Our Stars'. The main character, Hazel Grace Lancaster, was a seventeen-year-old girl who was dying of cancer. Her name was very fitting to her because she had hazel eyes, and also represented some deeper aspects of her personality. In the book and movie, Hazel was always in an in-between stage in her life. She never knew when she was going to die or how much longer she had. She was struggling to grow up and find herself, but at the same time knew there was not much of a future she could plan with terminal cancer.

The name Hazel has grown immensely since then and is definitely a front-runner for baby girls in 2018. It is unique and different but also filled with depth and meaning which a lot of parents love.

13 Camilla


Camilla is a very stylish name that many parents have grown to love over the years. It is of Latin origin and has quite a few meanings. Camilla means "servant of the temple, free-born, and noble". It is the feminine form of Camillus, and also represents a warrior queen in Roman mythology. There is a lot of history and culture associated with the name Camilla.

Often times, parents like giving their child a name that isn’t just simple. A name that has depth and history to it is often believed to rub off on the baby itself. Whatever their reasoning might be, parents are definitely gravitating towards the name Camilla, and it is going to be a popular one for 2018. There are also a lot of cute and adorable nicknames that come along with the name Camilla.

12 Lily


The baby girl name Lily is very cute and sweet, but it has often represented the lily flower. The name Lily has been known to represent purity in the Christian religion. Lily is also a very common nickname for the name Lillian or Elizabeth. Lily sounds very feminine and has risen in popularity in many English-speaking countries over the past few years.

In 2002, Lily made its way into the top 100 list for baby girls, and now it is much closer to the top of that list. Lily has quickly become a favorite name for little girls among parents across the United States, and 2018 is no exception. The name Lily will definitely be used a lot this year and many little girls will be representing that beautiful flower with their name.

11 Skylar


Skyler is one of those nature baby names that has been popular for quite a while now. We see girls and boys with this name, but there is no doubt that it is more popular amongst females and 2018 will be the name’s best year yet. The name just sounds beautiful and often reminds parents of the sky. There are many unique ways to spell the name Skylar, and it also has a lot of different meanings.

In English, the name Skylar means eternal life or strength, while in Dutch the name means a shelter. In America, there are four meanings for the name Skylar, which include sky, scholar, learned one, and guarded. If parents are looking for a name that also subconsciously implies intelligence, Skyler might be their perfect option for a little girl.

10 Grace


Grace is a beautiful, sweet, and simple little girl's name that is so elegant. It has grown leaps and bounds in popularity over the last few years because so many parents find the name to be the perfect representation of what they want their little girl to entail. The name Grace has always been pretty popular when it comes to middle names, however, 2018 is proving that Grace can be a front-runner for first names as well.

Grace is an English baby girl's name that derives from the Latin root word Gratia, which means God's favor. Many religions often focus on the meaning of grace and how it represents such humbleness and forgiveness. Parents who give their little girl the name Grace often want the name's meaning to represent who their child will become.

9 Aubrey


The name Aubrey is of French origin and means "blond ruler or elf ruler". It has historically been used for males as well as females, but over the past few decades, it has clearly become a more widespread girl's name. The name is feminine, cute, and sweet, but it also provides a little bit of sass and rigidness. Oftentimes, girls with the name Aubrey have a big personality and a very strong mindset.

Of course, one famous person with a similar name is the actress Audrey Hepburn, but there is another little girl on television these days with the same name. On the show Teen Mom 2, MTV features Chelsea's daughter who is also named Aubree. Chelsea decided to spell her daughter's name a little bit differently, but it adds something unique and shows how diverse spellings can be.

8 Madison


Madison is such a popular little girl's name for newborns and it has been for so long now. It's hard to say this name is unique, seeing as so many girls have this name, but it's definitely a front-runner for 2018. Despite the fact that many children are being given this name, it doesn't seem to be persuading parents away from using it. This shows that the name holds something special and it's more important to give this name to their daughter than to try to find one that is more unique.

The name Madison is an English baby name that is derived from the male version of the name Matthew. Although Madison doesn't provide a unique meaning, parents are still falling in love with the way it sounds, and are continuing to give it to their daughters.

