20 Beautiful Baby Names So Rare, Moms Will Want To Rename Their Kids

Those the moms and dads who have already named their kids but have yet to have them, here is a list of names they will want to change to. Oh, and those moms who have just delivered and have already got the birth certificates coming in, get ready to change them up. Yes, you read right.

Oh, and for those who have kids who can already spell their name...you might want to teach them how to spell some of these names because we are pretty sure these names are better than what you have got going on right now.

And don't take that as an insult. I don't mean to upset you. I just mean to help you and your kids out by showing you some far more fantastic names than Charles, or David, or Pam, or Jane. Get creative. Rename your kids using names that mean fantastic things or represent some incredible power - all the while still sounding cute and beautiful.

So, scroll on through this article and make your selections for the renames you are choosing for your kids. And do not worry, they will thank you for it in the long run. We have no doubt about it.

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20 Harmonia

Harmonia is a name that is Greek in origin. It comes from the Greek harmos meaning "a fitting harmony". In terms of Greek mythology, Harmonia is the daughter of Aphrodite and Ares (the goddess of love and the god of war respectively). Eventually married to Cadmus, Harmonia was meant to be the personification of harmony and order. Of course, that's a pretty impossible thing to achieve. Both harmony and order. The world is too messed up for that but that doesn't mean we can't aspire to it. And hey, if you come from a family of musicians, maybe you want to rename your daughter Harmonia so that you can hopefully bring balance to your family and the music that you enjoy. At least...you can hope that the name inspires harmony and order.

19 Phoenix

Phoenix is derived from the Greek phoinix which means "dark red". Nothing to special in name. But the meaning that has been instilled into the name Phoenix is pretty intense. Even though the name is pulled from a Greek word, the solitary bird that everyone knows about is actually Egyptian in origin. This bird allegedly lived in the Arabian desert for 5-600 years before it consumed itself in fire and was reborn from the ashes to go on living another incredibly long life. I kind of wish that all I needed to do to keep myself around. Obviously, this bird is seen as a symbol of immortality. And that's nothing you need to shy away from. Bless your baby boy or girl with this name and maybe even long life. You know, if you believe in that good omen crap.

18 Freya

Freya is actually the feminine form of Frey which means "lord".

Freya is taken to mean "lady, mistress, or noblewoman." This name is not found in Greek mythology you might be shocked to know. Or you might already know that it comes from Norse mythology. Freya is the Norse goddess of fertility. She is the daughter of Njord and sister of Frey. You may not know this but the day Friday is derived from Freya's name. That's pretty awesome. Why wouldn't you want to name your daughter after the best day of the week? When she first enters into the world or whenever she comes home from school you can exclaim "Thank god it's Freya!" I think it would be great fun. And so many people wouldn't actually know what the hell you're talking about.

17 Raiden

I'm pretty sure everyone reading this has at least some sort of idea about who or what Raiden is. I realize that not everyone reading up on baby names is going to be a video game nerd but surely pretty well everyone here has heard of the character Raiden from the popular fighting game Mortal Kombat. If not, then I'll educate you a bit and let you know that Raiden is a name that happens to be Japanese in origin. Raiden, in Japanese mythology, is the god of thunder. Aside from that being a kickass KISS song, think of how awesome your son would be treated when all the kids grow up loving to play as his character in Mortal Combat. They'll have such respect for him. And for those who remember the MK film, who doesn't love Christopher Lambert?

16 Aurora

This is a Latin word that means "dawn or daybreak". The character of Aurora originates in Roman mythology. Surprisingly, Aurora happens to be the goddess of dawn. Which makes perfect sense since that's what the name Aurora means. Her Greek equivalent is Eros but I have a feeling you don't want to name your daughter Eros...for I think obvious reasons. And if you don't know or much like the Roman origins of Aurora, then you can always dig into the Disney lexicon and stroll on over to Sleeping Beauty for Aurora. Why wouldn't you want to have a princess for a daughter? You'll know for sure that she'll be able to take care of you later on in life when you're old. That's pretty awesome. Just make sure she doesn't end up in the forest in a glass case waiting for someone to kiss her...

15 Azrael

The name Azrael is derived from Hebrew. It means "help of God".

The name was given significance when given to an archangel that represented the sign of Scorpio (for those of you who believe somehow that zodiac stuff is actually true or useful).

And, for those of you who happen to believe in either Islam or Judaism, Azrael is the angel who was responsible for parting the soul from the body at the moment of death. Now, I'm not religious myself but you can't ignore the fact that it's a pretty damn cool name and that he has a pretty cool job. If you're religious, you might appreciate having such a holy name for your kid. And if you're not religious, you might just be interested in a really kickass name that will definitely make people think twice when they meet your special little boy.

