20 Baby Names That Are Taking Over The World

It blows us away how so many different languages and cultures could come together and see the beauty in the sound of a name. Our societies are continuing to become more culturally mixed and we love it! International travel for business and/or pleasure is no longer out of the ordinary. Exotic vacations and relocating to different countries, whether it is temporary or permanent, has become a cultural norm.

For those parents who love to travel, choosing a baby name that is internationally known around the world is the way to go. We don't even have to leave our home to connect with others around the world. The internet and social media has made it easy to connect and work with people who don't live in the same time zone. What will the world be like when our children grow older? We can't say for sure, but we can hope that the world will only be more united, which is why an international name is a terrific choice.

It's important to keep in mind that numerous big countries like China and India don't report baby names. While the names on this list are taking over the Western world, factoring in every single country would alter the list of popularity. We did our research within the countries that do report baby names, and narrowed it down to the names that appear on top across the board. So without further ado, here are the baby names that are taking the world by storm!


The sweet victorious name, Emma, has made quite the impression on the world attracting the attention of millions of people. Emma is the number one name in the United States, but that is only the beginning of the Emma take over. Canada (BC), Belgium, Denmark, France, Netherlands, and Norway all have the name Emma at the top of the charts. Little Emma is number two in Ireland and Switzerland, and number 3 in Iceland.

The name Emma means “universal” which is fitting because this name has been used all over the world. It's an old timeless name that has been used for centuries for Queens and socialites. Maybe you feel like the name has been overused and you don't want to chose a popular name - BUT - maybe you can see the beauty in this name and understand there is a reason it has been used with great popularity for so long.


While the name Felix isn't hitting the charts at number 1, we predict this name will soon be on the rise. New trendy parents love names with the letter “x” in it. The United States is falling behind on the Felix bandwagon. The name falls outside the top 200 in the United States. However, Austria parents know the chic feeling this name has. Felix hits the charts at number 8 in Austria. Denmark, Germany and Norway hold the name Felix in the top 50 names. Australia and New Zealand are also seeing a surge in the name.

Felix is a Latin name that means “happy” and “fortunate.” We see Baby Felix as energetic and optimistic with a promising future. Don't be surprised if Felix is in a high powered position. After all, the name Felix was used in the Middle Ages by many early saints and four popes. This name has Christian roots which may attract those who share the same religion.


The name Charlotte is a feminine diminutive of the name Charles. We can thank the princess of Cambridge, Charlotte, for putting this already popular name even higher on the charts. Charlotte is currently ranked number 1 in Australia, number 2 in New Zealand, number 7 in Canada, number 9 in the United States, number 20 in Belgium, number 21 in Scotland, and number 25 in England and Wales. It's safe to say this name is exploding all over the world.

Charlotte is an elegant and royal name - literally! This name is an all around winner in our book. It's warm and inviting yet respected, sophisticated and stylish. England's Queen Charlotte Sophia popularized the name in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The name continues to hold the standards of royalty. The current Princess of Cambridge will surely live up to the name Charlotte and make her mark on the world.


The “son of Jack” or Jackson had spent numerous years towards the bottom of the charts. This name has taken a giant leap to the top and has been in the top 20 names of the United States since 2010. Believe it or not, Jackson has ranked so high on the Social Security list that it has surpassed John and Jack. Maybe because parents feel that Jackson is more modern than John and Jack might be to plain for many new parents. Like many other names, parents have put a trendy spin on the name Jackson by spelling it Jaxon or Jaxson. We know the chic couples love the letter “x” which is an added bonus to switching up the old spelling.

The traditional spelling Jackson ranks at number 17 in the United States and number 19 in Canada (BC). The newer version of Jaxon ranks at number 44 in the United States and number 43 in Canada. There are numerous countries that continue to have the traditional spelling of Jackson in the top 100 such as England and Wales, Australia, New Zealand, Northern Ireland and Scotland. We predict that the number of Jacksons and the variation spellings will continue to grow over the world.


