20 Beautiful Boy Names That Will Be All The Rage In 2019

It's hard to believe it's already time to think about a baby name for 2019. With both fall and winter approaching, moms and dads are starting to look ahead. It's time to plan for the new year and get ahead of the curve. Even if baby is due towards the end of 2018, no parent wants to stick them with a boring or over-used 2018 name. New and trendy names are much sought-after, especially those that are going to be in power in 2019.

All of these names are up and coming. They might not be the most popular right this minute but they certainly are climbing. These are the names of the future. Some of these names are brand new and exciting additions to the 2019 line up.

Others, we've heard of and have been popular for a couple of years - but they're popular for a reason! It takes a really good name to have staying power for that many years. So don't disregard a name just because it's too new or too used. Moms may know a few Aidans already but none will be as special as her own Aidan.

Read on for the best baby boy names for 2019!

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20 Mick

Mick is a super cool name. In the last decade, parents have gotten more comfortable giving their children traditional nicknames as their proper first names. We've got a bunch of Bens, Sophies, Mikes and Daves running around who aren'ts actually named Benjamin, Sophia, Michael or David. So go ahead and choose Mick! Mick is even cooler because it's a step above Mike, which could be an old guy's name. Mick has character. You can totally see a celebrity choosing this name, can't you? It feels like Ashley Simpson or Gwen Stefani might scoop this one up for their next little boy. Want your boy to be a rockstar? Name him Mick!

19 Romeo

Obviously, Romeo is an old-fashioned name. We have the best known Romeo from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. It's an older Italian name that screams romance. For a long time, parents were scared to use such a classic name with so much history around it. But then Victoria and David Beckham chose it for their son and the name was fair game again. A name like Romeo is perfect in 2019. It's a nod to the past while still being a cool alternative for young parents. Plus, Leonardo DiCaprio played Romeo way back in the day. Who wouldn't want their little guy to be as good looking and talented as Leo?

18 Kendrick

Kendrick has got to be one of the coolest names on this list. If you're into music, you'll immediately think of rapper Kendrick Lamar. Not a bad person to name your son after! He's so talented and a great role model for the community. Kendrick is a much cooler take on a more traditional name like Ken or Kenneth. But your son can still use easy nicknames like Ken, Kenny or even Rick. And if you really want to, you could even use Kendrick as a unisex name for a little girl. There's so many options with this awesome 2019 name!

17 Jackson

Jackson has been a hot name for a few years now and for good reason. Parents love this name! It's got a great sound to it. It can also be spelt a few different ways like Jakson or Jaxon. And there are great nicknames like Jack or Jax. This name literally means the son of Jack, so there's unfortunately not a cool meaning. But that doesn't mean the name isn't cool. It's a modern take on a classic and sturdy name, Jack. And if you're a fan of This Is Us and father character Jack, this could be a great way to include his name.

16 Austin

Austin is a really cool name. And it's been climbing the charts lately. We anticipate this name will be red hot in 2019. For a while now, parents have loved naming their children after locations. That's why we have little ones named Brooklyn, Paris, India, Asia and so on. It seems like little girls hold the monopoly on location-based names. So that's why Austin is so perfect because it works for a little guy. And if you have a connection to Austin, Texas, even better! Austin is known as the cool city in Texas with awesome street art, barbecue and neighborhoods. Sounds like a great vibe for a little boy!

15 Aidan

You know we had to put Aidan on this list, right? It's really not a baby name list without the name Aidan. This name has been HUGE for years and it's not slowly down anytime soon. If you do go with Aidan for your little guy, be prepared to use a nickname or have him referred to as Aidan insert your last name initial here. He's definitely going to be one of a few Aidans in his class. But that's okay! This name is awesome enought to go around. Aidan is cool, modern, sensitive, strong and everything else we want for our little guys.

14 Milo

Milo is a name that is gaining steam fast, thanks in part to Milo Ventimiglia, the star of This Is Us. Who wouldn't want to name their child after a gorgeous celebrity who plays such an awesome character on TV? But Milo has more going for it than just star status. Parents love short names with few letters that still pack a big punch. Milo is short and sweet, but still unique and cool sounding. Plus, it's got a bit of a foreign twist which helps parents prepare their little ones to be big adventurers. We predict this name is going to be huge in 2019!

13 Deacon

I have loved the name Deacon ever since I heard that it was the name Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe gave to their son. In fact, Reese was actually very ahead of the curve naming her kids Ava and Deacon - two of the most popular baby names now - 18 and 14 years ago. I think Deacon is such a cool boy's name. Even though it's well loved by parents, it's not a name you're going to hear over and over again on the playground. Deacon is a special name. It's equal parts macho tough guy and sensitive sweetheart.

12 Axel

Does it get any cooler than the name Axel? I don't think so. Seriously, this is such a cool name! You've got to be ready to dress your kid in the best hipster clothes and enroll them in drum lessons if you go with this moniker. Of course, the most famous Axel we know is Axl Rose (he spells his without the "e"), the lead singer of Guns N' Roses. His first name is actually William, so your little guy could be much cooler if his real name was Axel or Axl. If you're planning to raise a cool dude who would fit in at a hipster bar in Brooklyn, Axel is your name.

