20 Basic Things All Dads Should Know About Pregnancy

Anytime a couple decides to add new life into the world, they know that they are responsible for learning about what they need to do to prepare themselves well. The first things they must do are not only by learning what they can about pregnancy and parenting, but they must see their doctors get the green light to start their baby-making journey as long as they are in good health.

With that said, it is very common for aspiring moms to start researching what to expect to face during pregnancy, and what motherhood can appear like - in fact, they should be learning what they can. They also need to realize that they can always learn tips for caring for a baby and that has to do with parenting in general even though nothing can truly prepare them for parenthood. And, aspiring fathers must learn the same things.

Even though dads are not the ones who are going to be going through pregnancy changes, it is their responsibility to learn about what their expecting partners are dealing with. And, the things that these dads must learn about pregnancy goes beyond them preparing themselves that their expecting partners may be sick, tired, or moody. There are many things that dads must know about pregnancy that are not pointed out too often. This is the opportunity that aspiring dads can learn more about pregnancy than they already know.

20 When The Announcement Is Made, She'll Be Center Of Attention

pregnancy announcement
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Whenever guys learn that they will become dads, that is an exciting moment for them. However, according to Parents Magazine, the one thing that these dads-to-be don't realize is that they will be lacking the attention that their pregnant wives or girlfriends are getting! And that can easily make them feel hurt.

However, the earlier on these guys can grasp this fact, the easier it will be for them to handle the fact that no one will be paying attention to them and will be only focused on their other halves! And, perhaps even some dads are not even concerned about this fact and will dote on his expecting wife or girlfriend along with everyone else who does!

19 When The Baby Is Born, She And Baby Will Be Center Of Attention

mom and baby

It is disappointing enough for many of these dads-to-be to not get the attention that their pregnant wives or girlfriends get. After all, they are the ones who are bearing the brunt of growing a tiny human and that comes with plenty of discomforts such as nausea and fatigue. With that said, of course, she will be asked how she is feeling and his feelings will not even come into the equation.

However, dads will even be forgotten even more once the baby arrives! According to Parents Magazine, no one will be concerned about how he is adjusting. After all he is not the one who went through the whole exhausting birth process and he is not the one who has the flying hormones. But the new baby is going to be doted by everyone because of the fact that it is always incredible that a new life has been brought into the world, and the same goes with mom.

18 Money Will Be Very Tight And Dad Will Have To Watch His Spending

babies cost money

The one thing that dads-to-be may not be aware of is the fact that they will need to give up a lot of their favorite subscriptions as well as buying too many expensive tickets to sporting events! According to Parents Magazine, because this issue can come to a surprise for these dads-to-be, and the same goes for new moms - they will be strongly encouraged to start saving the money that they had been spending on luxurious subscriptions and other frivolous items into savings accounts.

Not to mention, they will need to invest in different types of insurance such as health and life insurance. They have a new life to care for and that will cost them a lot of money!

17 Dad May Have To Get Take Out, Since Mom May Be Too Tired To Cook

pizza takeout

The one thing that dads-to-be often don't realize is that their expecting partners are going to be quite tired and will not be able to cook up time-consuming meals before pregnancy was even in the picture. According to Parents Magazine, the one thing that these fathers in the making will need to start doing is that they will need to start ordering takeout and to no longer expect their other halves to cook for them.

They just won't have the energy to do that. The bottom line is that the baby that is growing in the womb is the creation of the lady and the man, and the man needs to step up and do his part in order to allow the mom-to-be to conserve her energy because she will need a lot of it. And, there will not be any left for cooking.

16 Dads May Have To Eat Out Somewhere Because Many Cooking Smells May Make Her Sick

man eating out

Some dads-to-be may not be able to enjoy eating their takeout at home! That all depends on how the mom-to-be is feeling. If she is just tired but not overly sick, then he can still enjoy eating dinner at home even if it is pizza delivered from the local pizza joint or sweet and sour chicken balls and Shanghai noodles.

However, according to Parents Magazine, not all of these future dads will even have that luxury. Especially if their expecting partners are constantly heaving just by smelling anything cooking or smelling anything strong for that matter. If uncontrollable morning sickness is in the picture, then these future dads will need to become used to eating out at a local fast food joint until things level off again for mom.

