20 Boy Names Expected To Dominate The Next Decade

One of the first questions an expectant Mum-to-be will be asked after "Is it a boy or a girl?" is, "Have you chosen a name yet?" You could be 13 weeks pregnant or struggling in the doors of the hospital in labor and you will still be asked this question. Everyone will want to know this precious little secret you have and plague you until you either cave or snap at them that your keeping Schtum until the baby is born.

Choosing a name for your baby is one of the most important privileges bestowed on a parent and it's also one of the most difficult tasks too. Attempting to shorten your long list can take forever. It's a good thing pregnancy is nine months! And you and your partner will want a handful of vetos too to cross some of those dubious names off the list.

Whether you want a popular name, something quirky, a name that will stand the test of time and blend in with the traditional, or something so out there and obscure that your parents will question your choice but eventually love it, the decision is entirely yours. It's one of the most fun parts of parenting, choosing a name for your beautiful baby. But how do you whittle that list down to just a handful and then finally to one? Well, you're in luck! We've put together a list of baby boy names that are sure to dominate the next ten years. Names that will remain popular because of their incredible awesomeness.


Jackson has become increasingly popular over the last number of years and it's appeal doesn't seem to be slowing down either. Jackson often comes across as a surname as that is where it originally spawned from. Parents began using it as a first name in the mid 2000's, choosing names that were diversifying and becoming incredibly cool and quirky. Jackson is definitely high up there on the list and is actually ranked in the US in the top 20 most popular boys names.

Many use the spelling Jaxon or Jaxson, both of which are just as amazing as the original spelling and Jax is more often than not used as a nickname. This name has spiked in popularity, due in part to a plethora of celebs favoring it for their own sweet little boys, but that shouldn't put you off choosing it for your little bundle. Chances are though, Jackson will retain its incredible popularity over the next ten years.


Admittedly, Levi always reminds me of Levi Strauss, the awesome guy who changed our lives when he invented blue jeans! But Levi is undoubtedly one of those names that whips around the room in the coolest way possible. The popularity of the name Levi has been strong for a long time and still stands in the top 50 in the US. It doesn't seem to be dropping and I'll be honest why should it? Levi is most certainly a cool guy, so why wouldn't you choose it for your beautiful baby boy?

Levi is originally a biblical name that has merged with literary fiction and celebrity popularity. It's a name that will stand the test of time and despite its popularity, it has a quirkiness and uniqueness to it that a lot of desired names have without the struggle to try and keep it original. Levi stands well on its own so it's not a surprise that it's set to dominate the next decade once again.


I always find it surprising how popular the name Declan has remained over generations, not simply years. Declan has long held it's popularity in the baby boy name stakes, most notably in Ireland, but it has crossed the waters to the US and surprisingly has been just outside the top 100 for the last few years. It didn't take long for Declan to reach a level of adoration and we expect it to not only stay in the charts but rise considerably fast in the next decade or so as many parents choose it for their little gems.

Declan has a very mature sound to it but beautifully still suits a cute little baby or toddler. Many shorten it down to Dec for a nickname and some have even used the spelling Declyn to sharpen the name up a bit and give it a modern twist. I like the fact that Declan is climbing, as it's a name that can be happily passed on from generation to generation.


Oh I do love sweet little Oliver's. Oliver is one of the cutest baby names which has made a sharp comeback in the last few years and is set to be trendy for the next decade at least. Oliver, believe it or not, is the number one name in England, Australia and New Zealand and hit the top 100 in the US market just eight years ago. In that short space of time it has made a maddening run up to the ladder to sit happily in the top twenty.

Ollie is a super cute nickname for Oliver and would be perfect for a little baby boy. If Oliver is too Dickinsian for you, you could try Olivier, the French version which is equally beautiful. Oliver though is a tough and sturdy name with a soft and sweet nature with a meaning that sympbolizes peace and harmony. You really can't go wrong with this name choice.


