20 Baby Names That Will Likely Result In An Ugly Baby

Obviously a name has nothing to do with genetics and won't determine if the baby is physically attractive but a name creates a persona...

Obviously a name has nothing to do with genetics and won't determine if the baby is physically attractive but a name creates a persona and adds to our wonderful personalities. There are however some names which are often considered to be ugly names. Not by everyone but a vast majority at least, which means the name tends to hold on to those negative meanings.

They could be old fashioned names that have long gone out of fashion and have lost their appeal becoming a stereotypical old age, ugly name. Names that would make a beautiful and stunning newborn look and sound like an old man before he was even able to grow into his name. Or they could be names associated with people in our history that were downright bullies or negative people. Mean or crass people that leave a really bad lasting impression on us.

You get a inkling as to whether or not a name you are drawn to will make your baby seem like an ugly person or have a really ugly history which obviously you won't want to pass on to your child. For example the name Adolf was once a royal Swedish name but lost favour due to Adolf Hitler and his despicable crimes.

So we've done some of the hard work for you and found 20 names, 10 boys and 10 girls names that are old fashioned, synonymous with bullies or have a sketchy past.  Would you still consider these names for your baby? Let us know why!


Your baby may not come to appreciate their name if you pass on the moniker Angus to them. This old fashioned, rustic name, while having a nice meaning - one strength - has a very harsh and old man sound to it that hasn't moved along with the hip and trendy names we now see in our top 100 baby names.

Angus is no doubt full of a rich history and is deep in heritage coming from Scotland but it certainly brings up an image of a white bearded, bag pipe playing, elderly man which doesn't suit the sweet, gentle face of your baby boy who stares so lovingly up at you. Angus continues to drop in the rankings year on year and no doubt will one day be considered such an ugly, old fashioned name that very few will use it unless they have familial connections to the name.


The name Beryl brings back flashes of the Sunday paper comic pages with Beryl the Peril. The name is synonymous with the comic strip of the most painfully frustrating, annoying and let's face it, darn right bold child. Beryl, much like Dennis the Menace, was simply one of those kids who annoyed the living daylights of the adults around her. I certainly wouldn't want to give my child this name due to its ugly associations with a terrible, unruly child.

On top of that, Beryl is almost always the name of a purple rinse grandmother making any baby bearing this name incredibly old, unfashionable and dated before they even hit their first milestone. Thankfully, this ugly name never truly made it over the waters outside of England, and let's keep it that way!


Yikes, I'm very sorry to every Boris out there but it is simply not an attractive name. It sounds bullish and brisk in its pronunciation and has very little, or rather, no pretty or discerning characteristics. The name also has a somewhat negative meaning - to fight - which reminds us of bullies in the playground.

As a Russian name, it retains the stark rigidness of the language which is far from the beautiful, poetic names we are used to seeing on our lists of favourite names. Boris portrays the image of a tough man which of course is not a bad thing once that man was not a harsh bully who grew with this personality flaw from childhood to adulthood. While Boris will always be popular in its native country, it has failed to make its way past Russia and mainland Europe to overseas. Which is not necessarily bad thing.


And while we're on Russian names, not that we have anything against them at all, Olga jumps out as being an overtly ugly name for a beautiful baby girl. Olga sadly sends the image of an old, matronly and strict mother who thinks of odd and colourful ways to discipline her children. Ok, so that's a bit harsh but the name is far from beautiful and holds very little poetic or exotic feeling about it. Whatever appeal it once had has been sincerely lost over time and the name is no longer considered pretty. It's popularity has dipped dramatically over the years and very soon this name will be pushed outside the top 2000.

Even though the name means holy or beautiful, it conjures up a very negative and downright harsh image. I'm sorry Olga's of the world, but your name has been landed in the ugly pile.


Let's face it, Arthur is the name of the old man propping up the last bar stool in your local pub. It just rings out with old age. It is a long time since this name rang true with the valiant image of King Arthur and the knights of the round table. It no longer holds the strength and power it once conveyed and has resigned itself to lists of names most of us are unlikely to use. In fact, Arthur lost its appeal back in the 1920s and has failed to see a revival since.

Arthur, meaning bear, is no longer in favour with parents who recognise the ugly nature of it, especially on a baby or young boy. For some reason this name will always age you. Certain names sound so old and so washed out that it's very hard to bring them back from the brink of ugliness.


I actually like Doris because it reminds me of my wonderful elderly neighbour who is great to have a conversation with but beeps her horn the entire length of our road to warn kids about playing in the street! At the end of the day, this cute name is the moniker of an old woman with many a gripe. She is the woman who takes joy in complaining and grumbling about everything and anything.

