20 Baby Names Only Blondes Can Get Away With

Do blondes really have more fun? Well, parents of blondes will definitely have more fun looking through this list that we made just for them! The word blonde is originally French. The "blonde" spelling is the feminine form and the male form is spelled "blond." There are even more names that mean "fair," which is the term used to describe those with light colored hair and complexion.

Though parents don't really know for certain what color hair their babies will have, some have a pretty good idea. There is a long list of names that literally mean blonde, blond, or fair haired and fair. Rare names like Gannon and more common ones like Blake mean blonde or fair haired and would be perfect for a little towhead!

Lucky for parents expecting a fair haired little one, we've put together a list of blond and blonde names that we absolutely love! No, we can't predict what our future babies will look like, but if it's a possibility that they could have fair hair, how fun would it be to have some names ready?

For those parents who don't quite know what their little bundle of joy will look like, jot these down for the big day!

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20 Gwen

Gwen is another name that had its glory days, went out of fashion, but is now completely on the upswing. Gwen is Welsh for "white circle." It's usually a diminutive of Gwendolyn or Gwendolen, Guinevere and Gwyneth, but can definitely stand on its own.

Though Gwen entered charts in 1899, it never reached a number higher than 295. It was almost completely kicked out of the top 1000 from 1980 to 2016. However, Gwen totally looks like it's about to make a pretty big comeback, maybe because of Gwen Stefani or Gwyneth Paltrow, who are both blonde!

Gwen and all of its pretty variations and diminutives all mean "white, white circle." They're all equally beautiful and their meaning couldn't be more perfect for a toe headed baby girl!

19 Blake

This unisex celebrity favorite is English for "fair haired." Could there be a better name for a blonde? Blake has so much going for it on both the boy's and girl's sides.

Blake has historically been more popular for boys than girls. It has been in the top 130 from 1882 until 2016. Today it sits at #127. However, it didn't first begin to be used for girls until 1990, and even then it remained in the high 800s. It finally made its way into the top 500 and hit #297 last year.

Beautiful blonde, Blake Lively, from Gossip Girl and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is a famous female name bearer. While Blake Carrington from Dynasty, the reason for the popularity boost in the 80s, is a famous male name bearer.

18 Kayla

Kayla is Hebrew or Arabic for "fair, laurel, crown." I never knew that this popular name is most suitable for a fair haired little girl, but now that I think about it, every Kayla I have known has been a blonde!

This moniker didn't find itself on charts until 1960 and it took a couple decades for parents to start loving it. After they did, Kayla was in the top 100 from 1983 through 2013, but it didn't go far. It's still ranked #129 and is a top 100 name in Ireland and Scotland as well.

Some of Kayla's success in the 80s is credited to the soap opera, Days of Our Lives. It's also been used for characters on NCIS and Desperate Housewives. Kayla is a familiar name to most of us, and now that we know its meaning, it just makes it more perfect for a pretty blonde.

17 Finn

I love this name! It's a shame that my babies tend to be dark haired because Finn is another name that suits a blonde slightly better than a brunette. Finn is Irish for "fair or white." All of its variations like Finnian and Finian have the same meaning.

Finn broke into the top 20 last year coming in at #17. It's also a top 100 name in Scotland, England, Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand and Australia. Finnian hasn't been ranked in the U.S. in the past, but last year it hit #391 and alternative spelling, Finian hit #615.

The Irish hero, Finn MacCool, was a warrior with mythical superpowers in Irish mythology. The German spelling, Fynn, is also an up and comer, but, sorry brunettes, it has the same meaning!

16 Kenzie

While sometimes Kenzie is used as a shortform for the unisex Mackenzie, it is also a name that can stand strong on its own. Kenzie is Scottish for "fair haired." Kenzie is also unisex, and while it sounds a bit more feminine in America, in England it's used more for males.

It's currently ranked #685 in the U.K., while in America it hasn't made it onto the list for either gender. Both Mackenzie and Kenzie are popular Scottish surnames, but Mackenzie means "son of Kenneth."

Kenzie is definitely a more refreshing take on Mackenzie, which has been a top 100 girl name for over two decades. For parents with a fair haired little girl or boy and love Mackenzie but want something not overused, Kenzie is a great fit!

15 Kenyon

This moniker is absolutely perfect for a blonde boy, and no, it isn't Scottish or Irish! Kenyon is an English name which means "blonde or white haired." Kenyon is a British surname name that has some really cool vibes.

Kenyon actually dates back as far as the 14th century. It made its way over seas to America in the 17th century. Despite its history, it does have some youthful name bearers like professional basketball player for the LA Clippers, Kenyon Martin, known as K-Mart.