Benjamin is one of my favourite name choices for a baby boy and will always be on the top of my list. I'm hoping my other half won't veto it if we're lucky enough to expect a boy! Benjamin is a wonderfully versatile name that can easily and happily grow with a little boy. Nicknames such as the simplest form of Ben to the quirky and cute Benji can be used for Benjamin which in itself is a strong, masculine and professional sounding name.

Benjamin is a biblical name which has always been popular but popped itself into the top ten in the US in the last few years. The name is not only traditional but also has a new sense of twenty first century style and grace. It is one of those names that is everlasting and will grow with your little bundle as they step out of Ben, reach into Benji and enter the workforce as Benjamin. It's an all rounder and a great choice.


Elijah is another incredibly beautiful and popular biblical name that has long lost it's traditional flavour and has become a very sophisticated yet quirky name, part in thanks to the amazing actor Elijah Wood. Amazingly, this gorgeous name has been in the top twenty, closely and quickly reaching the top ten, for the last five years, and I can see why.

The name Elijah is absolutely steeped in history and rich with stories making it a wonderful name to choose from that perspective, but it is also garnering a new history and story as so many parents choose it for their children and there are now so many Elijah's out there shaping our world. I also love how the name can be shortened to a very quirky and modern Ely or Eli, giving this traditional name a whole new appeal.


Grayson, which can actually be used for a boy or a girl, has literally zipped up the charts in the US, entering our ranks in the early 80's in a very low spot in the top 1000. Incredibly, over thirty years earlier, Grayson has made it into the top fifty and it is sure to keep rising over the next decade so don't be surprised if you see and hear more of this name.

Grayson comes across as a very sturdy, strong and masculine name and it is, but it also has a very soft and romantic nature about. I'm expecting more rom coms with leading men named Grayson on the horizon because it's a name to swoon over. I can actually picture myself rooting for the dapper and beautiful looking man, winning the girl and her love! Grayson is a very cool and quirky name which can be spelled Greyson with Gray or Grey obviously being a cute alternative for a nickname.


Henry is an incredibly classic name which has stayed in fashion for such a long time, since Shakespearean times to be exact. In recent years it has caught on with a new sense of sophistication and style which is undeniably cool. Henry of course, is also the epitome of royalty with a long leniage of royals bearing the beautifully staunch name. There is undeniably, a strong draw to the name Henry and don't forget that many British use the name Harry as a cute nickname for Henry. The absolutely loved and sought after Prince Harry is actually christened Henry.

Henry is a brilliant choice for your own little royal and regardless of whether it is popular or not, it's a strong name for a strong little character. Henry is sure to take over the baby boy name charts for at least another ten years, and I'll be honest, I don't think many of us mind!


Oh Wyatt, you are simply beyond cool as you start to take over the charts. Wyatt has a definite "Je ne sais quois" quality about it as it leans into the top thirty position of the baby boy name charts. It has risen considerably over the last five years and is set to continue climbing and dominating in its own incredible way.

Wyatt is one of those names that has an intense cowboyish charm to do, no doubt due to Wyatt Earp but has passed by the cowboy aspect and delved into modern life. It is sophisticated and strong but cool and classy at the same time. It is simply a name to stop and behold. You are sure to never forget meeting a Wyatt, a memory engrained on your mind forever as their name let alone their personality stands out to you. Celebrities have of course cottoned on to the cool factor when it comes to Wyatt and Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have attempted to cross the gender divide by naming their baby daughter Wyatt. No harm there at all! We absolutely predict that Wyatt will dominate and take over the name charts for the next decade.


Flynn can be used for both a boy and a girl and while it's ranking for a boy is way down the charts having just dipped its toes in at the top 700 in the US, we envisage Flynn becoming incredibly popular and skipping right up the charts to take over for the next ten years. Flynn is continually rising and gaining speed.