11 Avery

When I hear the name Avery, I automatically think of Doctor Jackson Avery, played by actor Jesse Williams, on Grey's Anatomy. Jackson Avery is smart, dedicated and oh so gorgeous. He's got all the traits you would want your little man to have. So why not name a baby after him? Even if you're not a big watcher of Grey's, the name Avery is very cool. It's a unisex name, which is a big trend for parents these days. It's got a bit of a softer side to it, which parents are also liking. It's not all macho and historic. Avery is cool and new. An Avery could be a sensitive guy who puts brain before brawn.

10 Cruz

Here's another name that we have the Beckham family to thank for. Cruz is the name of one of the three Beckham boys. And since the members of that family are all gorgeous, talented, rich and probably smart too - why wouldn't we want to emulate them and keep their names going? Cruz is a super cool name. Names that end in "z" or "x" have been big in the last couple of years and that won't stop in 2019. You can tell that with a name like Cruz, your little guy will be running before he can walk and racing around the house.

9 Dean

toddler boy easter outfits Awesome baby boy fashion via sarahknuth instagram

If you're a Gilmore Girls fan, you'll be thinking of Rory's first boyfriend whenever you hear the name Dean. As Rory's first boyfriend, Dean was the best. He was sweet, patient, chivalrous, loyal and very cute. Of course, he also had some jealousy and insecurity issues. Plus there was the whole cheating on his wife with Rory thing. But let's forget about all of that! Just focus on Dean as the sweet 15 year old boyfriend and that's all you want for you son. Dean is someone who is reliable, sweet and strong. And maybe he'll take the name Dean, as in the Dean at a university, to lead an academic lifestyle!

8 Xavier

We told you that names with an "x" were going to be big! Most parents just think of names that end with "x" like Knox or Fox. But what about a name that begins with an "x?" There aren't too many options out there, which makes Xavier one of a kind. Xavier is an awesome name choice. Xavier is derived from the Basque place name Etxeberria meaning "the new house." It was also the name of a Jesuit priest. Of course, for the X-Men fans, Xavier is most famously the name of Dr. Charles Xavier who puts the "x" in X-Men.

7 Asher

Another big trend we've seen in recent years and that will continue into 2019 is bringing new life to older names. Asher is a biblical name and about as old as it gets. If you're a big Gilmore Girls fan, you might remember when Paris dated an older professor named Asher Fleming. Asher, in Hebrew, means happy. What a sweet meaning for a little baby boy! Because above all, don't we just want our kids to be happy? What more could a parent want? It doesn't matter if he's a brainiac, a jock, a drama geek or a gamer. As long as your son is happy in whatever he's doing, you've done your job!

6 Jude

If you're a Beatles fan, this could be the perfect name for you. Jude is a cool name. It's definitely not a name we hear amongst our friends and family very often. Unless you're friends with Jude Law! Jude is a biblical name, derived from Judah or Judas, and means praise. If you're Christian, Jude is a great option for honoring your faith in a modern way. But if you're not, Jude is still an awesome pick. You can honor your musical love or just your love for a really cool 2019 name. Jude is also a cool unisex name, which parents love. So if you're having a little girl, Jude could work for her too.

5 Finn

When I hear the name Finn, I always think of the character from Glee played by the late Cory Monteith. Despite the fact that we lost Cory, his character on Glee was all about heart, friendship and doing the right thing. He wasn't always the smartest or the coolest, but he was always the best guy people could count on. He was their leader and their inspiration. It would be pretty awesome to name a son after that Finn and have him inherit all of those awesome traits. Finn is already a very popular name and it's just getting bigger in 2019!

4 Ryder

Like Cruz, I think you're setting yourself up for some speedy times if you decide to name your child Ryder. He's going to be jumping onto bikes, scooters and other toys riding all over your house. You'll have to keep up! Ryder is an English surname derived from the Old English "rīdere." This meant rider, knight or mounted warrior. This name is Old English from before the 7th Century and so has been around for a long time, despite sounding very fresh and modern. Ryder is also the name that Kate Hudson chose for her son so you're in good company. Want to become a celebrity? Name your child like the celebs do!

3 Kingston

This time, we have Gwen Stefani to thank for the cool baby name. One of Gwen's sons is named Kingston and it's an awesome choice for a baby boy. It's also a place name as Kingston is a city in Ontario, Canada. And it's a great way to call your son a little king, without actually naming him king or making him wear a golden crown all day long. Kingston definitely has a cool factor to it and would be a great choice for a little boy in 2019. It sounds cool and is unique without being way too out there. No one will be confused when they hear this name - they'll just be impressed!

2 Jefferson

Another big trend we're seeing is historical names, especially those that belonged to former presidents. That's why Lincoln and Madison have been such huge names lately! Jefferson is an even cooler twist on this trend because it so obviously is in honor of President Thomas Jefferson. And ever since the musical Hamilton, everyone knows what Jefferson is all about. Of course, you can just call your little one Jeff if you don't feel like using his full name. But knowing his full name is Jefferson, and not Jeffrey, is pretty cool! Plus, parents are loving using last names as first names - so Jefferson works perfectly!

1 Theo

Theo is a name that has so much going for it. For starters, it's adorable. The name Theo just sounds so cute. But it would also work for a grown man, so there's no need to worry about your little one growing out of this name. It works with the trend of giving kids nicknames as their real names. Instead of Theodore, you would just name him Theo. And it also works with the trend of historical presidential names since Theo could be in honor of Theodore Roosevelt. Plus, you get to use the nickname Teddy! How sweet is that?

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