20 Baby Names That Won't Sound As Nice By The End Of 2018

Everyone wants a baby name that sounds super cute. No one tries to give their baby a less-than-attractive name. We all want our kids to have beautiful names that fit them perfectly and grow with them. And usually, when we think of cute names, we think of trendy names that are so perfect for right now. But there's only one problem: what's cute in 2018 isn't going to be cute forever.

Just because a name is so in right now doesn't mean it always will be. Your little one might be the coolest kid with the cutest name at daycare but what happens when he's in elementary school or high school? Or how about when she's applying to med school or opening her own law firm? How cute will the name you pick out now be then? It's tough to tell. Finding names that are cute and fitting for every stage of your child's life is really difficult. And what if your little Edmund grows up to be a punk rock musician? Or what if Rainbow grows up and wants to be an accountant?

Naming is tough! But we're here to help. Here are 20 names that are super cute and trendy right now, but definitely won't be in years to come.

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20 Arya

Arya is a name that has been popular for a few years now thanks to pop culture phenomenon, Game of Thrones. Arya Stark is the resilient Stark sibling who just never fit in. She didn't want to be a lady of the house so she learned how to fight. She's had to overcome a lot but at the end, she survived and proved blood is thicker than anything. It's obvious why many parents choose this fun, the modern name for their daughters so they can grow up strong, passionate and determined. But we want to caution you against it. Even though Arya may mean a lot to you, she means a lot to everyone. So yes, your daughter is bound to run into some other Aryas. And she'll spend her whole life in the shadow of Game of Thrones.

19 Phoenix

Phoenix is another name that is going to be super trendy in 2018. For some reason, bird names are hot this year. It's a way for parents to get back to nature and choose a unique name, without inventing something ridiculous. It's also popular because it's a gender-neutral name - you could have a little boy named Phoenix or a little girl. Yes, the name is pretty cool. And there's lots of good symbolism with the phoenix rising from the ashes. If you hail from Phoenix, Arizona, this is also a nice way to pay homage to your city. But believe us when we say this trendy name is going to get dated quickly. Plus, it's a tough name for a kid to rock. What happens if your kid becomes a doctor or an accountant? Would you trust someone named Phoenix to do your surgery or prepare your taxes?

18 Harper

Harper is another name that has been on the rise lately. Names ending in "er" are also really hot in 2018. And Harper is a great example because it's slightly more unique. It's a girl's name, but it isn't dainty or feminine. It denotes strength and power. And if you're still a To Kill A Mockingbird Fan, Harper would be a way to pay tribute to the author, Harper Lee. Harper is also the name of Neil Patrick Harris' daughter and Paul Simon's son. But be warned, your daughter will not be the only Harper on the block. The name sits at #8 in popularity on the baby names charts. So if you're sticking to this name, be prepared with a nickname your daughter can use since she won't be the only Harper in her class.

17 Harley

Harley is another super cool 2018 name. First, we've got the Harley Davidson motorcycles. Does it get cooler than that? Next, we have Harley Quinn from the DC Comics. She was most recently seen on screen in 2016's Suicide Squad portrayed by Margot Robbie. And she then became the most popular Halloween costume of the year. Harley is definitely a cool kid name with a bit of edge to it - belonging to a motorcycle and a comic book villain. It's also cool because it's unisex, which is one of the biggest trends in 2018. While this name may have been unique before, it's gained popularity in the last few years. Get ready to have your little one asked questions about motorcycles or Batman. Also, Harley is a common dog name, so there's that.

16 Arabella

Arabella is one of those names that are really popular right now because it reminds us of royalty. Princess Arabella - has a nice ring to it, right? 2018 is a very royal year with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding and the birth of Kate and Will's third child. So it makes sense that new parents will have the monarchy on their minds. Unfortunately, that trend isn't going to last. As cute as Arabella may sound right now, that's not a name that is going to last. Arabella is an English name that means obliging. And it has moved up 22 spots on the baby names charts since last year. But trust us, it's not a long lasting name. Plus, she'll sound exactly like all of the Isabellas and Avas in her class.

15 Atticus

Atticus is actually a really old school name. But it's had a reemergence in the last few years as hipster parents turn to old trends and old books to help name their children. On its own, Atticus is definitely a cool name. But it can also sound kind of pretentious. It's not a name we hear every day, but it did gain popularity in 2015. Can you imagine your kid being one of a few Atticuses in his class? Imagine the kids calling him Atticus L because some other parents bought into this trend so now there's Atticus L and Atticus B in the same class. Suddenly, your old-school name is way less cool. Basically, you're just telling everyone you read To Kill A Mockingbird in high school. Congrats so did the rest of us.

