20 Baby Products That Moms Don't Need After The Baby's First Month

Having a baby can be an extremely exciting and stressful experience for a mom, especially if she is going through this process for the first time and she's feeling as if she is not yet ready. Even after going through so many prenatal counseling sessions, most moms feel as if they have no clue as to what they are supposed to do when they eventually give birth. As a result, most first time moms end up buying so many things for their baby, most of which, they will not even use, and others that won't be used after baby's first month.

Most of these moms just want to feel as if they're doing something to appear as if they're ready, and the baby stores do nothing to help them spend on meaningful items since they're just interested in making sales. Of course, moms need many products to make taking care of their babies as easy and enjoyable as possible, as well as to keep the baby happy, but buying everything in the store is not the solution.

One of the best things a new mom can do is spend some time with an experienced mom, and get to find out the baby products she actually needs and the quantities she might need for each. Although each baby is different, this information will help a mom to make good decisions and save a lot of money in the process. Here are 20 baby products moms don't need after the baby's first month.

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20 Moses Basket

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Moses baskets are tiny beds or cradles made for newborn babies. New mothers often think that they cannot do without this item, only to realize that they will not need it after the first month because the baby will have outgrown it. Since most Moses baskets have size limits, they are only good for the baby’s first few weeks.

After the baby outgrows it, moms hardly find suitable places to store this bulky item, and often have to give it away because they can't use it anymore. For greater convenience, moms can opt for a co-sleeper or a crib instead of a Moses Basket. A co-sleeper will be convenient for mom especially at night because she will easily pick up the baby without leaving her bed and the baby can use it for a year or even longer.

19 Newborn Clothes

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It is so easy for moms to get carried away while shopping for their newborns because the clothes are so tiny and cute and moms often end up buying so many of them. It's hard to predict which size of clothing a baby will need at first, and owing to a mom's excitement, she can end up buying so many clothes that the baby will outgrow in less than a month.

Babies grow exponentially during their first few months, and this means that it's possible for a baby to outgrow some clothes after wearing them just once, while in some interesting situations, the baby never even gets to wear some clothes. Moms should buy clothes of different sizes, with most of the clothes being those of a three to a six-month-old baby.

18 Baby Towels

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Moms love buying baby towels for their newborns, but just like all the other products on this list, they will hardly use them past the first month. These towels are cute and some come in various animal themes, arguably made to attract moms because a baby will hardly ever notice their cuteness. The special things about these towels are the tiny hoods on one end, which help dry the baby's head quickly after a bath.

However, these towels are small and because the baby is growing, he or she will outgrow them very fast. Most moms often don’t need them after the first month. There's no reason why babies cannot use regular sized towels. Moms only need to get a color easy to distinguish from their own. Regular towels are even better at absorbing water when you compare them to the baby towels.

17 Changing Table

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Changing tables are good for new moms because they offer a great surface for placing the baby when changing his or her diaper. However, since the changing table has made it to this list, moms hardly ever use it past the one-month mark. The biggest reason for not needing this table is the fact that moms will not always want to go to the room where the changing table is at to change the baby, and she will simply change the baby wherever she is at.

A great replacement for this product is a changing pad since these pads are cheap, are less bulky, are easy to carry, and easy to clean compared to changing tables. Furthermore, when mom is going out, she only needs to carry a changing pad, no need for a special table.

16 Pacifier Wipes

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Pacifier wipes, as the name suggests, are special wipes that a mom can use to clean a pacifier before putting it in the baby's mouth. Of course, the idea behind the wipes is great, and we cannot imagine how irresponsible it would be to let a newborn use a germy pacifier.

However, moms hardly ever buy these wipes after the first month, because most of them realize that sterilizing a pacifier, even just using hot water, will do the trick. Since you cannot compare the cost of buying these wipes and simply cleaning them with hot water, there's no reason why moms should keep spending money on products they don’t need.

15 Baby Scented Products

Via: survivingnjapan.com

When you get into any baby store, you will discover that the different manufacturers out there have made products for almost anything to do with the baby. However, the most popular baby products include lotions, shampoos, soaps, massage oils, and colognes. The biggest issue with most of these products is that they're scented, and this is usually a recipe for irritating a baby's delicate skin.

