20 Bad Boy Baby Names That Are Actually Super Cute

What's in a name? Everything! So why are some moms so attracted to these kind of bad boy names? Okay, let's be honest, good girls love bad boys, or at least seemingly bad boys. Those confident ones who seem mysterious, a little risky and dangerous, and, of course, strong. Those are the type of boys that have inspired our list.

As a mom of two boys, I can tell you from experience that they are already crazy, full of energy and completely destructive all on their own. It almost seems like bad karma to choose a "bad boy" name for a baby boy, but parents are loving the rebel name trend regardless!

It's kind of like the saying, "If you can't beat them, join them." We can't escape the reality of the crazy mess boys are, so we might as well name them accordingly. We've put together a list of bad boy names perfect for your little rebel heartbreaker.

The names on this list are mostly macho and masculine, with a subtle hint of softness. Don't worry though, the softness doesn't deter from the "bad boy" appeal. It also doesn't make these names any less adorable! These names are actually super cute!

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20 Rebel

Is naming your little boy Rebel basically asking for trouble? Maybe, or perhaps it's just a name that will make your kid the main attraction. Rebel might just be a "goody-goody" and not a rebel after all. Naming him rebel doesn't necessarily mean he'll grow up to be rebellious.

Rebel is an English name that needs no definition. But, if it has to be defined, it means "a person who rises in opposition of authority, government, or an established ruler." Parents definitely don't hope that their kids are going to rebel against them or other authority figures and just because you name him Rebel doesn't mean he will.

Naming your son Rebel will just make him the center of attention. This moniker will definitely get a ton of questions. There's no doubt that Rebel will be one cool kid.

19 Rocco

This bad boy name is actually on somewhat of a trend in the U.S. and overseas. It entered the American list in 1892, broke into the top 300 a couple of times, then plummeted to the bottom in 1986. It started to make a climb back up the charts when it reached #195 last year, its highest ranking ever. It's also getting a lot of love in England and Germany.

Rocco is Italian from German meaning "rest." Madonna and Guy Ritchie resurrected this old fashioned Italian street name when they chose it for their son. Rocco is the real name of boxers Rocky Marciano and Graziano.

Rocco is a tough guy name, thank you boxer namebearers, that your little guy will grow into perfectly. Rocco is undeniably a cool kid name.

18 Jax


This modern take on Jack and Jackson is becoming an international trend of its own. It recently reached #155 in America and the top 100 in The Netherlands and England. Parents are loving a rare "X"  in baby names like in Dax, Dexter and Axle and Jax is joining the ranks.

Jax is a modern invention that entered American charts in 2005 and spent four straight years hovering outside of the top 200. Last year was the first year that it finally broke the trend. Jax Teller is a character on Son's of Anarchy.

This tattooed name bearer definitely gives the name some bad boy vibes. Jax Teller is the president of the "motorcycle club" on the show, giving the name a sort of leather jacket Harley Davidson appeal.

17 Brendan


Brendan might not initially sound like a bad boy name, we think it has definite bad boy potential. Brendan is an Irish import that first appeared on our charts in the early 1940s. It was in the top 200 for almost 30 years, but today only sits at #451.

Brendan is Irish for "prince." It also translates as "brave" in Gaelic. It's the name of a legendary Irish saint who, according to Irish legend, was the first European to ever set foot on American soil. That's a pretty bad boy name bearer. Brendan Fraser and Brendan Behan are two other notable namesakes. Marc Wahlberg chose Brendan for his son.

Brendan is a solid masculine name with a great meaning that will make any little bad boy proud. This moniker doesn't scream "bad boy," but it has a subtle rebel undertone.

16 Ace


This cool kid name surprisingly made its appearance in America in 1882, but it didn't break into the top 500 until 2013. Today, Ace stands at its highest ranking ever, #159. It's also 50th for dogs, but I think this one suits a cool kid way better than his canine friend.

Ace is Latin for "one, unity." Some of us might still associate this moniker with "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective," but it's definitely time to move past that. Ace was chosen by Natalie Appleton, Tom Dumont, Jennie Finch, and Jessica Simpson for all of their sons.

Sweet little Ace does have a bit of a poker player, leather jacket wearing kind of feel, but that hasn't stopped this one from becoming quite a trend. We wouldn't be surprised if we saw Ace in the top 100 next year.

15 Flash


Let's face it, boys are fast and full of energy. Naming your little boy Flash can either be karma, or just smart, because he most likely will be fast, and at some point faster than you. Flash has never been on the American list of baby names, but this comic book moniker is getting a little bit more attention these days.

The comic strip character, Flash Gordon, was a devilishly handsome Yale graduate and polo player. Gordon isn't too bad of a name bearer, and little boy would love being named after him. Though the comic was originally published in 1934, this name might just appeal to more modern parents.

