20 Baby Names That Are Already Overused This Year

What's in a name? Well, a lot actually. Naming your baby is one of the most, if not the most important things a new parent will do. There are so many factors to consider when choosing a baby name. Some people love the classic names that have been around for years, while others lean towards trendier names that are newer and feature creative spelling.

When choosing a baby name, parents have to decide on how that name is going to fit their child from infancy right through to adulthood. A name that might sound cute for a baby may not be so endearing to a grown adult. There's a lot of pressure to come up with the perfect name for your child because they're going to have that name for the rest of their lives.

There's nothing worse than finding the perfect name for your child only to discover that it's quickly become super popular. Soon enough your kindergartner will be surrounded by 4 other kids all with the same name in their classroom, if not more.

If you're looking for that perfect baby name but want to avoid anything super trendy or popular, here are 20 baby names that are already overused in 2018.

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20 There Can Only Be One Chicago


Let's face it, not a lot of people can pull off naming their child after the windy city, but Kim Kardashian can. When the Selfie Queen welcomed her third child just last month, fans and haters alike waited with baited breath to see what Kim and Kanye would name her. After all, with siblings named North and Saint, you knew that we weren't about to meet a Jennifer or Emma.

The Kardashian Wests decided to name their daughter Chicago, presumably after the city her father grew up in. Chicago, who will be called Chi (pronounced shy) for short, already has her own personalized clothing.

While other celebs share a name with cities like Paris or Brooklyn, Chicago seems to be one of a kind. There's no way you can pull off naming your child Chicago without people drawing the obvious comparisons to the Kardashian family.

One Chicago is enough.

19 Noah

Noah will always be a classic name due to the fact that it has Biblical origins. Noah is a Hebrew name meaning "rest" and "comfort." Most people know the story of how God chose Noah to build an ark where he would load on two of all the animals to survive the great flood.

But Noah is also a really, really common name now. In the last 10 years, it has consistently been one of the top 10 baby names for boys in the US, and has topped the list for 4 of those years. Currently, it's the second most popular name for boys in the United States.

Certainly, Noah is a beautiful name for a boy, rooted in deep history, but it's also been used a lot. Maybe it's time to come up with another equally beautiful name and give Noah a rest for a while?

18 Harper

I think it's safe to say that we can all credit the artist formerly known as Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham herself, for popularizing the name 'Harper' for a girl.

The Telegraph noted that the name Harper jumped a staggering 2,093 places in the baby name rankings in the UK since 2006, thanks in part to the Beckham's naming their only daughter Harper Seven.

Harper is part of a growing trend of using typically last names or stereotypically masculine names and giving them to girls. And while the Beckhams may have helped make the name Harper as popular as it is, they're not the only celebs who have used the name for their daughter.

Lisa Marie Presley, David Spade, Dave Grohl, Martie Maguire, Tiffani Thiessen, Bill Hader and Neil Patrick Harris all have Harpers of their own. If you're looking for something a bit more obscure, you will want to stay away from Harper.

17 Leo

Leo, which was a popular name amongst the ancient Romans as well as more than a dozen Popes, is another name that has found quite the resurgence in popularity. So much so that it's become overused.

Leo, which means lion, is a big name for a little boy. Often short for Leon, or Leopold or Leonardo, the name is quickly rising in popularity over the past few years. While it only broke the top 100 in 2014, it's currently sitting at #34 in 2018. That means there's a whole lot of little boys in just the past few years that have been named Leo.

The name isn't just popular in the US either, it's ranked in the top 5 in France and Finland as well as the top 24 in England, Wales, Scotland and Sweden.

16 Sophia

This one pains me a bit since my own daughter is named Sofia. I admit that sixteen years ago when I gave her the name I had no clue how popular it would become. I do know that at the time I didn't know of any other Sofia/Sophia's. Now of course it seems that everywhere I go someone has a daughter/cousin/sister/friend named Sophia, and maybe it's time that we shelve the name for a little while, and let some other names take over in popularity?

Sophia has consistenly ranked in the top 10 baby names since 2006, and breaking in the top 100 back in 1997. And that isn't taking in to account the alternative spellings of the name either.

While I love the name it has truly become overused and is already the fifth most popular girls name of 2018. Time to try something a bit different and put Sophia to bed.

15 Ethan

How many Ethan's do you know? I bet the answer is more than three, and that's a lot of Ethan's. The name, which is Hebrew for "strong," "safe," "firm," is another name rooted in the Bible.

It's been almost 20 years that the name Ethan has sat in the top 20 of most popular boys names, which isn't surprising as it's a classic, strong name. But it's also super popular now and perhaps a bit overused.

Tom Cruise helped bring the name to popularity once again after his character in the hit film franchise Mission Impossible was named Ethan Hunt.