Furthermore, some moms invest in special and extra expensive baby detergents, simply because of their amazing marketing campaigns. However, within a few weeks, moms discover that they really don’t need these special detergents, because the normal ones do an equally good job. All experienced moms know that scented products, whether for the baby's skin or clothes, are not good for babies.

14 Newborn Diapers

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Most pregnant women may be tempted to stock up on newborn diapers because this is a must-have product. In addition, purchasing the diapers in huge economy-sized packs is a good way to save money. Moms should stock-up on only a few of these diapers because their baby will outgrow them even before their first month is over and they will not need them anymore.

When shopping for diapers moms should also buy slightly bigger sizes, they won't go to waste because babies will eventually grow into them. Some babies even skip the newborn diapers all together. In addition, most friends and family members will probably offer to bring newborn diapers when they come visiting.

13 Baby Bathtub

Via: toysrus.ca

Most moms often find out that they don’t need infant-sized products after the first month, because the baby grows very fast. Buying a baby bathtub might sound like a good idea, simply because a mom will need to wash the baby on a regular basis, however, most babies usually outgrow these bathtubs within the first month.

If a mom has to buy this product, then she should get a full-sized baby bathtub with a sling for newborn use or just use the normal family tub and place a portable sling in the tub. That way, moms will only dispose of the sling when the baby outgrows it. Moms can also opt for the blooming bath, which is a soft insert that goes into the sink to bathe the baby and is less bulky.

12 Infant Shoes

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It is tempting for moms to buy things that their baby won’t really need until they're much older, and infant shoes are a great example. The number of adorable pairs of infant shoes out there that moms would buy upon laying eyes on them is just too high, but the baby would surely outgrow all of them even before he or she can use them.

Babies do not even have the strength to stand up on their own within the first month, let alone needing shoes to walk in. In addition, infant shoes hardly ever fit a baby's foot properly, so the baby is usually better off wearing cute stockings or socks.

11 Wipes Warmer

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Babies usually have several diaper changes during the day and night and most moms often worry about using cold wet wipes on their bottoms. Therefore, these moms get wipe warmers, which they usually stop using within the first month, because most of them realize that they are just not practical.

Moms fast discover that they need to change their babies' diapers practically anywhere in the house and the likelihood of doing it only where the wipes warmer is at is not convenient. In addition, these warmers usually dry out the wipes fast and as soon as a mom takes them out, they get cold again. Moms should simply hold one wipe at a time in their hands for a few seconds to warm it instead.

10 Crib Bumpers

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Before giving birth, most moms-to-be usually get carried away with decorating their baby’s crib and nursery, which is usually a good sign that they're looking forward to meeting their bundles of joy. As is the case with most cribs, most moms usually buy crib bumpers to prevent their babies from getting stuck in the rails or hurting their heads.

The bumpers are pretty to look at and sound like a good idea, and besides, which mother doesn’t want to cushion her baby’s crib walls? However, after the first month, moms soon discover that they don’t need the crib bumpers at all. They are not safe for the baby due to risk of accidents, and as a result, moms should remove them completely.

9 Baby Bedding Set

Via: naturalbabyshower.co.uk

Moms may be tempted to handle their baby’s bed in the same way they handle an adult's bed, and therefore get baby bedding sets, which should not be the case. Baby bedding sets usually contain a blanket, a pair of sheets, and a small pillow. However, after a few weeks with the baby, most moms discover that they don’t need the baby bedding sets anymore.

Babies should sleep in a crib without the soft beddings or pillows since they become a hazard when they are on soft surfaces. Instead of these sets, moms should opt for tight-fitting crib sheets. Even the crib mattress should be firm. These sheets save money and keep the baby safe.

8 A Diaper Genie

Via: ourhappyplace.ca

Diaper genies are interesting bins that keep off the foul smells and seal in wetness and bacteria found in the soiled diapers before disposing of the diaper. From a realistic standpoint, these diaper genies are just fancy trash cans, which are of course, expensive. Moms who are keen on taking out their trash daily will soon realize that they did not need a diaper genie, and this realization usually comes after a month of using them.

