19Isabella And Jacob

Children with these names tend to grow into intelligent, mature and balanced individuals. They tend to be perfectionists and value quality over quantity. They will stand up for the right thing, and hold the values of justice and fairness in high regard.

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The search for a classic combination of names stops here: Isabella and Jacob. Both the names have religious and biblical roots, and continue to be wildly popular (separately) with young parents. However, not many parents name their children Isabella and

Jacob – thus making this combination extremely clever and unique. The today.com reports that "Jacob was the most popular boys' name in America until Noah came in like a flood. "

The one area where they are likely to be different is their personality types: while girls named Isabella might be more quiet and reflective, boys named Jacob are likely to be very vocal. However, this is not likely to be a point of conflict in the house as both individuals will be very understanding and perceptive.

One thing is for certain; the names Isabella and Jacob are likely to sustain their popularity over the next few years. The names have also enjoyed their fair share of time in the spotlight, as Isabella and Jacob also happen to be the names of protagonists in the famous Twilight series, and the characters share a deeply emotional and loyal bond.

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