In 2011 Mason hit the charts at number 2 in the United States. It has since fallen to number 3, but there's no doubt the name is still popular. Maybe the popularity spike was due to the fact that the trend setting Kourtney Kardashian use the name Mason for her son in 2009. The reality show media attention surely played a part in the public love for the name Mason. Let's face it, it was impossible not to fall in love with the little guy - and his name - when he made his world debut!

This English occupational name has the meaning “worker in stone.” The United States isn't the only place that sees the conquering potential of the name Mason. New Zealand has the name Mason at number 6 on the charts and in Canada (BC) Mason is number 8. England and Wales, Australia, Ireland, Netherlands and Scotland all hold the name Mason well within the top 50 names.


Isabella is the fiery superstar of baby girl names. The lead character Isabella “Bella” Swan from Twilight definitely helped give this name an extra umph. New parents are finding name variations appealing, and Isabella has plenty to chose from! Izzy and Bella are super cute nicknames for a little girl named Isabella. There are also an endless number of spellings for this name. Isabel, Isabelle, Isobel, and Isabela just to name a few.

Isabella is most popular in Iceland ranking at number 4. The United States isn't far behind coming in at number 5. England and Wales, Denmark, and New Zealand all hold the name in the top 10. No matter where we are in the world, the name Isabella won't be far. Canada (BC), Australia, Austria, Chile, Ireland, Mexico, Scotland and Sweden all hold this name in the top 50 names. In a list of names taking over the world, Isabella will surely be on it!


The name Lucas is constantly inching up the charts and it is now the highest it has ever been in the United States. The origin of Lucas comes from the Latin form of Luke. It seems that parents want or need something more substantial than Luke, which is why Lucas is the direction many parents are taking. The name Lucas is celebrating huge international success.

Lucas is the number 1 name in Sweden and number 2 in France. That's just the start of Lucas’s success. The Netherlands and Denmark hold Lucas at number 3, number 4 in Belgium, number 5 in Canada (BC) number 7 in Scotland, number 9 in Spain, number 11 in Galicia, number 13 in Chile, number 14 in New Zealand and finally number 16 in the United States. The list of countries that hold the name Lucas in the top 100 goes on and on. No matter where we are in the world, Lucas holds popularity, power and respect.


At number 3 in Ireland and number 4 in the United States, the three letter name Ava holds a lot of intensity. Ava has the meaning “life” and all the little Ava’s we come across will be sure to make a mark in our lives. They are slowly but surely taking over the world. Ava is a sweet name and it's not as modern as we might think. Saint Ava was born in 845 AD and is known for being cured of blindness.

Ava currently ranks at number 5 in England and Wales, Canada (BC), and Australia. Scotland and New Zealand aren't too far behind holding the name Ava in the top 15. Dozens of super celebrities have chosen the name Ava for their daughters, which is always a contributing factor when a name is on the rise. Reese Witherspoon and Hugh Jackman are among the celebrities that have chosen the name Ava for their little girls.


There are 24 countries that hold the name Benjamin in the top 60 names. This is easily one of the most popular names in the world. We could create an entire army of boys named Benjamin. Is it possible that the Benjamin's could literally take over the world? Possible but not probable. This Hebrew name has the meaning “son of the South” or “son of the right hand.” The famous Benjamin Franklin gave the name Benjamin a connection to American money. He is pictured on the 100 dollar bill, and now Benjamin is a slang word for money.

Chile knows the power of this name and ranks the name Benjamin at number 2. Benjamin is number 4 in Canada (BC), number 5 in New Zealand and number 10 in the United States. England and Wales, Australia, Austria, Bosnia, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland all hold the name Benjamin in the top 30.


Noah has surprised the world taking the number 1 spot in the United States becoming the first new top boys name of the 21st century. Noah has kicked Jacob out of its 13 year reign as the number 1 name in the US - it's about time! The United States isn't the only one holding the name Noah on top. Noah is also ranking number 1 boys name in Switzerland. Noah is climbing towards the top in Denmark coming in at number 2 and number 3 in Belgium and Northern Ireland. England and Wales, Netherlands, Australia and Ireland all have the name Noah in their list of top 10 names.

