20 Baby Names You Love To Hate From The TV Show Shameless

Not watching Shameless? Go watch it, right now, well read this article first! There are currently 6 seasons of the show airing on Netflix, so it sounds like the perfect idea for a quiet weekend in. Be warned, this show is intense. It stars William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum. It follows Chicagoan Frank Gallagher (Macy), who is the proud single dad of 6 smart and independent kids. Without their father these kids would be … well better off. When Frank is not at the bar spending what little money they have, he is passed out. This is definitely a family that you have never seen before.

When a show like Shameless comes into our lives, you are bound to have characters that you just love to hate. You want to get together with friends and just talk and talk about the drama going on. You may even find some characters that you don’t want to admit you actually do love. If that’s the case, and you are expecting a child, we have some names for you.

I want to warn you about something though. Most people when they grow up,ask their parents who they are named after. If you are one of these parents who choose a Shameless name for your baby, you might want to prepare a different story. Further more, if your kid grows up and watches Shameless, just marvel with them at the irony of them having the same name as a character.

Here are 15 names from Shameless that we all just LOVE to HATE!

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20 Frank

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First on our list is none other than the main character of the show. Frank is the father of six children. He is seen as a deadbeat, alcoholic, drug addict and freeloader without any knowns morals. He heavily relies on his own children to get by. He also has a tendency to swindle the welfare system, this habit being picked up by his children. Frank goes on to have multiple children with even more women. Frank spends most of his time developing plots and schemes to cheat the system and pays little attention to his children.

Now I know this doesn’t paint the name Frank in the best light, but the name Frank is one of those timeless names that never seems to get old. The name Frank is of English descent and means free man. There are also many variations of this name, such as Frankie, Franco and Franklin.

19 Fiona

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Fiona is the eldest of the Gallagher children. Due to her mothers’ absence and Frank’s neglect, she finds herself left to take care of most of the responsibilities for the family. This forces her to drop out of high school in her junior year. Due to the lack of education, Fiona finds herself taking a few minimum wage jobs to support everyone. Fiona would be a great namesake as she is often admired for her selflessness and her ability to work hard and do anything she needs too in order to look after her siblings.

Fiona is of Gaelic origin and means fair. If you have a little boy but still want to name your baby after this strong-willed character, you can also go with the name Fionan, which means handsome.

18 Phillip

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Phillip is a name that you don’t hear too often, but I think it should make a comeback. The name Phillip is of English origin, and has a deep place in history. Phillip was one of the twelve apostles, there was a King Phillip the Great as well as the late actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman.

But, where does he tie into the show? He is the second oldest child of Frank and is the most academically minded. In high school. He proceeded to get straight A’s. His smarts were often used to commit criminal acts in order to help his family. One of these such schemes was running an ice cream truck that also happened to sell beer and marijuana. He would also charge other students cash for him to take their SAT’s for them. Phillip leads a rough life, but ends up straightening out in the end.

17 Ian

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Oh Ian! While Ian is one of the Gallagher gang, he is not Frank’s child. He also carries a secret that eventually gets unravelled to the entire family, he is gay. Ian develops a complicated relationship with his neighbour Mickey (spoiler alert, more on him later). Ian, under the name of his brother, enlists in the army, only to desert training camp and go on the run from officials. Fast forward to season 4 and Ian is now working at a gay bar as a dancer. He displays erratic behaviour and is soon diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. I could go on and on about Ian and his life, but if you are a shameless fan you already know it, and if you have never seen the show; watch it!

The name Ian is of Scottish descent and means God is gracious. If you are an X-men or Lord of the Rings fan you will also know that actor, Ian McKellon shares the same name.

16 Debbie

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Debbie, this character is almost a breath of fresh air on this countdown. Debbie is one of the middle children in the family. She is considered quite plain and reserved yet always wants to impress others. She will cover for others (which in this family, happens a lot) but she is not reckless like her siblings. She is also one who forgives her father’s neglect as well as her mother for leaving them. Debbie’s character does change and as she becomes a teenager she becomes more rebellious, disrespectful, and secretive. Just when we thought we found a wholesome character, right?

The name Debbie is short form for Deborah, and can also carry other nicknames such as Debs. Debbie is from Hebrew origin and is known now-a-days as a more old schooled, wholesome name, this unfortunately means that the name is not as popular now as it once was.

15 Carl

Ethan Cutkosky as Carl Gallagher and Morgan Lily as Bonnie in Shameless (Season 4, episode 12) - Photo: Cliff Lipson/SHOWTIME - Photo ID: shameless_412_2476

Carl is the second youngest child. Carl is often in trouble at school for verbally and physically attacking other children. When he was very young, he would often display a lot of psychopathic tendencies, such as mutilating his toys and killing stray animals. This behaviour does seem to change as he grows older. Carl remains troubled throughout the show, constantly finding himself in trouble, or with people who cause trouble. Eventually, after a very dangerous experience with a drug group, Carl decides to become a police officer.