Ethan is currently the eighth most popular boy name and is showing no signs of slowing down in its popularity.

14 Isabella

Isabella, like Olivia and Sophia is another of those names that has just become completely overused and could use a break for a year or 10!

It's been 20 years that the name has been in the to 100, but it broke the top 10 in 2004 and never looked back! Perhaps a lot of it's popularity can be attributed to the Isabella Swan, who was the lead in the Twilight series?

Regardless, it's a hugely popular name with Hebrew origins that means 'devoted to God.'

While Bella is the most common short form of the name, other variations on Isabella are Isabel, Isobel, and Isabetta. Perhaps if you love the name but are looking for something a bit more unique, these would be great options.

13 Finn

The name Finn is quickly becoming a name on the rise! Since it first broke in on to popularity lists in the US back in 2000, the name has slowly but steadily been rising in popularity.

Just last year the name was ranked #117 in terms of popularity, and really isn't slowing down. The Scandinavian name, which means laplander, isn't the only similar sounding name that is gaining popularity.

Finlay and Finley, Finian and Finnian, Finnegan and Finnigan, and even Fynn are all popular variations of the name. Not quite so popular but equally a mouthful is Phinneas, which Julia Roberts named her young son.

Over the past few years Finn was the name that was rising up the popularity ranks the fastest, and is still gaining fans.

12 Amelia

Amelia, like Sophia, Olivia, Isabella and Emma is one of those classic girls names that has just taken off in it's popularity. So much so that unless we want to one day have classrooms full of just girls with those names, we may want to put them aside for a decade or two!

Amelia, which means 'industrious' and 'striving' is currently the 7th most popular girls name in the US, down from #1 last year. Although depending on which list you look at, it's clear that Amelia isn't going anywhere.

In the UK, Amelia is the second most popular girls name, second only to - you guessed it - Olivia.

While it's a pretty and update version of Emily or Amanda and often spelled a variety of ways, it's also a super common name that may need to take a break for a bit.

11 Avery

Avery is one of those names that is almost as popular for boys as it is for girls. While it's traditionally a last name, and more recently more popular among girls than boys, Avery is rising in the charts as a boy name.

The name Avery, which means 'ruler of the elves,' has been sitting steadily on the popular baby name charts, but has never broken the top 10. Still, it's common enough amongst both boys and girls that chances are you'll have at least another Avery in your child's grade school class.

It's time to retire Avery for a little while and let another gender neutral name have a chance to shine.

Names like Riley, Peyton and Mason are all waiting for their turn to shine!

10 Oliver

Oliver, which tops the baby name charts in the UK, New Zealand and Australia seemed to take off amongst more hipster and trendy parents in the US over the past decade. The name has quickly risen to be one of the top 15 names for a boy in the US over the last 10 years, and has become a favourite of new parents everywhere.

Like it's female version, Olivia, Oliver means 'olive tree.' The biblical olive tree symbolizes fruitfulness and beauty and dignity, and many often use the term 'Extending an olive branch' to signify an offer of peace.

Oliver is a beautiful name but it's increasingly popularity means your son probably won't be the only one you know who bears it, which is definitely something to think about it you're looking for something a bit more unique and less trendy.

9 Ava

It was about in 2005 when the name Ava really began it's resurgence in popularity in the United States. Since then it's consistently sat in the top 10 of most popular baby girl names on any list you'll look at.

Some credit the rise in popularity of the classic name to all of the celebrities who named their own daughters the short but sweet name. Reese Witherspoon, Hugh Jackman, Jason Priestly, Jeremy Renner, Martina McBride, and even Eli Manning all have daughters named Ava.

The name Ava, which means 'life' has yet to capture the #1 spot on all the popular baby name lists, always seeming to come in a close second or third to the Olivias or Isabellas or Sophias of the world.

While Ava is beautiful, simple name, it's also super common now. If you're looking for something a bit more unique, keep looking.

8 Liam

Liam is one of those stong Irish names that quickly gained popularity in the US over the past few years. Now it's so popular it's been topping the top 10 lists consistently, with no signs of slowing down. It's one of the fastest rising Irish names, having only broke in to the top 10 in 2012, rising to #2 in 2013. It stayed there until 2016 before taking over the #1 spot in 2017.

Currently this year it's still in the #1 position, hinting that the popularity of the Irish name isn't even close to slowing down.

The name, which means strong willed warrior and protector, is said to be a derivative of the classic name William. William might be the better choice if you're looking for a classic name, but not one that every second child on the playground is going to have.

7 Mila

While Mila not be as popular a name as say, Sophia or Emma or Olivia, if you look at the naming trends it certainly seems like it could be on it's way to that kind of popularity.

