20 Baby Names From The 80s That Are Becoming Trendy Again

The 80s contained some great stuff, and some of what was awesome in the 80s were the names! Back in this one of a kind decade, the names were sometimes unique, but now very synonymous with this time period. The names are often recognizable, and may even be perceived as common.

These names have not been that common, however! We may all know them and look at them as just regular names, but they are far from that. Our views may be a bit skewed since many of us grew up in the 80s or close enough to know many of these names very well. Many of these names flew under the radar once the 1980s became the 1990s. But, now, they are making a comeback.

We can think of this time period we are in now as the reinvented 80s! The names found on this list are becoming quite trendy again. While many parents look for names that are different, some parents want a so-called normal name, but also one that is not seen all too often. And here it is- the 1980s baby names that are on the rise yet again. They are regular names we all know, but also unique in that they are not used as often as they were given in the 80s.

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20 Elizabeth

The beautiful name of Elizabeth was a big hit back in the 80s. Lots of little girls went by this name, which boasts a few well liked and well known nicknames, such as Liz, Lizzy, Beth, and more. The name Elizabeth means God is bountiful, God is plenty and is of Hebrew origin. Perhaps some of the most famous Elizabeths were around well before the 80s, such as the Queen! Elizabeth is a very well rounded and very pretty name, which is ready to climb back those baby name charts after a slight drop from the top spot during the 80s.

19 Kayla


The baby name of Kayla is so cute and sweet it is not a surprise this pretty name is making a comeback! Kayla was super popular back in the 80s, and is seems this adorable baby girl name is ready to be uber popular once again. The name of Kayla is of English origin and means keeper of the keys and pure. This name is a sure hit for your little girl! Give yourself a taste of the 80s and scoop this name up before it gets way too hot! Kayla is a sure to head to the top of the charts.

18 Katherine

The sweet name of Katherine has been around for centuries. But, during the 80s it was at the top of the charts, there is no denying that fact. If you grew up in the 80s, you likely knew lots of Katherines, some who may have gone by Katie or Kate, too. Katherine slowly went down those baby name charts, but now the name is coming back. Katherine is a beautiful name that means pure and clear. It has origins in America, Latin, and Greece. It also is a name with varied spelling, such as Catherine. Grab this classic beauty of a name before it gets too popular.

17 Laura

If you feel like everyone you knew in the 80s was named Laura, well you might be about right! However, the pretty name of Laura has not been that popular in awhile, despite being a very well known name. Laura is slowly climbing the baby girl name charts, and is set to make a huge comeback! Laura is fun and cute, just like your little girl. With origins from Latin and Italian, the name Laura means sweet bay tree. Pretty cool and sweet baby name meaning, don’t you think?! Your baby girls deserves a name as beautiful as she is, and Laura may be it!

16 Emily

If you are looking for the perfect and perhaps 80s inspired baby name for your little girl, look no further than the gorgeous name of Emily! Emily was super trendy back in the 80s, and is set to be trendy once again! This pretty name may be the one you have been looking for to give your adorable bundle of joy. Emily means striving and industrious and is of Latin origin. Give your little girl a name that is as strong and as beautiful as she is! Emily will certainly be at the top of the charts before we know it.

15 Danielle

One beautiful name that rose to fame during the 80s was the name of Danielle. Danielle is a very pretty and cute name for any little girl. In fact, it may just be the name you have been searching for! Your sweet girl can go by the nicknames of Dani or Elle or Nell. Danielle is of Hebrew origin. The name is the feminine version of Daniel, which means God is my judge. Give your bundle of joy baby girl a name that is full of power and also full of sweetness. Danielle is a great choice that is making a comeback!

14 Jennifer

The 80s certainly were not the 80s without the name Jennifer! If you grew up in the 80s, you likely knew a slew of Jennifers, many who also went by Jen or Jenny. Jennifer was hugely popular and super trendy for little girls during the 80s. After that, this extremely well known name kind of got swept under the rug. However, that is now changing, because Jennifer is becoming trendy once again! The name means fair one, and is of Welsh origin. Jennifer is definitely a winning choice if you are looking to give your baby girl an 80s inspired name.

13 Heather


Heather is a gorgeous baby girl name that might be the perfect fit for your little ray of sunshine. This pretty name was super popular in the 80s, and now it is starting to be trendy once again. Heather is a beautiful name that we will definitely be seeing more of as the years go on. Heather is actually the name of a flower and it has Middle English, as well as American, origins. The flower heather is a flowering evergreen plant that is common in Scotland. Sounds pretty to us! Your little beauty deserves a name as sweet as she is.

12 Kimberly

A name that was uber popular back in the 80s was the beautiful baby girl name of Kimberly. Chances are, if you grew up in the 80s, you knew lots of Kimberly’s! Well, turns out that this name is set to climb to the top of the baby name charts once again! Kimberly is a very cute name for a fun loving little girl. She could also go by the nicknames of Kim or Kimmy. Spunky and fun, for sure! The name Kimberly means from the wood of the royal forest, and is of English origin. We really like that cool and unique name meaning for the pretty name of Kimberly!