Carl is a name from English origin and means strong and manly. It can also be spelled with a K. Carl is another name that has seemed to die down within the modern world. Maybe shows like Shameless and The Walking Dead can bring this name back to life.

14 Liam

Brandon/Brenden Sims as Liam Gallagher and Shanola Hampton as in Shameless (Season 3, episode 8) - Photo: Cliff Lipson/SHOWTIME- Photo ID: shameless_308_0436

Ah little Liam! Liam is the youngest child and is actually portrayed by twins on the TV show. Liam is just 6 years old and is African American. He is stunted in verbal and emotional responses, but is adored by the whole family. In one of the most dramatic moments in the shows history, Liam ingests some cocaine and possibly suffers from brain damage.

I have always loved the name Liam, and it still remains quite popular in the world today. With starts like Kevin Costner, Tori Spelling and Rod Stewart choosing this name for their little ones. Liam is of Irish origin and means resolute protector. It is also used a short form for the name William.

13 Jimmy

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Jimmy, often short for James, is a main character on seasons 1 to 3. He is a young man who is always trying to win over Fiona. Jimmy is keeping a secret from her though, he is a professional car thief. Jimmy comes from a very wealthy family who all think he is in medical school. Jimmy finds himself usually at the center of a love triangle with Fiona and the daughter of a mob boss. That can’t be good for anyone. In a situation that can only be seen on television, Jimmy is forced by the mob boss dad to convince the department of immigration that he is a loving husband so that his daughter can receive citizenship.

During the time of white picket fences and warm apple pie, the name Jimmy could be heard almost everywhere. It is of English origin, and is shared by many well known people such as, Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Buffet.

12 Veronica

Veronica is the neighbour of the Gallaghers’ and is Fiona’s best friend and confidante. She can usually be seen giving Fiona advice on relationships, caring for her siblings and caring for herself. Veronica is not as clean as she appears. She was fired from her career in a medical center for stealing medical supplies and now works as a webcam girl. Things get worse for Veronica, when her and her husband are unable to conceive and Veronica’s mother, Carol, acts as a surrogate for her. Carol decides to keep the baby when Veronica does all pregnant with triplets. It’s like a soap opera, I’m telling you!

The name Veronica is French origin and means from the alder grove. It is considered an exotic themed name!

11 Kevin

Since we covered Veronica, we though we would add her husband Kevin. Kevin is a business owner, and is a close friend of Frank’s. He frequently displays frustration with Frank’s lifestyle but that doesn’t stop him from buying him drinks and cashing in his disability cheques for him. Kevin had a rough childhood, he is dyslexic and grew up in foster care. To provide a better life for someone else, Kevin and his wife take in a foster daughter. However, the foster daughter runs away and Kevin is no longer able to be a foster parent. The marriage slowly falls apart over the course of the show, as Kevin continues to cheat on Veronica.

The name Kevin is Gaelic and means Handsome. You don’t have to look far in Hollywood to find some famous Kevin’s. Kevin Costner, Kevin Bacon, and Kevin Spacey are all part of the Kevin club.

10 Sheila

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Sheila is a kind and caring person, if a bit “empty-headed.” Sheila has an intense case of agoraphobia which is an extreme fear of germs. Sheila falls for Frank’s con, when he becomes involved with her in order to live in her home, take advantage of her cooking and disability checks. This relationship eventually ends, and she tries her hand at internet dating. She meets a Native American man with 5 nieces and nephews. She wants to adopt these children but is required to be married. So, while Frank is unconscious in the hospital, Sheila marries him (only on television, am I right?). Her adoption request is denied.

The name is Sheila is of Irish origin, and ironically enough means blind. It is derived form the came Cecilia, and is also used in Australia as a slang term for a woman or girl.

9 Karen

Karen is Sheila’s daughter. Karen is tutored by Phillip and is seen as the neighbourhood bad girl. She begins a casual relationship with Phillip, but refuses to commit to him. Karen is invited to a church’s purity ball and is humiliated over her past sexual history. She responds to this by dying her hair black and getting the word whore tattooed on her arm. She eventually sexually assaults Frank when he is on pain medication which is shown on a webcam to her father. Karen could have her own television show with all the ups and downs this character endures.

Karen has always been a popular name. The name Karen is of Danish origin and in another really weird case of irony means pure and innocent. It also comes with some pretty cute nicknames such as Karie! Don’t worry, you can make up where you got your child’s name from if they ask.

8 Mickey

Mickey is a name that when heard people usually think of the friendly mouse. Mickey is a regular cast member on Shameless. His original name is Mikhailo, but prefers to be called Mickey. Mickey is another character we love to hate, or we just hate. He is aggressively antisocial and carries firearms illegally. Mickey also carries a very long prison record. Mickey and Ian do have a relationship together. Frank catches them having, well … relations and Mickey is concerned that Frank will expose him so he plans to attack him. He holds back, as he feels guilty for Ian’s sake. He then throws his gun away and punches an officer instead, landing him in juvenile detention. I could go on and on about this character, but there is a word limit.

