20 Baby Items That Will Make Mom's Life So Much Easier

After all is said and done, moms just want things that make life easier. She tries feeding the baby from a high chair and realize she's secluded from conversations at the dinner table. Then there is a time when the baby doesn't want to be put down even for a second, and it just weighs her down. Sometimes they just refuse to take medicine, or they keep pulling off their socks and make it a fun activity, even when mom is not interested in that particular game. Eventually, she decides on ensuring she is fully equipped to manage things around the house while keeping baby happy and comfortable.

It is exhausting trying to keep up with the ever trending lifestyles while being a mom and trying to ensure that everyone is happy at the same time. At the end of the day, moms just want something that will reduce their workload and that will lead to enjoying extra time to herself or nap time, and at the same time, completing different errands for the day. There are some baby products that she can invest in which will reduce the workload and worries, or give her more time to work on other things and make her life easier. Check out 20 items that will make parenting much easier.

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20 Hook-On-High Chair

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Sometimes it’s frustrating when you want to be part of the dinner conversation, but you miss out on somethings because you have to feed the baby first and join the rest of the team. The feeding part gets a little messy at times, and you need the baby to sit and eat on their own. A high chair is a good item to have, because baby can play with the food, bang the table on the high chair, spill and droll over it and you can be part of the dinner table. However, the other option is having a Hook-on-high chair. This type of chair is portable and can be hooked on the dinner table making baby and you part of the dinner conversation. It helps the baby feel like they are part of the group and still do all the spilling and banging from their chair.

19 Wash Basket For Play

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Kids' love for Wash Baskets raises some curiosity. In fact, they love any type of basket. The minute they discover them, they become particularly interested in them. They have no problem with the sizes, as long as they can easily fit into it and enjoy the space. Kids would come up with imaginative ways of playing with the wash baskets until they are taken away from them. They would raise it over their heads, or wear them as hats, or sit in them and expect someone to pull or push them around the house as they giggle all the way to whichever destination. They get more creative with the wash baskets as they grow older. They also make you want to join in the fun.

18 Emergency Kit All Set To Go

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Emergency kits sometimes are left out from the delivery plan or list. It may not ring a bell with all the excitement and anxieties. However, they come in handy around the house when required. Some moms have different products in their kits, but a few common ones may be noted. Some items may include sanitised scissors, snot suckers, which is used when they have blocked nose, thermometers to measure baby's temperature when they have a fever, swabs, petroleum jelly which help in keeping baby's behind moist, or when they have sore skin, hand sanitisers, gauzes, some cotton balls to clean the baby's face, baby powder, band aids, nail clippers, among others. The kit can be improved as preferred and where medication is included, advice may be sought from a medical doctor.

17 Oral Syringe

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When the baby realizes the type of medicine they receive, down to its colour, they remember it very clearly and will try all they can to avoid that particular medicine. Sometimes administering medicine becomes messy and you try all you can to make sure they drink it even when it is bitter. Oral Syringes came at a good time and make it easier for kids to take their medicine. All you have to do is get the right dosage, and gradually administer through the oral syringe as they swallow. With a some encouragement, they may get used to it and even request to do it themselves if they are much older. With time, you can revert back to the spoon or continue with the same.

16 Bottle Brush

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When washing the baby's bottle, there are some areas of the bottle you just want to reach, but end up sweating over it. Your hand can only go as far as cleaning the accessible areas and you try using a cooking stick to remove all the dirt. Bottle Brushes make it easier and faster to clean the dirt out. After soaking the bottles in hot water and washing detergent, if there are any stains or remains, it will be easier to remove them with the bottle brush.

15 No-Scratch Mittens


When babies are born, their skin is still sensitive to the environment and the adjustments make them slightly uncomfortable. When they have an itch, they tend to rub their faces and sometimes can end up scaring themselves. Due to the amount of milk they take, their nails keep growing back quickly, and you have to keep cutting them. Baby mittens are one of the effective ways to protect the baby from scaring their faces. At the same time, they keep their cute little hands warm and soft.

14 Baby Food Processor

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From days of old, there has been a lot of development where baby's food is concerned. The baby's diet comprised of different nutrients and preparing them could take a lot of time. You can also buy ready made food for baby. However, if you are skeptical of buying ready made food, you can invest on a Blender or Baby Food Processor to do all the work for you. All you have to do is place the sliced ingredients, allow the baby food processor to steam and puree the food and you can run other errands as it does the work within minutes. Whichever you choose depends on the type of food you are preparing.

