20 Baby Items That Were Recalled In 2018

Manufacturers make a lot of money off of the products that they make and sell, but that doesn’t mean they are always perfect. There comes a time when every company makes at least one mistake when it comes to the products they are putting out into the world.

When a product is reported by customers to have a severe defect after its release, or a mistake is noticed by the company, they will most likely put a recall out on the item if the error can be dangerous. This recall means that any company who has bought the product from the manufacturer is to pull the defective element from the shelf and send it back immediately. Recalls are not ideal, but they do happen because products sometimes need trial and error before they are perfect. A company has to be careful with how many recalls they have because eventually they will be seen as unreliable if they have to recall a lot of their products.

This is a list of children's products in 2018 that were recalled for one reason or another. These are all recalls that were put out due to a defect that could be dangerous to the parent or child trying to use the product.

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20 Honest Company—Wipes

Wallstreet Journal

The baby products company known as The Honest Company has not been around for a long time but since their beginning, they have been trendy in households with young children. Recently though they had a little issue with their most recent wipes line. Jessica Alba is the head of the company, and according to Today, she decided to pull the wipes due to a mold scare. The company admitted that there was no health problem to be caused by these wipes but with the black specs on the wipes of some of the packages the company did not find them aesthetically pleasing and did not want them to be sold.

19 Skip Hop—Tuo Convertible High Chairs


Skip Hop is a popular brand of children’s toys as well as items such as sippy cups and bibs that make mealtime more manageable for both mom and child. According to the United States CPSC, their Tuo Convertible High Chairs were recalled in early January 2018 because the front legs have been known to come unattached to the actual seat which could cause a bad fall for the child using it. Preparing food for your child and suddenly finding them on the floor because their highchair came apart is pretty scary for all parents, thus causing the recall.

18 Vtech—Shake & Sing Elephant Rattles


Vtech is also a pretty big company, but everybody makes mistakes, and their Shake & Sing Elephant Rattles were recalled in late October of this year. The Vtech website reported that the ears on the rattle were falling off and turning the rattle into a choking hazard for the little ones that were using it. Although the ears on the picture of the rattle look way too big to be choked on, it is a hazard that we all have to be aware of. Vtech was even offering parents a refund if they called the customer service and returned the product to the company.

17 Tobi—Babynest Crib Bumpers

The Source @ WUSTL

Moms get so excited when they can start putting together a nursery for their brand new babies. It’s super important to research every single product that is being used either on a baby or in their room, and these Babynest Crib Bumpers are a reason why. In May of this year, these specific bumpers were recalled due to a suffocation hazard. The strings on the side of the bumper were way too long, which made everyone nervous that a newborn might get tangled up in them, according to Kids Today. Over 200 of this particular product were recalled from parents this year.

16 Baby’s Dream—Cribs And Furniture

ABC News

As we all know, lead furniture was a huge hazard back in the day for children who were chewing or putting paint chips in their mouths. Having any amount of lead in the bloodstream is so dangerous and can lead to many learning disabilities, among other things. Baby’s Dream recalled almost all of their products recently, according to NBC News, due to many of the products containing vast amounts of lead. These products included of cribs, hutches, nightstands, bookcases, and chests. This is one of the big recalls of the past year due to how dangerous lead can be to anyone, but especially to kids.

15 Hand-Craft—Dr. Brown’s Lovey Pacifier And Teether Holders

Dr Brown's

Choking hazards are extremely dangerous because if parents don’t notice in time, things could go very wrong. This product is a stuffed animal with a pacifier attached. According to USA Today, this particular pacifier holder has been known to be a choking hazard. The snap that is built into the toy has been known to fall off, which turns into a choking hazard for little ones. Six hundred thousand of these products were sold and had to be recalled in mid-March. The good news is that no injuries were reported since finding this product as a hazard, and anyone who bought one is being offered a new product or a refund.

14 Graco—Table2Table 6-in-1 High Chair

Six Time Mommy

Graco is another company that is well-known for their baby furniture products, such as portable beds and carriages. In early March of this year, their 6-in-1 high chair was recalled due to rear legs often moving in odd positions, making the entire product very unstable and easy for the child to fall while in the seat. About 36,000 of this particular model were sold in the United States. The company announced that these could be repaired instead of being thrown away or returned altogether. The company did not announce any return rewards or anything of that nature, according to the United States CPSC.

13 Michaels—Creatology Spin Art Kits And Pottery Wheels

Michaels is a craft store that provides both adults and kids with great products. In May of this year, the company recalled one of their Creatology products known as the Spin Art Kit, in addition to their pottery wheels. All of these different products were recalled because the batteries were known to overheat, which could cause burns as well as fires while they are being used. There was a report of at least one fire before the company put the recall out, but nobody was injured, and Michaels announced they were taking back these kits for a full refund, according to ABC27 News.

12 Munchkin—Waterpede Bath Toys


Waterpede bath toys are for kids to use in the bath, but the problem is that one bubble section that is connected to the blue head is known to pop off, exposing small beads that could potentially be choked on. There were only a minimal number of reports of this product breaking but to avoid any future problems the company chose to recall it as soon as the reports came in. According to the Munchkin website, they are being more safe than sorry by taking this product off the shelves immediately. It’s important to note that there are similar products available, but only the one with the blue cap is defective.