We all know Noah as a biblical name. He was the man singled out by god and was meant to survive a great flood. It is said that he also took pairs of animals aboard his ark. You have probably heard some version of the story of Noah's Ark. if not, check out the movie Evan Almightly starring Steve Carell and Morgan Freeman for an entertaining comedy version of Noah’s Ark.


The name Olivia was first used by the famous playwright William Shakespeare in 1602. He gave the name Olivia to a character in the comedy Twelfth Night. Fast forward a little more than 400 years and the name Olivia is being used for the lead character in the popular television series Scandal. The name Olivia is mega popular along with its brother name Oliver.

Olivia and Oliver were recently both at the number 1 spots in the UK. Olivia has since dropped to number 2 in England and Wales. The United States, Canada and Australia all hold the name Olivia at number 2 as well. New Zealand is where Olivia is at taking the number 1 spot. Belgium, Norway and Scotland are barely behind where the name ranks at number 3. Olivia is also in the top 10 in Northern Ireland and Sweden. A little girl with the name Olivia is ready to jet set around the world and fit in wherever she goes.


The number 1 girls name in Switzerland is Mia. Another powerful three lettered name has made its mark, not just in Switzerland, but the rest of the world as well. The name Mia is high on the list in the United States and Australia. Mia is ranked number 7 in Croatia, number 8 in New Zealand, number 9 in England and Wales, and number 10 in Austria, Ireland and Slovenia. WOW! Those are just the countries that rank Mia in the top 10. The list goes on with Mia ranking in the teens, twenties, and thirties. A total of at least 26 countries rank the name Mia in the top 100. Clearly, this name has won the world over.

Mia is an Italian word meaning “mine.” The name Mia is also used as a short form of the name Maria. The name Maria has been in the top 200 since the late 1800s. We think it's a great idea for all the Maria's out there to put a trendy spin on their name and call their little girls Mia.


Leo is the number 1 name in Finland. It's super masculine and cool. All the parents who love short and sweet names will fall in love with a little boy named Leo. The meaning of Leo is “lion” and we're sure all the little boys named Leo live up to the meaning of their name. Take Leonardo “Leo” DiCaprio for example. He is a great role model for all the little Leo’s to look up to.

The parents in France appreciate the strong and friendly name Leo because it ranks at number 4. Leo is number 10 in Galicia, number 12 in Catalonia, number 13 in Scotland, Spain and Sweden, and number 15 in England and Wales. The name Leo ranks well within the top 100 in 21 counties. The name is lagging behind a little in the United States where it ranks at number 91. We expect Leo to continue climbing the ladder and eventually take over the world!


The number one girls name in England and Wales is - drumroll please… - AMELIA! This German name has the meaning “work” so we expect all the little Amelia's to work hard at whatever interests them. We think Amelia is a lovely Victorian name, but with a more mysterious sexy vibe than the names Emma or Emily give off. The heroic connection to Amelia Earhart is an added bonus that comes with choosing the name Amelia.

The parents of Australia and Ireland understand the quality of this name as it ranks at numbers 4 and 5. Amelia ranks at number 7 in Scotland and Northern Ireland, number 8 in Poland, and number 9 in Canada (BC) and New Zealand. Amelia just falls out of the top ten names in the United States where it ranks at number 12. Its without a doubt that the name Amelia has grown in popularity and continues to grow in many different countries.


The French tend to be trend setters to the rest of the world. The food and fashion are impeccable and their baby's names are as well. Chloe is the number 3 ranked name in France. The name Chloe falls just outside the top 5 in Canada (BC) and Australia coming in at number 6. The Kardashians have taken some of the would be Chloe's and turned them into Khloe's. We think parents will start seeing the beauty of this name spelled with the letter “C.” Dance Moms star, Chloe Lukasiak, has caught the attention of many fans and is now expanding on her career as a dancer by adding actress to her resume. She is starring in an upcoming movie called Loophole. When she goes big, so will the baby name Chloe.