Meaning, Gift of the Ocean, Doris has very few redeeming qualities for newborn babies. It is another name that fell out of favour after the 1920s after having decades of use and love. It has never, and more than likely will never make a comeback because it is one of those names that is considered so old fashioned and twee, that it is now ugly. Sorry Doris, but your legacy is unlikely to live on despite the beloved Doris Day.


Kyd is a perfectly acceptable surname, which you may have noticed more so than a first name. But using it as your baby's first name is simply downright lazy and horrible. Mixing up the spelling doesn't make this moniker any more appealing either. It really is a bad choice of name for your baby boy which is not only ugly but fails to give him any sort of identity that will stand to him in later life.

Speaking of which, would you really wish for your baby boy to be referred to as Kyd when he's filling out job applications or attending a college interview? The name not only diminishes his personality but gives him an immature and innocent trait which more than likely won't hold true to who he actually is. Choosing a strong and beautiful name will give your baby boy a good start in life... calling him Kyd simply won't.


Oh Ethel, you were once a beautiful and popular name but how times have changed. Ethel, which means Noble Maiden, is no longer noble in any sense of the word and has lost its poetic appeal over the generations. In fact, the majority of people with this moniker are now of a very old generation that they would probably be dismayed by the hip and trendy names parents ordinarily choose these days.

Another name to lose favour since the 1940s, Ethel is too old to be cool anymore and while not wholeheartedly ugly, so many of us now see the wizened old face of a grandmother when we hear it. To call Ethel ugly would do it a disservice but it would definitely seem ugly when given to a beautiful and tiny newborn baby. The name is too large and robust to be anything other than the name of a gentle, soft and caring grandmother.


Garth is one moniker that has very few good qualities to its name. Sadly, Garth, which has an odd meaning of Groundskeeper or Enclosure, has become synonymous with the likes of nerds, dorks and unattractive people. When did you last hear of a superhero or the romantic lead being named Garth? The name is now reserved for the unlikely companion or eighth in command, who may possibly end up getting killed. It's a name that has been moved so far down the list due to its less than romantic or bright feel.

Even the pronunciation of this name falters with a jarring beginning and a sudden ending. The name almost gets stuck in your throat as you say it. Garth took a drastic nosedive in the popularity ranks in the early 80s. It no longer played a leading role in amongst the beautiful and poetic names that took over. Not even Garth Brooks could bring this name back from the brink!


Eeek Eunice! I'm sorry but any beauty you once had has been thrown in the back of the vault with all of the old fashioned names that resemble a time long since past. Giving your baby girl this name will throw your girl into having the persona of an old woman. Eunice does have a nice name meaning though which is Good Victory but even that can't redeem this now ugly name.

It's popularity only dwindled in the 1990s which is a bit of a surprise considering it's very dated nature. But since it is associated with the Kennedy family, it remained in favour a little longer than it should have. These days, beautiful baby girl names tend to verge on the side of being sweet and delicate. Eunice on the other hand is very brash and stark with an almost sickly feel to it. It's been a long time since it's made anyone swoon over it.


The name Gage has very few resounding qualities and does nothing to add to a persons personality. In fact the name is so ugly that it simply reminds us of a mechanical gauge making the name even more mundane and dull, if that's even possible. Despite one syllable names still holding favour with many parents for their short and snappy sounds, Gage is not one of those names we automatically think of.

Gage, which is a French name meaning Oath or Pledge, surprisingly held a place in the top 250 baby boy names but happily fell out of favour and out of the top quarter just last year. How it lasted that long is beyond us but we're not surprised it's dropping. Gage is not beautiful, quirky or interesting. It's simply one of those ugly names that really should never make our shortlists.


Fannie is one of those names you simply can't get away with these days. Having too many references to bodily parts in various areas of the world this name has taken on new meanings which invariably have made it incredibly ugly. It is highly unlikely any parent would even consider this name for their baby girl these days.

Of course Fanny was one of the go to names back in the nineteenth century and soared up the ranks thanks to being used in various popular literature pieces. It was not only popular, it was also considered to be beautiful. It didn't take long for it to start it's descent and since the 1960s it has invariably dropped off the scales. These days Fanny is considered to be not just ugly but downright rude!


Howard. Howard. Howard. Anyone else picturing their grandad? Howard is another one of those names that has created a persona of old age, being worn out and possibly washed up. It's no longer a cool and hip trendy name like it once was back in the 1950s. Howard is not fully an ugly name but it will give your baby metaphorical wrinkles!

Howard dropped in the ranks in the early 1990s and has seen very little movement for a revival. Not even the cute and hip trendy nickname, Howie, can bring this old fashioned and aging name back to the forefront. It will take a lot for us to see this name make any headway in the charts. It is now reserved for those who wish to keep a family name going or those obsessed with the name. But with so many names to choose from, this limits the numbers down a lot.