11 Allura—Childrens Sleepwear

Consumer Product Safety Commission

Some products are recalled because they become breakable or are known to break in their future. Allura sleepwear, on the other hand, was recalled because they did not meet the flammability standard, according to the United States CSPC. If there is any heat applied to this outfit in any way, the child wearing it would be immediately burned, and for that reason, this specific outfit was recalled. The company announced that they would be issuing refunds for any of these outfits if they were returned. They have enough clothes on the market to allow this one to be scrapped rather than remade.

10 I Play—Infant Rattles


Rattles have to be completely safe when they are put onto the market because they are used by babies who don’t know how to be safe on their own quite yet. The infant rattles produced by this particular company are known to break and cause a choking hazard for the babies that use them. The rattle is shaped like a ring with small pieces at the top of it to look like a diamond—those are the pieces that have been known to break or fall off. The company is offering a full refund for those who are purchasing it, according to the US CSPC.

9 Abond Group—Tubeez Baby Bath Support

Bath toys are popular for giving little kids something to do while they are being bathed. A few weeks ago, on October 16, 2018, the Abond Group recalled their favorite Tubeez product that allows the baby to sit in while they are in the tub. The problem with this specific product is that the suction cups don’t attach to the bottom of the tub well and it could cause the product to slip underwater why the baby is sitting in it. Luckily there have been no reports of injury, but again it’s better to be safe than sorry by recalling the product, according to Recalls and Safety Alerts.

8 Gold—Eddie Bauer Infant Carriers

The best product a mother can buy with a new baby in the house is an infant carrier. This would allow mom to have her baby on her at all times giving her time to clean the house or while out in public babies can be close to mom or dad. In mid-October, Gold recalled their Eddie Bauer Infant Carrier. The buckles on this particular carrier have been known to either snap or completely fall off which poses a considerable fall risk for infants that are being carried in it. According to the United States CPSC, the company is offering a replacement or a refund.

7 Innocheer—Children’s Musical Instruments


Musical instruments are very popular among younger kids because they enjoy music and noise. Innocheer is a company that specializes in things such as scrapbooks, musical items, etc. The reason this particular music set was because some of the objects in the case—the mascaras and xylophone—had higher levels of lead paint than they were supposed to have. As we know, lead paint can be dangerous, and anything over the official requirement is not allowed on the market. Parents are being offered a refund for their purchase of this product, according to the United States CPSC.

6 Vornado Air—Sunny CS Nursery Space Heaters

Find Like Buy

Space heaters can be extremely scary because if they are not used properly, they can very quickly overheat and start fires. Vornado Air released a nursery space heater under the Sunny CS line. Unfortunately, specific models of this particular heater are known to overheat because of a broken part in the motor, and because of the overheating, they were melting and getting close to starting fires in the houses. According to the Vornado website, so far there have only been five reports consisting of melting units as well as starting fires. The site asks that everyone who has a Vornado product to check the model number and get a free replacement if it is one of the defective ones.

5 Vtech—Lights & Lullabies Travel Mobiles


Mobiles are popular for over the crib that way infants and babies can pay attention to while they are lying in bed. Usually, they make noise—either some sound or music plays from it to distract them. Vtech introduced a travel mobile that lights up as well as plays lullabies. Usually, the mobiles have arms that clamp to the crib and allow the mobile to hang over. The clamp is known to break off, which would cause the mobile to fall on the baby below them. This could cause suffocation as well as injuries from the entire product falling on the small child, according to United States CPSC.

4 Multipro—Cradle N Swings Bassinets

It is essential that bassinets are made properly because the consumers that use them—newborns—are very important and fragile. Bassinets are used by new mothers to sleep with their babies right next to their bed to keep an eye on them in the middle of the night. The Multipro company recalled their Cradle N Swings bassinets that act both as a bassinet and a swing back in late January. According to Consumer Affairs, the bassinets don’t meet the standards for federal safety. This means the particular product could cause severe falls, according to United States CPSC.

3 Weeplay Kids—Childrens Overalls With Hat

Ellen DeGeneres is known for making a lot of home products, such as coffee table books, plates and cups. She also releases things such as infant and children clothing. The clothing company that she endorses is called Weeplay Kids, and they recalled their children’s coveralls with a hat back in September. About 2,500 units were sold, and the company is offering a refund for any sold. The outfit has a small bunny in the top right corner that has been known to come off, which can choke a child if they decide to put it in their mouths, according to the United States CSPC.

2 Alstyle—Infant Bodysuits

Choking hazards can be really scary for parents because things can get into their babies’ hands and mouths within seconds. If mom and dad aren’t paying attention, bad things could ensue. Alstyle released plain white infant bodysuits that are also known as onesies, but they were recalled in early February because the snaps on the bottom of the outfit were coming off on some of the 194,500 units that were sold. According to the United States CSPC, the company is offering refunds for the parents that have purchased this suit for their babies. Clothes are used and washed often which means they have to hold up well.

1 Porsche—My First Porsche Wooden Cars

Porsche Prestige

With Porsche being as big of a company that it is, it’s a little surprising that one of their products was recalled. But near the end of May retailers pulled this off the shelf due the axles and wheels coming apart from the car and posing as a choking hazard for small children. Porsche has since released the toy car, and toy retailers have put it back on the shelves. According to Fatherly, the company continues to alert parents who may have purchased the vehicle toy in the past to check their product number against the new and the old to make sure they do not have the one that was recalled earlier this year.

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