20 Celeb Dads Who Couldn't Even Stop At 2 Baby Mamas

Relationships are complex and we all know that they don’t always last the way that we want them to — even when there are children involved. The stats on relationships aren’t even promising these days. Marriage expert Helen Chang claims that 85% of relationships will break up which is an astounding number. Out of the 15% that do make it, even fewer will walk down the aisle and 50% of those will end in divorce. It doesn’t exactly make us want to jump into a relationship, right?

Being a celebrity just makes the situation that much more likely to not work out. They have scheduling conflicts, long-distance, constant traveling, and the temptation of their co-stars. It can make it hard to get the happily ever after that they are looking for.

These relationships are twice as likely to not work out because of the added pressure that celebrities have in their lives. With statistics like that, it’s no wonder we see multiple marriages and multiple children in Hollywood. Celebrities are just out there trying to find love like the rest of us. The only difference is that the odds are stacked against them. Check out these 20 celeb dads who couldn’t even stop at two baby mamas.

20 DMX Is A Father To 15 Children

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DMX has been a busy guy as he fathered 15 children with nine women throughout his life. He really meant it when he wrote the song "Give It To Ya"! His 15th child was born in 2016 to his then-girlfriend Desiree Lindstrom. Having that many children means that your bank account can take a hit. DMX was in trouble at one point because he owed over $400,000 in child support and even had to go to jail for six months because of it. He tried to defend himself while he was on The Breakfast Club by saying, “'I ain't a total piece of (…). I ain't have kids in the same county,” which wasn’t at all as reassuring to everyone involved as he thought it would be.

19 Clint Eastwood Is An Icon With Five Baby Mamas

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Clint Eastwood is a Hollywood legend and he was certainly a lady’s man in his younger days. He was one of the most handsome men in Hollywood so should we be surprised that he has so many baby mamas? Over the past 48 years, he has had seven children with five different mothers. He’s even had six of his children share the silver screen with him over the years. You may think that being the kids of Clint Eastwood would be amazing but his children have admitted that being dropped off at school was no less embarrassing than it is for regular parents. During an interview with 60 Minutes, he was asked about his family dynamics and he answered, “I like kids a lot.”

18 Ray Charles May Be King Of All

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Ray Charles may take the cake when it comes to having a lot of baby mamas. Not only did he managed to have 12 children in his life but he also had them with 10 different women. It was a good thing that he had a fortune to take care of his children when he found out that he was ill. He didn’t leave them with all his wealth however, most of it went to charity. He left half a million dollars for each child in a trust that was paid out over five years. There was a lot of contention with his children in regards to the use, licensing, and money that would come from memorabilia or his catalog of music from his profession. His children were hoping to gain access to the fortune that would amass to 25 million dollars just for his original masters alone.

17 Marc Anthony Has Many Exes

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Marc Anthony has had three major exes in his life with whom he had children with, and Jennifer Lopez is one of them. He had twins with Lopez and he had two boys with his ex-wife, Dayanara Torres. His oldest daughter and adopted son were with his ex Debbie Rosado. That’s six children and three exes, which now seems tame against the other men that we have already seen.

He’s a dad that has had to admit that he hasn’t been there for his kids that much. He told CBS Sunday Morning, "The one regret would be that what I chose to do took so much of my time," he said. "What I would have done to have been a stay-at-home dad, and, you know, witnessed every second of everything. I would have loved that. Didn’t work out that way."

16 Lil Wayne And His Five Baby Mamas

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Lil Wayne has come a long way in his life and he’s been rapping since he was only 8 years old. He was the youngest artist signed to Cash Money Records. Over the years he has fathered four children to four different mothers. There was also another woman that came forward stating that her 15-year-old child was also the product of a relationship between her and Lil Wayne. She went to court and it was discovered that she was right and he had to pay her $5,000 a month in child support. He stated he had no idea that he had a child and shouldn’t have to pay child support.

15 Mick Jagger Has Eight Babies

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Mick Jagger and Keith Richards practically invented being rock star legends. For the longest time, they had everything that a rock star could have including lots of women. Due to the lifestyle that he was living like a rock star, he ended up with eight children with five different women. He’s in his 70’s now and he also has many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. That certainly didn’t stop him from making more of his own babies as he had his eighth child when he was 73 years old. His most famous child is Georgia May whose mother happens to be Jerry Hall.

