20 Baby Names Inspired By Gilmore Girls

With the return of Gilmore Girls to our screens last year with a Year in the Life we were once again brought back to the beloved Stars Hollow thanks to Netflix. The new series revels in the love and loss of two of our favourite TV women, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. The series return brought back our long lost love for all things Gilmore, and I for one waited with bated breath for the shows release.

Happily, the new series didn't disappoint as I binge watched each episode which brought us through Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Gilmore Girls has been an inspiration for many of us over the years with our music tastes and fashion cues often taken from the leading women. Despite Rory's often standardized preppy outfits, we copied her. And so too did we follow Lorelai's often unique and sometimes questioning outfits. And who can forget all that coffee. How many of us allowed ourselves a second or third guilt free Cappuchino because Lorelai drank it by the bucket load? Needless to say, the Gilmore Girls influenced quite a lot of our lives as we joined them in their rollercoaster of emotions in a small town in Connecticut.

Here, we have taken inspiration from some of our favourite characters and compiled a list of twenty of our favourite baby names inspired by the residents of Stars Hollow.

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20 Lorelai

Lorelai really has to be at the top of our list being the lead character and one half of the spunky Gilmore duo. Not only is Lorelai one of our favourite characters to watch as she made her way through a "will they, won't they" relationship with the ever beloved Luke, she is also a TV Mom who has taught us one or two life lessons about parenting. Lorelai is the mother we all want to be and the mother we all want to have. Her close bond and loving relationship with her only daughter is beautiful to watch as they go through the ups and downs of life with its precious moments and awkward situations.

Lorelai is a traditionally German name coming from luren meaning to watch and lei meaning cliff. In Germanic legend, Lorelai was a stunning siren who lured sailors to her rock where they would be shipwrecked and die. Lorelai was ranked #651 in the United States in 2015 and has risen to #557 in the Nameberry rankings in 2017, more than likely because of Netflix' revival of Gilmore Girls.

Our beautiful Gilmore Girl doesn't fit the bill of a tempting siren and is a loving if not often distracted and aloof character. Her daughter is her number one priority as she tackles her relationship with her parents and aims to find everlasting love.

19 Luke


Luke is the boy next door who misses chance after chance with a love he is destined for. The "will they, won't they" dance between Lorelai and Luke is perhaps one of the best on screen romances of this generation. Luke us the epitome of a boy who grew up surrounded by the same trees and the same people. Stars Hollow is his home and always will be in his heart. Oblivious to the rumours and the looks his fellow residents give him, he misses out on seeing that his true love drinks his coffee almost every day. A momentary revelation makes him realise just what he has been missing for so many years.

The name Luke is the English form of the Latin name Lucas which is also a beautiful choice for a baby boy. The name means "the bright one" or "the one born at dawn." Luke is a very popular name standing at #28 in the United States in 2015 and currently ranked at #35 in Nameberry.

Lorelai's love interest is strong character with a rugged manly undertone with a no shit attitude. Being a small town boy growing up in Stars Hollow, Luke never finds himself restricted by the town he loves so much and has cemented his roots with his Diner and history with the town.

18 Rory


As our second, or rather joint, leading lady, Rory is an obvious choice for our list but can actually be used for either a boy or a girl. Rory, short for Lorelai, is a strong willed young woman who sees her life spreading further afield than Stars Hollow. Throughout the seven series and the mini series we watch Rory grow up from a young determined woman to a somewhat lost and questioning individual. Her chosen career path flounders, her identity strikes a rock and her relationships are struggling. She misses the close relationship with her mother as time, distance and schedules mean they don't talk as much as they do. In all, Rory has a few decisions to make to get her life back on the right path.

Ordinarily, Rory is a male name of Irish origin meaning "the red king." Feminising the name in Gilmore Girls has given it a popularity and also encouraged others to take traditionally masculine names and make the female. Think Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's beautiful daughter, James. Rory was ranked #679 in 2015 in the United States with a ranking of #450 on Namberry's 2017 listing.

