20 Boy Names Inspired By The Bachelor

The Bachelor is a hit ABC reality show that has been on the air for 21 seasons. It's a high-drama, controversial train-wreck of romantic bliss and devastating heartache in which one lucky gentleman, known as "The Bachelor" dates between 25 and 30 women. He quickly whittles down his romantic prospects, giving roses to the ladies he still sees a future with and sending the rest home, empty handed and usually in tears. Brutal. Yes. Great television? It's debatable. Some love the show. Others claim to hate it, but do they secretly love it? Probably.

Over the years, the Bachelor mansion has housed many women vying for the heart of one lucky man. Quite a few men have had their turn in the mansion as well, during seasons of The Bachelorette, where a woman is the one handing out the roses while simultaneously crushing men's hearts and dashing their hopes.

However one feels about the program, one thing is certain: it's riveting. The men who have appeared on the show, both as the top dog searching for his one perfect woman, and as underdogs posturing for the chance to be the last man standing, are intriguing to say the least. Even more importantly, many of the guys who have appeared on the show rocking washboard abs and sultry 5 o'clock shadows have simply irresistible names.

The following 20 monikers are inspired by men who have appeared on seasons of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Parents may find exactly what they've been searching for on the list below, and may even feel the urge to give their final metaphorical rose to one of these dashing designations.

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20 Chris

Chris Harrison has appeared on both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette since the very first episode. He is one of those guys everyone can talk to: part therapist, part host and total heartthrob. There have even been recent cries from some diehard fans for Harrison to be the next Bachelor. That would be a twist.

Chris Soules, a contestant on Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette, and the 19th star of The Bachelor, has got it going on as well. Sadly, Soules broke up with his choice, Whitney Bischoff soon after the show aired. We aren't too worried. He's a farmer with a megawatt smile who most assuredly has plenty of prospects, even though he lives in the middle of nowhere.

Chris is the English nickname for either Christian or Christopher and means one who carries Christ. It's also a shortening used for girls named Christine or Christie. It is currently the 339th most popular name for boys in the United States and the 4,286th most popular name for girls, up 741 places since 2016. Those who love the name Chris for a boy may also wish to consider the classic names Daniel, Luke or Jonathan.

19 Ames

Ames Brown appeared on Ashley Hebert's season of The Bachelorette, and again on Bachelor Pad 2. He's a dapper dude with great hair and a winning smile. Although he was cut brutally in the midst of a date by Hebert, he didn't give up on love.

Brown famously chose love over money on Bachelor Pad 2 after his love interest, Jackie Gordon was eliminated at the end of the second episode. Ames followed her into her exit limo, declaring he'd rather have a chance with Gordon than the $250,000 he had a chance at winning if he stayed on the show. Unfortunately, the couple split soon after, apparently against Gordon's wishes. Ames has since married and, as far as we know, is currently living happily ever after.

Ames is currently the 2,276th most popular name for boys in the United States, and has risen 1,771 places in popularity since 2016. It's still widely unused, but seems to be a name that may become more common in the future. Love it? Snatch it up while it's still a rare beauty! Grady, Anson and Camden are sophisticated yet original names that may appeal to fans of Ames.

18 Charlie

Actor Charlie O'Connell, Jerry O'Connell's goofy brother, was selected as the bachelor for Season 7. He narrowed the field down to two lovely ladies: Sarah Brice and Krisily Kennedy, but couldn't make up his mind between the two. In an unexpected turn of events, O'Connell begged for more time. His wish was granted. He chose Sarah Brice during a live finale, but did not propose. The couple broke up in 2007, got back together in 2008, then split for good in 2010.

Charlie is a name of English origin. It's a diminutive of the name Charles and means free man. It's another gender-neutral name: currently the 111th most popular name for boys in the United States and the 139th most popular name for girls.

Golf pro Tiger Woods and actress Mimi Rogers both have sons named Charlie. Actor, Charlie Sheen and comedian Charlie Chaplin are other well-known men with this name. Those who like Charlie for a little chap may also wish to consider the similarly friendly names Max, Parker or Jack.

17 Tanner

Tanner Tolbert was a contestant on Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of The Bachelorette. While his commentary during interviews served as a hilarious narration for the show, sparks did not fly between he and Bristowe. Tolbert came back for a second shot at love on Bachelor In Paradise and met the lovely former Playboy Playmate Jade Roper, who appeared on Chris Soule's season. The two hit it off, got engaged, and married soon after in a live television event. Follow these two lovebirds on Instagram for an adorable peek into their blissful marriage.

