20 Beautiful Bohemian Baby Names

Baby names that are unique and hip are all the rage these days. Parents want something that will be different but not too kooky to set their little one apart. They don’t have to be a native Californian to love bohemian names reminiscent of nature and mother Earth. A name that is pretty and one-of-a-kind really can’t go wrong.

Names that evoke images of the world’s natural beauty can work for boys or girls.       Unisex names that don’t push the envelope too far are great because they set the tone of distinctness and have a cool factor seldom seen. Sometimes these bohemian names have a retro feel and evoke the era of free love and unity.

In a day and age where you often see dozens of kids with the same names in school, these names are a breath of fresh air. People don’t know what to expect when they hear an uncommon name or a name they’ve never heard before, so there are no negative associations there.

Being a child with a unique name can also be a blessing. You don’t have to worry about getting mixed up with another kid, and people are more likely to remember your name. Having a memorable name makes for a great first impression and there is an air of mystery as to the character of the person. Read on to find out this year’s beautiful bohemian baby names.

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20 Story

Origin: American

Talk about an adorable name for a little girl or boy. This name is a standalone but can also be a nickname Astoria, Listoria, or Vistoria. It’s a mystery why this name has never been more popular. It’s short, sweet, and has a whimsical feel to it. There seems to be the promise of adventure and delight when you hear this charming moniker.

The popularity of this name in the year 2017 was surprisingly low, ranked at 3,499. That number is down 504 places from the previous year. The name didn’t really start to see a big usage until the year 2000. The name means “tale” and is perfect for a young person. Actress Jenna Elfman has a son named Story, and Minnie Driver made this her son’s middle name. You would think more Hollywood babies would have this perfect name, right?!

19 Riordan

Origin: Irish

For boy’s names, it doesn’t get cuter or more hip than Riordan. From the Irish words meaning “king” and “poet” the name means “royal poet” and brings to mind a noble and brilliant boy. In the Irish tradition, the royal poet was highly respected and loved. He acted as an advisor, scholar and historian for the king.

Riordan also has the variant “Rearden” (which is actually how this name is pronounced). If you want a twist on the name, you could use that spelling. It is already quite unique as it is, though. The popularity of this name is 7,710 as of 2015. That is an increase of 1,471 from the previous year. The name is sometimes used as a girl’s name but with far less frequency.

People with this name are thought to be artistic, wise, and friendly. They make good teachers, lawyers, and researchers. They have a strong appreciation for tradition and routine. They can still be adventurous and spontaneous, however.

18 Orion

Origin: Greek

This name is one of the coolest and sharpest names you could give a boy! The meaning of this name is Greek for “rising in the sky” or “dawning.” In Greek mythology, Orion was the son of Poseidon and he was a fierce and mighty hunter. He has a constellation named after him, and it’s often one of the most noticeable in the sky. The three stars of his belt are a familiar sight for stargazers around the globe.

Orion ranked at 309 in 2017. That makes it a more popular name than a lot of the others on this list. Still, it’s not often you actually meet someone with the name. People who like this name also tend to like Jasper, Odin, and Phoenix.

People with this name are said to be very creative and driven. They enjoy being in the limelight- singing, acting, dancing or writing. They are often powerful and successful. The name is clearly a perfect choice!

17 Adele

Origin: French

The singer Adele brought this name to the limelight, though it has been around for a very long time. The name is French and means “noble” or “of the nobility.” An alternate meaning is “having good humor.” The first historical usage of this name that we know of was the daughter of William the Conqueror, in the year 1062.

Adele is a classical name with a fresh and modern feel. Never stale, Adele brings to mind a regal young girl with a flowing crown of golden curls. An alternate for this name is Adelaide. The name ranked 652 in 2015, proving it is still rare to come by.

Molly Ringwald named one of her twins Adele. You can expect to see Adele stick around for quite a long time and possibly rise to popularity. It has remained on the top 1000 list since it landed there in 2011.

