19 Beautiful Nursery Must-Haves That Will Make Baby Feel At Home

The baby is almost here, and there is one super important thing to do: It's time to decorate the nursery. For many parents, this is one of the most thrilling parts of the whole pregnancy experience. Yes, it's wonderful to feel the baby kick and to experience the joy of an expected child with family and friends... and it's also really fun to figure out what the theme of the baby's room should be.

Some parents want to know whether they are having a boy or a girl so they can decorate the nursery accordingly. They're dreaming of an all-pink or totally blue room, and they have a lot of fun finding products that fit into those categories. Other parents don't want to know until they go to the hospital, so they decorate the nursery in neutral shades such as grey (which always look so chic). Thankfully, the possibilities for nursery decor are literally endless.

No matter what the theme of the nursery will be, there is one thing to keep in mind: parents want beautiful baby and nursery products that will make the baby feel happy and peaceful.

Here are 19 beautiful nursery must-haves that will make the baby feel at home.

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19 Dream On Me 4 in 1 Aden Convertible Mini Crib, Espresso

via: Amazon

First things first... your baby needs a crib, right? The Dream On Me 4 in 1 Aden Convertible Mini Crib, Espresso is a wonderful pick. It's $118.97 and is so beautiful that it will make the baby feel at home.

You can find the crib on Amazon

A very happy mom shared, "This product was AMAZING! I ordered it for my son in 2013 and then used it again for my daughter in 2016. It lasted very well."

The material is pine wood and it comes with everything that you need in order to put it together, which you will definitely appreciate. The crib comes in many other shades, including black, grey, and white, but the espresso shade is particularly gorgeous.

18 Woodland Creatures - Nursery Decor by Big Dot of Happiness

via: Amazon

For $39.99, moms can buy these beautiful pieces of art for the nursery and the baby will feel at home. This is a set of four and there is a fox, bear, raccoon, and deer. This set will look so amazing and will perk up any nursery. Whether your baby's room is animal-themed, modern, or girly, these will work.

A mom wrote in a review that these were awesome at her baby shower, which is a really good idea. She wrote, "We used this as a decor for my woodland themed baby shower. The design was very cute. We attached it using painters' tape, and it worked great. I'm planning to use them as wall art for the baby's room as well."

You can find the product on Amazon

17 NoJo Dreamer Little Woodland Friends 8 Piece Nursery Crib Bedding Set

via: Amazon

The name of this bedding set is so sweet and it's going to look so beautiful in a baby boy or girl's nursery. The bedding has adorable animals on it and comes with everything that your baby needs: a diaper stacker, a pillow, a crib skirt, a changing pad cover, a coral fleece flacket, two crib sheets, and one comforter. The bedding set comes in many different patterns, including Safari Blue.

You can find the bedding set, which is $140.59, on Amazon

A mom wrote in a review that she bought the set with elephants on it and loved it: "I wanted a pink/gray theme for my daughter's nursery, and my husband loves elephants. Win-win with this set! I didn't need the diaper stacker, but I'm just going to hang it over the closet door and put toys or blankets in it."

16 Wallniture Utah Set of 2 Nursery Room Wood Floating Wall Shelves White

via: Amazon

Looking for a way to display books in the nursery? These white wall shelves are a beautiful way to do that. Since they are white they will fit in easily with whatever decor or theme you have chosen for your baby's room.

As this mom shared in her review, these don't take much time at all to put up and they work well: "These are PERFECT! Took 10 minutes to hang all 4. We did not use the spreading plastic anchors that come with the screws. We have these shelves filled with books and only used the screws themselves. Seems to have a great hold. Love these!!"

You can find the shelves, which are $36.99, on Amazon

15 Dream Big Little One Wall Decal by GESTYZ

via: Amazon

Every mom wants their baby to have sweet and wonderful dreams, and it can't hurt to literally write it on the wall. Every beautiful nursery needs a wall decal like this one which says "Dream big little one." The black and white design is really chic and will match all nurseries since black and white really do go with everything and anything. And here's some good news: the wall decal can be taken off simply and won't take off paint, either.

According to this parent's review, it looks great and is good value, too: "Followed the directions and it went on perfectly, even if it was time-consuming. Worth the $$$."

You can find the wall decal, which is $11.90, on Amazon

14 Baby Crib Mobile by Sorrel & Fern

via: Amazon

This Baby Crib Mobile by Sorrel & Fern is another beautiful must have that will make the baby feel at home. For many moms, a nursery is simply not totally complete without a mobile. There is something so magical about this and it's such a nice experience for babies.