Rory's strong personality and attitude is admirable as she makes her way through a career that tests her and relationships she is unsure of and afraid of. Rory shows loyalty to her friends and family and unwavering support and love to her best friend and mother , Lorelai.

17 Dean

As Rory's first love interest and romantic encounter, Dean, holds the heart of many a Gilmore Girls super fan sparking the Team Dean and Team Jess debate. Towering over most of the characters in Stars Hollow except Luke, Dean is a source of strength and support for Rory, if not a little needy. Their relationship falters as many teen relationships do, yet the respect, love and admiration for one another never strays. Their relationship is complicated by the fact that they both feel each other is the "one who got away", forever questioning "what if". What if they didn't break up? What if they had met later in life?

The name Dean comes from the Middle English dene meaning "valley"  and also the Old French word deien which was the occupational name for the presiding official of a cathedral. Dean was ranked at #204 in the United States in 2015 with a current ranking of #488 on Nameberry.

Dean is a shadow that appears to haunt Rory throughout her romances. He is perhaps the one person who taught her the most about men and what is to be in a relationship. He may just be the one who got away?

16 Emily

Emily is by far one of my favourite characters in Gilmore Girls despite it taking a few seasons for me to warm up to her. Her ever elusive and purposeful character stands the test of time through the loss and regain of her only child to the succinct relationship she develops with her granddaughter. An impetuous and strong willed character she takes no BS from her daughter and travels the circles of high society.

Emily is a beautiful traditional and feminine English name derived from the latin origin of Amelia (Aemilia) which is also a beautiful name for baby girl. Aemilius which means "trying to equal or excel" is a name take from the latin word aemulus meaning "rival". Emily has been one of the most popular names for over a decade and currently stands at #8 in the United States from 2015 with a current Nameberry ranking of #47.

It is, by far, a perfect choice for the mother of our leading character. Emily strives to keep the Gilmore name in the higher echelons of society. Herself and her husband Richard have also been and always will be of high society.

15 Richard


Rory's grandfather is an interesting character who develops a strong relationship with his granddaughter through their mutual love of books and reading. He comes across as a stern but hard-working man who never gives up. While he has a more emotive side compared to his wife Emily, we rarely see it and any glimpses of his emotional side are usually to do with his love and respect for his daughter, Lorelai

Richard comes from the German, French and English ric meaning "leader" and hard which means "powerful" thereby making Richard mean powerful leader. A fitting name for a character who demands respect and has a strong sense of authority. Richard slowly dropped out of fashion throughout the years but is making a slight resurgence. In 2015, Richard was ranked #155 in the United States but has a much lower ranking of #335 on Nameberry's 2017 listing.

While often seeming to be dominanted by his extroverted and demanding wife, Emily, Richard has a gentle stoicism and dominance. A keen student and educator, Richard taught his daughter and granddaughter more about relationships and life than he taught his students economics at Yale.

14 Lane

Lane is Rory's ever constant friend. Friends since they were first in school, Rory's best friend from Stars Hollow always makes time for her when she's been away at Yale or London and returns for some small town R & R.

Traditionally, Lane is a boys name coming from the English wording meaning "road" or "pathway." Once again, Gilmore Girls, has broken tradition and used Lane for a strong supporting female character. Lane is a relatively new entry with a Nameberry listing ranking of #1336th

Lane's double life often causes problems and conflicts for her as she battles her strict mother. Her desperate need to pull away from her mother's beliefs and traditions is a testament to her strong character and independent attitude. Hiding her true love of music and her relationships from her unapproving mother is a challenge for Lane but her determination sees her through.

13 Zach


The goofy but adorable Zach awkwardly wooed Lane after playing together for years in their band "Hep Alien". Lane was, at first, confused by her feelings for her bandmate, who she also shared a house with. Zach, on the other hand, was oblivious to her feelings, and his own for that matter. A somewhat gormless guy, its difficult not to like Zach or at least grow to like him as his devotion to Lane becomes paramount.