15 Dads Must Be Prepared To Satisfy Her Intense Food Cravings


Not only is the dad-to-be having to make plenty of adjustments due to his expecting partner being fatigued, sick, and dealing with other things that happen during pregnancy. However, according to Parents Magazine, these future dads must also be prepared not to get too comfortable late at night. That is because their other halves have new lives growing inside of them that need to be fed. And, they will get cravings.

They must be prepared for the very strong possibility that all of a sudden at 11 p.m. they will be told to go to the nearest Taco Bell to get that burrito that they are strongly craving! Even after these dads-to-be are already in their pajamas. They will need to get dressed again and go out to satisfy their pregnant partners.

14 Humor Her No Matter What

humor her

Dad's opinion when it comes to nursery style, colors, and baby names will most definitely matter. However, according to Parents Magazine, they must not make a fuss if their partners are bugging them about going to the Lamaze class. These dads may feel those are pointless since they have heard that their guy friends who are dads have said that their partners had difficult labors despite going to Lamaze class.

The fact is if she wants it regardless of how dads feel about it, it really is in their best interest to humor them and go to the Lamaze class anyway regardless of whether it is useful or not for making labor comfortable.

13 Pregnant Moms Are Not Fragile

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Future dads may be overly worried and may think that they will have to literally do everything for their expecting partners, such as even carrying lightweight items. However, according to Healthy Way, even though these dads will have to make plenty of adjustments, their expecting partners are not nearly as fragile as they appear.

Yes, they may be very tired or nauseous a lot, and yes, they cannot carry heavy items. However, they can still go about their day. They can still go grocery shopping, they can drive, they can carry lightweight items. The only time it is a concern is if they are facing any kind of pregnancy complication and fortunately, that is the exception and not the rule.

12 Appearances Can Be Deceiving

appearances can be deceiving

In early pregnancy, the mom-to-be is not showing and does not appear to be pregnant. And, this is one thing that their partners can easily forget. According to Healthy Way, these future dads need to be reminded that even though their partners are expecting very early on and do not have their bumps showing yet - there is so much going on inside!

In fact, in early pregnancy, the mom's body is working overdrive because that is the time when the major formations of the baby are happening. This also explains why mom is not feeling all that great. Plenty of changes are going on even though it cannot be seen until the bump starts appearing.

11 Pregnancy Is Nothing Like How It Appears In The Movies

nothing like the movies

Pregnancy in the movies is usually characterized by extreme symptoms. For instance, it is very common to see that right before women in the movies and in TV shows find out they are pregnant, they think that they came down with the stomach flu! However, according to Healthy Way, these dads-to-be need to understand that does not always happen.

Additionally, pregnant moms in the movies appear to also be crying at the drop of a hat and are dealing with too many wild emotions. That can most definitely happen, but not always. Many expecting moms are able to keep their emotions in check. That is because every pregnancy is different!

10 Her Moods Might Shift

pregnant mom sitting

Some pregnant moms are going to be in the mood to have some quality alone time with their partners. However, according to Healthy Way, this really depends on how the mom-to-be is feeling. In some cases, they will be in the mood but in other cases, they will not be at all.

This does not only have to do how they are physically feeling. They just may simply be not in the mood even if they have energy and have very little nausea. Pregnancy hormones work in unpredictable ways which are out of any mom-to-be's control, and these dads will need to realize that as well and will need to hang in there, possibly for a while!

9 Pregnancy Is A Two Person Job

new baby

Even though the moms are the ones who are doing all of the work, physical, emotional, and mental work by carrying their babies - this does not mean at all that the dad is out of the equation other than the fact that half of the reason that there is a baby growing is because of him.

According to Healthy Way, dads must do their part even though they can't physically carry the baby. They must be the ones to offer emotional and physical support. That is because carrying a baby is hard work and it the pregnancy is especially difficult, that will even be harder for the mom to handle alone. She needs dad's help in any way possible regardless of how easy or difficult the pregnancy happens to be.