This one is particularly gorgeous as it has such a cool design with a moon, stars, trees, and clouds. This mom was so thrilled with it that she had this to say in her review: "I wish I could give this more stars! It’s PERFECT. So sweet for a nursery and simple in style. And the price is a third or fourth of Etsy prices. I just can’t say enough! LOVE IT. THANK YOU!!"

You can find the baby crib mobile, which is $4.99, on Amazon

13 Plush Cotton Star Round Rug by Blue Page

via: Amazon

You have a rocking chair, crib, changing table, stuffed animals, pillows, and blankets. What about a rug?

Doesn't a blue rug with white stars look so beautiful? This Plush Cotton Star Round Rug by Blue Page is a great buy for the nursery. It looks great and will make the baby feel at home since there is something so cozy and sweet about a rug.

You can find the rug, which is $69.99, on Amazon

This rug worked well for this mom: she wrote in a review, "Love! This rug is adorable and perfect in my son’s nursery!!!" It's good to know that this would be a perfect rug for a baby boy or girl's room.

12 Aurora World Loppy Giraffe Plush by Ebba

via: Amazon

Another beautiful nursery must have that will make the baby feel at home, the Aurora World Loppy Giraffe Plush by Ebba is just so cute. It's $14.75, which is a great price, and it looks so cozy that moms might even want to hug one to their chests themselves.

You can find the product on Amazon

According to this mom's review, her baby was really taken with this plush giraffe: "My little one became attached to this around three or four months old and could not sleep without it. One year later and it's still always by his side. It washes well and fluffs back up with a short dry cycle on low, but too much drying will make the fur mat up. We've washed his giraffes many times and they are holding up."

11 Muslin Swaddle Blankets by CuddleBug

via: Amazon

For $27.95, moms can outfit their baby's nursery with four of these beautiful Muslin Swaddle Blankets by Cuddlebug. They are another beautiful nursery must have that will make the baby feel at home. They are made of cotton.

The animal prints on these blankets are adorable and will look so nice in the nursery.

A very happy mom wrote a review saying, "Love, love, LOVE these blankets! Besides being amazing for swaddling they are perfect lightweight blankets! They don't overheat my baby at night but provide enough warmth to keep him comfortable. I also love the fact that I can keep him covered in these and not worry about him pulling it up near his face at night because of how breathable they are."

You can find the blankets on Amazon

10 LANGYASHAN Storage Bin


What about a storage bin for the nursery? New moms want this aspect of the baby's room to look good, too, and this storage bin by LANGYASHAN is absolutely stunning. It is made of 85 percent canvas and there are black lions on it. The print looks amazing and it has a real sophistication to it. Another cool feature of this storage bin is that you can actually fold it.

One mom wrote in a review that her son puts his sports gear in it so it seems like a purchase that moms can keep for a long time.

Another mom shared in a review, "I purchased this to store my son’s large sized toys.. it stores a lot of toys and looks really adorable in his room. It does stand tall even when empty...will definitely repurchase.. highly recommend it."

You can find the storage bin, which is $11.99, on Amazon

9 Angel Line Monterey Glider & Ottoman, White with Gray Chevron


For $164.99, new moms can buy this Angel Line glider & ottoman and have a beautiful piece of furniture that will definitely make the baby feel at home. The pattern is white and gray chevron which looks really cool, and moms will enjoy sitting in this chair while looking after their cute little ones.

According to this mom's review, it worked nicely in her little one's nursery: "So comfy and cute. After searching for a glider for a decent price for months we picked this for our daughter's nursery and our thankfully doesn't squeak or malfunction in any way! It's definitely a great deal, so glad we bought it."

You can find the product on Amazon

8 Pink Soft Baby Quilt for Newborn Girls and Boys


Looking for a quilt to complete the nursery and make the baby feel at home? This Pink Soft Baby Quilt for New Born Girls and Boys is such a beautiful pink and blue color.

This mom put it in her baby's pack and play, which is another great use for it: she wrote in a review, "I love love love this blanket. Perfect for my baby's pack and play. I use it as the bedding. I've washed multiple times and dry on low for 25 minutes and [the] blanket is still firm and shapely. Color is still bright. I wish I could buy more but I don't need more ugh."

The quilt is free of BPAs and it's comprised of cotton.

You can find the quilt, which is $26.99, on Amazon

7 Delta Children Infant Changing Table with Pad, Grey


You know that you need a changing table... but finding a beautiful one is at the top of your list. Thankfully, there is the Delta Children Infant Changing Table. This one comes with a pad and it's a grey color, and it's $114.99.

