20 Bohemian Baby Names That Are Taking Over The World

Travel is a big part of many people’s lives; it recharges them, it refreshes them, and for some it’s a part of what defines them. Many will use it as a reward for hard work, and a much needed break from their hectic day-to-day lives. Others use it to visit family, or celebrate milestones like school graduations, honeymoons, or anniversaries.

Exploring a different part of the world, whether it’s within your own country or far away, can be an enriching experience. It can broaden horizons, expose people to new languages, foods, and ways of life. Some people may even find travel spiritually enlightening or even the type of event that changes who they are to their very core. Travel bucket lists exist because globalization has allowed us to discover so much more beyond our backyards. Some couples push for a couple of dream vacations before they start their families, and in some cases it’s on these trips where ‘the magic happened’.

In naming our children, many parents want to gift them with a name that is meaningful and practical. Why not consider something reflective of an amazing experience on vacation, or a destination that is a pointed nod at family ancestery? Whether you’ve caught the travel bug or not, these 20 beautiful baby names are bound to inspire moms with Wanderlust.

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20 Ireland


The image of lush rolling hills and a deep Kelly green comes to mind with the lovely little girl’s name, Ireland. Ireland first became a famous choice when Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin chose it for their daughter, stating that geographic names were somewhat of a family tradition. Names of Irish places selected for children are quite popular including Shannon and Kerry. Eire is an Old Irish word for Ireland, the name of a Gaelic goddess, who is believed to have been the matron goddess of sovereignty and the land. Ireland is such a rich resource in terms of literature, music, and culture, it’s no wonder so many parents are inspired by this choice. The name Ireland currently ranks 828 in popularity for little girls according to Nameberry.

Nicknames for Ireland could include: Ella, An, Annie, and Ire.

19 Brooklyn


Hipster parents who love to drink signature cocktails out of mason jars (cause that’s what hipsters do right?) - have we got the perfect name option! The name, after New York City's most populated borough has a definite flare that naming a child Manhattan just doesn’t. The name comes from an English surname Brook(e) which simply means ‘one who lives near a brook’. The name first really hit headlines in 1999 when Victoria and David Beckham selected it for their son. Many parents like to add an extra N onto the name, Brooklynn, for little girls, providing them the feminine option of shortening their place name to Lynn. In 2016, Brooklynn ranked a popular 34 on Nameberry. Brooklyn for boys is a rarer 766 for little boys according to Baby Center.

18 Victoria


Victoria is the perfect name for a little princess, just ask the royals, since it’s such a common choice among their family. As such, numerous places all over the globe have been named after Queen Victoria, including cities in Australia, Canada, and Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. Victoria is a Latin name that means ‘victory’. This traditional little girls name is also a Roman Goddess of Victory, and the equal of the Greek’s Nike. Victoria has remained a very popular choice for years, rarely dipping below 200 since the 1880’s. Victoria ranked 21 for little girls in 2016, and is currently ranking at 109 for 2017 on Nameberry.

Nicknames for Victoria include: Vic, Vickey, Tory, and Tori.

Other famous people who share this name include: Victoria Beckham, tennis player Victoria Azarenka, and Women’s Rights Activist Victoria Woodhull.

17 Kingston


Now this is a name that is fit for a king. The name Kingston, means ‘king’s town’ and is the capital and largest city in Jamaica. The name was shot into super stardom when it was selected by pop princess Gwen Stefani and rocker husband Gavin Rossdale for their son, Kingston James McGregor. For those who love to travel to Jamaica, they know that Kingston is on the southeastern coast of the island and faces a harbour that is protected by a long sand spit called the Palisadoes. Kingston was named after the British surname, and continues to rise in popularity as a little boy’s name. Kingston first entered the name charts at 937 in 2006 and has been climbing ever since, ranking 132 in popularity in 2016 according to Nameberry.

16 Dakota


Many parents dream about forming a strong bond and friendship with their child, and the name Dakota is perfect for both little girls and boys because it means ally or friend. The Dakota are a Native American people who come from the Mississippi valley and make up two of the three primary subcultures of the Sioux people, usually divided geographically between Eastern and Western Dakota. The name is quite popular for both boys and girls, seeing it’s heyday in the 1990’s. In 2016 it ranked 226 for little girls in popularity, and 378 for little boys. Those with family in the Mid-west United States may want to consider this as a solid first or middle name choice.

Actors Dakota Fanning and Dakota Johnson have helped bring the name into the spotlight, and Rosie O’Donnell named her daughter Dakota.

15 Dallas


You don’t need to be a 1980’s soap fan who wondered who shot JR to appreciate the simple draw of this wonderful name, suitable for both baby boys and girls. Always fancied cowboy pictures, or have a favourite sports team in Dallas? This may be the perfect pick for your family lineup. Dallas has a traditional western appeal, with the convenience of a modern place name, and is cute enough for a small child, but is strong enough to grow up with them. Dallas was originally a Scottish and English surname which was derived from Dallas near Forres, loosely translated to meadow and dwelling. This name ranked 295 in popularity for little boys in 2016 and 620 on the US Top 1,000 list for little girls.

