20 Beautiful Baby Names Moms Should Take From Their Grandmothers

While hunting down that perfect name for a baby girl, a lot of elements become possibly the most important factor. For example, the significance or birthplace of the name, celebrities with the name, the meaning or the numerology related to the name and so on.  More importantly, the two partners need to agree on a name and, obviously, it has to be one that grandparents also approve of.

There are several vintage names that the parents can provide their child with. These antiquated names are making strong rebounds and are becoming quite popular these days. with the desire to name one’s child something one of a kind and unique, many parents go for modern trendy names while some parents prefer to rewind back and name their child with the age-old, popular and proven names.

To start finding suitable vintage names for baby, names that are from the past yet popular and beautiful, consider starting with your the family tree? Recall any of granny’s besties or friends whose names would perfectly suit a child? Well, if not, then here is a list of 20 beautiful baby names that should be taken from their grandmothers.

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20 Bella

The name Bella has a different meaning in different global regions. The American meaning of Bella is intelligent while the Hebrew meaning is ‘devoted to God.’ The French and Latin meaning of Bella is beautiful, graceful and lovable. Another popular version of the name Bella is Isabelle which has remained popular for years now.

Belle, Ella, Bells, Elle, Elly/Ellie, Ell are some of the popular nicknames for girls named Bella. Popular actresses like Bella Thorne and the American congresswoman Bella Abzug proudly bear the same name. Bella is also repeatedly used in popular culture and movie series like ‘Twilight.’ Isn’t it a pretty old name for your child?

19 Eliza

Eliza is the short form of the name Elizabeth. This name literally means ‘God is my promise’ Elizabeth has been bestowed as an independent name for baby girls since centuries, but its derivative Eliza is more modern.

In popular literature, Eliza Dolittle was the name of the central character in George Bernard Shaw's play Pygmalion (1913), on which the well-known melodic and film My Fair Lady is based on. Liza, Ellie, Liz, Eli, Lilibet, Lizzie, Lizzy, Izzy, Lizzi, Elzi are some of the popular nicknames for your beautiful baby Eliza. Eliza is also the name of popular personalities like Eliza Dushku, the American actress, Eliza Snow, the Mormon poet, Eliza Giles, and others.

18 Charlotte

Although an old-fashioned name, Charlotte is a beautiful, elegant, feminine name. Charlotte is the female version of the male name Charlot, a short form for Charles. It is of French origin and signifies meanings like "petite" or "free man". The name goes as far back as the fourteenth century. Different nicknames for Charlotte includes Lottie, Charlie, Carlota, and Carlotta.

Princess Charlotte is currently the only daughter of Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge. Other popular personalities with the same name include Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the American writer, and sociologist, Charlotte Martin - American singer, Charlotte Hawkins Brown, the American educator, Charlotte Armstrong, the American author, and Charlotte Rae, the American actress.

17 Julia

Julia is the female version of the Latin name Julius, an old Roman family name thought to be derived from the name of Iulus. Also, a more complex option in contrast to Julie, this name resonates both balance and poise. However, it is unquestionably not all that extravagant and flowery as compared to the other names of the same age.

Julia Fiona Roberts, Julia Ward Howe, Julia Dent Grant, Julia Child, Julia Stiles are some of the popular Julia’s from the film, music and political backgrounds. Won't it be lovely to name your child as Julia? You can even nickname her Jules or Jewel.

16 Lucy

52541716 - cute cheerful baby playing with colorful toy pyramid at home

Lucy is an English and French female given name taken from Latin male name Lucius. Lucy means conceived at first light of the dawn, or a sparkling light appearance. Other variants of the name Lucy are Luce, Luci, Lucie. according to Namebery.com, the baby girl name Lucy is ranked very high at 52 in female name popularity lists.

Saint Lucy was a wealthy Christian martyr who is recognized as a saint by the Anglican, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, and Orthodox Christians. Lucy Liu, Lucy Hale, Lucy Lawless, Lucy Elizabeth Linch are some of the popular celebrities with this name. 