Janice Litman Goralnick (what a name) from Friends has most certainly created an entire ugly persona for this name and has potentially ruined it completely for parents who had previously considered it. Janice actually means God's Gracious Gift but it's far from it since the name has taken on every trait form Chandler Bing's incredibly frustrating and annoying ex girlfriend.

Janice actually took a nosedive in the charts back in the 1960s however and has become one of those names that is no longer loved or adored. It lost its appeal as newer, fresher and cleaner names popped up, sending the now ugly names back to the end of the pile. Any revival that may have been on the cards however got quashed by Janice'a nasally, loud and irritating voice and personality as Friends became more and more popular. Sorry Janice but you are now an ugly name.


Stewart, we will admit, is a surprising name on this list but believe it or not it is now considered to be a newfound ugly name on the list of names we no longer consider to be pretty enough to be given to our baby. A Scottish name, literally meaning a Steward, it has lost much of its appeal and it's popularity has dwindled as a result.

Being more popular in England than the US, Stewart has never been given much thought on this side of the world. With a harsh tone and dual syllable which almost effectively ends with wart depending on your pronuniciation, Stewart has taken on an ugly trait which is always hard to shake. Having lost almost all popularity by the 1960s and falling off the charts completely soon after, Stewart will find it incredibly difficult to find its way back in favour.


This quintessentially Scottish name has proven to only be popular in its native country. Such a harsh and brash sounding name can only be considered ugly in amongst the pretty names that top our baby lists. So Morag means Great but that does not translate to the actual name which is far, far, far from great.

Parents these days hope to find a name that gives their child not only beauty but personality and while the name Morag oozes character, it doesn't necessarily say the positive things parents are looking for. Not even a close association with Harry Potter could bring this name out of the witches cauldron. Sitting just inside the top 2000 on our popular baby names lists, Morag has failed to win over anyone with its ugliness. You wouldnt want your child to be associated with the name of a witch with her warts on nose and crooked back now would you?


Randall is a medieval name that never seemed to find its way out of that time period. It has very rarely seen the light of day except for an odd spike in popularity during the 1950s to 1970s. Why it became popular in those years is a mystery. Perhaps the nickname, Randy, was seen you be ubër chic back then. But all we know is that Randall is such an old and musty name that it has uncovered a type of ugliness that is impossible to dust off.

And, needless to say, Randy has lost any redeeming qualities too, especially with it being synonymous with being overly anxious to be affectionate, to put it politely. Randall and Randy are two names that have been banished to the ugly pile. Very few parents have chosen this name over the last few decades and rightly so. The names are far from pretty, interesting or unique and create a persona of an old, worn out man who may be inappropriate at best at the worst of tines.


Shirley was, at one time, one of the most popular baby girl names in the 1930s with the rise to fame of the beloved Shirley Temple. In the 80 to 90 years since this name topped the charts, it has taken on an image which can no longer classify it as a beautiful girls name. It has become so old and dire considering the majority of girls named Shirley have all grown up and become grandmothers.

The name has now taken on the persona of an old woman which in turn makes it incredibly ugly. And no parent will want to age their child before they're out of diapers. Despite Shirley meaning Bright Meadow, there is nothing bright about this name. In fact it brings to mind old black and white movies, completely without colour. The phrase "Don't call me Shirley" also comes to mind when we hear this name.


Rupert at one time had a quirky cuteness about it but that phase didn't last very long. A quintessentially British name, Rupert throws up images of the stiff upper lip, of tweed jackets and jaunty scarfs. An old fashioned, dated image for an ugly name. Rupert has a really lovely name meaning though, Bright Fame, but not even that could take it out of the ugly corner.

Even the amazingly cool librarian in Buffy the Vampire Slayer went by his surname, Giles, rather than his first name. Rupert simply lost any of the cool vibe it once had. Since the 1940s this aged name has dwindled off of the charts and into the slush pile. It's unlikely many parents will choose this name for their baby boy unless it makes an incredible comeback which at this stage is unlikely.


Oh dear, no just no! Finally we have kept the worst name for last. Dorcas, which is a girls name but you would hardly know it because it sounds so inherently masculine and harsh, is one incredibly ugly name. Have you heard it before? Unlike other traditionally classical names, Dorcas, which is Greek, has transformed into a name no parent in their right mind would use. Splitting the name up into its two syllables, Dorcas has so many negative connotations you don't want for your baby girl, namely Dork and Ass - yikes!

Dorcas has been out of favour since the 1940s thankfully, as no parent would inflict the wrath of bullies with this ugly name. Plain and simple, Dorcas is a laughable moniker these days and will more than likely never be seen in an honourable position in our baby name charts. Which, once again, is a good thing.

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