20 Baby Names That Will Put Moms In Court

One of the first things that expecting couples talk about is what name to use for the baby. And decisions on the name to be used are usually made before birth whether expecting couples know the gender of their baby or not. People have their own reasons for using the names that they want to use for their kids. However, one risk that all parents take is naming their child a name that the child will hate- even if the name is more or less mainstream.

My mother had a thing for Hebrew and Biblical names because she simply thinks they are beautiful. I am indifferent and I honestly never liked my first name but don't dislike it enough to change it. However, she ended using a horrible name to be used for my middle name- which was Risa and I ended up changing that to Rachel. I am glad I did it because I have always hated the name Risa ever since I was a little girl. I know that middle names are not usually used, but I could not live with having such a horrible name even for a middle name. Even though I don't care for my first name, it was not worth changing it since I would have to basically re-introduce myself to people. It was not worth the bother.

However, it is one thing to name a child a unique name for sentimental reasons. The thing with unique and eccentric names is that there is that risk of turning your child into a bully-magnet. Most names are also legal to use in Canada and in the US- no matter how off the wall they are. But there is a difference between eccentric and downright outrageous names. Are you ready to go through a list of 20 names that are so outrageous that they would put the parents in court?

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20 Vanellope


Let's face it. Vanellope is truly a horrible name but at the same time, it is the least offensive name that is on this list. Vanellope is a Greek variation of Penelope. In Greek mythology, Penelope who was the wise and loyal wife of the adventurer Odysseus. And when most people think of that name, they think of the fictional character, Vanellope von Schweetz from Disney's 2012 animated movie, Wreck-It Ralph.

I never saw the movie, but from the sounds of it, the character of Vanellope was certainly not nice at all. Maybe if she was, the name would be a little easier to handle, like Penelope (which is not my cup of tea either, but it's not anything like its Greek version). However, some parents really do like the name and it has been noted that since 2013, there have been 63 recorded uses of this name for girls. Because the character is so unlikable, there is a good chance that these girls are going to be legally changing their names at some point.

19 Happiness


We all know that happiness is one thing that we want to achieve and yet due to so much stress in life and other factors- it certainly is not easy. And not only do we want to be happy, but we want our kids to be happy. Therefore, some parents-to-be may even be inclined to use names for their babies that means being happy- or gives off a happy vibe. Some examples of those names are Felicity for a girl or Felix for a boy which seems to be coming back into style. Other examples are Blythe and Bliss. These names basically mean happiness and are somewhat mainstream. Somewhat.

However, some parents wanted to be very literal about naming their daughters after being happy- and named them Happiness. As much of a bright sounding name that is, as it is supposed to be positive sounding- it is clearly is not a name and the line has to be drawn somewhere. There have been 8 recorded uses of this name for girls over the past 5 years!

18 Rarity


The one thing we want for our kids is for them to be unique, and to be themselves! Sure, they have to conform to rules in order to get along and to be a contributing member of society. However, we also want them to be special in their own way- and to embrace their uniqueness or differences. That is all fine and good because the last thing we want our kids to turn into are drones. There are not enough people who can think for themselves and end up trying to fit in just for the sake of fitting in.

We want our kids to know better and not to fall into the trap. However, when it comes to naming kids- it is one thing to use an unusual name for sentimental reasons that is passable. That means by using a name that will not stand out too much to the point that it could make the child a target for bullies. But when you want your child to be so unique to the point you name her or him Rarity, then that is a problem. You want your child to be unique, but not that unique. There have been 7 recorded cases of girls being named Rarity in 5 years!

17 Ransom


Whenever you think about the word ransom, you think of an individual demanding money from someone in order to free one of their loved ones. There was a movie in 1996 called Ransom that was starring Mel Gibson, Rene Russo, and Gary Sinise which was a movie about a ransom happening. A wealthy couple went to a science fair and their child was kidnapped by someone who had a serious problem with the couple- and the only way the child would be released would be if the rich couple sent him a sum of money. That is a ransom, and you would think that a name that any parent would use for their child would be definitely not ransom.