16 Indigo

Origin: English

While you might think this name is inherently feminine or unisex, the “o” ending traditionally makes it a boy’s name. I think it’s perfect for either gender, however. The name is English in origin and means “deep blue” or “purplish blue.”

Indigo is a great name for an artist and creative person. Indigo is a chakra color filled with intuition, depth, and spiritual awareness. It’s no wonder people who are especially gifted and in tune with the world are called Indigo children.

As far as baby name ranking goes, Indigo ranked 2,601 this year. That’s down 469 places from the previous year. So you don’t have to worry about this name being the next big thing; it will remain extra special for the time being, and probably into the future. It’s amazing with the trending color names of this year that Indigo remains a buried treasure.

15 Stone

Origin: English

The baby boy’s name Stone is beautiful and unique. It is a variant of the name “Stoney” and the meaning is self-explanatory. Stone is a nature name that brings to mind the essence of eternity and sturdiness. Stones stand the test of time and give us hints about the history of the world.

The popularity of this name is not high. It is very popular as a last name, though. It ranks in the top 1% in that category. For first names, Stone didn’t enter the list until 1993, and is currently ranked 1,195. This is a great choice to set your son apart from the crowd and make a memorable impression.

People with the name Stone are said to be very spiritual, hardworking, and social butterflies. They enjoy travel, learning new skills, and can adapt to any environment. They make great counselors, artists and teachers.

14 Gypsy

Origin: English

Gypsy is the perfect little girl’s name for the daughter of parents struck with wanderlust. Gypsy is an English name that means “wanderer.” While some believe there are negative connotations to the name, we think it is indicative of a soulful, free-spirited girl with a fire in her heart and the ability to captivate a crowd.

The name Gypsy is very rare. In the year 2015, only 26 little girls were given this name in America. It’s shocking that such a cute name is seldom used. The name seems to be popular in Hollywood, however. It is the title of a Lady Gaga song and a Fleetwood Mac song, and it’s the name of several TV characters, including the mechanic on Gilmore Girls.

There are several variants on this name. You could spell the name Gypsie, Gipsy, Gipsey, Jipsi, or Gipsee. The original spelling seems to be the best option, however. People with this name are said to be creative, intellectual, and intuitive. They enjoy spontaneity and meeting new people.

13 Avery

Origin: French

Avery is a lovely unisex name that goes well for either a boy or a girl. The name Avery is traditionally French, derived from the last name Alfred. It means “wise” or “ruling with elf wisdom.” In English, the name means “counselor.” Avery is the name of Fern’s brother in the classic Charlotte’s Web.

Avery is a popular name, ranking at number 14 on the girl’s baby name list. People who like this name also tend to like Olivia, Harper, Ava, and Chloe for girl’s names. For boy’s names, they like Ethan, Mason, Gavin, and Austin. Avery seems to be distinct, though. It has a certain “je ne sais quoi” to it.

People with this name love law and order. They thrive on routine and hard work. You are likely to find Avery building something impressive or leading a task force in the field. Avery does not like to disappoint, so dedication and loyalty are trademarks of the name.

12 Paisley

Origin: Scottish

Paisley is a girl’s name that is sure to wow. The meaning of this Scottish name is “church.” The word comes from a Greek word meaning “basilica.” Paisley brings to mind the adorable fabric of the 60’s and 70’s, with vivid colors and free-flowing shapes.

This name has been rapidly rising in popularity over the past few years. This year, Paisley ranks at number 38, up 16 places from the previous year. People who like this name also tend to like Kinsley, Riley, Kennedy, Aubrey and Hazel. A good nickname for Paisley is “Pais”. The name is feminine but can be used for both genders.

When it comes to famous examples of the name, the country singer Brad Paisley is what usually pops up first. What a sweet association; with a million dollar smile and sweet croon, we don’t mind it at all! There are also several alternate spellings if you want to get creative.