Regular trash cans with a proper lid can do the job just as well especially if mom or dad is keen on taking out the trash every day. In addition, no one wants to keep soiled diapers in the house for a couple of days even if the genie is doing a good job.

7 Baby Timers

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A baby timer is a portable device that many moms use to keep track of their baby’s feeding, changing and sleeping schedules. This sounds like a good item to have before the baby is born. However, once the baby comes, moms often find that they do not need the timer.

It's easier and cheaper for moms to track everything using a pen and paper instead of spending money on the timer. We also have a ton of apps that do the exact same thing as a baby timer at a fraction of the cost. In addition, after the first month, moms already know how much their babies eat and the number of diaper changes they need in a day, so they will not necessarily need this product.

6 Bumbo Chair

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Most moms believe that a bumbo chair is a parenting essential since marketers portray it to be the perfect first seat for a baby since it helps a baby learn how to sit. As a result, most new moms end up buying them. However, soon after the first month, moms realize that they never needed these chairs in the first place.

The period for using it is so short since by the time the baby learns to support his or her own head, it will only take him or her a couple of weeks to learn how to sit down properly. In addition, the bumbo chair locks the baby in one position preventing him or her from using his or her muscles and exploring the environment.

5 Water Thermometer

Via: dx.com

One of the things moms have to learn as soon as they give birth is cleaning their babies. Bath time is an opportunity to clean the baby as well as to bond with the baby through sensory play. However, for this to be a great experience for both the mom and the baby, the temperature of the water has to be just right.

Since a newborn's skin is far more sensitive than an adult's skin, moms should make sure to heat the water to a comfortable temperature for the baby. A water thermometer can help monitor this but after the first month; moms find out that they don’t need it. They can quickly use their elbows to test whether the water is too hot or too cold.

4 Bottle Warmer

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Whether a mother chooses to breastfeed her baby or bottle feed him or her, the baby usually ends up using a bottle at one point. During the breastfeeding sessions, the milk is usually at the mom's body temperature, meaning that it's just right for the baby. However, since a bottle is nothing like a mom's body, caregivers need to use bottle warmers to warm up the milk in the bottle before giving it to the baby.

Moms buy these bottle warmers to make the heating process fast and convenient since it also sounds an alert when the milk is just right for the baby. However, after the first month, moms realize they don’t actually need it since they can easily place the milk in a bowl of hot water to make it warm enough.

3 Dishwasher Case

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Most mothers use dishwashers to clean their used utensils, and it would only make sense for them to have a dishwasher case for their baby’s bottles. The case prevents mixing the baby's bottles with regular dishes. In addition, since the baby’s feeding items are small and can easily fall to the bottom of the dishwasher and disappear, this case holds them up properly and prevents such occurrences.

However, after the first month, moms discover they don’t need the dishwasher case anymore. Hand washing a baby's utensils is the best way to clean them because the dishwasher does not clean the small parts well. After washing, moms can leave the bottles on a clean rack to dry them and then store them in a clean container.

2 Baby Hair Brush

Via: thecleancollective.com

One product that is usually on a mom's new baby list is a baby hairbrush. Most moms buy this product even before they know whether their babies will have a head full of hair or not. Brushing the baby’s hair is more than just a grooming exercise, but it contributes to scalp health.

However, after a month with the newborn, moms realize that they did not need that pricey special baby hairbrush after all. A regular brush with soft bristles does an equally good job. In addition, the baby’s hair is quite soft and delicate at birth and moms should avoid brushing their heads too much.

1 Jogging Stroller

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Moms usually add extra lbs. during pregnancy, and since most can barely work out during this period, some of them become a little unfit. Some moms might be tempted to purchase a jogging stroller so as to begin their baby lbs. loss journey after the baby comes.

However, these moms will soon realize after the baby’s first month; they don’t need the jogging stroller. They probably never even got to use it. Unless a mother is already a runner, moms should avoid buying this unnecessary and expensive item. Instead, after consultations with their doctors, moms can take an hour or so to walk or exercise.

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