Zach is a common and popular name for baby boys meaning in Hebrew "Remembered by God". Also spelt Zac, Zach was ranked #179th in the United Kingdom in 2015 with a current Nameberry listing rank of #598th.

A talented song writer and musician, Zach proves his talents by playing multiple instruments, including the banjo and guitar, and being the lead singer for the couples band. Initially, Zach is portrayed as a womanizer which infuriates Lane who sees the gentler and more loving side to him, even if he doesn't. Eventually, his true colours shine through when he gives up his old ways and focuses on Lane.

12 Sookie

Sookie is the loyal friend who will always be there for you. Lorelai is lucky to have such a strong and unwavering presence in her life. A friend like Sookie should never be taken for granted. Besides that, who wouldn't love a talented chef and baker as their best friend. Sookie's culinary talents are endless as she creates her own recipes and fishes out new ingredients to tantalise the tastebuds.

Did you know that the name Sookie is a nickname for Susan or Susannah? Susan or Susannah come from the Hebrew meaning "Rose" or "Lily." Sookie has a Nameberry ranking of #1178.

Sookie's quirky character makes her one of the most lovable residents of Stars Hollow. with the arrival of her children she becomes an archetypal mother who we can all relate to as she struggles with exhaustion, discipline and a never ending messy house. Her world is split as she is devoted to both her growing family and to her career. Sookie is the Stars Hollow mother we can all relate to.

11 Jackson


Jackson is the odd, goofy but loving produce man who spends a good amount of time arguing with future wife Sookie, in her kitchen at the Independence Inn and later at the Dragonfly Inn, about the quality of his fresh fruit and vegetables. His odd little quirks of talking to and singing to his growing vegetables is initially quite odd but we get used to his interesting ways. So much so, we dont question the fact that he does at times sleep with his vegetables to ensure they are the best quality.

Jackson has become an incredibly popular name in celebrity circles as of late with many celeb couples choosing this moniker for their baby boys. Katy Sagal and Carson Daly being two such celebs. Jackson is from the English literally meaning "Son of Jack" and ranked #17 in the United States in 2015 with a current Nameberry ranking of #79.

Jackson bright and fun character, along with his witty and sarcastic humour make him a much loved resident of Stars Hollow. But the best aspect of Jackson's character is the unwavering lover and support he gives his wife, Sookie, especially throughout her pregnancies and labour. We could all do with a guy like Jackson Belleville.

10 Paris

It took me quite a while to like the character of Paris, in fact I'm still not overly sure if I like her. More often than not Paris is tolerated because, well, it's almost impossible to get away from her. She is an incredibly strong, persuasive and domineering character. Her determination and drive throughout Chilton carried on to her college years at Yale. Rory inevitably became one of Paris' closest friends and confidante.

Paris was oringally a Shakespearean boys name which has witnessed a change in gender allocation over the years with the likes of Paris Hilton. The name ranked at #263 in United States in 2025 and currently stands at #2655 on Nameberry.

Paris' brutally honest and clear lack of tact can be detrimental too as she rubs friends and colleagues the wrong way. As one of the smartest studentso at Chilton, she has an obvious competitive streak which clearly comes from her upsetting and neglectful relationship with her parents.

9 Jess

I must admit that as I made my way through series after series of Gilmore Girls I landed deeper and deeper into the side of Team Jess. Jess was not a character I initially liked as his wild boy antics and suave attitude made him seem aggressive, arrogant and unlikeable. in the beginning I really questioned what drew Rory to him, aside from his love of literature and books.

Jess, which can be male or female, a variant of Jesse, is of a Hebrew origin meaning "the Lord exists". The masculine form of Jess has a Nameberry ranking of #4195.