Tanner is a name of English origin that means leather worker. It is currently the 253rd most popular name for boys in the United States. Along with names Tyler, Trevor and Taylor, Tanner was a very popular choice for boys in the 90's.

Tanner's popularity has since declined a bit, but it's still within the top 300 names for boys and has only dropped 12  spots since 2016. Fans of the name Tanner may also wish to consider the equally appealing names Tucker, Hunter or Ryder.

16 Andy

Andrew "Andy" James Baldwin, M.D., Ironman contender, marathon runner and humanitarian, was the impressive bachelor on the show's 10th season. He is a US Naval Officer and a gentleman: the cheeky title of the show while Baldwin filled the roll of the bachelor.

Baldwin ended up choosing Tessa Horst over who many fans felt was his true soulmate, Bevin Nicole Powers. Horst reportedly broke up with Baldwin while he was on deployment in the Pacific. When asked about it, he explained, "I was deployed and overseas. That put a strain on things. But we’re both happy now. Everything turned out for the best." Classy guy.

Andy is a diminutive of the name Andrew, a name of Greek origin that means manly, but may also be a shortening of Anders or Anderson. Andy currently ranks as the 530th most popular boys name, and is more popular on its own than the other nickname for Andrew, Drew. Similar names to consider include Adrian, Adam or Alex.

15 Jef

Jef with one F became a household name when he was the one selected by Season 8's bachelorette, Emily Maynard. His name suits him perfectly, and he pulls off the strange spelling with effortless charm. The two broke up soon after amid a whirlwind of scandalous tabloid rumors.

We don't know the truth, but know that Emily has since married and had two babies. Jef has become a private fellow, rarely posting on his once very frequently updated Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Jef, usually spelled Jeff, is a diminutive of the name Jeffrey or Jefferson and means pledge of peace. Currently, Jef ranks as the 3,968th most popular name chosen for boys in the United States. While this ranking isn't even in the top 3,00o, it's worth mentioning that Jef is up in popularity 3,670 places since 2016. Not too shabby. It's climbing the ranks quite nicely and may be a name of the future: hip spelling and all. Similarly cool names that will stand out in a good way include Jave, Jove and Javi.

14 Reid

Reid Rosenthal was a contestant on Jillian Harris's season of The Bachelorette. She sent him home after their night in the fantasy suite, but Rosenthal wasn't giving up without a fight. He returned on the final day of the show, professed his love, and proposed. Jillian didn't fall for his romantic gesture and chose Ed Swiderski instead. Rosenthal also appeared on Bachelor Pad 3, where he once again did not find love.

Reid is a name of English origin that means red-haired. It's one of those nature names that never goes out of style, and follows another current trend as a popular surname. Meera and Jojen Reed are two totally awesome Game of Thrones characters that only make this name better.

Also spelled Reed, Reid is presently ranked as the 339th name for boys and is up in popularity 27 places since 2016. Love it? Other names to consider include Cole, Finn or Sawyer.

13 Kasey

Kasey Kahl was a contestant on Ali Fedotwosky's season of The Bachelorette. He was so enamored by the blonde beauty that he got a tattoo to represent his commitment to her. In return, she dumped him and left him standing alone on a snow-covered mountain. Kahl later started a romance with Vienna Giardi, the winner of Jake Pavelka's season. The two appeared together on Bachelor Pad 2 and caused all sorts of drama.

More often spelled Casey, Kasey is a gender-neutral name of Irish origin that means brave in battle. It also has origins in Greek where it means thorny hill. This name was at it's height of popularity in the 80's, and now ranks as the 1,592nd most popular name for boys in the United States.

For girls, Kasey is still well within the top 1,000 names: currently ranking as the 817th most popular name for ladies. It's worth noting that the female version of Kasey has risen 578 places in popularity since 2016. Is Kasey making a comeback? Only time will tell. In the meantime, similar gorgeous names for boys fans of Kasey may wish to consider include Kayden, Keegan and Kelvin.

12 Graham

Graham Bunn first appeared on DeAnna Pappas' season of The Bachelorette. Pappas was feeling it big time for Bunn, but, in her opinion, he wasn't quite as into her as she was into him, so she tearfully sent him packing.

Bunn later appeared on Bachelor Pad 2 where he struck up a romance with former Bachelor contestant Michelle Money. Bunn also appeared on Bachelor In Paradise where he seemed terrified to tell Ashlee Frazier that he really wasn't feeling her obsessive vibe.

Graham is a name of Scottish origin that means gravely homestead. It also has Anglo-Saxon roots and means warlike. Sometimes spelled Graeme in Scotland and Gram in England, this name has been a hit in the United Kingdom since the 1950's. It's gained notice in the United States over the last decade where it currently ranks as the 194th most popular choice for boys. Similar names those who love Graham may wish to consider include Liam, Griffin and Everett.