Kenyon is one of the more non-traditional sounding names on this list and we love it for that! It sounds like a newer name or even a place name, but the fact that it has a rich history dating back so far only makes it better.

14 Bronwyn

Bronwyn is a Welsh name that means "white or white breasted." It's original Welsh spelling is Bronwen, but the "y" makes it a little prettier. However, this spelling in Wales is strictly for males. Bronwyn is finding some love from Americans just as it does in Wales. It reached #341 last year after it first entered charts.

In Welsh mythology, Bronwen is the daughter of Llyr, god of the sea and Branwen is seen in medieval Welsh literature as a figure that turned into a bird, just like Bronwyn used in the young adult novel, Mrs. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.

Bronwyn is definitely on the upswing and we are sure to be hearing a lot more of it in years to come. Better snag this one for your little toe headed girl soon!

13 Bowie

You're not going to believe this, but Bowie is also another Scottish name that means "blonde." The late David Bowie himself was pretty fair haired himself, and after his death in 2016, this moniker wouldn't be a surprising choice. David Bowie, however, wasn't born Bowie. He was born David Robert Jones.

Bowie has never been ranked until 2o17, probably because of David Bowie. It came in at #432, just barely breaking into the top 500. Bowie broke into the girl's column when actor Jackson Rathbone chose it as a middle name for his daughter and Dale DeHaan and Anna Wood named theirs Bowie Rose.

Bowie might just end up joining Lennon and Marley in the musical name category. Bowie for a blonde baby boy or girl is definitely better than those!

12 Farrah


The blonde bombshell in the 1970s, Farrah Fawcet, basically coined this name for blondes. One of the original Charlie's Angels and a true Hollywood success story, Fawcet is probably the most famous name bearer. Not only does she help this name to make it on this list, but Farrah actually means "fair haired" in English.

When Farrah entered the American list in 1976 it entered at its all time highest ranking, #177, probably because of Fawcet. After that, it plummeted and never reentered the top 500. Farrah hit #775 again in 2017.

Farrah and alternate spelling, Farah, which is actually Arabic, might just be headed upward once again as it reenters the American list. It's the perfect time to choose this moniker for your fair headed baby girl!

11 Dwight

I used to think this moniker would look better on a darker haired boy, but Dwight is actually German or Dutch for "white or blonde." It wouldn't make sense for a brunette at all! Dwight is also a variant of Dewitt, which means the same thing, but we like Dwight better.

Dwight is one of those names that had a ton of success in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It was in the top 200 names for almost 20 years around the 1950s. Then it started to fly under the radar, in the top 500, but not hugely popular. It completely dropped off charts in 2005.

For parents who have that toe headed little boy and want a name that represents him well, Dwight couldn't be more perfect!

10 Bianca

Bianca is Italian for "white." This fair name is ideal for a little blonde baby. When I was a baby I literally had white hair, and Bianca would definitely have been fitting. If you're stuck on a name and end up having a bleach blonde baby, Bianca is what you're looking for!

Bianca has moved up to #256 in the U.S. and is in the top ten in Sweden, Portugal, and Germany. It made its way over to the States in 1973 and spent most of the 1980s and 90s in the top 150. Bianca never dropped below the top 400, and looks to be making a comeback.

This moniker made its way to the U.S. via the former Mrs. Jagger in 1973. Bianca is also a character in three Shakespeare plays, Disney's The Rescuers, and, one of my favorites, Ten Things I Hate About You.

9 Albin

Albin, sometimes spelled Alben or Alban, is an ancient Roman name that is Latin for "white." Another perfect baby name for that fair haired little guy! It's pronounced all-ben, not like Alba as in Jessica Alba. The spelling Albin is a popular Swedish spelling, currently ranked #38.

Alban has never been on the popularity list, despite it being the name of our 35th president, Harry Truman's, Vice President. Saint Alban, also known as Albinus or Aubin is known as the first British Christian martyr. He was believed to have been beheaded in Roman Britain for his faith.

Albin is a forgotten name that entered charts in 1880 and disappeared by 1940. Whichever spelling you prefer, Albin deserves a comeback! We love this name for a blonde baby boy of today!

8 Jennifer

This one was a shock to me, but did you know that Jennifer is actually be suited for a blonde? Jennifer is the Cornish variation of the Welsh name Guinevere, which means "white wave or white shadow."  This popular moniker might want to be reconsidered as a blonde baby name!

Jennifer entered charts in 1940 and didn't waste any time heading to the top. By 1947 it was in the top 150 baby names. It hit the top ten in 1966 and remained there until 1991. It was actually the #1 baby name in the U.S. for 13 years! There were a ton of little Jennifers running around in the 1970s! I wonder how many of them were blonde!