Flynn is another cowboy style name along with one of our favourites Wyatt so perhaps there is a wild west revival happening. Regardless, these are two names we see taking over. Flynn is charming, sophisticated and gritty with an easygoing tone to it. Considering Flynn only entered the top 1000 in the US in 2011, you can see how quickly it has jumped up the charts and it is already in the top 50 in both Australia and New Zealand. Many celebrities have chosen Flynn for their offspring including Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom. And hey, let's not forget that Disney's Tangled named the leading love interest Flynn Rider!


Abel, while having a very biblical and devastating first entry into our world as Adam and Eve's unfortunate son, it does not put us off wanting this name to stay happily in our charts. Currently sitting around 125 in the baby name charts, Abel has long been popular but has seen a recent rise in popularity and we can see why. We love the name Abel here with its cool and soft sounds, its short and sweet nature and its bright and strong meaning.

Abel is a wonderfully positive name with a strong line and history. And yet, if you ignored all of that, the name simply rings true with its encouraging and corroborative nature. I really don't think you could ever go wrong with the name Abel and see it taking over in the next decade as its sophisticated coolness catches on and takes over.


Oh I do love Archer as a name for a beautiful little boy. It's one of those cute and quirky baby names that is so much more cooler than you thought when you first heard it. Archer is not new or modern and has long been on the radar of the baby name rankings. The hit cartoon Archer helped this solid name confirm its status in our latest rankings and the Archie comics didn’t hinder it’s popularity either. It’s cool and hip and yet also powerful.

And yes, although it currently sits on the right side of the top 300 baby boy names in America, its swift rise in the last ten years shows how important this name is to new Mum's and Dad's. Afterall, it only made the top 1000 in 2009. It is bound to be a continual success and take over the charts in the next ten years. And hey, that really is no bad thing considering Archer is undeniably cool and unreserved.


If I had a boy, Edison would most certainly be on our list and I'm not sure either me nor my other half would veto it so it very well could be our number one choice for a baby boy. In fact, I somewhat think it's a shame that we're done having kids because Edison is far too nice and cool of a name not to use!

Of course, when we say Edison, we immediately think of acclaimed inventor Thomas Edison. To name your baby boy Edison probably takes a bit of guts because it is an unusual choice. But there seem to be quite a lot of gutsy parents out there as Edison has thundered through the baby name charts in the last while and is set to gain incredible popularity in the next decade rising even further up the ranks. Currently it sits just outside the top 600 but that is sure to change in the next ten years as parents look for those names that have history, intelligence, quirkiness and individuality. Catch this name straight away and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.


Milo, you little beauty you. Milo is undeniably sophisticated and beautiful. It's a name that oozes appeal with charm, soft sounds and general dashingness (if that's even a word but I think you know what I mean!) Milo may only be in the top 300 in the United States but it is incredibly popular due to its suave but sincere nature and is sure to take over for the next ten years or so as its popularity rises.

Milo has a strong historical nature and is tied wonderfully into the world of literature with the likes of the popular novel classic Catch 22. And lets not forget the ever beautiful and dashing Milo Ventimiglia of Heroes fame who most certainly brought the name to light and gave it a new boost in the popularity stakes. Do you think you would like a little Milo running around your feet one of these days? I don't blame you if you said yes. And while Milo is adorably cute on a baby, it is equally strong and poignant for an adult.


Undeniably strong, undeniably staunch and undeniably fierce. And I'm not just talking about the namesakes incredible TV show, Dexter. The name in itself is powerful and despite its popularity, due in part to Dexter Morgan who most certainly gave this name a strong revival, Dexter is a classic but modern name that has not seen its day just yet, in fact, we predict it will once again dominate the charts for the next decade, perhaps longer.

Since its introduction to the name charts, Dexter has climbed up the ranks and sits just outside the top 400 in the US and the top 100 in the UK. It is absolutely zipping up the popularity ladder with many celebrities, including crooners Elvis Costello and Charlotte Church choosing it for their sons. With its quirky charm and strong sounds with the ever appealing X sound, Dexter is no longer a name for a nerd, but the name for a muscular and sturdy boy come man.