Famous people who share the name include Ron Howard’s actor daughter, Dallas Howard.

14 Phoenix


Phoenix is a fantastically bold choice for a baby name that fits perfectly for both a little girl and a boy. Phoenix is a name that is Greek in origin, and means dark red. The name has the appeal of a place name, and a magnificent bird all rolled into one. It also fits the trend of names featuring the letter X. Phoenix currently ranks 292 in popularity for little boys, and 1,698 for little girls on Nameberry.

This name is the surname of actor Joaquin Phoenix and his late brother River. Former Spice Girl, Mel B (Scary Spice), named her daughter Phoenix.

“And just as the Phoenix rose from the ashes, she too will rise. Returning from the flames, clothed in nothing but her strength, more beautiful than ever before.”

13 Orlando


Orlando means ‘famous throughout the land’, a quite fitting name for a future little heart-breaker. Orland is the Italian variation of the significantly less sexy name Roland, and has a strong cultural heritage solidified by the works of William Shakespeare. Other fames for the name include the poem Orlando Furioso, Handel’s opera, Orlando, and the title of a Virginia Woolf novel. In addition to these roots, who could forget the city in the U.S state of Florida, which is also home to Disneyland. The city Orlando has the nickname ‘the city beautiful’. This rare, but recognizable name ranked 620 in popularity in 2016 according to Nameberry.

Who could forget English heartthrob Orlando Bloom as a famous recipient of this name, who was named after a sixteenth century composter, Orlando Gibbons.

12 Bristol


Sarah Palin and her daughter made this name popular when the former Alaskan governor, became a U.S Vice Presidential candidate, and her very young daughter famously became pregnant. In the time since then, Bristol’s name has surged in popularity, finally making it into the top 1,000 baby girl names, as has she with appearances on the popular show Dancing with the Stars. The name (after a city in south-west England) is near historic areas like Bath, and was once a country of its own in the 11th century. It was known as Brycgstow (the place at the bridge), referring to the original bridge built over the River Avon in 1000 A.D. In 2016 Bristol ranked 525 in popularity for little girls, and a much more unique 4,563 for little boys.

11 Austin


Got a little Texas in the family history? Or perhaps music lovers want to name their aspiring musical savant child after the live music capital of the entire world! Austin is primarily a little boy’s name with English origins, and means ‘great or magnificent’. This was once a surname in medieval times, was condensed from its original form as Augustine, and has since transformed into a quite popular first name. The name Austin was at its most popular in the 1990s, even making the top 10 list of popular boy names. In 2016 the name Austin ranked 73 in popularity for little boys.

Fans of literary great Jane Austen might want to tweak the spelling of this name to pay a tribute in their choice baby name. Austin for a little girl ranks a very rare 3,265 in popularity on Nameberry.

10 Virginia


Purity and innocence is something associated with babies, which is why so many people like this place name for their daughters. Virginia is a Latin name that simply means ‘virginal and pure’, and Virginia is a state in the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic area of the United States, located between the coast and the famed Appalachian Mountains. This is a fine alternative to the trending V names like Violet and Vivienne, and currently ranks 517 in terms of popularity for little girls according to Nameberry. This old school name was once a top 10 contender, for over 25 years between 1912 and 1937, and could be a fine tributary name to celebrate a grandmother, or great grandmother.

Some may stay away from this name because virginal association may be the cause for teasing, as would the tourism slogan, ‘Virginia is for lovers’.

9 Jordan


This name is a perfectly simple choice for boys or girls. Jordan is Hebrew in origin and means ‘flowing down’. The name was a popular selection for babies who were baptized using the holy water from the river Jordan. Although this name has been popular for boys and girls, more recently parents naming their daughter opt for the alternative spelling of Jordyn. Jordan ranked 289 in popularity for little girls in 2016, and made the top 100 ranking at 67 for little boys.

Celebrities who have named their children Jordan include: Taylor Hanson, Kenny Rogers, and Dr. Phil.

“I traveled the banks of the River of Jordan. To find where it flows to the sea. I looked in the eyes of the cold and the hungry and I saw I was looking at me.” Peter, Paul & Mary.

8 Holland


There’s something regal and majestic about the name Holland. Immediately one might think about images of tulips, farmland, and beautifully rural Dutch landscapes. The name Holland is most often used for little girls and means ‘wooded land’. Holland is located on the western coast of the Netherlands and historically was once a remote corner of the Holy Roman Empire. This hip geographic name is also shared by actor Holland Taylor, the Emmy award winner, best known for her role on the sitcom Two and a Half Men. In the 1880’s Holland became slightly more popular for little boys, and even made it onto the top 1000 most popular name list. The name Holland ranked 883 in popularity in 2016 for little girls, and a much less common 2,174 for boys on Nameberry.