15 Cora

Taken from the Greek name Korē, which stands for a lady or maiden, the name, is borne in Roman folklore as a byname for Proserpina and in Greek folklore as a byname for Persephone. In Spanish, Cora is the short form of Corazon which means ‘heart.’ It also stands for the short form for Coraline and Cordelia.

Girls with the name Cora are known to have a deeper inner quietness. They try to analyze and understand the world they are living in. Cora is an amazing person with qualities like loyalty and caring. Won’t it be lovely to name your daughter with a name with such an impactful and beautiful meaning?

14 Evelyn

Evelyn was a unisex name that is only used for naming baby girls nowadays. It is articulated with two syllables, EHV-eh-lyn in the United States and EVE-lyn, in England. The Norman French female name for Evelyn is Aveline. Evelyn means "beauty" and "radiance" in Old Irish

In Latin, the name Avellana signifies 'hazelnut'. The name Evelyn has been used in various songs and stories. Evelyn Nesbit and Evelyn Keyes are the popular personalities with a similar name. Evie or Eva are cute pet names for angelic girls named Evelyn.

13 Hazel

The name Hazel is taken from the name of the hazelnut tree which in turn is taken from the Old English name hæsel (hazel). The Hebrew meaning of the name Hazel is ‘God sees.’ It turned into a prevalent name in English-speaking nations amid the late nineteenth and mid-twentieth century, as it was a trend during those days to name baby girls with the names of plants or trees.

Elle, Hallie, Hazel Elle, Hazey, Halls, Haze are some of the cutest nicknames for your baby girl Hazel. The name Hazel has been found in various popular cultures since ages. Girls with this name are warm-hearted and caring. This is a great choice for a brown eyed beauty.

12 Mabel

Mabel is one of the most elegant, beautiful and lovable names that you can name your baby girl with. An old ladylike name, Mabel sounds extremely pretty and it means 'to be lovable'. The name has a kind of vintage charm that makes it timeless. But not so old-fashioned that your child will stand out too odd either.

May, Mae, Mabs, Maisie, Mabie, Mabes are some of the shortened names for Mabel. Celebrities with the name Mabel include Mabel Ray Wills, Mabel Normand, Mabel Ray Mulroney, Mabel Painter Lowe, and others. It’s a perfectly charming name for your little daughter.

11 Doral

Doral is the name of the city in Miami. It is a very uncommon name which can be rarely heard of. It is a unisex name which means decadent and beautiful. Girls with name Doral are playful, sexy, caring, cute and smart. The name Doral landed in England after the Norman Conquest of 1066.

The Doral family lived in Buckinghamshire. They were initially from Airel, in La Manche, Normandy. Girls with this name are doers, they are reliable, serious-minded, down-to-earth, and self-disciplined; have concentration power. They are methodical, frank, and believers in the system of law, and order

10 Sophie

A name acquired from the Greeks, Sophie is directly taken from the name Sophia whose name stands for judiciousness, bent, aptitude, and intelligence. The name is exceptionally famous in England since the seventeenth century when it was given to the baby girl of James I.

A beguiling and adorable name, Sophie suits any young woman who grows up to be a fine and an incredible adult. This name is totally amazing for your baby. Soph, Sophers, Sophie-bear, Phee are some of the pleasant sounding nicknames for your little girl. Celebrities with the name include Sophie Tucker and Sophie Turner.

9 Zelda

Zelda is believed to be a variant spelling of Selda, an Old English name which means companion or buddy. On the other hand, Zelda is a Yiddish name that is related to the German Salida which means bliss and delight.

Older people react positively to the name Zelda, as it brings a kind of nostalgia with it. Writer Zelda Fitzgerald, actresses Zelda Williams and Zelda Rubenstein bears the similar name. Zellie, Zedie, Zizi, Zel are some of the nicknames for your daughter Zelda. Girls named Zelda are adventurous and bold.

8 Adele

Adele is a name that began as an abbreviated version of Adelaide and Adelheid which stands for nobility and respectability. It was borne by the youngest daughter (c. 1062 - 1137) of William the Conqueror. Var: Adela. You could even name your baby girl with sweet and short nicknames like Addy, Della, Dell, Delly.