Flash can definitely be considered as one of the more contemporary active boy names, and might just join the ranks of Ace and Racer. It would make a pretty cool nickname for parents not so brave too.

14 Phoenix


This edgy name has been doing pretty well on American lists recently. Last year it reached #292, its highest ranking ever. It's also in the top 300 in England and top 100 name in New Zealand. Phoenix has been on the charts since 1995, and it took less than ten years for this cool name to enter the top 500.

Phoenix is an Arizona place name and Greek mythological name that means "dark red." In ancient Greek mythology the Phoenix was a bird that rose from the ashes and symbolized immortality. It is also a popular surname, used by celebrities like River Phoenix and Joaquin Phoenix.

Pheonix is also a spelling variation, but it's the desirable hip "x" ending that parents are loving. This moniker has only just begun its trend. Phoenix is one of the ultimate bad boy names.

13 Axel

You can't find a much tougher or more rugged bad boy name than Axel. This moniker has been doing well both domestically and internationally. It reached by far, its highest ranking ever at #20 last year after over a century on the American baby name list. It is also a top 100 name in Sweden, Iceland and Norway.

Axel German for "father of peace." Axel Rose from Guns and Roses definitely helps this name with its bad boy image. However, to totally switch gears, it's also the Scandinavian variation of the Bible name Absalom. Typically a name in both of these categories that is actually cool would be difficult to find, but Axel made it pretty easy.

Axel was chosen by Will Ferrell, Tiger Woods and Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson for their sons. It was also used for a character on Journey to the Center of the Earth.

12 Boris

Boris may, at first, sound more like a nerdy name than a bad boy name, but a name that literally means "to fight" can't possibly be meant for a nerd rather than a rebel. This old Slavic name entered the American list in 1923, never made it into the top 800, and dropped completely off by 1970. It's #77 in the Netherlands.

Boris is an old Russian name that means "to fight." Boris Karloff, who was famous for playing the character of Frankenstein's Monster, which may be why it never translated that well on American soil.  It was also the name of Ivan the Terrible's son in law.

Boris is, however, being revived in Europe and becoming one of those chic old fashioned names. It has all the potential it needs to do the same as a bad boy name in the U.S.

11 Zane

This trending moniker entered the American list in 1921 and has been on a roller coaster ride inside the top 500 and 900 since. It wasn't until 1989 that Zane finally got a firm spot in the top 500, and today is ranked #116, its highest ranking ever.

Zane is possibly a variation of John. It means "God is gracious." It came to fame via western novelist, Zane Grey, born Pearl Grey. Grey was the grandson of the founder of Zanesville, Ohio, Ebenezer Zane. It's tough guy western feel came from Zane and his novels.

There are several spelling variations of the name like Zayne and Zayn, but it's Zane that parents are loving. Parents looking for something Biblical, like John, might opt for this more contemporary version.

10 Damon


Damon is another one on this list that at first glance doesn't seem like much of a bad boy name, but its meaning says otherwise. Damon is English for "stoic strength." Every little boy would love to be given a name that destines him to be strong, or at least feel like he is.

Damon entered the American popularity chart in 1880. It wasn't until 1968 that it entered the top 200. It's never seen a ranking inside the top 100, though it came close in the 70s. Today, Damon is #433, despite actor Matt Damon's tough guy persona.

The mythological Damon and Pythias are symbols of strong friendship. Damon risked his life to save Pythias from being executed. Damon of Athens was a philosopher who taught Pericles and Socrates and Damon Salvatore is a character on The Vampire Diaries.

9 Malcolm


The ultimate rebel, Malcolm X, was a rebel, but not without a cause. Malcolm is a Scottish import that made its way overseas to America in 1880, and has pretty much always fared well with parents in the U.S. It never strayed too far from the top 500, and today it stands at #151, its highest ranking ever.

Malcolm is Scottish for "devotee of St. Colomba." It's a royal Scottish name that was used for four Scottish kings and is, of course, a hero name because of the civil rights activist, Malcolm X. Both Denzel Washington and Harrison Ford have sons named Malcolm.

Malcolm has been used for at least three characters in the Harry Potter Series. It has also been used for characters in Malcolm in the Middle, Firefly and Outlander.

8 Fox


Being as sly as a fox would definitely categorize you as a "bad boy." A fox is a tough sleek animal and naming your son Fox might make him just that. Fox was nonexistent on the American list until 2016 when it hit #746, and last year made it to #153.

Fox is an animal name that was born into contemporary American culture as a given name via Fox Mulder from the revival of The X-Files. Other than uses as a surname, it wasn't heard as a first name very often. The creator of the show, Chris Carter, had a childhood friend named Fox that inspired the character.