Jess is perhaps one of the most secure characters in Gilmore Girls as he pursues his dreams and knows exactly who he is in this world. The one thing he is missing is the love of his life who he regrettably allowed to slip straight through his fingers. Being perhaps one the most influential residents of Stars Hollow on the leading protaganist, Rory, he is an unwavering force behind many a decision she makes.

8 Sherry


As the ex-fiancee of Christopher, Sherry is often seen as a rival of Lorelai as the fight for Christopher's heart starts. Additionally, Rory feels antognised by her relationship with her father, never wanting to get to close. Unfortunately, for Rory, she was the only support available to Sherry as she went into labour.

Sherry is often considered the phonetic variation of the French name Cheri meaning "beloved" but may have originated from the Irish surname O'Searraigh meaning "descendant of Searrach". It is also a type of fortified wine named from the Spanish town of Jerez. Sherry has a Nameberry ranking of #2452.

Although we don't see an awful lot of Sherry throughout the Gilmore Girls' series she is referenced to a lot and mentioned enough to have her as a strong presence in the lives of the Gilmore's. Her ultimate walking out on Christopher and her daughter Gigi was perhaps one of the most shocking maternal moments of the show which highlighted the consequences a failed relationship and how familial separation can affect both children and adults. Christopher is distraught when Sherry leaves to take a job in Paris and struggles to be the father he always wanted to be.

7 Logan


Logan is Rory's longest love interest with a relationship that spans a number of seasons. He is the man who challenges her as she grows away from being the girl who attended Chilton and becomes a Yale academic. His charming, smart and flirty demeanour appeals to Rory or rather entices her and pulls her in.

Logan has often been used for both girls and boys names. Coming from the Scottish surname Logon which is derived from the place name, Logan can be traced back to the Scottish Gaelic word lagan meaning "hollow". Logan's popularity  is strong with a ranking of #14 in the United States in 2015 and a current Nameberry ranking of #130.

Logan is often a questionable character who takes risks and often finds answers at the end of his fathers bank account. He is rebellious and impulsive and fights long and hard against the wishes and values of his parents' life. He truly is in love with Rory but is faced with her unsure attitude and is unwilling to wait for her to grow up and discover what she truly wants in life. Logan fought his way out of Yale and into a career he wanted rather than being forced into a life pushed on him by his father. His determined attitude has to be admired.

6 Georgia


Georgia, known as Gigi, is the second daughter of Christopher and the first for his ex-fiancee Sherry, making her Rory's half sister. Unfortunately, Gigi's parents suffered relationship problems before she was conceived and the relationship was nearing its end when Sherry fell pregnant with Gigi. Despite her parents attempting to make the relationship work, it wasn't to be and ultimately, Sherry abandoned both Christopher and Gigi by moving to Paris.

Georgia is a beautiful, feminine name which is a variant of George meaning "farmer" or "worker of the earth". Other stunning versions of the name include Georgina, Georgette and of course Gigi. The name is desired throughout the world and has always been relatively popular with a ranking of #230 in the United States in 2015 and a current Nameberry ranking of #137.

Gigi is portrayed as a bratty character as she gets older. When she was a baby, Christopher struggled to care for her until Lorelai intervened to give him a sense of confidence as a father. Similarly, when Lorelai babysits Gigi at the age of two, she is uncontrollable which forces Lorelai to talk to Christopher about his parenting. Upon her advice, Christopher amends his ways and Gigi becomes much better behaved. Happily, Sherry becomes more involved in her child's life but to what end we don't know.

5 Max


Max Medina is one of Lorelai's first love interests and also Rory's English teacher at Chilton which initially creates tension between the pair. He is a kind, brilliant and highly educated man with a deep passion for teaching. He is a strong influence on Rory throughout her education and he can be credited with helping her hone her writing craft, have a deep passion for literature and helps her carve a path towards a writing career.