14 Olympia

Olympia is the feminine version of the Greek Olympios meaning "of Olympus", you know, the mountain where all the Greek gods hang out. Olympia was actually the name of a plain that was considered sacred to the Greek gods. Olympia was basically the sanctuary of Zeus himself. This place housed the temples of both Zeus and Hera. This was also allegedly the site of the ancient Olympic games. Maybe your daughter will end up becoming an Olympian herself if you give her this name. And hey, if she doesn't...then at least she can still be your cute little Olympian forever simply because you named her Olympia. Right? I think it's a worthwhile name to change to. There is a great deal of history and magnificence around this name.

13 Orion

I'm sure you're not going to be surprised to know that Orion is a name that is taken largely from Greek and Roman mythology. That seems to be where a good portion of the badass names in the world all come from. Orion was a son of Poseidon. He was not the joint god of the oceans though. Instead, he went ashore and fell in love with Diana. Sadly for him, that love cost him his life. Not because someone else killed him while fighting for the love of Diana. Nope. Diana accidentally killed Orion. I guess because it was an accident he got to live on as a constellation in the night sky. I always know when it's getting closer to winter where I'm from because that's when I start seeing Orion and his famous belt in the sky. If you want to make your child a bit more relative to stardust than what he already is, name him after Orion...also, it's a kickass Metallica song.

12 Echo

Echo, as you may have guessed, is of Greek origin. As I'm sure most of you know and what all of you should know, an echo is a repercussion of sound. I'm sure you know what an echo is. In Greek mythology though, Echo is the name of a little nymph who is deeply in love with Narcissus. Unfortunately for her, Narcissus did not share her feelings. Instead of moving on, Echo pined after Narcissus (who was only in love with himself) until there was nothing left to her but her voice. I'm sure now you understand why it is that she is named Echo. If you can't get down with that as an origin for a name, then you can always just remember the awesome 90's game Echo The Dolphin.

Who doesn't want to name their kid after a superhero dolphin!?

11 Apollo

Apollo is not only the pretty son of the Greek god Zeus but also the cute little boy of Gwen Stefani. In Greek mythology, Apollo is the twin brother of Artemis and he sits as one of 12 major gods on the pantheon in Olympus. He happens to be the god of music, poetry, prophecy and medicine. That is one eclectic god right there. No wonder why he was so popular. So, maybe if you're looking to harness some of Apollo's good looks or popularity then you might want to take this badass name and replace the current one your little boy has. What have you got to lose? He has to go through school either way and he's either going to sink or swim. So, give him a really cool and badass name so that people give him a little more respect at the start.

10 Lotus

Lotus comes from the Greek word lotos which is actually derived from the Hebrew word lot. In Greek mythology, the lotus was a fruit that was meant to induce forgetfulness and a dreamy languid state. The lotus is also a very important feature in Asian culture and legend. For different reasons though, for sure. Either way, Lotus is perhaps known far better because of the awesome car brand that pumps out sweet machines. I guess it might be a little weird to think of a hot sports car when thinking about renaming your daughter though...so maybe just think about the lotus being a sign of peace to some degree and then think about how peaceful you want your daughter's childhood to be...you know...because it sucks to have babies crying all the time.

9 Icarus

You may not want to name your kid after Icarus because of what the name is associated with. If you're renaming your kid Icarus, then you should probably do it only because you think it's a cool name. Essentially, Icarus could fly thanks to the wings that his daddy made for them. And that's pretty awesome. He was warned not to fly too close to the sun though...but of course, kids don't listen to their parents and Icarus basically went as far up as he could. The heat of the sun melted the wax holding the wings together and Icarus plummetted. A very sad story indeed. So maybe don't think about that story when renaming your son. Just think about how your kid is not going to listen to you anyway and that you can hope that he'll at least aim high.

8 Venus

Venus is Latin in origin. The name means "the loved one, beloved". This is thought to be derived from the Indo-European root wenos, which means "desire".

In Roman mythology, this is the goddess of love, beauty, and of springtime. The Greek equivalent to this goddess would be Aphrodite. You might instantly think of a song when you read the name Venus. You might start singing, "I'm your venus. I'm your fire. At your desire..."I know that's all that's been going through my head. That and the image of a very old painting. At any rate, it might be a bit on the nose for guys if you name your daughter Venus but maybe you'll just end up with a very pretty daughter who people will bow down to instead? Come on. It is a pretty awesome name.

