20 Best (And Weirdest) Rapper Baby Girl Names

Say whatever critiques about these rappers, but it’s safe to say they all seem to have a weakness for their baby girls. The lyrics and seemingly hard lifestyle might seem to be as dangerous as they come, but when it comes to their beloved daughters, we see a completely different side of them. In fact, their baby girls at the very least prove that there’s a softer side to these rappers after all.

And we’d bet we would never see this if their daughters weren’t a part of their lives. Considering how creative rappers have the potential to be, it only makes sense that their daughters have amazing names that can also double as being considered extremely unique and rare. And interestingly enough, while they certainly don’t have to explain their name choices to us, they typically do like to dish on how they and the mother of their daughters came up with the name. But even in the times that they don’t, it’s safe to say they are simply joining in the ranks of countless celebrities who have named their children very unique names to stand out even more among their classmates.

20 Blue Ivy

She was pretty much dubbed the first baby of hip hop after rapper Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce welcomed her back in 2012. Now that she’s turning seven this year, it’s safe to say she has developed into one of the most talked about celebrity kids of all time. Fortunately, she hasn’t done anything crazy. Instead, it’s her blooming personality that turns heads (in a good way of course). From the time she attempted to stop her parents from clapping it up at an award show to the time she went head-to-head with mega-producer Tyler Perry during a celebrity auction, Blue Ivy is certainly proving to be just as unique as her name.

19 Stormi

How cute is Stormi becoming? She was already born a beauty after her parents, reality star and beauty industry phenomenon Kylie Jenner and rapper Travis Scott, managed to keep her entire existence a secret until she came into the world. But as she gets older, she never fails to serve as proof that the Kardashian and Jenner family might get lots of hate and controversy, but they never fail to make beautiful children. As for her name, Kylie admitted that they had another name in mind before Stormi was mentioned. It’s clearly a name that both Kylie and Travis love as Kylie revealed they still disagree on who came up with it first.

18 Chicago

Anyone who is a fan of Kanye West or has even heard one of his songs that mention his hometown wasn’t necessarily surprised when Kim Kardashian West revealed on Twitter that they named their youngest child (for now) Chicago West. While we’re waiting in anticipation to see what name they come up with for their fourth child that the couple will welcome via surrogate, we have to admit we’re in love with the name. It didn’t take long, if it took any time at all, to not only determine how they came up with the name but to decide if we like it or not. Because we love it!

17 North

Unlike her sister’s name, Chicago, it was a little difficult to tell how KimYe arrived at the name North West for their oldest child. While there were lots of jokes about the couple possibly going in a different direction (see what we did there?) it’s safe to say we can’t picture North being called any other name. Viewers of the family’s hit series Keeping Up With The Kardashians might remember on top of naming their child north, Kim and Kanye also dabbled with the idea of not giving North a last name. While we’re happy they went with North, we’re also happy she has a last name and can represent her famous family.

16 Kulture

Rapper Cardi B’s first child with her on-again-off-again beau Offset is named Kulture. She revealed the news via social media, pretty much like all of her celebrity counterparts. And we have to say, there’s something about the name that makes complete sense for both the former Love & Hip Hop: New York star and her husband, who serves as one-third of the Grammy-nominated group, The Migos. Cardi B not only debuted the name but also Kulture’s adorable photo on social media and proved that she has already picked up some unique and custom-made monogrammed products for the little one.

15 Cali

Rapper The Game might have been looking for love on national TV, but we’d bet that he’d have no problem dubbing his daughter, Cali, as his first love. Say what you want about The Game and his personal life, especially when it comes to the ladies and love, but one thing The Game does not play about is his children; most particularly his daughter, Cali. We’ve seen her grow up as The Game dabbled in reality television a few years ago, and she has proven to be just adorable now as she was back then, thanks to those moments The Game never hesitates to gush about her on Instagram.

14 Cadence

Considering rapper Ludacris is known for his unique flow and rap style, it only makes sense that his daughter with his gorgeous wife Eudoxie would be Cadence. What we can’t believe is that the adorable tot is already three and will be turning four this year. Her parents never fail to throw her an amazing shindig, and her third birthday wasn’t any different as she had a tea party that could even make full-grown adults jealous. Just like many of the other rappers on this list, we have to say we love how soft and mushy Ludacris gets around all of his daughters, including Cadence Bridges.

13 D’Lila

For starters, the idea that Sean “P.Diddy” Combs has twin daughters to begin with is so adorable. And their mother, the late Kim Porter, clearly passed down breathtaking beauty to the twins. What we love about the name D’Lila is that it’s not only classic and traditional (because those names are clearly making a major comeback) but it’s also not the cliché version of a similar name of her twin sister, but they both have a similar meaning. In fact, her twin sister’s name is Jessie. D’Lila was named after Porter’s grandmother, Lila Star, while Jessie was named after Diddy’s grandmother, Jessie Smalls. What’s not to love about that?

12 Chance

Diddy clearly kept the daughter-naming skills going when he welcomed his daughter, Chance. It’s not clear where the influence from the name came, but we love it anyway. Chance is a natural beauty in her own right. And though not much is known about her mother, Sarah, it’s safe to say she and Diddy at least paired up in coming up with a unique yet amazing name for their daughter. Chance has joined her sisters, D’Lila and Jessie and started modeling. We can only guess what they’ll be doing in the future because they are clearly talented in their own right.