8 Watch Her Mental Health Carefully

mental health

There is a lot of awareness about postpartum depression and anxiety. However, according to Healthy Way, prenatal depression is quite common as well. With that said, it is dad's responsibility to keep an eye on mom's mental health. If she is extremely withdrawn and is extremely moody to the point it is even excessive during pregnancy, then she may be dealing with prenatal depression.

And, it is dad's responsibility to read up on the signs of any kind of mental illness that his expecting partner may be dealing with so he knows exactly how he can get her the help she needs!

7 Dads Must Prepare For Fatherhood Just Like Pregnant Moms Prepare Themselves For Motherhood

dad with baby

It is only really heard of moms-to-be having to be the ones to prepare themselves for motherhood as they prepare themselves for having sleepless nights while tending to the newborn while they are trying to heal from giving birth and managing hormonal changes. However, according to Healthy Way, dads are just as responsible for preparing themselves for fatherhood just like moms are when it comes to them preparing themselves for embarking the motherhood journey.

No one can really prepare anyone for what parenthood is about but they can certainly learn about what to expect when it comes to being a parent, a mom or a dad!

6 Dad May Expand With Mom

mom and dad expand

If dads only think that their wives will be the ones expanding during their pregnancies, then they are wrong. According to the Huffington Post, it is quite common for dads-to-be to be expanding with their pregnant partners. It is quite common for the future dads to partake in their partner's cravings.

Think about it. If the mom-to-be is craving a pizza slice or some ice cream, then how can dad deny himself of those treats as well? Even though they may not be hungry due to having a satisfying dinner. After all, those are comfort foods and it is a known fact that they are so hard to resist when you are around it!

5 Never Comment On Her Looks

baby bump

It would be expected for any dad-to-be to be in awe when they see their pregnant partner's baby bumps growing as well as watching all their other bodily changes as a result. The fact of the matter is, the mom-to-be is growing a miracle, and the future dad certainly contributed to that. However, the one thing that these dads must realize is that they must keep their comments to themselves as far as their pregnant partners' looks are concerned.

According to the Huffington Post, dads can tell their partners how amazing they are and how amazing they look, and nothing more than that.

4 Expect Mom To Be Forgetful


Pregnancy brain is something that may sound like a joke, but it is very real and these dads must expect their expecting partners to be more forgetful than usual. That is due to all of the changing hormones which have an impact on mom's memory. According to the Huffington Post, the one thing that these future dads can do in order to make life easier for the forgetful mom-to-be is to take down notes for her when it comes to appointments and anything else important that has to be on the to-do list.

That is because pregnancy brain can even prevent mom from making notes about anything important that has to be done. Dad must be responsible for that.

3 Mom Will Prefer Pillows Over Dad


The one thing that these dads-to-be must expect is that they will end up falling towards the back burner when it comes to cuddling with their partners. And, it has nothing to do with the mom-to-be no longer being attracted to the future dad. It has everything to do with the fact that she needs as much comfort as possible while trying to sleep.

That means she will be needing plenty of pillows which will even include the body pillow. According to the Huffington Post, these future dads may need to even be prepared that they will be having to sleep on the sofa during the later stages of mom's pregnancy because she will likely be having to cover his side of the bed with pillows so she can rest comfortably.

2 Dad Must Do Extra Chores

man cleaning

Dads are already aware of the fact that they have to step up to the plate by having to take care of their own dinners, which even means eating out if it bothers his expecting partner. However, because the mom-to-be may be too ill or fatigued to do her own chores, then dads will need to step up and take over.

According to the Huffington Post, it all again depends on how the pregnancy is affecting mom, and even if mom is having an exceptionally easy pregnancy, she will not feel 100 percent and will need dad's help with doing some of the chores that she normally would do.

1 Dads Do Not Have The Right To Complain

man working on car

And while dads are doing the chores that their expecting partners would normally do, they may have the urge to complain how tired they are. Especially if they have to pick up her slack after working for eight hours a day. However, as the Huffington Post stated, these dads are a lot better off by keeping their feelings to themselves.

If they tell their expecting wives or girlfriends how tired they are, then they will need to be prepared for a major tongue lashing - rightfully so. So that means, dads, never complain no matter how much you want to get your frustrations off of your chest. Go vent to one of your buddies instead, because they will listen!

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