You can find the changing table on Amazon

This piece is so beautiful and if you buy other baby products that are a similar gray color, the nursery will look so peaceful and great.

A new mom wrote in a review that she loves it in white: "First-time mom here. I poured over changing tables and finally decided on this one due to its affordability, high reviews, and how neutral it is (works with pretty much any crib design, other furniture, and room decor). I love that it's a true bright white, and that the pieces are durable wood"

6 Baby Pillow for Newborn by W WelLifes


This Baby Pillow for Newborn by W WelLifes is another beautiful nursery must have that will make the baby feel at home. It has a really nice pattern with pale colors and looks really soft. It's comprised of organic cotton which will make new moms really happy.

You can find the pillow, which is $19.95, on Amazon

A mom shared in a review that this was great when she noticed her baby was dealing with a "flat spot": "4-month-old was starting to develop a flat spot on one side of her head. Have been using this for a week at night only and already see a difference. Bonus, baby sleeps more soundly as well, before sleeping with the pillow, she would move a lot in her bassinet and end up in uncomfortable positions and wake herself up in the middle of the night because of it. I think the pillow makes her more comfortable and lets her sleep better- she no longer wakes herself up from moving so much."

5 PEKITAS 2 Pack Baby Waterproof Diaper Changing Pads


These two diaper changing pads by PEKITAS are absolutely beautiful. One is a nice beige color and the other one is blue, and they both feel very soothing, which is a great vibe to bring into the nursery. They are made of cotton which moms will love hearing, too.

You can find the changing pads, which are $13.95, on Amazon

One mom shared that she was really pleased with these changing pads: "We use these constantly with our newborn, they are super quality and easy to toss into the wash. One review mentioned the design on the wrong side, but honestly I use them design facing up and the waterproof back still does its job - just toss it in the wash if it gets soiled!"

4 Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother Crib Toy with Remote, Lights And Melodies


The Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother Crib Toy with Remote, Lights and Melodies is another must have for a nursery. It looks cheerful and bright and is designed to be put in cribs. The description says that there is "25 minutes of captivating light effects" which definitely sounds great.


A mom shared that she puts this in her car and it works really well there, too: "We use this in the car. We attached it to the headrest and our baby loves it. She's 8 months now and enjoys turning it on and off with her foot! The remote makes it a game between her and I. Makes errand runs and traveling to see family a whole lot better with her distracted."

You can find the crib toy, which is $39.98, on Amazon

3 Melissa & Doug Match & Build Soft Blocks


Every beautiful nursery needs some blocks. They are one of those iconic toys that every baby should have around, and if you can find some pretty ones, that's even better.

Melissa & Doug Match & Build Soft Blocks are a perfect pick for the nursery. They are gorgeous and brightly colored, and your baby will love the blue, pink, orange, green, and red colors. There are 14 blocks in the set and they are made of a soft material.

A mom shared how well these worked: "These are the perfect first blocks for babies! Because they are a little bigger, baby has to work a bit to pick it up - which is a good thing. I also don't have to worry about him falling over on hard blocks. My son loves to knock down towers that we build. "

You can find the blocks, which are $17.98, on Amazon

2 PROBABY Newborn Baby Swaddle Blanket Cactus and Llama Print with Headband, Receiving Blankets for Baby


Baby blankets are another staple of a well-stocked nursery. Of course, new moms are looking for gorgeous prints or cool patterns that will be much more fascinating to look at than just a plain white blanket.

This PROBABY Newborn Baby Swaddle Blanket comes in a beautiful cactus and lama pattern. The blanket is $12.69 and would fit well into many nurseries. A mom shared in a review that she would love her own: "I love the print amd the fabric is so soft. I want a big one for myself." Another mom wrote, "well made, soft and light. cute print."

You can find the product on Amazon

1 Parker Baby Diaper Caddy


No beautiful nursery is complete without this final item: a diaper caddy. This baby product will help new moms keep the nursery clean (or at least as clean as possible) and so it makes sense to find one that is absolutely gorgeous.

The Parker Baby Diaper Caddy fits the bill and is an amazing gray color. It is stylish and sophisticated and will match any nursery since gray goes with everything. It looks like a chic purse so will definitely appeal to moms. A mom shared everything that she can put in there: "I'm able to hold 30 size 1 diapers, an entire plastic case of wipes, two tubes of petroleum jelly, travel size hand sanitizer, baby hats and mittens, a large changing pad, a large burp cloth, a pacifier, chapstick, and a baby brush."

You can find the diaper caddy, which is $19.95, on Amazon

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