7 Ellie


Ellie may be a popular name on its own now, but for many years it has been a nickname for the girl's name Ellen or Eleanor. Those names come from Hebrew origins and mean God and Light. Therefore, the names are associated with the meaning “God is my light” or “God is my candle”. Ellie is a very popular name in the United Kingdom currently and has also been making its way to the United States.

Many parents are focusing on giving their little girls names that sound like nicknames. The cute, short, and sassy versions of more traditional names have been winning out in 2018, and Ellie is the perfect example of that tradition carrying on. There's no doubt that Ellie is a cute name and any little girl that it's given to will be a light to her parents.

6 Chloe


I must say I'm a little bit biased when it comes to the little girls named Chloe. I have personally been obsessed with this name for so many years and I just find it so beautiful, cute, and sweet. I feel like the name represents the essence of what a little girl is and it's the perfect name for so many babies. Chloe is a Greek baby name and represents the Greek goddess of agriculture.

The name Chloe actually has some roots in nature and means green shoot or fresh blooming. This also represents new things and the start of something different. Change is also an association that could be made to the name Chloe, but there is no doubting how well the name rolls off the tongue. If this is the name you were holding out on for your little girl, I am sorry to tell you that it is going to be used a lot in 2018.

5 Penelope


Penelope has been in the realm of little girl names for a while now. We have the famous Penelope Cruz, and Kourtney Kardashian also named her first daughter Penelope. This just puts the name on the map but it has long been referred to as a unique name. It was never an overly popular one, and although a little girl named Penelope wouldn't get any weird stares, her name is definitely considered to be on the rare side.

The name Penelope is a little girl's name that originated from Greek origin and means bobbin. In Homer's Odyssey, Penelope was the faithful wife of Odysseus. This shows the historical roots that the name has and many parents are becoming fond of it. Penelope will definitely be among the popular baby names of 2018.

4 Evelyn


Evelyn is a very old-fashioned name that is making its comeback in 2018. When most people think of the name they are reminded of the early 1900s. However, history is making a comeback and so are the popular baby girl names of that time. Many parents are growing fond of the name Evelyn because of how beautiful it sounds and the way it flows.

The baby girl name Evelyn originates from French and is derived from the French word "aveline", which actually means hazelnut. Although the meaning of the name may appear unique at first, it can actually be quite beautiful. For those parents who absolutely love the holiday spices and the smell of hazelnut, naming your daughter Evelyn could be the perfect reminder of your favorite time of year.

3 Riley


Riley is a gender-neutral name that is often been given to boys and girls. It is sweet and sassy and has been growing on the baby charts lately. It is quickly becoming a favorite baby name for little girls in 2018. However, Riley is not a new name. It has been around for a while, but it is definitely still making a comeback. There are many alternative spellings of the name Riley, and multiple ways parents can make it unique to their little girl.

Riley is derived from an Old English word that means “wood clearing” and is also an Irish adaptation of the name Reilly, which means valiant. There is no doubt that any little girl was his name will show courage and determination and everything she does in life.

2 Ava


Ava is another short and sweet baby girl name that is growing in popularity for 2018. Parents can't seem to get enough of the sweet and simple sounds, and Ava is absolutely perfect for that. Ava is a Latin baby name that is derived from the word “Avis” which means bird. It is also said to be a short form of the name Chava, which means life or living one, or a derivative of the Hebrew form of Eve.

It has become a very popular baby girl name and any fans of the reality show ‘OutDaughtered’ will know that one of the Busby’s six little girls is actually named Ava. The Busby’s already had a daughter when they got pregnant with quadruplets. However, one of those eggs split and the pregnancy became quintuplets. One of those twins was named Ava Layne.

1 Charlotte


Charlotte is a very classic and traditional baby name. It has been around forever, but it has not been overly popular recently. It was always viewed as a very strong and solid name, and many people in the royal family have been fans of the name. However, there has not been a surplus of Charlottes for many years. 2018 might change that, though.

There seems to be a pull among parents to get back to some of the more traditional names. Since Charlotte has always been a favorite, it only makes sense that it would be making a comeback now. Charlotte is a diminutive of the boy’s name Charles and is of French origin. It means “free man” or “petite” and dates all the way back to the 14th century.

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