But guess what! It has happened. In fact, there were 5 recorded uses of girls who were given that name over the last 5 years or so. What in the world were their parents thinking?

16 Snowy


Many of us who live in cold climates may know how cold winter is, but at the same time, it is hard to dispute how pretty the snow can be. Especially in December when it is the holiday season- however after the New Year, we quickly get sick and tired of it and are ready for spring to arrive. But snow is still very pretty, as long as it is not yellow, black or brown.

And some parents like winter so much that they have actually named their kids Winter, even if they were born during the summer or the other seasons. Other wintery names such as Neve which is Spanish for snow, or even Frost have been used.

I have actually encountered girls named Alaska, Arctica and even Antarctica which are yeah- weird but each of them had stories of why they were named those- and they had nicknames that sounded nice like Allie for Alaska and Tica for the others. Okay, those are not so bad to the point that they should have put their moms in court- but Snowy is!

Yes, Snowy! That name has been used for girls at least 5 times over the last 5 years. I am all for being sentimental about winter, but please don't name your kid Snowy. She will most definitely change it at some point.

15 Forever


Whenever we have our babies, we would love them to live forever, and we would want to live forever in order to be with them while they grow. Heck, we wish our dogs did too. We would be happy for them to live longer than they do anyway. However, at the same time, we all know that no one lives forever- and we at some point have even made peace with the reality that we will be expiring too. If life is just great, we would love to be around for good (though life seldom is that great, not continuously anyway).

But there is no denying that we want our kids to live very long, healthy and rich lives even though we also know that they too, will not live forever. However, there are some parents that felt that if they named their sons Forever, then it would make an impact. The fact of the matter is, no it does not. All that will do is cause their boys to change their names at some point. There have been 6 recorded cases of boys being inflicted with such a stupid name over the last 5 years!

14 Charger


There is no denying that some of us are quite addicted to our devices to the point that if the chargers went missing- a heart attack would be on the horizon. Actually, let me make that correction right now. I would say at least 90% of us are incredibly addicted to our devices to the point that we would be willing to spend a crazy amount of money if any of them ended up going bad- or if the charger either went missing or became defective.

I can't tell you how many times I have had to replace my phone chargers because of using them so much to the point that the wires were coming apart. I ended up making a trip to the Apple store no matter what else I had planned for that day. Nothing else was more important. However, even though I openly admit I am addicted to my iPhone- I would never in a million years name my son Charger! But 6 parents did over the course of 5 years or so! They need help!

13 Power


Just like we are addicted to our phones and other devices, let's also face facts that we have no idea how people lived during the Middle Ages, Victorian times, Colonial times and before that without electricity even being a thing. All before the time when Benjamin Franklin conducted an experiment in 1752 that involved conductive rods attracting lightning. That is how electricity was discovered but was not used for a very long time after.

But what is synonymous with electricity, of course, power is. That is why we all freak out whenever there is a power outage. We cannot cope with it, and that is when we wonder how our ancestors were able to cope. I suppose the same way that we coped while texting, social media and iPhones, and Androids still didn't exist. We really do appreciate having electricity and that is why this is one bill we have no problem with paying. But do we appreciate it so much to the point of naming a little boy Power?

I would think not but obviously, 6 parents did over the last several years since there were 6 recorded cases of boys being named Power. That would not make him more powerful either. That will just make him resentful and not being able to wait until his 18th birthday so he can legally change his name.

12 Warrior


The one thing that we want to teach our kids is how to fight, and how to be strong while dealing with adversity- because one way or another that is guaranteed to happen. Heck, many of us have been in situations that have forced us to be stronger than we thought that we ever could be.

I can tell you that when you have raised a child with autism, and find the strength to send him to a residential school because you know it would be the best for his sake and for the sake of myself and my daughter- you really have no choice other than to be strong because nothing is harder than dealing with all of that. That is major adversity summed up in a nutshell. My daughter has been taught to be strong because life will test her as well.

