20 Celeb Baby Photos From 2018 That Got Moms Talking

From how they carry their children to their take on breastfeeding, moms are constantly talking about celebrity parents and their little ones. Though everyone is entitled to have an opinion, some people would be better off keeping theirs to themselves though that wouldn't be as much fun.

For a celebrity mom it seems her Instagram comments section is usually filled with a mixture of trolls, harsh criticism, "no duh" suggestions, and support from fans and fellow mamas. Dads aren't exempt from this trend either. We would think that since these people are parents themselves they would adhere to the rule about not saying anything at all if they have nothing nice to say. We would also hope that they would give celebrity parents a little credit and take pictures as what they are: just one moment.

Sometimes these topics are ones we need to talk about more, and a celebrity bringing awareness to the topic can really be beneficial to parents everywhere. Many moms have tried to normalize breastfeeding by talking about it and posting pictures doing it.

It's a bit surprising that people would go as far as to make rude comments about babies on social media, but it happens all the time. Khloe Kardashian clapped back at some hurtful commenters. Lauren Conrad dealt with people claiming that she didn't post her "reality" on Instagram. A few of her followers apparently felt her feed didn't look like what they thought her life really looked like. Here are 20 photos of celebrities that got moms talking this year.

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20 Ronnie's Baby Mama Issues

Ronnie Magro from Jersey Shore and his baby mama, Jen Harley, have been in the headlines for a lot of surprising stuff lately. The pair share a daughter, Ariana Sky, who was born in April of 2018. Ronnie shared this sweet photo of his little girl on Instagram and the comments section quickly went off. People talked about the couple's upsetting riff and Harley's lack of "contribution" to her daughter's looks.

From reality television to social media, the couple have shared a great deal of dirty laundry with the world. As we know the internet doesn't forget, it's not surprising they've been met with some criticisms for their behavior. After all, their daughter will one day likely see these things.

19 Clap-Back Queen Chrissy Teigen

What day of the week is Chrissy Teigen not upsetting the internet? Teigen shared this sweet picture on Instagram holding her youngest child, Miles, in a sling with the caption, "Learned a little Balinese sling action! Please feel free to get angry and judgemental in my comments below! I know you can't wait!"

The mom of two has been criticized for how she carried daughter, Luna, and for how soon she went out after having a baby.

It's not a surprise that she was prepared for trolls to hop on her comments section to "correct" how she was holding Miles. According to Popsugar.com, Teigen's post was meet with positivity from fellow moms who shared their own experiences with slings.

18 Cousin Cupcake Party

Khloe Kardashian shared this adorable picture of the "Cousin Cupcake Party" to Instagram. The picture includes the youngest members of the Kardashian family: Stormi (Kylie's daughter), Dream (Rob's daughter), True (Khloe's daughter), Saint and Chicago (Kim's children). The comments section was quickly filled with people loving the adorableness of the future generation of Kardashians.

The three newest additions: True, Stormi, and Chicago, have been deemed the triplets by the family according to Eonline.com. The babies are only a month apart in age which has their mothers, along with everyone else, dreaming of how close the girls will be as they grow up. Cousins can make the best of friends!

17 The Internet Is Not "Color Blind"

Khloe Kardashian has not been shy sharing pictures of her adorable daughter, True. The trolls of the internet though have been less than kind to the baby girl. Yes, that's right people are picking on a baby because of her skin color. They're also picking on her mama because of her comments made to defend her daughter.

Kardashian posted to Twitter after someone made comments about her daughter's skin color on an Instagram photo. After Kardashian replied to the troll, the entire comment was then deleted. Kardashian took to Twitter to explain that, "In our household, we do not see color" as reported by E! News. The internet was not a fan of Kardashian's color blind approach to the situation, and it quickly sparked people's anger in the coomment section.

16 She's A Gucci Baby

Kylie Jenner, mom of Stormi Webster, shared this picture on Instagram carrying her then four month old in a Gucci baby carrier. Jenner captioned the photo, "happy birthday North & P," and that was one of the several reasons why moms and fans alike went wild in the reality star's comment section.

According to ThisIsInsider.com, the Gucci carrier costs around $820. YIKES! That's not even what the majority of the talk was about. Many were concerned about the carrier's safety and ergonomics. Some focused on the lack of hat shown in the picture. Others were critical that the picture didn't feature North or Penelope who the caption wishes happy birthday to. And then there were the ones who accused Jenner of using her daughter as a money maker. A picture is worth a thousand words, but it does not always give us the full story!

