20 Baby Products That Good Moms Avoid In 2018

It can be very tempting to spend a lot of money on the baby. The baby product industry is massive, and there's a lot of money to be made from selling all kinds of crazy things the baby can use. But which baby products are actually worth it? Of course, there are some purchases that are absolutely mandatory. Safety items, and a good set of clothes are good examples of products every mom should buy.

But where does it end? How much should moms really spend on their baby? The truth is that there are tons of products out there that simply aren't worth it. In general, it's not a good idea to spend a lot on a baby that's going to grow out of everything they buy them. But there are some products that are complete wastes of time. These products are either unsafe, pointless, bizarre, or a combination of all three.

Here is a list of 20 products that good moms avoid in 2018. Some of these items might surprise some moms. They might even ask themselves whether or not some of these products are even real. But the most surprising thing of all is the fact that some moms out there actually buy these things.

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20 The Babykeeper


With the Babykeeper, you can now sling your baby over a wall or a door while you're busy doing other things... Except you should never do this, because it's just a very stupid idea. It's an even worse concept for a baby product, and most women are staying away from these in 2018.

What's the point? If you're going to be busy using the washroom, just put your baby in a stroller. Actually putting your baby in this harness and strapping him or her safely to a door is going to be a lot more work in the long run. If "convenience" is your main concern, then this is a great option for you. But the focus should be on your baby instead.

19 PeeWee Pumps


Nope. This is definitely not okay. No matter how cute you think this is (or hilarious) babies have no place wearing heels. Even though this might sound like a joke, PeeWee Pumps are definitely popular among some women, who are making their little girls get used to wearing heels early – a little too early.

Wearing heels is uncomfortable, especially for people who have no experience with them. Babies need to learn how to use their hands and feet the normal way first of all. Imagine seeing your baby trying to take their first steps in PeeWee Pumps? It's nothing short of tragic.

18 Baby Bath Hat


Let's be clear - there's nothing particularly unsafe about the Baby Bath Hat. It just seems like a pretty pointless product. Why make your baby wear a hat in the bath? Your guess is as good as ours. It seems like the general idea is to keep water out of the baby's eyes, but this hardly seems like a major issue. Also, wouldn't water just drip down and end up in their eyes anyway?

Another reason to stay away from this product is its bad reviews on Amazon. People really don't like this product, and they're not afraid to let the site know.

17 Thudguard Baby Helmet


You know those parents who make their kids wear knee pads and a helmet to school? Don't be those parents. But if you're really that enthusiastic about safety, you can get your baby started early with the Thudguard Baby Helmet. Look on the bright side - your baby is probably too young to be embarrassed after wearing this thing.

But that doesn't make this product a good idea. Worrying about the safety of your child is definitely a legitimate concern to have, but you can definitely take things way too far. Instead of making your infant wear this, maybe just watch your child carefully, and make sure they're not doing anything questionable...

16 Infant Inflatable Neck Ring


There's something about this product which is very unnerving. Anything designed to wrap tight around the baby's neck is definitely cause for concern, and that's the case with Infant Inflatable Neck Rings. Add water to the equation, and you have some potential issues.

Apparently, these devices have been thoroughly tested for safety and should cause no problems. It still doesn't sit right with us. After all, it seems like this product was designed to keep babies floating while their parents go off and do other things. When the baby is in the water, parents should be keeping track of them at all times. Why not just hold the baby?

15 The Kickbee


The Kickbee is another pretty useless item you should probably stay away from. You can use this product before your baby even arrives. The product consists of a band that goes around a mother's pregnant belly. When the Kickbee detects movement, it sends out a specialized Tweet, notifying the entire world that the baby is kicking.

There's nothing wrong with posting about your pregnancy on social media. But we can all agree that this is taking things too far. Even if you do want the world to know every time your baby kicks, there's no need to actually use the Kickbee. You could just pick up your phone and manually send a Tweet...

14 Sleep Positioner


Sleep Positioners are foam surfaces with straps, and they're designed to keep the baby flat during sleep. This is supposed to reduce a number of ailments your baby might experience, due to sleeping position. Sleep Positioners might seem like very scientific, proven and professional products. They might seem like an obvious choice if you want to keep your baby safe.

So what's the problem? It's simple - there is absolutely no science backing up the benefits of a Sleep Positioner. It doesn't actually do anything. Even worse, they could actually cause issues for the baby while they're sleeping.

13 Crib Bumpers


It's not hard to see why many moms out there use crib bumpers. We get it, those crib bars look pretty questionable. Moms don't want their little ones near the bars. But Crib Bumpers aren't the answer. These products actually increase the risks of a crib, and they they can create problems for infants face while sleeping.

A much better solution is a completely breathable mesh lining. This will provide the same effect as a bumper, but without the possible issues.

12 Baby Perfume


If you're this worried about how your baby smells, there's probably something wrong with you. No baby should ever be wearing cologne or perfume, and it's definitely a waste of time anyway. Babies get dirty. Babies sometimes smell bad. Deal with it!

We don't want to think that mothers are using baby perfume to deal with bad scents instead of actually dealing with the root of the problem... Perfume in general sometimes contains questionable ingredients, and it might not be the best choice for your baby's overall health. But that's not the main reason you should stay away from it in 2018. You should love that "new baby smell!"