The name is currently sitting at #10 in terms of popularity so far this year, and that's up 8 whole spots from last year. That means that the name is showing a huge jump in popularity, and if you're not careful your little Mila could be the next Olivia in her classroom.

In Slavic the name means "industrious" and "hardworking" while in Russian it means "dear one". It's also commonly used as an abbreviation for names like Milena, Ludmila, and Camila.

If you want to avoid the popularity of the name Mila, perhaps go for one of the longer forms of the name instead.

6 Asher

Asher is another one of those Biblical names that is currently on the rise, but maybe too much so if you're looking for something a bit more unique. In fact, Asher could be poised to take the place of Noah in just a few years in terms of popularity.

The name, which is Hebrew and means "happy" or "blessed," is definitely a sweet and lovely name, but is also quickly gaining popularity.

Since 2013 Asher has consistently risen in the popularity name polls, at first cracking the top 100 and currently sitting at number 55. Another similar, yet arguably more popular similar name is Ashton.

Asher is a nice name but defintely not a name all kids can pull off.

5 Megan

Again, thanks to the soon to be royal wedding madness, we're going to be seeing a spike in the name Megan, thanks to Prince Harry's American actress fiancee, Megan Markle. Megan, or Meghan, or Megyn and even Meagan has always been one of the most popular Welsh names in the US over the years.

It seems to have hit it's peak in the 1990's, were it was in the top 10 most popular baby names, but thanks to Megan Markle we can see a huge resurgence in the name in 2018. After all, who doesn't love a fairy tale story with a happy ending?

While you think you may be giving your child a relatively unassuming moniker in honor of the latest Royal bride, you probably won't be alone. We predict a lot of Harry and Megans being born in 2018.

4 Logan

After all the controversy surrounding YouTuber Logan Paul, I think we can all agree that it might be time to put the name Logan to rest for a while. While it's a sweet name, it's often hard to disassociate a name from someone who has been in the news for the reasons that Logan Paul has.

The Scottish name, which means 'small hollow,' is super popular in Scotland and Wales, and quickly became popular in the US over the past few years.

Although Hugh Jackman's Wolverine character was named Logan, as were loveable characters in Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls, Logan Paul remains the most memorable Logan currently.

Logan for a girl is still relatively unique and not as common as Logan for a boy. In 2016 Logan was listed around 18 on the popularity poll, yet in the past two years it's risen as high as #3, meaning there's a huge spike of Logan's right now.

3 Olivia

Olivia Wilde, Olivia Munn, Olivia Holt, Olivia Palermo and Olivia Culpo are just a few of the famous Olivia's I can think of off the top of my head. The name Olivia, the female form of the name Oliver, was reportedly first used by Shakespeare in his play, 'Twelfth Night'. It's Latin interpretation basically means 'olive branch.'

What was once a name you rarely heard on the playground, you'd be hard pressed to go anywhere these days and not hear a mom calling for her Olivia.

Olivia has consistently been in the top 5 most popular baby names in the US over the past decade, sitting in the runner up spot for the past four years in a row. Olivia has never cracked the #1 spot and maybe that means it's time to take a break from the name for a while?

2 Harry

In case you weren't paying attention, there's about to be another royal wedding this year. That's right, Prince Harry, that gorgeous ginger Prince is taking a bride! While Harry has always been a relatively popular name, moreso in the UK thank the US, it's recently gotten a whole lot more common, thanks to the Prince. We can't forget Harry Potter and singer Harry Styles for it's popularity also.

Harry is the medieval English form of Henry, and is often used as a nickname for Henry. The name has long held a spot in the top 10 baby names in the UK yet with the impending royal marriage, it's becoming increasingly popular stateside.

You may think you're choosing a relatively uncommon name if you choose Harry but it's quickly becoming overused.

1 Stormi


It's hard to believe that Stormi is now currently a 'trending' name! While it may have been in the news a lot lately, we're definitely hoping we don't see a trend towards little Stormi's on the playground.

First, former porn star Stormy Daniels made the news after allegations of her affair with President Donald Trump went public, and then the name got hugely popular when Kylie Jenner not only confirmed she had a baby, but that she named her Stormi.

I think it's safe to say that the name Stormi is totally done now. When one is as famous as a Kar/Jenner, if you choose to name your child Stormi now you'll forever be asked if you did so because of Kylie Jenner. And let's face it, Stormi's not the kind of name every child can pull off. Maybe it's best left to the child of a celebrity.

Names are super personal and if you love a name you should give it to your child, regardless if it's overused and uber popular. But if you're trying to avoid having a classroom full of kids who all share the same name as yours, perhaps it's time to avoid these overused choices and look at something different.

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