Micky has always been a pet name for boys named Michael. It is of Hebrew origin and means who is like God? It may not be the best name for a boxer or a wrestler, but it is an adorable name for a little boy who turns into a pure gentleman.

7 Mandy

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Mandy is Mickey’s sister and has a troubled story. Mandy was raped by her drunk father, who had mistaken her for her deceased mother. While she does have a sweet side, she is looked at as a promiscuous bad girl with a tough violent exterior. She acts as Ian’s girlfriend at times to hide his homosexuality. Mandy is in love with Phillip and secretly sends his application to college to push him to further things. Mandy and Phillip do enjoy the occasional fling, but when fellow character Karen gets too involved for Mandy’s liking she injures her with her car. This causes the breakdown of Mandy and Phillips relationship.

Mandy is a normal short form for the name Amanda. It gained a lot of popularity after the release of Barry Manilo’s song “Mandy”. It is of English origin and means worthy of love. Some other forms of this name that are too cute are Mandalyn and Manda.

6 Jody

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Jody is a character that is recurring in season 2 but becomes regular in season 3. Jody is a great name as it is truly unisex. In the show, Jody is a man Karen meets at Sex Addicts Anonymous and later marries. He is extremely good-natured, if absent-minded. He is a tattoo artist that is often looking for work. Jody also has a fondness for Sheila and refers to her as “mom”. The fondness went a bit too far when Jody and Sheila ended up in a romantic and sexual relationship. Sheila ends the relationship and urges Jody to be with Karen.

The name Jody is of English origin and is a nickname for Joseph and Jude.

5 Mike

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Mike first appears in season three of shameless. He is a good natured, responsible and desires trust and honesty. He is Fiona’s boss and soon becomes her boyfriend. Fiona cheats on Mike with his brother Robbie. This doesn’t stop Mike from bailing Fiona out of jail. Mike may be the first and only person on this list who really is a decent character! What a breath of fresh air for this list.

Mike is a short form for the name Michael. The name Michael is a biblical name referring to on the of the seven archangels who defeats and casts out the demons in the book of Revelation. It has always been considered a classic name that never dies, and has always remained one of the most popular boy names across the world.

4 Samantha

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The character of Samantha did not enter the show until season 4, but quickly became a regular in season 5. Samantha, or Sammi as she is referred too, lives in a trailer with her son. Sammi can be caring, but can also be impulsive and violent. We don’t find out until later that a lot of family drama ensues, which ends with Sammi shooting Frank in the arm. Sammi’s son, Chuckie, ends up in juvenile detention, and after Sammi becomes fearful that he will get hurt, she tattoo’s a swastika on his head. Sammi eventually ends up in jail for attempting to murder Mickey. You got to see it to believe it.

While the character of Sammi is very troubled, the name Samantha is very endearing and has always remained popular. It is a relatively new name, having been created in the late 18th century in the southern USA. It became even more popular once the show Bewitched aired. It is from Aramaic background and means listener.

3 Monica

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Monica is Frank’s ex-wife and the mother of all the 6 Gallagher children. Monica has bipolar disorder and while she feels terrible for abandoning her children she is never quite capable of staying away from drugs. She is not well loved by her two eldest children, but she is sometimes able to coax the two youngest into spending time with her. Later in the show it gets worse when Monica cuts her wrists in front of the family. In the end, Monica does pass away.

If you are anything like me and grew up in the 90’s you hear the name Monica and you immediately think Gellar, from the very popular show Friends. The name Monica is from Latin, English and Greek origin and it means advisor or counsellor.

2 Peg

This is not meant as a negative against this next name, but when I hear the name Peg, I think of a sweet little old lady. Peg was Frank’s elderly mother and the head of the Gallagher family. She is not the most honest person, as she lies about her health in order to get out of prison. She then immediately goes after a retired meth dealer who benefited from her arrest. Despite all this, she tries her hardest to reach out to her grandchildren. Frank seriously thinks about killing his mother, but never follows through. Peg is eventually killed by Sheila in an act of Euthanasia.

Peg is normally a nickname for the equally adorable name Peggy. It is from Greek origin and means pearl. I think we need to see this name more, no matter where the name comes from.

1 Svetlana

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We saved the most unique name for last. Svetlana is a Russian prostitute who was hired by Mickey’s father to try and cure him of his homosexuality. She ends up with child and despite her occupation as a prostitute, she claims that Mickey is the father. When her child is born, she demands money from Mickey or she will expose his relationship with Ian. Despite all this, Svetlana is a softer and more comic character.

Svetlana is a very unique name, in the western world anyways. It is from Russian origin and means luminescent. If you choose this name for your child, a cute nickname may be Lana. You could always go with Svetlana’s last name, Fisher, for a little boy’s name as well

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