13 Keeping Socks On

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When babies are much older, and their motor skills are developing, they suddenly have a dislike for socks and quickly learn how to pull them out and get rid of them before you notice. No matter how many times you try to get them to put on their socks, it is a great battle that one of you has to concede defeat. Keeping socks on gives mom a win-win situation. Baby is warm and they cannot remove them no matter how much they try. You don't have to worry whether they are warm, or have pulled them out. You may choose to use stockings or knee high socks or buy Sock Ons which keep the socks on the baby's feet until you remove them.

12 Nursing Pillow

Nursing a baby after delivery, especially with a C-section is somewhat uncomfortable. A firm nursing pillow gives a sense of comfort during feeding time for both mom and baby. It supports your back and relaxes the neck. The nursing pillow protects your incisions by hindering the baby from pressing down on your abdomen while on the nursing pillow. Once placed and fastened on your back, the baby can be placed close to you, while leaning on the nursing pillow. The baby can latch successfully with minimal challenges.

11 Video Baby Monitor

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Before Baby Monitors were invented, the frequent ups and downs parents used to make took a great toll on them. It was challenging and tiring to keep monitoring the baby’s movements while they were sleeping, to observe that the baby is sleeping securely or has woken up or is not falling from the bed. Baby monitors give remote access to moms while engaging in different activities around the house. It alerts you if there is anything wrong with the baby, depending on its features, and even alerts you if the baby is in an uncomfortable position. You can walk around the house with it, and it comes with different features, depending on the type that you buy.

10 Rompers/Sleep Suit

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Have you ever seen the child's reaction when all the warm outfits are removed? They begin playing and giggling and flap their arms up and down expressing their freedom. Gone are the days when baby has just taken a bath, and you have to skim through the entire wardrobe for clothes that would keep the baby warm. At the end of dressing the baby, they look like they are dressed for winter. It is also uncomfortable for the child because it hinders their movement, they sweat a lot, and become irritable, among other issues. Rompers are one of the things ever invented for parents. The discovery of rompers made life so simple and easy. Rompers are fashionable, can be worn at any time and keep the baby looking cute and warm. During warm nights, moms don't have to worry if the baby has kicked all the blankets off when they have Sleep suits, or if baby's clothes have rolled up exposing them entirely to the cold or not. Rompers are cute, come in different colours and designs, they are neat, make baby feel lighter, easier to deal with and reduces the workload of washing too many clothes at a go. If baby needs some changing, there's little struggle involved, and baby looks cute running around the house freely, and happier.

9  Easy-To-Clean Bibs

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Feeding time can be somewhat messy sometimes, especially if babies are learning how to feed themselves. They will grasp all they can from their plate and try to squeeze it in their mouths while some of the food is scattered all over the dining table and clothes. By the time they are done, at least half of the plate is all over them, staining clothes that they've just slipped into and the rest on the table and floor. Bibs have made it easier to protect the nice, cute clothes they wear as they eat their food, and you can even live it on when baby is drooling. That way, the clothes remain dry and you only have to change the Bib. They come in different designs and colours to suit your taste.

8 Breast Pump

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Gone are the days when you would quickly rush home to feed the baby and resume to work, or struggle filling a bottle with milk without the breast pump. Sometimes breast milk flows even when baby is sleeping or has no interest in feeding at all. Other times it flows when you are not close to baby and you just want to reduce the milk or as advised by the doctor. Breast Pumps really comes in handy and you can pump enough milk to store until the next feeding. You can carry it wherever you go, and may choose the type that suits you best.

7 Baby Bottles


Planning for baby is quite engaging and can take a toll on someone. However, one of the items that is always on the checklist is the baby's bottle. The baby bottle comes in handy when mom is not around, or others would like to take turns in feeding the baby. The baby bottle helps parents know how much milk or water or juice the baby can finish or needs and the baby will not miss out on any nutrients. You can reuse the baby bottle as long as you sterilize it to prevent any infections.

