20 Baby Names Fit For A Prince Or Princess In 2019

It’s without a doubt that there are many moms and dads out there who believe that their precious new bundle of joy is fit for royalty. After all, a lot of people love to call their sons and daughters little princes and princesses, and who can blame them? When becoming parents, children overtake our world. There’s nothing that a parent wouldn’t do for them. And that includes treating them like they are the rulers of their little kingdoms.

With that being said, it looks like there is a new trend that is taking over the baby naming world in 2019. A lot of the names come straight from the royal baby books. And we are not just talking about the names that are heard on a daily basis. Instead, parents are finding inspiration from many different corners of the globe. It's surprising to find out just how many countries have their own monarchs and how adorable some of their princes and princesses are! That’s why we’ve got a list of 20 of the best baby names that you can choose for your future queen or king of your household.

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20 Alexandra


The name Alexandra is a name originating from Greece, and the feminine form of Alexander meaning defender of men, used in Britain since the early 13th century. For a lot of people, Alexandra is a no brainer because it’s a name that has managed to hold its own during the test of time. It is a classic, beautiful name that is fit for a princess or the reigning ruler of her Kindergarten class. It doesn’t matter who Alexandra is, what she’s doing, or where she is going. People always take notice of Alexandra and that’s what makes the name stand out from the rest.

19 Alice


Alice might not be on the top of your baby name list, but it’s one that you should definitely consider for many different reasons. First off, it’s a classic. Second, it’s easy to spell and remember. And third, Alice is someone who is most likely going to be best friends with her grandmother. Alice is actually baby name with roots in France and believe it or not, it means nobility, which is yet another reason why you should give it to your newborn princess. Alice is also a girl who has a big imagination and is not afraid to tell some pretty good stories.

18 Diana


Ah, who doesn’t love Diana, right? It doesn’t matter if she’s a queen or a princess, Diana is someone who always manages to draw the most attention whenever she walks inside a room. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, but Diana was derived from the Latin word Diviana, which means dine. The name comes from Roman mythology, with the name belonging to the goddess of the moon, and hunting. And when you think of it, Diana is also a name that is strong and powerful and one that makes you take notice. Diana is also someone who has a huge, loving heart who shows compassion.

17 Charlotte

Charlotte is another name that is straight out of the classic baby book. It’s also a name that works well with just about any princess or future monarch. And if you have little sassy girls at home, you probably know what we are talking about. It’s also a diminutive of Charles and has been used since the 17th century. The most famous Charlotte in history is Queen Charlotte, who was George III’s wife back in the 19th century. Plus, who wouldn’t want to have a little princess named Charlotte at home, right?

16 Estelle


Estelle isn’t a name that is often used by parents from the USA, but it’s one that is definitely very popular on the other side of the pond. Look around the world at the various royalty, and you are sure to find one of these just as cute as a button. Estelle is a female name with Latin origins and actually means “star.” In history, Saint Estelle was a martyr who lived in Aquitania in the 3rd century. These days, Estelle is a popular name with hipster parents who love trendy names that are still fit for their little royal bundle of joy at home.

15 Isla


Isla is so beautiful, it sounds like a name that probably came from a fairytale, right? Although it sounds mystical by nature, it’s actually a Scottish name. Yes, Isla is the Spanish word for "island" but Isla is pronounced as “eye-la” by the Scots. The name actually originated from the Gaelic “aileach” which means “rocky place.” And while a lot of people might have a hard time pronouncing your child’s name, do know that it is one of the most popular baby names in the books right now. And let’s face it, as a parent you have the right to pronounce your child’s name any way you like it.

14 Victoria


It’s without a doubt that Victoria is a very royal name and that that is well associated with strong rulers of monarchies from the past. It’s actually a Latin baby name, and just as you guessed it, the name means “victorious or triumphant.” The most famous bearer of the name is none other than Queen Victoria. A lot of people like to nickname their Victoria with Vic, Vicky, Tori, and so on. And yes, Victoria also sounds like the future Homecoming Queen of her senior high school class. It’s a popular name that has stayed at the top of the charts for years.

13 Sofia

If you have a ruler by the name of Sofia than rest assured that you are in good hands. That’s because Sofia means “wisdom” and “skill” in Greek. The name has been commonly used ever since it was introduced to England in the 17th century. The name was bestowed upon the infant daughter of James I and as they say, the rest is history. We are pretty sure that there are so many Sofia’s at your child’s school that it’s hard to keep count or keep up with them all. But with that being said, it’s also a name that can be passed down from generation to generation. There are plenty of Sofia’s who have been named after their grandparents or great-grandparents.

12 Luisa

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Luisa is a soft, feminine name that many parents have loved for several decades now. The origins are a mix of Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese and is derived from the name Louis. In Latin, the name means famous warrior or famous bearer. Luisa was actually a name that peaked in its popularity back in the 1970s but is most definitely making a comeback. If you are looking for a name that is a little bit different but still classic, definitely keep this one on your list. Luisa also sounds like a little girl who would love to have afternoon tea time with you!