14 Wyatt

Another huge trend in 2018 is giving your daughter a name that is traditionally given to a boy. This is something Hollywood has been really into in recent years. Jessica Simpson named her daughter Maxwell. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds named their daughter James. And Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher name their daughter Wyatt. It's the ultimate cool kid of celebrities move. We're all for more gender neutral names, but this trend has gone a bit far. If Hollywood has been doing it for years, now is not the time for us common folk to jump on board. It's no longer unique to give your daughter a "boy" name, so don't go for this if you're doing it to stand out. And definitely, don't pick Wyatt if your only inspiration is Mila and Ashton.

13 Snow

Snow is a really pretty name for a little girl. It's sweet, short and easy to spell. It's also really trendy. A big thing in 2018 is going back to nature and choosing names inspired by Mother Earth. Snow definitely fits into that category. But think of what kind of life you're giving someone named Snow. Every time she introduces herself she's going to have to answer ridiculous questions about how much she must love skiing or celebrating Christmas. When the first snowfall of the year comes, you better bet she'll be heard about it. And what happens if she hates the snow? What if she moves to the middle of the desert and chooses palm trees over evergreens? Snow is a hard name to pull off.

12 Luna

Luna is a hugely popular name coming into 2018. A lot of people know it as the name given to John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's daughter. But it has cropped up all over the place in TV shows, movies, celebrity daycares and even as a popular dog name. Luna has seen an extremely sharp rise in popularity over the last few years. It came up almost 100 spots in the baby names charts in the last couple of years. So yeah, there will be a few Lunas running around the playground (both little girls and dogs). It's a sweet name meaning moon. It's also a cute shout out to Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series. So yes, it's a pretty name. But it's going to be pretty popular this year and you might regret choosing it in 2018.

11 Milo

Milo is an adorable baby name! If you had chosen Milo a few years ago, we would be so behind you. It's cute. It's short. It's easy to spell. And it can fit a tiny baby and a grown man. The only problem? It's not unique. Milo has been increasing in popularity since 2002 and hasn't gone down since. But it's really leaped in popularity this year thanks to Milo Ventimiglia, one of the lead actors on the very popular tear-jerker, This Is Us. If you're a fan, you know that Milo's character, Jack, is the absolute perfect father and husband. He's just the best person. So of course you want to name your son after him. But Jack is kind of a boring and older name. So instead, you turn to the actor and decide to use his name.

10 Sage

Following on the nature trend, the name Sage is definitely looking hot for 2018. In fact, the name has been hot for most of the 2000s as parents have embraced a more back-to-nature lifestyle. Sage can mean the spice, which is said to have healing powers, or it can also mean prophet - so both of those are nice meanings. But really think about the name Sage before giving it to your daughter. It might sound nice and trendy now, but it's a fairly out there name. It sounds a little on the hippie side, which is totally fine. But it kind of boxes your daughter in. If she's more corporate business woman than vegan yoga instructor, the name Sage might not be as fitting. Of course, the name is still pretty but think it over!

9 Grey

It really doesn't get trendier than a name like Grey. This is a unisex name that can be given to both little boys and little girls. It's one step trendier than the already trendy, Greyson. Grey is not often heard of as a first name. If you're really into Grey's Anatomy this is a nice tribute name. Or maybe you're a Fifty Shades of Grey fan. Or maybe you just really love the color. No matter your choice, you have to know that Grey is definitely out there. 2018 parents love unique names like this that sound fashion forward and fit both genders. So your little one might not be the only Grey in their class. And once all the Greys get together and compare notes, they'll find out whether you're a Fifty Shades or Grey's Anatomy fan.

8 Frankie

Here's another example of a traditionally male name being given to a female. Frankie is the name Drew Barrymore chose for her daughter. It's genius, really. Frank is a strong masculine name. It would be weird to see a little girl and hear her name is Frank. But Frankie? So much better! It's cute, it's way more feminine and it falls perfectly into the trend of using a nickname as a real name. The only problem is everyone has caught onto this trend. Many 2018 parents will have Frankie as a top contender. What can we say? Drew Barrymore is a trendsetter! She knew what she was doing. Frankie is still a really adorable choice, but don't think it'll be unique. In fact, that name will be dated real soon with everyone else jumping on the bandwagon.

