20Diaper Pails Are Just fancy trash cans


The diaper pail is a glorified garbage can. Basically, they promise to lock out odors from your baby's diapers. From my personal experience, I have no problem using regular garbage cans. I have one in my daughter’s upstairs nursery for wet only diapers, and the used diapers get thrown

away downstairs in the garbage that goes out nightly. This system works great for me personally, but there are a few people who do like the diaper pails.

TheSpruce.com recommends the following, “We found the Diaper Genie is both convenient and effective, but if convenience isn’t your main priority, then there’s no real reason to shell out $30 to $40 on a fancy new trashcan. Simply wrap your baby’s diapers in a plastic bag, toss it in with the regular trash, and take that nightly walk to the curb.”

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