11 Jesse

Jesse Palmer was the 5th man to be given the honor of being the bachelor. He chose Jessica Bowlin over Tara Huckeby in the show's finale, but he did not propose. Bowlin and Palmer agreed to continue dating, but the two parted ways just weeks later. He is now a regular on Good Morning America and ESPN. 

Jesse is a biblical name of Hebrew origin that means gift. Outlaw Jesse James helped bring this name a bit of an edge, and actors Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Jesse Eisenberg have helped to instill a friendly feeling into the name. While Jesse is also a popular girl's name, something about Jesse for a boy is ultra-manly.

Currently, Jesse is the 168th most popular name chosen for boys in the  United States, and up 52 places since 2o15. Levi, Isaac and Micah are other biblical stunners that may appeal to fans of the name Jesse.

10 Ari

Ari Luyendyk was the runner-up on Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette. He was totally blindsided and heartbroken when Maynard broke up with him before the final rose ceremony. Luyendyk has since been linked to Season 16's bachelor Ben Flajnik's final choice, Courtney Robertson. It has also been rumored more than once that Luyendyk will be the next bachelor. To the dismay of single girls around the U.S., the rumors have never come to fruition.

Ari is a diminutive of the Hebrew name Ariel and means lion of God. It is also a shortening of the wise and whimsical name Aristotle. Ari Gold is an Entourage character who helps give this name the cool factor.

Presently, Ari is the 349th most popular name chosen for boys, and is up 8 places in popularity since 2016. In love with the name Ari? Similar stunning choices include Ezra, Jude and Asher.

9 Bentley

Bentley Williams is the bad guy with great hair from Ashley Hebert's season of The Bachelorette. He said many unkind things about Hebert in interviews, then flirted hard core with the poor girl whenever they were together, totally winning her over. When he left soon after the season began, Hebert was heartbroken, and Williams became the most hated man in America.

Bentley is a name of Hebrew origin that means meadow of coarse grass or from the moor. Bentley is a sophisticated British surname and the name of an incredibly lavish English car.

Star of the first season of 16 and Pregnant Maci Bookout chose the name Bentley for her son, possibly one of the reasons this name has skyrocketed to fame in recent years. At the moment, Bentley is the 112th most popular name chosen for boys in the United States, and has fallen 11 places in popularity since 2016. Similar names those who love Bentley may also adore include Hudson, Landon and Brantley.

8 Kirk

Kirk DeWindt brought bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky home to meet his parents. He was ready to propose, but she said goodbye before he ever got the chance. Kirk took the time he needed to heal his broken heart, then headed back for another chance of love on season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise. DeWindt met former Bachelor contestant Carly Waddell and the two hit it off right away.

Despite a few reservations, Kirk jumped in with both feet and soon found himself talking marriage with Waddell. In one of the most shocking Bachelor break-ups ever, DeWindt ended things with Carly on the day she thought would be one of the most romantic of her life due to an impending extravagant overnight date. Sadly, it wasn't meant to be.

Kirk is a name of Norse origin that means church or from the church. For an unexplained reason, Kirk has risen in popularity at an alarming rate since 2016, ascending the ranks 3,222 spots and currently the 746th most popular boy's name. Beckett, Kurt and Kent are similar names that may appeal to fans of Kirk.

7 Cody

Cody Sattler appeared on Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette. Despite his positive attitude, contagious smile and bulging biceps, Dorfman sent him home after a one-0n-one date confirmed that she just wasn't feeling it.

Sattler appeared again on season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise, where he found an instant connection with Michelle Money. Sattler moved to Utah to be with Money after filming wrapped, but the two parted ways amicably soon after.

Cody is name of English origin that means both helpful and pillow. In the 90's, Cody was in the top 25 names chosen for boys in the United States. It has since declined in popularity, currently the 293rd most popular choice. Cody is a bit more popular in the United Kingdom, ranking 116th for boys in England and 88th for boys in Scotland in 2015. Love Cody? Consider the similar C names Carter, Colby or Caleb.

6 Travis

Travis Stork was the man of the hour on season 8 of The Bachelor. Stork was a more reserved bachelor, but his good looks had all of his potential fiancés swooning. He sent exotic beauty, Moana Dixon home in tears and gave his final rose to Sarah Stone. Many weren't surprised when the two split soon after the show aired; they never seemed to have much chemistry.