Fox would also make a great middle name for parents not looking for an obscure first name. We just hope that if you do choose Fox as a first name that your little guy doesn't end up too sneaky.

7 Gunner

A little bit more harsh and masculine than Gunther, Gunner is a great option for parents looking in the bad boy category, but don't want anything too crazy like Racer or Rebel. Gunner made its way to America in 1994 and slowly and steadily made it to the top 500 a decade later. Today, Gunner stands at #275.

Gunner is the Scandinavian variation of the name Gunther, which means "bold warrior." It doesn't get much "badder" than that when it comes to the meaning of a name. Gunner is masculine and has a sort of militant appeal.

This macho name was chosen by The Killers lead singer, Brandon Flowers, for his son in 2009. If you're looking for something not so assertive, Gunnar is a softer spelling and ranked #398 itself.

6 Wilder

If I have another boy one day Wilder will definitely be going on my list. I had it on for my second boy and most people said I was dooming him to be even more wild than his brother, which is what you will probably hear if you already have a boy. However, this one isn't just a bad boy name, it's a literary name, which makes doubly cool in my book.

Wilder went from #974 in 2015 to right outside the top 100 at #108 last year. This bad boy name is one of the fastest rising in its class!

Typically used as a surname, several celebrities bore it. Oscar Wilder, Gene Wilder, Laura Ingalls Wilder and Billy Wilder and Alec Wilder are just a few. Wilder was one of the top 10 fastest rising boy names of 2016 so you better grab it fast!

5 Hunter

This top 100 bad boy name is also seeing some success internationally. Hunter hit #45 in the U.S. last year after a life of ups and downs on the charts since 1880. It reached the top 100 in 1993 and stayed there until 2010, when it somehow dropped 400 spots until 2016. It's also a top 100 name in Scotland, England, New Zealand and Australia.

Hunter is English for "one who hunts." Hunter is masculine, but also has a hint of softness that has made it one of the most successful names in its category.

Josh Holloway recently used it for his son and Hunter S. Thompson is a famous journalist. Hunter has a lot going for it, especially for parents looking for a macho name without being too harsh.

4 Draven

I'm not sure that Draven is more of a bad boy name or if it's actually just dark, but it definitely deserves a look at as one of the less traditional names on this list. Draven is #870 on the American baby name list after it entered in 1995. It's never broken into the top 500, and I'm not sure it ever will.

Draven is a modern invention that was inspired by Cuba Gooding Junior's character in In the Shadows and Brandon Lee's character in The Crow. Draven has a Wiccan feel, but it also seems dark and masculine.

I guess it depends on what type of bad boy name you're looking for, but if it's one that a Lincoln Park band member would choose, than Draven is for you. It was recently chosen by their front man for his son.

3 Wolf

Another animal name has made it onto our list, only this one has a different sort of appeal. Wolf can either be considered an animal name or a musical name. Wolf is a fierce animal name that hasn't ever been featured on the American list. However, just like Bear, this one has a softness with a touch of fierceness.

Wolf can either be an animal name or a diminutive of Wolfgang, which means "traveling wolf." A little boy would love to be named a traveling wolf. CNN Newscaster, Wolf Blizter was named after his grandfather. Wolf Kahn was a painter and Jack London named his main character in The Sea Wolf, Wolf Larson.

Wolf is definitely a step out of the box and isn't for parents looking for an ordinary animal name, but it just might be worth the risk.

2 Ernest

I know what you're thinking. Ernest does not sound like a bad boy name at all! Do you remember Oscar Wilde's novel The Importance of Being Ernest? Well the Ernests in his play were said to be liars and one character quoted, "There is something in that name that seems to inspire absolute confidence. I pity any poor woman whose husband is not called Ernest."

Ernest is English from German and means "serious, resolute." It's meaning only helps its case. Its most famous name bearer was Ernest Hemingway, who was sort of a bad boy in his own right as well.

Ernest is deceiving, just like in the book, you just might want to stay away from the nickname Ernie though. There is no helping the "Bert and Ernie" image that comes with that nickname.

1 Racer

This cool and fast moniker is a new one that hasn't even made it onto the American list yet, but we don't think it will be much longer before it does. Racer can join Flash and Dash as a name that just about every little boy becomes, especially in those toddler years, but it can easily be a cool kid name like Rebel and Rocco too.

Director Robert Rodriguez basically set the standard for our list when he named his four boys. He not only has a Rebel, Rocket and Rogue, he also has a son named Racer. Lara Bingle and Sam Worthington also chose Racer for their sons name.

This moniker is edgy and cool, and risky like most of the others on our list. These somewhat risky options are becoming the new trend. No risk no reward, right?

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