The name Chloe with a “C” still ranks in the top 20 in at least 10 different countries. It is number 17 in the United States and number 18 in England and Wales.


The name Zoe has the meaning “life” which is very fitting considering this name has had one of the longest life spans on the charts. It's surprisingly one of those names that has been in the top 1000 almost every year since 1880! Zoe hits the charts at number 33 in the United States which is lower than Zoey with a “ y.” Then why did we chose the spelling Zoe for our list? Because again, those three letter names are appealing to new parents. It's a trend that we think will be around for a while longer.

Zoe ranks the highest in Hungary at number 7 and falls just below at number 8 in Australia. Zoe just made it into the top 10 at number 10 in the Netherlands. The name fell just out of the top 10 at number 11 in France. Zoe Hart is the leading female character on the television series Hart of Dixie. Kids might recognize the name Zoe from Sesame Street and think it's a perfect fit for their new little sister.


The number 1 boys name in the Netherlands is Liam. This name falls just outside the number one spot and ranks at number 2 in the United States and number 3 in Canada (BC). The name Liam means “resolute protection” and it's an Irish short form of the popular name William. It's trendy and chic for Short hand names to stand on their own. The name Liam is no exception. This name was chosen for one of the lead characters on the E! series The Royals. #KingLiam is trending all over the world. We predict the more the public falls in love with this character, the more baby boys will come home with the name Liam.

Sweden, Switzerland and Norway are all on the Liam train already where the name also ranks at number 3. Liam is number 5 in Belgium and number 9 in New Zealand. The name Liam has been on the decline in England and Wales. It has fallen to number 81. Maybe the locals aren't crazy about the idea of a scandalous fictitious show about the monarchy.


The English virtue name Grace has returned into the United States top 20 now ranking at number 19. Grace is one of the sweet and innocent names. The Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, gave this name a cool elegant feeling. This name existed as Gracia in the Middle Ages, and we wouldn't be surprised to see it come back again when parents get tired of plain old Grace, and then decide to switch up the spelling. Grayson is a way to turn this sweet girl's name into a cool trendy boys name.

The name Grace is more popular in other parts of the world than it is in the United States. Grace is ranked at number 3 in Northern Ireland and number 8 in Ireland. Australia is right behind Ireland coming in at number 9. New Zealand is number 12 and in England and Wales Grace ranks at number 14. The name Grace has blessed numerous countries around the world.


“If you have a hundred sons, name them all Muhammad” explains the Muslim adage. There are over 500 names for the Arab prophet who founded the Muslim religion, which makes this the most common boys name in the world. The Arabic name Muhammad has been on a steady incline in England and Wales. Muhammad has climbed its way up to number 12. The name Muhammed makes the top 50 boys names in Scotland and is in the top 100 in Australia and Norway. However, the name Muhammad is falling way behind in the United States where it comes in at number 365.

The meaning of the name Muhammad is “praiseworthy.” The famous American boxer Muhammad Ali is surely living up to his name and is totally praiseworthy. We are surprised more Americans haven't been inspired by Muhammad Ali to name their babies after him. We suspect that the name Muhammad will continue to climb the ladder in America as well as around the world.


Baby name expert, Laura Wattenberg, collected baby name statistics from 49 countries around the world. She found that some form of Sophia or a variation spelling ranked first place in 9 different countries, second or third in 20 countries, and hit the top 25 in two-thirds of the counties that repost baby names. Wattenberg believes that Sophia, and its variations such as Sofia or Sofie, is the most popular girls’ baby name in the world.

Sophia was the number 1 girls name in the United States from 2011-2013. It has since dropped to number 3 in the US and Austria. The name Sophia is number 4 in Canada (BC). The name Sophia is a true winner no matter where you live in the world. This name has been used over and over by celebrities and the name continues to hold the sound of sophisticated beauty. We are not surprised that Sophia has taken over the world!

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