Adele has also remained a popular name in the music, film and political industry, apart from being a common character in the popular cultures. Your grandmother would definitely be so happy when you name your daughter something as elegant and noble as Adele.

7 Betsy

Betsy is an old name from your granny’s time that was taken from the collaboration of two names. One is Bethany (house of figs) and the other one is Elizabeth (God is my oath). Betsy, Bets, Bet are popular nicknames for your cutie pie Betsy. Girls named Elizabeth are often called Betsy in short.

Betsy Palmer is a popular name across the globe. Betsy Ray has also remained a popular character in the Betsy Tacy series directed by Maud Hart Lovelace. One of the oldest names with a sweet meaning, Betsy is worthy enough to be your pretty little daughter’s name.

6 Alice

The name is directly taken from the Old French name Aalis, a short type of the Germanic name Adalheidis, which was made out of the combination of elements like adal "noteworthy" and heid "type". Alice was a predominant name in both France and Britain in the twelfth century. Alice additionally originates from the old Greek word 'alethéia' which connotes 'truth'. That is the reason Alice is said to mean 'the legitimate and the honest one'.

Celebrities with this name include Alice Munro, Alice Walker, and Alice Neel. Alice name is additionally found in mainstream culture and stories which make the name better known and adorable. Who hasn't heard of Alice in her wonderland?

5 Dixie

According to Nameberry.com, the name Dixie is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "tenth". The name Dixie finds its existence from the term that indicates the southern parts of the U.S., particularly those that made up the Confederacy. The states of Dixie include Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, North & South Carolina, Florida, and others.

Isn’t that cool to name your baby girl with the name of a certain geographic representation? Dixie was advanced as an independent name in the nineteenth century by an 1859 minstrel tune by D.D. Emmett, which turned into a Confederate war melody. However, Dixie Carter, Dixie Baronets, Dixie Dean are some of the popular women with the same name.

4 Amelia

Amelia is an English variation of the Germanic name Amalia, which is taken from the term 'amal' which means work. On the other hand, the name might also be a variation of Emilia which means rival. Classic, sophisticated, beauty, and intelligent are the words that come to one’s mind when they hear the name, Amelia.

Amelia also stands for hard working and ambitious. Amelia has also been associated with various culture and literature of the time. It has also remained the name of renowned persons like Amelia Earhart, Amelia Bloomer, and Amelia Vega.

3 Esme

The baby girl name Esme is derived from the French word esmé which means to be adored. Also, the past participle of the verb 'esmer' means ‘to love’. On the other hand, the name this said o be a variation of Aimé (adored). The old French meaning of the name Esme is ‘esteemed’.  Whatever meaning you choose to believe, aren't they all equally adorable.

Some of the popular actors have named their daughters with the name Esme that adds to the popularity of the old-fashioned name. Some of the prettiest nicknames for Esme include Essie, May, Nassie, Ez, Moo and others.  It can also be pronounced as Esmay.

2 Helen

Indeed a great historical name, Helen has always remained a part of the popular culture and myths. ever heard of the Helen of Troy? Yes! the face that launched a thousand ships, the Greek queen Helenē was said to be the most beautiful woman in the world. The name Helenē is taken from the root ēlē (light, burn, splendid). Her kidnapping by the Trojan ruler Paris started off the famous Trojan War.

Needless to say, Helen has remained a popular name since the old ages and at present, we have several personalities with the name Helen. As a parent, you should be proud to name your beautiful baby as Helen. According to the Wikipedia, Helen Keller was the first deaf-blind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree.

1 Gloria

The baby girl name Gloria is derived from the Latin word Glōria which means brilliance. Gloria was not given as a name until the twentieth century when George Bernard Shaw utilized it as the name of a popular character in his 1898 play ‘You Never Can Tell’.

Gloria Estefan, Gloria Swanson, Gloria Steinem, Gloria Ray, Gloria Trevi, Gloria Gaynor are just a few of the celebrities with this beautiful name. As the name itself suggest, Gloria means to glorify the world. Don’t you think your daughter will bring glory and pride to your existence? If your Granny was named Gloria, all the more reason for your daughter to carry on with this name in the family.

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