15 #ThisIs40

Joanna Gaines, who turned forty in April, welcomed her fifth child, Crew, in June of 2018 according to CountryLiving.com. She shared this Instagram photo captioned, "Evidence of a late night up with boy #blowouts #allnighters #thisis40." Moms everywhere loved the authenticity from the Fixer Upper star.

Everyone loves Joanna Gaines so it's no surprise that her Instagram post was a hit. People loved everything from the decor of the room to Crew's rocker. Many moms sympathized with the infamous blowout days because they truly are the trenches of motherhood. A few shared their own experiences of new motherhood in their forties as well.

14 He's A Rockin' Dad

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson welcomed his third daughter in April of 2018. The actor quickly stirred up a buzz by sharing a picture of himself having some skin to skin time with his newborn daughter, Tiana Gia. According to People.com, Johnson participated in his daughter's delivery and further praised his girlfriend, Lauren Hashian, and the new level of respect he had for her and women everywhere.

Moms everywhere are loving how gracefully The Rock has been handling fatherhood for years. His social media posts show him getting down and dirty with diaper changes and even letting his second daughter paint his nails. Nobody rocks fatherhood like The Rock does.

13 We Love Working Moms

Eva Longoria who gave birth in June of this year to her first child, Santiago, shared this adorable picture two months later on Instagram of her son at work with her. According to The Daily Mail, Longoria couldn't bear to leave her son at home so she had him sit at her desk with her as she went over what looks like production notes.

Leaving our little ones is hard. Longoria has a luxury to bring her son to work with her that many of us would love to have. Some women are lucky enough to be able to do so and shared their own experiences. Others shared their wishes to be able to do so or stories regarding how difficult it was to leave their little ones to head back to work.

12 Grocery Shopping Like A Regular Mom

Tori Spelling does her own grocery shopping! The internet was mildly surprised when the reality star posted this Instagram picture roaming the aisles with her little one. Moms quickly began chatting up how surprised they were that Spelling does her own grocery shopping especially in the day and age of grocery pick up and delivery. Those are like a mom's best friend.

The picture also quickly sparked the organic versus non-organic debate. A few chimed in to bash the mom for even having sugary cereal in her picture. It's no surprise that some decided to be judgmental of Spelling's shopping choices as she was recently the target of some internet trolls for the picture she shared of her children going back to school.

On a more positive note, fellow mothers shared their own experiences taking their little ones grocery shopping. Fond memories and stories alike filled the comments section of Spelling's Instagram post.

11 Let's Talk About Breastfeeding

Jessie James Decker welcomed her third child, Forrest, and has been talking about breastfeeding quite a bit ever since. With a new baby, we spend so much time breastfeeding. Decker is just showing us what her life actually looks like and yes that probably often includes nursing a baby. Any mom can attest to that!

Just as many moms loved the authenticity of Decker's posts, there was a lot of talk when the country singer posted a picture of herself holding a glass of red and nursing. According to Glamour.com, people called the mom harsh words. Others were supportive and shared their own knowledge and experience with the topic. Obviously, it is best to get this advice from medical professionals in regards to our own situations, but we love that we can actually talk about it with fellow mamas!

10 Uncle Jesse Is Officially A Dad

Full House star John Stamos welcomed his son Billy in April of 2018. According to People.com Stamos is on track to be one of the best dads in Hollywood. He shared this adorable picture of Billy meeting his Full House co-stars Lori Loughlin and Bob Saget in May. Full House fans loved it!

We all know Stamos from his iconic role as Uncle Jesse from the nineties classic Full House. Everyone was ecstatic to see how the fun uncle would tackle fatherhood. It seems that Stamos did so with his sense of humor intact which has moms and fans alike laughing and loving his photos.

9 Macklemore Is A Great Nap Partner

Macklemore welcomed a baby girl in April of 2018. These adorable pictures of the two of them napping have earned more than a fair share of heart-eye emojis. Who doesn't love a good daddy-daughter nap?

According to Today.com, the rapper captioned the first picture shown "There is nothing better." Every parent can probably agree with that. Baby cuddles are the best! The comments section quickly exploded with baby fever!

Today.com shares a wise message regarding safe sleep standards, which are not shown in the above pictures. While minimal, there were quite a few commenters who decided to remind the rapper of this as well.

8 A Big Baby-Wearing No-No

Motherhood requires multi-tasking on a regular basis. However that multi-tasking should not put our children in situations that aren't ideal, as many believe Pink did with her son, Jameson, here. Baby-wearing and frying could be a pretty messy and splatter-filled situation, which is why this photograph had moms up in arms upset.

This is just one picture though, and Everydayfamily.com made some great points that there is something we aren't seeing in this photo: the person taking it. Clearly Pink wasn't alone with her little guy. It still doesn't set a great example, though, but she is showing what motherhood does really look like for tons of women. We have to get things done.