11 Londyn

While all eyes seem to be on the child rapper Future shares with Ciara, who has been devotedly dubbed as Baby Future, let’s not sleep on or forget about Future’s adorable daughter Londyn. It’s safe to say she hasn’t been sharing the spotlight with her younger brother, most likely because her mother isn’t a superstar, but she’s definitely a cutie that we have to mention. Her name itself has sparked in popularity, but we love how the spelling of it (the “y” instead of the “o” in London) was slightly changed to add a little more pizazz, that we’re certain fits Londyn’s personality.

10 Kensli

After fans got over the heartbreaking idea that Chance The Rapper doesn’t only have a special lady in his life, but also that he’s a dad, we couldn’t help but love the idea of him being a doting father to his daughter, Kensli. He never hesitates to share special moments that he and Kensli share, and we can only imagine how fun their household is with Chance leading the ranks. And we would even venture to say that while Kensli loves her beautiful mother just as much as Chance does, anyone who searches for snapshots of the tot can clearly see she’s a daddy’s girl.

9 Royal Reign

Rapper Lil Kim added a double dose of royalty to her daughter’s name that she has with her on-again-off-again boyfriend. Lil Kim not only rocked her pregnancy as only she can, but now that her mini-me is making her own mark in the world of celebrity toddlers, we can certainly bet that Royal Reign is living up to her name. Her mother once held the title of the Queen of Rap, and to millions she still does. So it only makes sense that she reminds fans of her status with her adorable daughter, Royal Reign. And we’re here for it.

8 Kairi

Dave East’s daughter might have a name that is pretty common when it comes to pronunciation, but it’s a different story when it comes to how it’s spelled. It’s very clear Dave East and the mother of his child wanted their daughter to have something unique, yet possibly something that stands out in its own way, at least on paper. He is definitely another rapper who seems a little more than rough around the edges but has no problem gushing about and showing his softer side when it comes to telling the world about his baby girl. And we can’t get enough of him doing that!

7 Shai

Anyone who pays attention to Bow Wow’s daughter can recognize that she matches her name to a tee. She’s sassy, she’s opinionated, and she really takes after her father. It might be okay to assume that Bow Wow and Shai’s mother, Joie Chavis, had this in mind when they pretty much named Shai after her father, whose real name is Shad Moss. Shai is clearly his mini me when it comes to dancing and being a huge ball of charismatic personality. We really can’t think of any other name that would fit her the way Shai does. Clap clap bravo Bow Wow and Joie.

6 Khari Barbie

The name for Fetty Wap’s daughter, Khari Barbie, is as girly as they come. The same might be able to hold true when it comes to Khari Barbie’s interests that her mother, former star of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood and current model never fails to show on Instagram. Khari Barbie has already taken after her mom on the modeling front as she’s posed oh so effortlessly in the snapshots Masika posts on the regular. We have no doubt that Khari Barbie could one day become a real-life Barbie if she really wants to. She certainly has the cuteness for it!

5 Royalty

Chris Brown might not have been fully aware of his daughter’s existence until she was almost a year old, but if anyone sees it, Chris Brown never fails to prove that his daughter, Royalty, is well, royalty in his eyes. We absolutely love how much he just swoons over his daughter and how she’s been able to change him for the better. From her dance sessions to her adorable school photos, Chris Brown might be one of the biggest artists of our time, but his like a regular dad when it comes to sharing his daughter’s most hilarious and unforgettable moments.

4 Heiress

There was clearly a theme here when it comes to rappers letting their daughters and everyone else know the royal status their children share. Rapper T.I. followed suit when it came to naming his youngest child, daughter Heiress Harris. The rapper, who has been married to XScape singer Tameka “Tiny” Harris for almost as long as we can remember, debuted Harris’s name on Facebook shortly after she was born. He welcomed her home and said they were ready for the journey of parenthood yet again. She’s the youngest of seven siblings and it’s safe to say she’s certainly joined the ranks of celebrity children royalty.

3 Heaven

Rapper 2 Chainz has come a long way since he first made his debut around the 2010s era. We like to think his daughter, Heaven, has something to do with that. Her name alone clearly holds some sort of angelic value. He proved his no longer the stereotypical rapper with lots of women around when he married Kesha Ward back in August 2018, proving that his family (his wife and their three children) are here to stay as a collective unit. It’s safe to say Heaven is a major part of that and has the ability to keep the family in gear and in check.

2 Harmony

If Heaven is angelic, 2 Chainz's other daughter, Harmony, clearly brings some sort of peace to the Epps family. Harmony and Heaven, as the two daughters, clearly have a close bond, and could even be raised as twins considering they’re only a couple years apart. We’d even bet that Harmony, Heaven and Kesha are taking notes from Beyonce’s “Run The World” and have staked their claim as the real rulers of the house and 2 Chainz and their little brother, Halo Epps, can’t help but follow suit. Either way, we’re certainly fans of this beautiful family, especially Heaven and Harmony whose names are just as beautiful as they are.

1 Willow

Ah, the only daughter of rapper and actor Will Smith. While her brother, Jaden Smith, is the namesake of their mom and Will’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, it’s safe to say Willow is the namesake of her popular dad, Will. She has even joked that she’s taken after his ears. So what other name (other than maybe Wilma?) could Will and Jada have come up with to show their love for their daughter other than Willow? Not to mention her height and strength have proven that Willow is the perfect name for her. (And let’s not forget her hit song, “Whip My Hair” put Willow in a lane of her own)

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