20 Celeb Dads Who Barely See Their Own Children

Hollywood is full of all sorts of parents. There are the doting, crunchy, earthy and organic parents who we equal parts want to be and also detest. There are the fame-obsessed, kiddo exposing parents who believe that their children should be on camera as much as they are. There are the super protective moms and pops as well as the hands-off, free-spirited parents. Just like over here in "the real world," parents in Tinsel Town come in all shapes and sizes.

Sadly, Hollywood is also full of the hands-off type of father figure. Just because a dad is successful, famous and loved by millions of adoring fans doesn't exactly make him a grade A father. We could not believe the number of men ruling Hollywood who won't pay their child support. Guys, we know you make money! Fork it over. Some of the daddies wouldn't even claim children as their own until they were forced by DNA to do so. (Looking at you Michael Knowles.) Still, some other papas don't even make it a point to see their kiddos at all. Imagine having a child and neglecting him or her openly. We could never!

Here are twenty Hollywood fathers who barely see their children.

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20 Tom Cruise


Once upon a time, Tom Cruise was a doting dad to his youngest daughter Suri, the child he sired with actress Katie Holmes. At the height of their bizarre relationship, Tom was near obsessed with Holmes as well as their darling dark-haired daughter. Suddenly this family went on the fritz and Cruise, and Holmes divorced. Katie took Suri and Tom strangely seemed okay with that. It's not like he can't see his daughter. His custody agreement with Holmes says that he can see his child up to ten days a month, but he chooses not to. The supposed reason? His ex-wife and child don't share his religious views.

19 Matthew Knowles


Michael Knowles isn't uber popular as far as celebrities go, but his oldest daughters certainly are. Knowles is the father of Beyonce and her sister Solange. He is also a father to two children who were born to women Knowles that he dated back in the day. Matthew isn't exactly a top-notch dad to his love children. One of them he didn't even meet for the first four years of the tyke's existence. More so, he isn't keen on taking financial responsibility for the tots. One of the mothers had to go on welfare to support Michael's baby.

18 Charlie Sheen

via:Us Weekly

We're just going to say it: actor Charlie Sheen is not going to be given the Dad of the Year Award ever. In the parenting (and really in the life) category, Charlie has made some serious errors. Because of he and ex-wife Brooke Mueller's addiction issues, their twins had to live with Sheen's other ex-wife Denise Richards for a spell. Even when little Bob and Max were in their mother's care, their father wasn't exactly coming around consistently. As for his daughter's with Richards, they don't see much of their father either. Their mother claims the gals are uncomfortable around Sheen because of his unpredictable and volatile nature.

17 Bobby Brown

via hellobeautiful.com

Bobby Brown has a couple of kiddos under his belt, but it was his first daughter, Bobbi Kristina whom he ghosted. The "Bobbies" were once close, back when Big Bob and Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina's mother were still hitched. Things got rocky after their split and then really rocky after Whitney passed away. Father and daughter became estranged for a long time, which makes Bobbi Kristina's untimely passing all the more tough. She honestly never had stable parents to lean on. Let's hope Bobby does better with his younger children, maybe learning a thing or two and growing up.

16 Eddie Murphy

via:Today Show

Comedic legend Eddie Murphy has so many children by so many women; it's hard to keep count of all of them. Last we checked the total was at ten! Of those ten kids, it's his daughter with Spice Girl Mel B. who got the sticks put to her in the daddy department. When Mel was pregnant with little Angel, Eddie claimed that he wasn't even the father. Eventually, DNA helped prove that Angel was a Murphy kid, and somewhat of a relationship has been forged. It took some time to get there, primarily because of most of Angel's life her mother was married to another man who took the fatherly role in her life, but we have hope that Eddie can turn this thing around in Angel's favor.

15 Brad Pitt

via themercurynews.com

The former spouse to Angelina Jolie and father to their six children went from very present father to never present father in the blink of an eye. When the famous parents split, Brad saw his time with the kids plummet. Thanks to a court order put in place, he did gain access to most of the children, but not his oldest son Maddox. Maddox was deemed old enough to decide for himself whether or not to spend time with Brad and decided against it. The two have had a rough go of things over the last few years. Hopefully, their relationship improved over time.

14 Caitlyn Jenner

via omgblog.com

Caitlin (formerly known as Bruce) Jenner has a gaggle of children, but we mostly head about his two daughters Kylie and Kendall because of a little show called Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Bruce used to be thick as thieves with his youngest children, until he split from their mother Kris and went and did his own thing. Now Cait and the kids rarely see one another. Jenner is no stranger to estrangement though. He has children from previous relationships who got the shaft long before he transitioned into his new life. His grown son Brody especially has been very vocal about how his father has never really been present in his life.

13 Karl Malone

via twitter.com

Basketball great Karl Malone is an all-star baller as well as a lackluster dad. If there were a Hall of Fame for hands-off fathers, Malone would be in there for sure. Malone put up numbers on the scoreboard and put up numbers in the delivery room. The guy has an entire Malone DNA basketball team to his name. Three of his children were born out of wedlock. He has somewhat of a relationship with fraternal twins, Daryl and Cheryl, both of whom played ball in college, but has no connection with his son Demetrius Bell. Bell said of his relationship with his biological father, "I treat it as if my mother went to the sperm bank."

12 Jude Law

via todaysparent.com

Jude Law can remember his many lines from his films, but he can not remember how many children he has. Back in 2009, Law was interviewing with late night television host David Letterman when he told the guy he had three kids. The problem was he had four of them at the time. His first three children are from his ex-wife Sadie Frost. That last baby is with former waitress Samantha Burke. The Florida native is the mother to his daughter, whom he sees maybe once a year and that is only if her mother hauls her out to London. Poor little Sophia. She deserves better. (Law now has five children...that we know of.)