11 Ziggy

Origin: German

Ziggy is a super cute name that comes from the German name “Sigmund.” It means “victorious defender” or “protector.” It’s also a nickname for Ziggfried (or Siegfried). The name tends to be masculine. Ziggy came into the spotlight recently thanks to the show Big Little Lies (which is absolutely amazing). On the show, Ziggy is an adorable little boy whose single mom fights to give him a bright new life in a coastal California town.

Ziggy is also known thanks to the singer Ziggy Marley. There is nothing cooler than a member of the Marley family. You might also remember the comic character, Ziggy, a favorite part of many childhoods.

The name currently ranks 9,608 with only several dozen children being named Ziggy per year. That makes it the perfect name to distinguish your little one. Some even use this as a girl’s name. You really can’t go wrong with something so short and sweet.

10 Forest

Origin: French

Forest is a French baby boy’s name meaning “woods” or “woodland.” Talk about the perfect nature name for a young gentleman. You can easily picture Forest hanging out in the wilderness, looking charming, and making everyone swoon. There is something very romantic and classical about the name.

The popularity of this name is 1,067 as of this year. That is an increase of 366 spots from the previous year. There are several famous Forests. The most popular of these is the actor Forest Whitaker. People who love this name tend to love Hunter, Finn, Parker, Hudson and Sawyer.

People with this name tend to be idealistic. They prefer leadership roles and love to inspire others. They make great actors, dancers, poets, and journalists. You could even expect to find them changing the world through politics. What a powerful name!

9 Violet

Origin: French

Who doesn’t love a colorful name? This kind of name is very trendy lately, and it’s no wonder why! Violet is a French name, from the old name “Violette.” This name has been around for a very long time, actually since the Middle Ages. It did not become popular until the middle of the 1900’s, when flower names became the hot new thing.

There are a lot of cute nicknames for Violet, like Letti, Vi, Viva, Vivi, the list goes on and on. Ben Affleck named his daughter Violet and brought the name back into the limelight. Violet currently ranks at number 53 for this year, though you don’t meet many with this flowery name.

People with this name are thought to be sympathetic, loving, and sensitive. They love nature and being in small groups of friends. They are wonderful planners and designers, having a knack for the small details in life.

8 Jasper

Origin: Persian

Jasper is a name loved in many different cultures. It means “jewel” or “keeper of the treasure.” The jasper stone is a beautiful and rich red, adored by lovers of earth’s precious gems. The name Jasper comes from Gaspar or Casper, and has associations with one of the three magis (wisemen) who followed Jesus.

The popularity of this name is currently rising. The name ranked 215 in 2015. It’s usually used for boys but is the kind of name that could be cute on the right girl.

People named Jasper tend to be very driven to success. They enjoy the finer things in life and money comes easily to them. Jasper is always a team leader, with many innovative ideas and great people skills. He makes a good businessman or politician. Watch out, world!

7 Sage

Origin: French

People all over the world seem to love the name Sage… can you blame them? This wonderful bohemian name is perfect for a boy or a girl, and has several spelling variants you can use to spice it up. The name is French and means “wise one.” If you’re like me and believe the name shapes the life path, you’ll agree that’s a great meaning to have.

The popularity of this name is rising. In 2017, the boy’s name Sage ranked 508. That is up 40 places from the previous year. For girls, the name ranked 326 in 2017. That was also up from the previous year by 43 places.

People with this name are said to be entertaining and articulate. They have a profound wealth of knowledge and are great talkers. They’re cheerful and authentic and thrive in artistic or creative roles. The most popular alternate spelling is Saige.

6 Fern

Origin: American

Talk about perfect nature names reminiscent of the wonders of the outdoors. Fern is a unique American girl’s name that means “a green plant that loves shade.” The name was popularized by the classic tale of Charlotte’s We2b. Plant and flower names are all the rage these days, so it's possible there will be a big rise with this name soon.

This botanical name currently ranks at 2,109 this year. That is up 350 places from the previous year, which is quite a leap. Though the name is well known, it still isn’t being used as often as might be expected.