Stork married pediatrician Charlotte Brown, but the couple divorced after 3 short years of marriage. He has made a name for himself on the television show The Doctors where he shares medical advice with the masses.

Travis is a name of Latin origin that means from the road crossing. It is also a French occupational name that means toll-gate keeper. Country crooner Travis Tritt gives this name charm. In addition, Kevin Bacon and wife Kira Sedgwick chose the name Travis for their son. Love it? Gavin, Trevor and Teagan are similarly dashing choices.

5 Wells

Wells Adams is a dashing DJ who appeared on Joelle "JoJo" Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette. His positive attitude and work ethic caught her eye when he stood out in a firefighter challenge despite his small size. Sadly, he failed to make a move until it was too late.

Wells became the man every woman wanted when he appeared this summer on Bachelor in Paradise. Virgin Ashley Iaconetti, happy-go lucky Jamie Letain and Russian bombshell Shushanna Mkrtychyan were all fighting for his heart. He ended up taking himself out of the process, probably because things were getting way too intense.

Wells is a surname and a place name that means spring. Pregnancy and baby expert, Rosie Pope named her youngest Wellington, but calls him Wells. Currently, Wells is the 1,592nd most popular name chosen for boys in the United States, up 144 places in popularity since 2016. Similarly dapper choices fans of Wells may wish to consider include Knox, William and Miles.

4 Blake

Blake Julian competed for the heart of Ashley Hebert on The Bachelorette, but the two were not meant to be. He later appeared on Bachelor Pad 2 where he met the beautiful Holly Durst.

The two began to flirt despite Durst's ex-fiancé also being on the show, and announced their engagement on the show's finale. They married in 2012, and are yet another happy ending to rub in the faces of those who are cynical about the show.

Blake is a unisex name of English origin that means fair-haired, dark. Rosie O'Donnell chose the name Blake for one of her sons, and Blake Lively makes this name about as alluring as it could possibly be. It is currently the 134th most popular name for boys in the United States and the 232nd most popular name chosen for girls. Fans of Blake may also love the names Chase, Ethan or Bryce.

3 Wes

Wes Hayden became the resident villain on Jillian Harris's season of The Bachelorette after rumors swirled that he had a girlfriend making some question his intentions. Harris sent him home despite his golden pipes and talent with a guitar. Many speculated he went on the show just to bolster his budding country music career.

Hayden also appeared on Bachelor Pad, where he fell for Gia Allemand. They dated for a time before parting ways. Gia tragically committed suicide in 2013, leaving The Bachelor world, including Wes, reeling

Wes is a shortening of the English name Wesley, which means meadow. In the 1970's, Wesley ranked 66th for boys in the United States, but has since declined in popularity. Currently, Wes is the 746th most popular name for boys in the U.S.. Notable men named Wesly or Wes include actor Wesley Snipes and directors Wes Craven and Wes Anderson (both born Wesley).

2 Brooks

Brooks Forester was an obvious favorite of Desiree Hartsock from the very beginning of season 9 of The Bachelorette. His good looks, his wit, his charm and his cleft chin had her enthralled. Sadly, Forester wasn't feeling the same.

He ended things with Des when he was one of three left standing. Forester explained himself to People magazine after his exit, saying, “I realized that when I was away from Des, I wasn’t having these moments of anguish. That was a big indicator to me that my feelings weren’t there.”

Brooks continues, “I wanted so badly for [the relationship] to work out, and it was so close I could almost touch it. But I needed to walk away. She deserved to be in love with someone who was equally in love with her.”

Brooks is a dashing name of English origin that means of the brook. Baseball great Brooks Robinson is a notable chap with this name. At present, Brooks is well within the top 500 names chosen for boys in the United States, ranking 456th. Love the name Brooks? Other names to consider include Asher, Owen and Bennett.

1 Chad

Chad Johnson made America laugh, and make sure their doors were locked, when he appeared on JoJo's season of The Bachelorette. He could turn on the charm, but was so rude, crude and...scary, he soon had every other guy in the house praying for his departure. The men got their wish when JoJo sent Chad home after an awkward-as-hell two-on-one date, but not before he gave the bewildered contestants a piece of his twisted mind.

Chad got a chance to redeem himself when he appeared this summer on Bachelor in Paradise. He offended pretty much everyone, assaulted his girlfriend of a few hours, Lace Morris, then passed out in a drunken stupor. He was asked to leave the next morning, and no one was sad to see him go. Despite all of this, his name is worth considering.

Chad is a name of English origin that means battle warrior or warlike.  Up in popularity 191 places since 2016, and currently ranking 724th, Chad may be another name making a comeback. Love it? Similar names include Austin, Ryan and Christian.

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