11 NAS

via celebrityinsider.com

Most people know that rapper NAS has a young son with his ex-wife, Kelis. What many people don't know is that NAS also has an older daughter from a previous relationship. The one thing the two children have in common is a bit of shunning from their famous father. NAS's older daughter didn't have too much of her father's influence in her life while she was growing up, although he did pen a song called Daughters in hopes of mending their fences. As for his young son, the kid's mother Kelis is forever making remarks on what a lackluster father NAS is.

10 Arnold Schwarzenegger

via yahoo.com

In 2011, Arnie and his famous, beautiful wife Maria Schriver parted ways after a quarter of a century of marriage. Why? Arnold had a bit of a secret family! His drama made all kinds of headlines a few years back. Arnie had a kid with the help, who he regularly saw, and supported financially while never acknowledging him as his biological son! Oh, the drama! The two are pretty close now, hanging out and hitting the gym to pump some iron, but man there were some lost years in there.

9 Lamar Odom

via people.com

Another wayward father that once appeared on Keeping Up With the Kardashians is Lamar Odom. The former basketball star was once married to Khloe and the star of a spinoff reality series until bad habits and divorce brought the whole thing down for Lamar. We hear a lot about Odom's basketball, his unsuccessful marriage to Khloe and his addiction, but we rarely head about his son and daughter. Before his marriage to Khloe, Lamar was far more present in their lives, but his newfound fame and wife put a rift between the Odoms. His heavy addiction later on only pushed them further apart.

8 Levi Johnston

via entertainment.com

Levi Johnston's claim to fame is that he was once the teenage father to politician Sarah Palin's grandbaby. The icing in the cake? Palin was running for office when news of her daughter's pregnancy broke. Johnston and Bristol Palin did welcome their son into the world together and tried to make things work for little Tripp, but the young lovebirds couldn't make things last. Since the split, Levi hasn't been all too involved in Tripp's upbringing, and the two went through a rough custody battle. These days Bristol and Levi are much more stable ground and co-parenting in a positive light.

7 50 Cent

via fortune.com

50 Cent, aka Curtis Jackson, does NOT have a very good relationship with his 21-year-old son Marquis. This drama is partly because 50 Cent and Marquis's mother, Shaniqua Tompkins, went through a rough break up when the kid was in his formative years. The father and mother were so busy fighting over custody rights that Jackson rarely saw his son. The father-son bond dwindled and frayed and now ten years after the rift began the two don't speak at all. It's so sad to see a relationship between a dad and his kid go so entirely south, primarily because of conflict between parents.

6 Jon Gosselin

via baltimoresun.com

Jon Gosselin once stared on a reality show highlighting his excellent paternal qualities. As the daddy to twin daughters as well as sextuplets, Jon's entire image revolved around being a doting dad. Then all hell broke loose. Jon and his wife Kate endured a nightmarish breakup and Jon went off to visit with randoms and pursue his dreams of...being a deejay. He quickly earned the iffy dad title and lived up to that title when he stopped being involved in his kids' lives. These days two of the kids have come around and now live with their father full time while the other kids still have limited contact with Jon.

5 Francois-Henry Pinault

via popsugar.com

This billionaire is the proud husband to actress Salma Hayek and father to little Valentina, who was born in 2007. But before there was Salma, there was another beautiful and very famous woman on this guy's arm. Pinault used to be involved with model Linda Evangelista. They had a son together, but because the relationship turned sour real quick Linda's son wasn't exactly the apple of his father's eye. The two famous parents were embroiled in custody disputes for most of little Augustin's life. His father says that Auggie is heavily embedded in their family, but he also has made comments that he "recognizes" his child as his own. Very fatherly there.


via thesource.com

He once didn't see his kids for six months straight, but then again that is because he was locked up behind bars at the time. Bad boy rapper DMX has fifteen children! Four are with his ex-wife, and the other ten kiddos are the products of random relationships and short-lived relationships. One time he was asked to name all of his kiddos, and he couldn't do it. He could not name off of his children! If he can't name them, then we are going to go ahead and assume that he isn't involved in all of their lives. How would he even manage to see them all consistently? It's not like they all live around the corner from each other.

3 Steven Tyler

via people.com

Not only did the legendary rocker miss out on parenting daughter Liv, but he is also known supposedly skipping out on grandparenting as well! It wasn't exactly known that Liv was the daughter of the Aerosmith singer from the get-go. She thought her father was another musical genius, Todd Rundgren. After she pieced the puzzle together, the father and daughter had something like a relationship, but it was always a bit distant. Liv has said that not only does she wish that her busy father could have been around more when she was young but wishes that he was more present in her son Milo's life at present.

2 John Edwards

via wikipedia.com

Politician and seemingly "good guy" John Edwards made some serious waves when it was revealed that he had a daughter with a lady named Rielle. The world was stunned to discover Edwards had sired a child with another woman while his wife, and mother to his other children, was sick. When asked in an interview how often the child now sees Edwards, "her mother responded with: as often as she can." That doesn't sound very consistent to us! Nevertheless, Rielle swears that he is a good father to her daughter. Perhaps we have differing ideas on what makes a good dad.

1 Gavin Rossdale

Rossdale has three sons with his rocker ex-wife Gwen Stefani, but he also has a grown daughter from a previous relationship. These days the two are working on forging a stronger bond, but for many years Rossdale was anything but involved in his daughter Daisy's life. Gavin was made Godfather to Daisy, and another man raised her as her father. When she was fourteen, it was discovered that Gavin was her actual dad. Talk about getting the wool pulled over her eyes. Imagine finding out in your teen years that the man you thought was your father wasn't, and your Godfather WAS!

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