The world seems to be running away with Harvey whose popularity has increased year on year for the last five years, which is the reason we can see Harvey dominating the baby boy name charts for the next decade. Coming from a long, long history with countless namesakes and their respective stories, Harvey is a name that holds a great deal of importance and is highly impressive. Not choosing Harvey to add to your list of name choices would be a mistake since we adore the name here. We see its intense and beloved nature as a strong mix of quirkiness and adorableness mixed with a soft and palpable character which is sure to stand the test of time.

Of course, softening the name with a cute nickname such as Harv is never a bad thing and only adds to its adorableness for a sweet little baby boy. Would Harvey make your list? In this modern era, with its new connotations and skipping over the old style nerdish feel to it, Harvey certainly makes our list.


Short and ultra-chic is what the awesome name Theo is often described as and who would dare not agree! Traditionally, Theo was a shortened version of the outdated and stylised Theodore. These days, most parents tend to skip the longer name and opt for using Theo instead as their baby boys official name. And what a great choice it is. While Theodore has been in the name charts for a long time, Theo has crept in and currently sits in at the top 400 in the US making a swift and sharp rise. It's made a massive impact in Europe where it ranks in the top 50 in many countries and its popularity is clearly spreading. We predict that Theo will become a regular in the name charts and make its way up higher and higher over the next ten years, making it a wonderfully popular choice.

Theo is once again a powerful and masculine name, fit for any little boy, growing teenager or adult so, once again, a name that will grow with your beautiful little boy.


Sullivan is another of my favourite baby boy names which can also be used for a girl. Personally, I partly love this name because of the cute and sweet nickname which is often given to Sullivan, Sully. It changes a name that has harsh edges and tough tones to something soft and sweet, quite like the Monsters Inc namesake!

Sullivan is another name that comes from a surname, most notably the Irish surname, and has been adopted by parents as a first name. And I have to admit, it is one of the best surname to first name transfers we've ever come across. Sullivan may sit inside the top 500 of the baby boy name charts in the 459th position in the US but it has seen a considerable rise making it a name to watch out for. Not only that, but its inevitable popularity is almost written in stone when we look at its rich and broad history and celebrities like Tom Waits and James Marsters who have chosen Sullivan for their baby boys.


Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale gave the incredible name Kingston a jolt up the ladder of popularity for adorable baby boys when they gave this moniker to their little guy. Kingston is another name taken from a surname and the transition has worked quite well. The name is royal without being pretentious, strong and masculine without being overbearing and daring without being heavy-handed.

Incredibly, Kingston entered the charts in 2006 just inside the top 1000 and in such a short space of time has zoomed up to take a seat, but not a long rest at 150. I dare say, Kingston is not going to stay there for too long and continue its rise up the ranks, dominating the charts in a loud and proud way for the next ten years, perhaps longer. In fact, I imagine Kingston is one of those names that will fight for the top spot.


Anyone remember Parker Lewis, of Parker Lewis Can't Lose Fame? Well that is where the name Parker always brings me back to. Back then, as I watched the quirkiest show on TV at the time, I always wondered if Parker was actually a real name because it was simply so out-there and obscure. In fact, Parker, which was originally a surname until parents started choosing it for a first name for their sweet boys (and girls, Parker is a unisex name) is one of the most popular names in the US at the moment as it sits in the 75th spot on the name charts. And why not? Parker is incredibly quirky, it stands out, it makes a difference and it is one of those names that won't be forgotten. Yes, people may ask your little boy twice what his name is, just to make sure they heard right but thats all in the nature of having a name that is obscure but cool, odd but memorable. Parker is a definite to dominate the baby boy name charts for the next century let alone decade.

Sources: Nameberry

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