7 Denver


Mountains, crisp air, and something worthy of a painting. Naming a child Denver, is perfect for those who love nature and the great outdoors. Denver is the capital of Colorado. The meaning of Denver is ‘from Anvers’. This city is nicknamed the Mile-High City because its precise elevation is one mile above sea level, which means it’s the highest major city in the United States. Those who like the name Aspen, but want something a little more down to earth may favour this choice for their little boy or girl. The name was most popular in the 1920’s when it reached its peak, ranking at 422 for little boys - in 2016 it ranked 837. Today Denver is a very modest choice for little girls, currently ranking 6,704 on Nameberry. Music fans may like Denver in tribute to singer Bob Denver.

6 India


India remains one of the original place names, but that doesn’t make it any less lovely of an option for a little girl. This place name was named after the River Indus. The name India has always been, and remains most popular among English baby namers. The romantic name India was selected for a character in Gone with the Wind. The name India currently ranks a solid 251 in popularity according to Nameberry. For those who love this name, but find it a little too unusual, consider it as a middle name with a more traditional first name. Just think about how lovely names like: Elizabeth India, Ashley India, or Samantha India sound rolling off the tongue.

Celebrities who have selected the name India for their daughters include: singer Sarah McLaughlan, movie hotshot Harvey Weinstein, actor Heather Thomas, and Chris Hemsworth.

5 Dayton


Two syllable names are popular choices among many parents, as are names with personal meaning. The name Dayton has a practical meaning, and is simply a man-made lengthy wall or embankment to prevent flooding. This English name, can be used to represent roots in Dayton Ohio, although some parents prefer to alter the spelling to a similar but more dainty Deighton, for little girls. People who like the names Peyton, Brayden, or Trenton, might like Dayton as a rare alternative name choice that still has a hip yet familiar feel. Dayton was famously the home of aviation legend Orville Wright, so fans of flight may love this soaring selection. This unisex name is a rare choice, currently ranking 7,333 in popularity for little girls, and 890 for little boys.

4 Arizona


Heat, sand, and a breathtaking desert. It’s no wonder why people love the name Arizona for little girls! Arizona is a place-name that originates with the Papago Indians and means ‘little springs’. Arizona is known for its mountains, and as one of the Four Corners states, bordering on New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California, and Mexico, and is a popular vacation destination. This sunny state name might have been frowned upon some time ago since famous criminal ‘Ma’ Barker’s real name was Arizona Clark. The name Arizona was most popular in the 1880’s, peaking in popularity at 510 in 1882. The name Arizona currently ranks 1,090 in popularity for little girls according to Nameberry. People who like this name also like the names: Alabama, Alaska, or Africa.

“God lives everywhere, but he vacations in Arizona.” Joseph Stacey.

3 London


Is the name London calling to you? The capital of the United Kingdom is a favourite vacation destination. London is a great name for little boys and little girls with the geographic name first gaining some traction popularity wise in the mid-1990s. The place name was first recorded as the Latinized form of the pre-Celtic word Londinium which is believed to mean ‘place at the navigable or unfordable river.” This modern name currently ranks 152 on Baby Center for little girls and 707 on Nameberry for little boys.

London Tipton was a character on the Disney TV series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and London Hudson is the name of Guns and Roses guitarist Slash who revealed his son was conceived on a trip to jolly old London.

2 Adelaide


Many people love to travel to Australia. Its distance alone, offers a traveller a wonderful chance to explore the other side of our planet. It’s no wonder that the capital city of the south state of Australia is a perfect choice for someone who has loved their experiences down under. The city was named for a noble German princess, Adelaide, who was married to British King William IV, and popularly became known as ‘Good Queen Adelaide’. The name Adelaide, much like the princess who inspired the city, has Germanic roots and means ‘noble or nobility’. The name Adelaide ranked a respectable 258 in popularity in 2016 for little girls according to Nameberry.

Famous people who share this name include late singer Adelaide Hall.

Nicknames for Adelaide include: Addy, Della, Delia, and Dee.

1 Hamilton


Theatre fans and those who like to name after geographical places unite, with this name that we might see making a big surge soon. The little boy’s name is English and Scottish in origin and means ‘treeless hill’. There is a Hamilton in both Scotland and Ontario, Canada. This name, most commonly used in tribute to a family surname, hadn’t been on the top 1,000 chart for little boys for nearly a century, last placing in the 1930s. Currently in 2017, Hamilton is ranking a solid 675 in popularity for little boys. In numerology Hamilton is a two, with dominant personality traits including being adaptable, cooperative, kind, friendly and are an excellent partner. People with this name are also said to have strong diplomacy, patience and tact, and seek balance.

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