7 Lance

The name Lancelot is surely made famous because of Arthurian legends. The name itself is derived from Old High German. The name would have originally been Lanzo. The name essentially means "land". In Arthurian legends, Lancelot is the bravest and boldest and most celebrated of the knights (eat your heart out Batman). He is one of the knights of the Round Table. He was the lover of King Arthur's wife, Guinevere (oops). He is also the father of Sir Galahad. Don't think about all the fooling around behind Arthur's back when you go to rename your kid to Lancelot. Think about how awesome it would be to have a knight in the family. And then think about how the nickname for your boy would simply be Lance and that's not so easy to make fun of...other than the fact that it's...Lance.

6 Artemis

Artemis is taken from Greek mythology. She was one of the 12 major deities in Olympus and she was the sister of Apollo. She is equated with the Roman goddess Diana. Artemis is the goddess of the moon, hunting, and wild animals. She is often depicted with a bow and arrow, running through the woods with animals running along with her. If you're one of those outdoorsy people, then you might be interested in changing your daughter's name to Artemis. I mean, why not? She's a goddess after all. Don't you want every guy in your daughter's life to treat her like she's a goddess? That way they'll never touch her unless she wants them to and she'll have all the control. I could see that being a pretty good notion for every father to consider.

5 Avalon

Avalon is derived from the Middle Latin Avallonis insula and that is derived from the Welsh ynys yr Afallon meaning "island of apples".

And this makes sense to some extent as Avalon, in Celtic mythology, is an island paradise in the west. It is the home of fallen heroes and happens to be where King Arthur was taken to after his death. I don't know if you want to tell people that your daughter is paradise but let's be honest here. Avalon is a pretty badass name and you can just make sure that, as parents, you can act as the mists of Avalon, keeping people from that paradise until they've earned their place there. I think it would be a good analogous tale to go along with the name of the daughter you aim to protect as a parent (most likely as a father).

4 Brahma

Brahma is a name that is based in Sanskrit. The definition of the name is basically "worship and/or prayer". In Hinduism, Brahma is the supreme deity. He is the creator of the universe and the leading member of the Hindu trinity which is comprised of Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva. Brahma is often taken to be a concept as opposed to a deity, depending on where you dig into your religious and mythological knowledge. Of course, both religion and mythology are fictional but that doesn't mean that you don't want to name your baby boy after the creator of the universe. That's a pretty badass choice. And look at it this way: some people will probably shorten his name to Brahm at which point his nickname could be taken to be reminiscent of the composer Brahms or the author of Dracula, Bram.

3 Minerva

Minerva is believed to be derived from the Latin root mens, meaning "the mind, thought, and/or intellect". Minerva has quite a role to play when it comes to Roman mythology. She is the goddess of wisdom, sense, reflection, the arts and sciences, technical skill and invention. I think this is a pretty kickass name to give to your daughter. Basically, you're setting her up to know everything about the universe. And that's pretty awesome. Those of you who play Assassin's Creed will now understand why the all-knowing spirit character was called Minerva. For those of you who care what the Greek equivalent of Minerva is, it would be the goddess Pallas Athene. She doesn't quite have the same ring as Minerva though. And if you're Community fans, then I'm sorry for suggesting that you name your daughter after the worst Inspector Spacetime ever.

2 Adonis

Adonis is a name that is pulled from Greek and Roman mythology.

His mother was a tree and he was raised by Persephone and Aphrodite for eight months of every year. For the other four months, he was allowed to go wherever he wanted. Some significant details aside he was eventually killed by a wild boar. Not quite in the same way as Robert Baratheon though. Adonis was well known for his incredibly stunning looks. When someone thinks of what the epitome of a man is, they often use the phrase "he is an Adonis". As it happens, Adonis had a huge following and there was an annual harvest celebration in honour of his passing. Why not join in the festivities and name rename your kid Adonis. Maybe he'll become suddenly stunning...and not get hurt bya  boar.

1 Meda

This name is pulled from Greek Mythology like most of the other names on this list. Andromeda was the daughter of Cassiopeia and the Ethiopian king Cephus. Basically, the big role she plays in the great scheme of Greek mythology is the role of someone who almost gets wasted by a sea monster. The sea monster has her, but luckily Perseus shows up and rescues her. This leads to the two of them getting married, of course. Now, if you don't care anything at all for Greek mythology, then you might just know Andromeda best from either the galaxy that is eventually going to collide with ours or the title of one of the Mass Effect games. Either way, it's a pretty awesome name with some pretty awesome meanings...so long as you don't take it from the context of Greek mythology.

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