However, no matter how much you do what you can to encourage your kids to be fighters and to be warriors, you simply just don't name your kid Warrior. Yeah, it happened- at least 6 times over the course of the last several years. That will not be helpful in any way at all.

11 Vice


As much as we want our kids to be kind to others in life, and to conform to a degree only so they can contribute to society and not stick out like sore thumbs. However, at the same time, like discussed previously when I was talking about how several parents named their daughters Rarity- you most definitely want your kids to be themselves, be unique and maybe in some cases- following the rules is not the best approach. It depends on what it would be of course.

The fact of the matter is, there are situations when it does not pay to be honest and kind because sometimes we have to be deceptive in order to win. I am not talking about betraying your friends and loved ones. No, you never do that. But there are times when you have no choice but to do dishonest things in order to survive and get what you need in life. But whatever you do, don't name your kid Vice to represent that. That is one of the worst things that can be done! There were at least 5 parents who had the need to do that to their sons over the last few years. The question is why?

10 Circum...


In some religions, having a newborn boy circumcised is customary like in Islam and in Judaism. And some parents who are not Muslim or Jewish decide to circumcise their sons anyway because they think it is cleaner- or may have other reasons for doing so. That is their decision, and even if you may not want to circumcise your son that is fine.

But don't judge anyone who decides to give their little boys the snip. However, by all means, you are free to judge anyone who believes in circumcision to the point of naming their son that name! You heard me, it has happened!

Someone somewhere actually named their son Circumcision, probably more times than once! Because this name has been officially banned in both Australia and Mexico. And even if this name is actually used in countries where it is legal, what will that do to that little boy? I shudder to know.

9 Monkey


We have all kinds of nicknames for our kids! And some of them can be downright funny. When my daughter was 5 and she wanted to have a chicken burger sandwich, she said she wanted a chicken berbeger. I did not let that one go and ended up giving her that nickname for the longest time. Her nickname was berbeger but don't worry her real name is a name that has been in the top 100 for decades.

Many parents also call their kids Monkey as a nickname but not sure if I have ever used it, but my parents have. As a nickname, Monkey is quite fine. As a given name, no it is not. A Danish couple wanted to name their child Monkey but fortunately, the Danish court rejected the submission of this name, and now it is banned in Denmark along with Anus and Pluto. Thank Heavens for that. But it's likely legal here and that is a big problem.

8 Facebook


Let's face it. Most of us are painfully addicted to Facebook. Some of us also either love it or hate it. But the majority of us check Facebook on our phones right after waking up. Facebook is also checked whenever there is a potty break- and many employers have banned employees access to Facebook at work because let's face it- nothing will get done otherwise. The same goes for schools. Facebook is a big time suck.

However, an Egyptian couple named their daughter Facebook for the purpose of honoring the social media platform in the Egyptian Revolution. So what will be her nickname? Face? Facie? That will be fun to think about. Additionally, the Mexican state of Sonora rejected the name when another couple wanted to name their child Facebook because they felt it was 'pejorative, derogatory, discriminatory and had lacked in any meaning.' That may be going a bit far but it is not a name to use for your kid no matter how much you love the platform.



Let's face it. The more we have texted and interacted on social media platforms, the more we use acronyms like LOL, WTF, and ROFL. In fact, those acronyms have been around since the 1990's before texting and social media, but on forums and in chat rooms. I remember that clearly when I was on a telnet chat room in the mid-90's while I was attending college and had to look up what LOL meant.

Now with Twitter and Instagram, hashtags have become popular and if I am not mistaken there was already a baby named Hashtag probably for the same reason that there was also a baby named #ROFL. Not even ROFL, but the hashtag had to go in front of it. So that means a couple in Australia wanted to name their baby #ROFL, but fortunately, the Australian courts rejected it and it is banned along with Lol and iMac. It is good to see that at least some places are strict with that.