Jennifer has been being replaced by others like Jenna and Genevieve, but we love bringing back Jennifer for a little fair haired maiden of 2018.

7 Boyd

You absolutely cannot get a more fitting name for a blonde baby boy than Boyd. This moniker literally means "blonde" in Scottish, where it originates. Baby boys who are blonde are almost destined to have this name!

Boyd hasn't been doing very well in the States, though in Scotland it has had a pretty decent track record. Boyd entered charts in 1880 and reached an all time high of #228 nine years later, but never did any better than that. It completely dropped off charts in 1982.

Boyd is an old fashioned name with a kind of strong masculine appeal, but the harsh "o" sound might be difficult to match. Maybe Boyd, also a popular surname, would do better as a middle name with parents in the States!

6 Linnet


While Boyd stands perfect for blonde boys, there is not a better name than a blonde baby girl than Linnet! Linnet is French for "flaxen haired." Flaxen is a pale, soft, straw like color. It is also the name of a light colored bird known for its melodious song.

Linnet has never been on the charts in the States, though Lynette was super popular in the 1960s, now it stands pretty dated. Linnet, however, is fresh and distinct and hasn't been overused. Linnet is perfect for a blonde baby. It's timeless, classy and will make your baby standout from the crowd.

5 Gannon

blond baby

Gannon is surprisingly low on the charts in the U.S.! This masculine and sensitive Irish moniker couldn't be more perfect for a blonde baby boy. Gannon is Irish for "fair haired, fair skinned."

Gannon entered the American list in 2002. It peaked at #413 in 2014, but then began its descent. Today Gannon is only ranked #706. Gannon was the name of the historic Irish leader, Bill Gannon, who lead the Irish Republican Army and later the Communist Party of Ireland. A more youthful name bearer was the name of a Teen Mom 3 son, Gannon McKee.

Gannon is a strong name that hasn't received the love it deserves from parents in our neck of the woods! Maybe this moniker can begin replacing the hugely popular Canaan, at least for blonde haired boys!

4 Fiona

It seems as though there are a ton of Scottish names that mean "fair or white haired" and Fiona is another one of them! Fiona, surprisingly, didn't jump onto the American list until 1990, but it slowly made its way to the #110 spot in 2017.

Fiona is a favorite in film and tv. It's been used in for Princess Fiona in Shrek to non-animated classics like The Thorn Birds, Josie and the Pussycats, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Nurse Jackie, and Shameless. Fiona Apple is a famous singer/songwriter.

Fiona doesn't have traditional Scottish roots. It was first coined in James Macpherson's Ossianic poems and then later used as a pen name for a Scottish male writer. It didn't come into use for women until the late 19th century.

3 Fairfax


Fairfax is a unisex name that is English for "blonde." Americans haven't caught onto this one because of its snooty feel, but we can't understand why that hasn't changed! Fairfax is such a unique and classy name for either gender and for a blonde it only gets better!

Fairfax can also be translated as "beautiful hair" and the spelling Farefax can also be used, though it's not nearly as attractive. Neither spelling has made it onto the Social Security Administration's top 1000.

Fairfax is also a placename, like as in Fairfax, Virginia. It would also make a cute middle name, though with its length it might be difficult to match. We love Fairfax as an up and coming name in the U.S. and, obviously, for a blonde, it makes perfect sense!

2 Linus

Though Linus has a bit of a Peanuts persona, and I admit it's difficult not to imagine the little guy with his dirty blanket, it's perfect for a blonde baby boy! Linus is Greek for "flax." Flax, also known as linseed, is light and golden colored.

Linus has never been a hugely popular name in the U.S. even after the lovable little Linus from Charlie Brown made his debut. It entered charts in 1880 at #625, and it was only downhill from there until it dropped off completely in 1940.

Linus was the inventor of rhythm and melody and the god of poets and music in ancient Greek mythology. He was said to have taught music to Hercules.

Linus is in the top 50 in Germany, Sweden, and Norway, but we just haven't put the blanket and thumb sucking image behind us yet.

1 Rowena

Rowena is Welsh for "white haired." Could there be a better name for a blonde baby girl? Rowena doesn't just have the perfect meaning, but it also has a deep-rooted literary history that your baby girl will appreciate as well!

Rowena entered American lists in 1880, made it as high as #429 a couple of times and then completely dropped off the list by 1963. It is, however, making a comeback as it hit #400 in 2017. Rowena is the heroine in Sir Walter Scott's 1819 novel called Ivanhoe and Rowena Ravenclaw was founder of the Hogwarts Houses in the Harry Potter series.

This old fashioned Welsh name is a classic that hasn't been appreciated in years! It looks like that's beginning to change though, so parents of blonde headed babes might want to snatch this one fast!

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