11 Car Seat Toys


Car seats are an essential product for any mom. An infant needs a car seat to travel safely in a car. But that's all they need. They don't need any toys or bell and whistles dangling around in front of them while you drive around. We get it. You want to keep your baby entertained in the back while you drive.

But toys aren't the answer. Remember, whatever you add onto your car seat might compromise its safety. Car seats were not designed or tested to be used with additional toys.

10 Bathtub Seats


Most online sellers of Bathtub Seats assure you that this is actually a safe choice. "Safety First" is one of the main selling points. But are they really that safe? The truth is that you should never leave a baby unattended in a bathtub. Putting them into a bathtub seat could fool you into thinking that you can safely walk away for a few seconds.

But these things are far from safe. Accidents can quickly occur. Instead of wasting your time with this product, you should just try to be extremely vigilant when bathing your infant. You don't need any fancy products to do that.

9 The Piggyback Rider


Is this really necessary? Why not just give your child a normal piggyback ride? The internet is filled with companies trying to sell you useless products that you don't really need. The baby industry is full of this right now. While it's great to care about your child, they're just going to grow out of the things you buy them at a young age.

While your child is still small enough to ride on your back, why not experience the joy of giving them a normal piggyback ride, without all the weird harnesses and straps? It's what people have been doing for thousands of years... We don't really need an improvement on an age-old formula that works perfectly well.

8 WhyCry


This has to be one of the strangest baby products ever made. Apparently, the WhyCry actually tells you why your baby is crying. Except, it doesn't because that's beyond stupid. What's the logic behind this little device? Those who designed WhyCry claim that it can detect different frequencies in the baby's voice, which indicate different types of stress. WhyCry then flashes a light, which tells you why your baby is crying.

Does it work? What do you think? How could something like this actually read the mind of an infant. Definitely don't waste your time with this thing. You can probably do a better job with just your motherly instincts.

7 Crib Tents


In the early years, your infant probably won't be able to get out of their crib. But as the months and years go by, they might start trying to climb out of their confines. At this stage, some mothers might choose to put a crib tent over the top of their baby's sleeping area. Don't make this mistake.

Crib tents are definitely not products that you should be buying in 2018. Infants tend to poke and prod the mesh, causing small holes. As they begin to climb out, they can become caught and tangled in the crib tent.

6 Sling Carriers


You might be pretty surprised that sling carriers made it into this list. After all, what's so bad about carrying your infant in a sling? Most women choose these carriers to keep their little ones close by at all times. Skin to skin contact is very important with bonding, and sling carriers can aid in this.

But there are also tons of disadvantages and risks to using sling carriers. And yes, they are dangerous. It's not good the infant's head to be pressed up against the mother's body, and other issues can arise.

5 iPotty


It's a pretty well-established fact that using a phone or a tablet while using the bathroom is pretty unhygienic. So why on Earth would you train your infant to do this? No, the iPotty is not a joke, and it's been making waves on the internet. We all know that babies can use iPads and tablets from a very young age as a learning aide.

But do we really need to combine this with potty training? It seems like this product is encouraging multi-tasking in the poorest possible way. Again, it's not unsafe or anything... It's just utterly pointless. Don't waste your time with the iPotty.

4 Baby Mop


You might think that this is a hilarious idea. Dress your baby up in a onesie that has a mop on the bottom, and watch them crawl around your house, cleaning as they go. It's a genius idea, right? Not really. In fact, we think that the person who invented this thing should be subjected to the same treatment - in an adult-sized version of the "Baby Mop."

If you're just making your baby wear this as a joke, then fine. But if you're purposely leaving your floor dirty and letting your little one mop up the floor... Your mind is in the wrong place. Think about all the germs! Plus, the baby's immune system is very weak at this stage.

3 Soft Bedding (At A Certain Age)


It might be tempting to spend a large sum of money on fancy bedding for your infant. Soft bedding might seem a luxury you can't resist. You might think that covering your baby in these blankets will make them more comfortable. The truth is that soft bedding is risky for babies when they are sleeping

A much safer alternative is to swaddle your baby using the appropriate blankets and products. When your baby is wrapped up, they can't get tangled on loose sheets and blankets. Soft bedding is not the answer - at least not at a certain age.

2 Bumbo Seats


It's actually pretty hard to find these products on the web in 2018. That's because the product was completely recalled due to safety concerns. Bumbo Seats were all the craze just a few years ago. Colorful, cheap and plastic, these seats were an impulse buy for many moms. However, Bumbo Seats just weren't safe.

An updated version of this seat has been released, and it now comes with a strap. This is supposed to keep the baby from falling out of the seat. But the entire seat can just tip over.

1 Walkers


Walkers might sound like the perfect baby toy. They're fun for the child, and they seemingly aid in your baby's development. Helping your baby walk for the first time might seem like the most important thing for some parents. It's definitely an important milestone, but does a baby walker actually help?

The answer is no. Despite what you might think, Baby Walkers can actually delay a child's natural development. Learning to support themselves unassisted is definitely an important part of those first steps.

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