11 Michelle

Are you looking for a sweet baby girl name that is as special as your little bundle of joy? The name of Michelle may be the perfect fit for your little one. This is a name that is headed back to the top of the charts, just as it was back in the 80s. Michelle is a cute name for any little girl. Michelle is the feminine version of Michael, which means gift from God. It is of French origin. Say bonjour to your cutie pie with this adorable baby girl name! Michelle is bound to be trendy once again, scoop it up now!

10 Michael

Just like his female counterpart, Michelle, the name Michael was a huge hit during the 80s. There were lots and lots of Michaels during this decade. In fact, Michael was the number one name for quite awhile, so it was super trendy in the 80s! Michael has always been a popular name, but now it is ready to be uber popular once again and head to the top of the charts just like it was in the 80s. The name is of Hebrew origin and means gift of God. This fun name also has cute nicknames like Mikey or Mike.

9 James

Is your little man a cutie pie heartbreaker? You bet he is! Give your little guy a name that matches his personality with the name of James. James is fun, yet sophisticated and was hugely popular back in the 80s. This common, yet not so often used, name is ready to be trendy once again. The name James is actually derived from the name Jacob. It is of Hebrew origin and means supplanter. It is a nice name for a cute, yet mischievous little boy, which is probably exactly what your baby boy will end up being like, we can bet!

8 Robert

Robert was a very trendy baby boy name choice during the 80s. This once quite popular name is set to rise to the top of the baby name charts once again! The name Robert is really a perfect fit for a growing boy. You can call your little man Robbie or Bobby, and then he can grow into his name as Rob, Bob, or Robert as he matures. It is a name to fit all kinds of personalities! Robert is of German origin, and means famed, bright, and shining. Believe it or not, this name has been around since the Middle Ages!

7 Joshua

Joshua is a truly handsome name for any little boy. Your little guy really does deserve a name that is as sweet and cute as he is, and Joshua can deliver all of that! The name Joshua is of Hebrew origin. It means Jehovah is generous. Now, you do not have to be religious to enjoy this beautiful baby boy name. Joshua is a cool, yet fun and sophisticated choice no matter what. Your little guy can also go by Josh as a nickname. Scoop this name up, it is headed back to the top of the charts, just like in the 80s!

6 David

David is a classic name. It is a strong name. It is a smart name. Your little man will have it all with the name of David! David means beloved or friend. It is of Hebrew origin. What a cute and perfect name meaning for your little friend! Your baby boy will grow up to be truly beloved with the name of David. This name was very trendy in the 80s, and that trend has returned. The name David is already climbing the baby name charts, ready to hit that top spot again! Grab this name before it gets too hot!

5 Matthew

The baby boy name of Matthew was very popular during the 80s. It was so trendy, it seemed everywhere you turned, you ran into a Matthew! This cute name for a little boy is on the way to be trendy today. Matthew is adorable for a baby boy, and smart enough for a growing young man. He can even go by Matt for short. The name Matthew means gift from God, and is of Hebrew origin. The handsome name of Matthew may be just the one you have been looking for to give your little boy. Grab this trendy name now!

4 Benjamin

If you are looking for a baby boy name that is one that your little guy can really grow with, Benjamin is a great choice. Benjamin is a sweet name for a little bundle of joy baby boy, but is also serious and sophisticated enough for a young man. Your little Benjamin can even go by the nicknames of Ben or Benny as well. The name Benjamin was very popular during the 80s, and it looks like it is getting trendy yet again, as it has been climbing those charts. Benjamin means son of my right hand, and is of Hebrew origin.

3 Jacob

Jacob is a popular name today. It was even more trendy back in the 80s. Now, it is ready to be trendy yet again! Jacob is going for that number one spot, and it is not a surprise as to why. Jacob is a cool and cute name for any little boy. The name means he grasps the heel, and is of Hebrew origin. With the name Jacob, you have a nice name, but also a pretty cool nickname of Jake. This is definitely going to be the top trending name, we just know it, so scoop it up now!

2 Timothy

Timothy is a nice name for any little boy. It is cute and sweet, yet has a hint of seriousness that is good as well. The name Timothy is of Greek origin and means God’s honour, God’s fearing. It also has ties to the Irish, with the name Timothy meaning a poet or a philosopher. The name is very well rounded, which may be why it rose to fame back in the 80s, and is set to be super trendy again today. Not to mention, it boasts a very cute nickname of Timmy! Can’t you just see your little Timmy running around?!

1 Adam

The name Adam is a very classic and clean kind of name for a baby boy. While once very popular and trendy in the 80s, we have not seen the name Adam used as much as it once was. Well, that is drastically changing! People are naming their little ones Adam more than ever, making Adam a name that is becoming trendy yet again. The name Adam is of Hebrew origin and means red, as a reference to red skin or the red earth in the garden of Eden. We just happen to think the name Adam is super cute!

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