11 Zaria


Now, don’t get this name confused with ‘Zara’ which is actually another popular royal name for baby girls. Zaria can be taken as a modern variant of Sarah, which means “princess” in Hebrew. You can’t get more royal than that, right? The Arabic name Zara actually means “blossom.” Regardless if you choose Zaria or Zara for your daughter’s name, we have a feeling that you will end up loving it. That’s because it’s a name that isn’t often used, but one that makes you a double take just because it’s so strong, feminine and beautiful all at the same time.

10 James


Moving on to the boys list, the first one we’ve got is James. And yes, it’s just as classic as Charlotte, Victoria, Sophia and the other princess-inspired female names we have above. James has been a classic boy name for many generations. It is derived from the Hebrew name Jacob and means “supplanter” which loosely translates to “one who follows.” The name became popular after the Scottish King James VI and I inherited the English throne in the 17th century. These days, James is so popular as a name that there’s a very good chance you might have several in your own family.

9 Arthur


It’s without a doubt that Arthur is the perfect name for your little royal prince! If you don’t believe us, just check the history books. Arthur has Celtic origins, but the actual meaning is still unknown. The most popular royal Arthur was King Arthur, who was the leader of the Knights of the Round Table. He was thought to live sometime in the 5th or 6th century. There are many different ways you can shorten Arthur with either Art or Artie. Some people even like to call their little Arthurs ‘Archie’ even though it is a derivative of Archibald.

8 Charles


Charles is another name that just sounds like he will one day grow up to be a strong leader, right? The name has Germanic roots and means "free man", “army” or “warrior.” These days though, Charlie is a great name that can be used for either little princes or princesses. While there is no doubt that naming your little prince as Charles would definitely get you a lot of attention, we would also love to see a Princess Charlie in the future, too. It’s got a great ring to it, doesn’t it? Either way, this is a name that you most definitely won’t regret.

7 Louis


Just like its feminine counterpart Luisa, Louis is another name that is gaining popularity once again. While a lot of people think that the name has either French or Latin roots, it is a name that originated in the United Kingdom, as a more regularly-spelled version with a silent ‘s’ at the end. It means “famous warrior” and perhaps the most famous Louis in history is jazz musician, Louis Armstrong. It’s also a great, strong, masculine name that a prince, an artist, or a budding musician with a creative streak for that matter. It’s been used by many kings of France for several centuries

6 Gabriel


When many people think of the name Gabriel, the first thing that comes to mind is an angel, right? Well, you are not far off if you think so, too. As a matter of fact, Gabriel means “devoted to God,” “a hero of God,” or “God is my strength” in Hebrew. Gabriel is also the angel that tells Mary she will bear the son of God. And while there must be a lot of high expectations that are put on Gabriels, we can’t guarantee that he will turn out to be an angel. All we can do is hope that he won’t end up in the principal’s office too often at school!

5 Jacques

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Jacques is the French form of Jacob. It’s a name that has gained popularity in recent years, even with parents who don’t speak a word of the language(other than ‘croissant’). While it might sound like it’s a mouthful for some people, others like the fact that it makes their family sound a little more cultured, if not also worldly and international. It’s never too early to learn a new language, right?

4 Joachim


Joachim is a name with Hebrew roots that was actually pretty popular in the 1980s but has been making the baby name rounds once again. According to history, the name was assigned to the father of Mary, mother of Jesus. It is also a name that literally means “God had granted a son.” A lot of parents like the name not just because of its biblical roots, but because of how regal, strong and masculine it sounds, too. Plus, Joachim is a little boy that you most definitely pay attention to, mostly because of that cute smile he’s got!

3 Oscar


Oscar is a little boy that is everyone’s friend. Why? Because his name is actually derived from the Old Norse meaning ‘gentle friend.’ It’s also a popular name in England and Ireland with several different variations that include Oskar, Ossie, Ossy, Ozzie and Ozzy and so much more. A few famous Oscars include Oscar Wilde and Oscar de la Renta. Of course, this is also Oscar the Grouch, but we all have our bad days, don’t we? And if you end up choosing Oscar as your child’s name, there’s always the possibility that you might have a future Prince Oscar in the making!

2 Sverre


Sverre is also another Old Norse name that is on our list. It means “wild, swinging and spinning” which in all honesty sounds like many toddler boys that we already know, right? While you might think that you are taking a chance by naming your child a name with a pretty heavy reputation (especially around the park playground, mind you), do know that Prince Sverre does have a nice, fancy ring to it. It’s also a name that is destined to attract a lot of attention no matter where you go because we can guarantee that Sverre is going to be one very handsome young lad!

1 Vincent


And last but not least on our list, we have Vincent. It’s a Latin name that actually means “to conquer” and was a popular name among Christian parents in early history, and especially in England. The name has been used since the Middle Ages, although it didn’t become a mainstream name until the 19th century. These days, Vincent is the boy that likes to be the leader of his pact, the soccer captain of his team, and of course, a little prince in the making. You can’t go wrong with a Vinny in your life as he’s someone who is both cute with a lot to say.

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