Max is short for the name Maximilian which means "greatest" or Maxwell which means "great spring". It is of English and German descent and rose in popularit in the 1980's. Max was ranked  #118 in the United States in 2015 and has a current Nameberry ranking of #216.

Max is perhaps too stable an influence on Loralai and despite being exactly what she wanted and needed in a relationship she ran away from him. Afraid of what the stability of a marriage with Max would bring to her life and not trusting herself to be the person Max wants her to be, she abandons him a few days before the wedding.

4 Babette


Babette is one of those characters you either love or hate. She can grate on you like nails running down a chalkboard or make you laugh with her rambling nonsense and raspy voice. She is one of the town gossips, knowing everything first and spreading the news as quickly as she heard it.

Babette is an unusal choice of name which is of French origin and derives from the name Elizabeth or Barbara. As a Hebrew name it means "my God is plentiful".  It has a Nameberry ranking of #2589.

Despite Babette's gossiping nature, she is lovable and caring and has an extremely sweet heart. She means no malice or harm in things she says even though she often makes inappropriate comments out of turn. She is very protective of her next door neighbours, Lorelai and Rory and has an everlasting and strong relationship with her husband Morey. At the end of the day, Babette just wants everyone to be in love!

3 Taylor


Taylor Doose is by far one of the most annoying but lovable residents of Stars Hollow as he takes over every town meeting, more often than not, with his own personal agenda. He almost runs the town as town selectman and owner of Doose's Market and the old-fashioned sweet shop. He is the most politcally influential character in the town following every rule and regulation to a T.

Taylor is again a name that can be used for both a boy or a girl and comes from the English surname which originally described someone who was a tailor. The name comes from the latin word taliare meaning "to cut". Taylor was ranked at #462 in the United States in 2015 and has a current Nameberry ranking of #1247.

Taylor has had his fiar share of run ins with the other residents of the town but has never let him phase him or disturb him. He is almost spurred on by a good debate argument or, dare I say, lawsuit! Taylor is most certainly a dominant force in Stars Hollow.

2 Lindsay


Lindsay was unfortunately struck by Cupid at the wrong time and the wrong place as she dealt with Dean who despite his claims never really forgot his first love Rory. She is the epitome of a small town girl portraying beautiful qualities of love, kindness, patience and a sense of calm. Having rushed into a relationship at such a young age, it was almost inevitable for the warm home she tried to create to tumble around her. Add Rory's unnerving and relentless presence in Dean and Lindsays marriage and it's no surprise the marriage ends.

Lindsay, as seems to be a pattern in the names of many Stars Hollow characters can be male or female, with an ey or ay ending. Lindsay's popularity spiked in the eighties with a significant drop over time. The name comes from the English meaning "marshlands of Lincolnshire" and was ranked #846th in the United States in 2015 with a Nameberry ranking currently standing at #2214.

My heart goes out to Lindsay who was simply looking for the American Dream at such a young age. A hardworking husband, a loving home and the white picket fence. She tries hard to keep her husband happy despite his clear disinterest in their relationship and she doesn't deserve to be treated as badly or irrelevantly as she was.

1 Hayden


The final name on our list of fab names inspired by Gilmore Girls goes to the surname of Rory's father and Lorelai's "on again/off again" romance, Christopher Hayden. Christopher is a constant shadow which looms large over the Gilmore girls' lives. Having an awkward relationship with both of these women results in Christopher never really knowing where he stands with either party. Ultimately, Christopher isn't sure how deep he wants to get into either relationship.

Hayden once again, can be used for a boy or girl with different meanings depending on the gender. The feminine form of Hayden means "heather grown hill" with the masculine version meaning "fire", both from the English. Nameberry ranks the feminine version at #190 and the masculine version at #151.

Christopher as a character is interesting as his life appeared to have settled to a point where he was content, and subsequently fell after the failure of his relationship with Sherry as he struggled as a single father. As he says himself, it took him ten years with several failed business to figure out what he wanted in life and love. Notably, not his parents' life.

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