7 The Mom Body Is Real And Here To Stay

Mom of two Ali Fedotowsky-Manno took to Instagram to show how she dresses to best flatter her post baby body. According to her post on Instagram she was hoping to share how to "dress (and love)" the post baby body! Moms everywhere loved it!

The blogger and former Bachelorette gave her followers tips on how to best dress their post baby bodies too.

Our bodies change so much when we have babies, but we don't celebrate that often. Sometimes we try to hide it. Sometimes we just struggle with it. Moms loved that Ali was embracing hers and encouraging us to do the same.

6 #MomLife

Catherine Giudici Lowe shared this adorable picture of herself eating dinner while holding her youngest son, Isiah. The mom of two captioned the picture on Instagram, "Eat dim sum with your left hand, hold a baby in your right. -Chinese Proverb." Honestly, that is motherhood wrapped up perfectly in one picture.

The comments quickly filled with moms sharing their own experiences multitasking. Moms are great at eating with just one hand! Some joked about dropping a dumpling (or other food) on their little ones while trying to eat. Honestly, it's impressive that's she mastered this with chopsticks. That's basically the challenge level of motherhood.

5 Justin Bieber Is A Big Brother Again

Jeremy Bieber, the father of Justin Bieber, welcomed his fourth child in August of 2018. The newest Bieber, Bay, is Jeremy's second child with his new wife, Chelsey, according to People.com. Their blended family consists of five children altogether ranging from Bay who is now pushing 2 months to Justin who is 24 years old. That's quite the age gap.

Besides the large age gap in children, what really has people talking is the choice of name for the newest baby girl. According to Cosmopolitan.com, some of that chatter was because she is the only Bieber child whose name does not start with a "J." Others found the fact that her first name is Bay with the last initial of "B" to be quite silly.

4 Sharing Authentic Motherhood

Lauren Conrad shared this adorable picture of her son on Instagram and was quickly appreciated by her followers for showing an authentic image. The former The Hills star often fills her feed with pictures for her fashion line with Kohls. Her followers were glad to see something realistic, because motherhood is messy.

There has been a lot of talk about the Instagram versus reality trend lately. One article on TheBump.com talks about how Instagram has become filled with the pictures that in the past we would see once a year on a holiday card. Now we have several shots that we probably had to really work for and want to show them off like they're our reality everyday. It's not true, but other people still think it is. This can lead to people wondering why their own reality doesn't look like a cleaned up, airbrushed Instagram picture.

3 Let's Talk About Screen Time

In an interview with People.com, Katherine Heigl recently chatted about her rules regarding the ever debated topic of screen time. Her surprising view has moms talking. The actress told People that screen time is "not as mind-numbing as we all are [worried] it is." She referenced a situation where her children were doing things like reading and playing Words With Friends with one another using their devices and how they'd be doing the same activities without devices 20 years ago. Essentially, it isn't always that different or that big of deal.

Screen time is a hot topic with moms. Some use it for educational purposes. Some use it as babysitter. Some use it for survival. Others won't allow their kids anywhere near it. This is a relatively new issue for moms since we didn't have smartphones and tablets 2 decades ago so we're all trying to find a healthy stance on it. Heigl brought up some really good points in reference to how it is used in her home.

2 A New Addition

Hilary Duff just recently gave birth to her second child, Banks Violet. What really has people talking is how Duff choose to bring her daughter into this world. According to People.com Duff opted for a "natural, drug-free home birth" which differs from the hospital birth she had with her first child. Duff wanted to get the "full experience" as quoted by People. 

The concept of home births is becoming more popular among moms everywhere. Sharing her experience with others will likely encourage moms who have been thinking about it. It's certainly one of those areas where we want to hear from other moms, and we want to hear success stories. They're a nice reassurance.

1 Jamie Lynn Spears Is Now A Mom Of Two

We all remember back in 2007 when Zoey 101 star, Jamie Lynn Spears, announced her pregnancy at just 16 years old. It certainly rocked the headlines. This year Spears and her husband, Jamie Watson, welcomed a daughter in April of 2018 according to People.com. This time the actress was 27 when she gave birth.

Their daughter, Ivey Joan Watson, is the couple's first child together. Spears talked to People about her own lack of confidence as a young first time mother almost 10 years ago and her better support system this time. She also shared that age should not be an excuse to be a bad mother.

Younger mothers are everywhere, and their age doesn't make them bad mothers. Spears sharing this insight is hugely relatable for women who feel like they're being judged for their age. Though some might still feel that being a teenage mother is less than ideal and the actress set a bad example back in 2007.

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