7 Skyler

Skyler might be the most 2018 name of them all. It's got all of the trends. It's a name that ends in "er." It's unisex. And it represents a tie with nature. Seriously, does it get more 2018? Probably not. It's a great name, but it definitely has 2018 written all over it. Be ready to share this moniker with lots of other parents. You should also be ready to accept the nickname Sky, because you know it's coming. If you're a fan of the musical Hamilton, this name could also be a half nod to the show's Schuyler Sisters (pronounced Skyler), even though it is spelt differently. If you're stuck on Skyler but want to stand out a little bit, there are many alternate spellings: Schuyler, Schyler, Skielar, Skielor, Skyelar, Skylar, Skylen, Skyller and Skylor. Though do you really want to give your kid a common name with an uncommon spelling?

6 Rhodes

Rhodes fits into the same category as Atticus, an old-school name that young parents are bringing back. Unfortunately, it can also sound a little bit pretentious. The name has spiked in popularity in the last decade but it still fairly uncommon. It's unique in that there aren't too many names that end with an "s" like Rhodes does. It has a few different origins. It's the male version of the name Rose. It can also represent the Greek island of Rhodes, which is the island of roses. The country Zimbabwe used to be called Rhodesia and there is Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. Rhodes is also heard as a surname. So it's definitely got some interesting points going for it. Just make sure you're really committed before going with Rhodes.

5 Eleanor "Ellie"

Eleanor is a super old school name. You might wonder how it got on this list since you haven't heard it in ages. That's because it has two things going for it: it's not very common these days and it represents a strong woman, Eleanor Roosevelt. 2017 and into 2018 has been the time for strong women. We are all about celebrating our sisters who are taking back the power. And that's something that parents want to pass on to their little ones as well. We are all for raising strong and powerful little girls. But be careful with a name like Eleanor. Many parents are jumping on the bandwagon of strong female names so you might not be alone in your choice. And nicknames, like Ellie, are also picking up steam when used as real names.

4 Kylo

If you know the name Kylo, it's likely because you've seen a Star Wars movie or two in the last few years. Kylo is one of those names that, in a vacuum, sounds really cool. But unfortunately, we don't live in a vacuum. The moment you announce that your child's name is Kylo, everyone will assume you are a huge Star Wars fan. Whenever your child introduces himself everyone will automatically think of Star Wars. Now, Star Wars is awesome. But don't you think your kid can be awesome on his own? Let him be his own brand of awesome without having this Star Wars cloud on his shoulder. And what if he actually hates the movies? Ugh, how awful would it be to have this name and not even like Star Wars?

3 Ari

Believe it or not, names ending in "i" are actually really trendy in 2018. Probably because there aren't too many names that do end in an "i" and it's even rarer for male names. So there's a big chance that Ari will spike in popularity. Ari is a Hebrew name that means lion. So it does have a pretty cool meaning. And while traditionally used for baby boys, Ari has definitely been given to girls too. However, it's most common as a nickname for girls. For example, a girl named Arianna might go by Ari. So if you're choosing this as your daughter's full name, get ready to be asked, "Yeah, but what is Ari short for?" at least ten times a day. Good luck!

2 Lincoln

Lincoln is a super sweet name. Kristen Bell and Dax Shephard chose it for their daughter. It follows along in the trend of turning last names into first names. If you're a history buff, Lincoln is a nice nod to President Abe Lincoln. Lincoln another hometown salute if you happen to call Lincoln, Nebraska home. Lincoln is actually an old English and Latin name that means the settlement by the pool. So it doesn't have the nicest of definitions. But presidential names, like Lincoln, are going to be hot in 2018 with all the focus on politics. We suggest you steer clear and pick a name that isn't so popular and so well known for every reason besides the fact that it belongs to your kid. Lincoln has been used enough.

1 Harry

Harry is obviously having a big moment in 2018 with the impending nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It's also a nod to Harry Potter and Harry Styles of One Direction. So basically, Harry raps up everything that was popular in the last decade. This is a name that is technically old and traditional, but also so 2018. It's also a more fun version of full names Harold or Henry. Harry is more playful. But you might be typecasting your kid right from the start. His friends might tease him about being a wizard or a prince. Sure, it would be cool to be a wizard or a prince, but what if he just wants to be his own person? It'll be hard to stop all of the Harry Potter quotes once he walks in with that name.

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