6 Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii


When you plan on naming your kids, even if you end up deciding to give them a name that should land you in court- at least you would most likely choose a name that was short. However, really awful names can be as long as silly sentences- like Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii. That's right.

A couple in New Zealand actually named their daughter Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii, and she had the ridiculous name for 9 years until something had gotten the court's attention. Therefore, the court demanded that the parents changed the name immediately because it would have made her a target for bullying.

For all we know, it is possible that she only went by Talula which is not so bad. That is the name of one of Simon LeBon's daughters, and in her case, it is spelled Tallulah. The name by itself is fine, but Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii is not to say the least.

5 Fish And Chips

Fish and Chips

Whenever a couple has a set of twins they want to get clever with the names they want to use whether they are twin girls, boys or a boy and a girl. For instance. Beyonce and Jay-Z named their boy/girl twin duo Sir and Rumi. Those are cute and most definitely different. Yet George and Amal Clooney went down the more traditional route in regards to their choice in names for their boy/girl twins and used Alexander and Ella for them.

However, apparently, parents of twins in New Zealand thought they were being cool or cute, or both and wanted to name their twins Fish and Chips. Yes, just like the dinner- fish, and chips. No matter how much you like that dish, there is absolutely no reason to name your twins that. Thankfully the courts banned that name but there may have been other couples in countries where using those names is legal that may have been inspired! I sure hope not for the sake of those twins.

4 Terminator


I have to say I am not a fan of science fiction or action flicks but plenty of people are. And that being said, the flick The Terminator, which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger was incredibly popular to the point it had many sequels. And it even got a rating of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. That said, it is not a surprise that there are plenty of Terminator fans.

However, if you are such an extreme fan that you want to name your baby Terminator, then that is a serious problem. Oh, it has happened and that is why Mexico had banned that name. That would even be problematic for the child for a middle name because anyone can find that out and tease the heck out of the child for that. Additionally, what would the nickname of a child named Terminator be? Term? Termy? That is a big no. Mexico got it right by banning that silly name!

3 Beige


Naming your kids after colors can be a bit strange, to say the least. However, names like Azure, Mauve, Magenta, and Indigo are nice. Beyonce has a daughter named Blue Ivy, and Simon LeBon has a daughter named Saffron- and there is a reason that I have already used these celebs for examples because they have named their kids different but classy names.

However, there was a mom on a forum which was in a thread about bad baby names and she said that when she was at the supermarket, she heard a lady call out to her young daughter Beige, Beige, Beige. It is one thing to use names like Blue and Grey, but definitely not Beige. If that girl ends up changing her name when she can legally do so- then it will not be a shock. Obviously, this took place in a country where it is permissible to name a child Beige.

2 Bubbles


It already has been known that calling a child Monkey may not even be a nickname- it may be their real name and it is also a known fact that Monkey is a terrible name for a child. And you may be wondering if there is any name that can possibly be worse than Monkey? A name that would be fine to be given as an affectionate or cute nickname but unthinkable for a given name (unless it is for a pet)? Apparently, yes there is.

A woman on the same forum who was talking about very bad names had said that she had heard a mom call out to her toddler, and called out Bubbles. The woman had told the mom that she thought that was a cute nickname. The mom replied to her and said that was not her nickname. That is her real name. Yeah, she named her daughter Bubbles. There are no words for that.

1 Raspberry


A mom on that same forum said that she worked at a nursery school and was talking about the names of the kids. Some names were downright awful but at the same time were real names that have been used. Some of the other names were most definitely strange, but from what I remember, nothing topped Raspberry- for a boy yet!

This mom said that she actually did ask his parents why they named their son Raspberry. They flat out said that they were inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow because she named her daughter Apple. Therefore, when the mom was expecting, she really wanted to name the baby Raspberry regardless of whether it was a boy or a girl. Well, the baby turned out to be a boy and ended up being named after that fruit. He will absolutely be angry for that decision and he will be another one that will legally change his name sometime down the road! No one can blame him at all.

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