People with the name Fern are adventurous thrill-seekers. They love to travel and meet new people. They always have a lot on their minds and tend to be quiet and analytical. No one observes the world deeper than Fern. They are great at seeing the big picture and putting things in perspective.

5 Gaia

Origin: Greek

If you’re looking for a name with strong feminine energy and a tremendous amount of power, look no further than the name Gaia. This name is Greek in origin and means “Earth.” In Greek mythology, Gaia personified the Earth as a strong female symbol and she was also mother of the Titans.

The popularity of this name is currently ranked 864 this year. That is up 717 places from the previous year… wow! The name is simple and memorable, making it a wonderful choice for any special little baby girl.

People with this name are thought to be quite humanitarian and compassionate in nature. They thrive on helping others and making the world a better place, and they will always be willing to lend a sympathetic ear. They are romantic and intuitive, and likely to find themselves in a career where they can inspire others in big ways.

4 Ruby

Origin: Latin

Precious gem names are always classic and lovable. Ruby is no exception to this rule. The girl’s name Ruby is from the Latin ‘rubeus’ and before that, French- derived originally from ‘rubi.’ Ruby is the July gemstone and has a beautiful deep red color.

Ruby has regained popularity this decade, rising to rank 102 of the top 1,000 baby names this year. In the 1970’s and 1980’s, Ruby was down in the 300’s and lower.

The desire to return to classic names and names with color undoubtedly sparked Ruby’s leap to the center stage.

People with the name Ruby are often quite majestic and beautiful in appearance. They are down to earth, hardworking, and love bringing people together. You can expect Ruby to enjoy throwing parties, helping people with their problems, and leading different groups. Ruby is a person who succeeds at whatever she does, as long as it’s done wholeheartedly.

3 Lavender

Origin: English

Another gorgeous plant name, Lavender is one delightful girl’s name. Though she lags behind Lilac and Violet, there is something very special about this sweet moniker. For anyone who has ever smelled lavender, you know the instant appeal of this soothing treasure of nature.

The popularity of this beyond hip name is currently 2,019 this year. That’s up 1,146 places from the previous year. Lavender brings to mind a California girl with lavender blonde hair and a dazzling smile. Only the most cutting-edge parents should pick this name, because their girl will undoubtedly be a firecracker!

People with the name are said to be bright, bold and ambitious. They enjoy self-improvement and making the world around them a more beautiful and comfortable place. They are wildly passionate and never hide their feelings. This is the perfect name for any little trendsetter with a big personality.

2 Luna

Origin: Latin

Lovers of the sky will love the name Luna. Luna means “moon” and represents one of the most important pieces of our solar system. In mythology, Luna is one of the names of Artemis the moon goddess. Perfect for bohemian name enthusiasts, Luna promises to deliver a little girl with stars in her eyes and a deep inner knowing.

The popularity of this name is currently ranked number 36 this year. That is up 22 places from the previous year. While the name is growing in popularity, there is still a very unique and individual air to it. Don’t let the popularity discourage you from loving it!

People with this name are said to be very wise, grounded, and comfortable in their own skin. You won’t find Luna worrying about her makeup or feeling insecure at her job; she knows her worth. People named Luna make wonderful counselors, guides, and teachers. They tend to be very visual and insist on the finest quality of everything in life.

1 Skye

Origin: Scottish

While you can think of Skye as the heavens, the name is also a Scottish island meaning “sheltering.” Skye used to be strictly a boy’s name, but now it is used commonly for both boys and girls. The name is short and cute, keeping things simple but also having that special vibe so many parents crave.

The popularity of this name is currently 330 for girls in 2017, and 2,334 for boys this year. The name seems to be on the downtrend for now. Some people get the name Sky or Skye as a nickname for Schuyler, which is also a lovely boy’s name.

People with this name are said to be nature-lovers and good friends. They are helpful, enjoy building things, and love working with their hands. Skye has a knack for making projects go smoothly, and would do well as a leader or a member of a group. Skye is very down to earth and cares little about material wealth.

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