6 Nursing Cover-Ups

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There a lot of changes in social perceptions to breastfeeding. When babies cried for milk they were fed regardless of where they were or the time of the day or night. Some moms would opt to use a baby blanket or shawl for privacy when breastfeeding while others would not have any problem feeding without any covers. Nursing cover-ups are ideal especially when you want to breastfeed in public and want your own privacy. It may be uncomfortable at the beginning, but with time, it becomes easy and more comfortable to use. Also, nursing cover-ups are good when you have milk overflow, so no one gets to notice it. They come in different designs like ponchos, and you can turn it into a scarf.

5 Baby Carrier

Babies have a way of pulling the 'I need some attention right now' move which makes almost everything come to a standstill. Then the baby prefers to be carried around, making it difficult to complete most of the planned tasks for the day. Call it Kanga, Podaegi, or Welsh Blanket, Baby carriers have proven to be one of the most essential items that makes mom's life easier. Depending on the type you would buy, you can do your shopping or some of the house chores while baby is resting securely on the baby carrier. It is fun and exciting for both mom and baby and you both get what you want at the end of the day.

4 Baby Stroller

Sometimes carrying the baby around may take a toll on parents. When you would take long strolls in the neighbourhood, it was tiresome carrying baby around in your arms. The positions would change from carrying them upright, to carrying them on the side, then on the back. Sometimes you would take turns carrying the baby if you are going for a walk with someone. Baby strollers make it easier to do a lot of things. They are portable, easy to store away when not in use, and can carry the baby's weight up to a certain age depending on the quality and design. You can also carry it with you wherever you go and may take less space in the car trunk. While you are doing the pushing of the stroller, the baby gets to enjoy the entire safari around the neighbourhood or wherever you may go. They get to meet new people, enjoy nature, the fresh air and learn new things in the environment they are in. Baby strollers are differently priced due to their elaborate features that may suit mom's needs while taking strolls with baby. Some have adjustable seats which is good for baby's posture, or another compartment which stores baby items that may come in handy while taking strolls. It also helps in soothing baby to sleep.

3 Infant Car Seat

Before car seats were invented, parents used to fear traveling with baby who is struggling with the seat belt and sometimes they manage to slip out of the belt because they want to see everything around them-in and outside the car. Parents would carry baby on the hands for long or short journeys, or have to keep checking whether the child is up to no good. Also, when the child is sleeping, their sleeping position is uncomfortable and would worry parents so much. Then came the Infant Car Seats; a blessing to all parents. Infant car seats are just amazing. You can carry the child with it, or place them in the car without worrying so much as to whether they are getting into mischief, can carry the child from infant to toddler stage and they can take a nap without mom worrying whether their posture is affected. The safety belts are fitted well to suit their size and keeps them tied down for a long journey. No matter how loud they may scream desiring not to be on the seat, it is the best way to travel with baby in different vehicles. There are different designs which meet the needs of the mom. Like the convertible Infant car seat can face backwards to suit infants, and forward for toddlers.

2 Disposable Diapers

Traditionally, when baby was born, there were dozens of supplies of baby nappies, liners and the nappy covers which were used to hold the nappy firmly. Then there were the safety pins which came in different designs and colors, to hold the nappy and liner together. However, that was not all. The baby was changed regularly everyday, and there was a lot of washing and bleaching to keep the nappies and liners clean, neat and disinfected. It took a while for babies to sleep more that eight hours due to the discomfort when they are wet or did the number two. Moms would fear that the safety pins would prick them, and so the rubber pins were invented. However, it did not change the workload or keep the baby dry for a longer period of time. The other irritating part were the covers that never lasted for long, and would not fit newborns, which led to making all clothes wet all over. Today, moms find comfort in diapers. When the baby arrives or in some baby showers, you may not miss baby diapers. Although liners still exist and nappies, and come in handy sometimes, some mothers prefer diapers. They are easy to change, the hassle of washing is long gone, they are disposable, the come in different colours and designs, while keeping the baby dry for a longer time without being cranky because of being wet. Whether cloth or disposable, diapers do save the day.

1 Baby Pacifiers

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There are different methods of soothing babies when they are uncomfortable. You can sway them from left to right, feed them if they are hungry, give them a diaper change if that is the reason, or they just want to be carried along with you when you are going about your activities. Baby pacifiers have a way of soothing kids whenever they are fussy. You can use the baby pacifier when the baby is a bit older, to keep them calm whenever they are irritated over something or for different reasons.

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