14 Eddie Murphy Has 10 Children With Multiple Women

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This year, Eddie Murphy welcomed his 10th child into the world. The good thing about celebrities is that they have the income to support so many children. Currently, he is dating Australian model, Paige Butcher and the two don’t need to worry about getting a babysitter because there are more than enough siblings that can babysit. He also has five children with his ex-wife, Nicole Murphy. Altogether he has 10 children with five different baby mamas. That works out to be a lot of child support and having to deal with so many exes could give anyone a headache.

13 Jack Nicholson Has Had Many Girlfriends

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In his more youthful days, Jack Nicholson was known to be quite the player. He was known to have a lot of girlfriends and considering how he was raised, it’s not surprising that he wasn’t interested in commitment or marriage.

As a child, he was told that his grandparents were his parents and that his mother was his sister. Now, that is enough to mess with anyone’s head. It’s no wonder that he has had many broken relationships over the years. He ended up with three baby mamas and five children. He believes that his role as a father is important. According to Brainy Quote, “Children give your life a resonance that it can't have without them ... As a father, I'm there all the time. I give unconditional love. And I have a lot of skills in terms of getting them to express themselves.”

12 Bob Marley Had Nine Baby Mamas

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Bob Marley may have had a short life but he accomplished a lot during that time. One of those accomplishments came in the form of fathering 12 children with many different women. Officially, it is said on his website that he fathered 11 children with eight different women, he did also adopt a 12th from another father. His wife Rita is the one which he fathered the most children with. Not surprising, there are a lot of children that have also come forward stating that he is their father but it was never legally determined. A lot of his children and grandchildren have created musical paths as well.

11 Billy Joel Had A Child At 69

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Billy Joel has an adult child with whom he fathered with supermodel Christie Brinkley, but that didn’t stop him from starting all over and having a brand new baby at the age of 69. He had two children with his wife Alexis and three in total counting the one from his previous relationship. Having two baby mamas seems low-key compared to some of the men on the list.

Joel admitted to Parade magazine that it was his fame that ended his marriages. “I had to work. I was on the road. I was gone all the time. It’s not good for a relationship. I ended up doing what my dad did. He was never home. I wanted to be a home dad, which I am now. I have two little kids, and if I’m not working at the Garden or at a stadium, I’m home with them.”

10 Kevin Federline Ended Up With Three Baby Mamas

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Kevin Federline’s most known for having children with pop princess Britney Spears, but she wasn’t the only woman he was making babies with. He left his pregnant girlfriend, Shar Jackson when he met Britney and they already had one child together. He re-married after Britney to a volleyball player named Victoria Prince and had two more children for a total of six. Regardless of what went down in his relationships, he’s proved to be a good father who always makes sure that he’s there for his kids. He posted this picture to social media with the caption, “2017 squad!!!”

9 Crooner Alejandro Sanz Has Been In Multiple Relationships


Singer Alejandro Sanz has four children by three different women. We find that a lot of the actors and musicians with multiple wives and children can attribute that to the jobs that they have chosen. Being on the road all the time is not fun for any woman in a marriage. He’s known as an “inexhaustible musical force” and maybe that’s why he’s moved from woman to woman.

He wrote about his children in his biography #Vive. “As far as my personal life goes, my four children contributed to the book, even my 3-year-old [Alma]. I’m a family man. I have my children and they’re the greatest thing I have, and that’s the way they appear in this book.”

8 Rod Stewart Loves Having Children

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Rod Stewart is another rock star that came from a generation where rock stars played around with many different women. It was seen as just part of their lifestyle. He has eight children with five different baby mamas and for the most part, they are all grown up.

Stewart was only 17 years old when he had his first child and this was before he was famous. His girlfriend put the child up for adoption and Sarah Streeter learned in her 20’s that the famous rock star was her father and reunited with him.

She told People, “(I) realize that it has been as difficult for him over the years as it has been for me. Now we're at the start of a new chapter, and that's wonderful."

7 Muhammad Ali Has Quite The Family Legacy

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Muhammad Ali left behind quite the legacy when he passed on. He had four different baby mamas and nine children between them. Throughout his life, the famous boxer was married four times. His first marriage was very short so there weren’t any children from that one. His second wife was Belinda Boyd and he had four children with her. He left her for his third wife and had two more children with her, as well as adopted a son. On top of that, he went outside his marriage with two different women and had two children there, as well.

6 Oscar De La Hoya Has Five Children With Multiple Women

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Oscar De La Hoya was known as the "Golden Boy" of boxing because of his successful record and he left big shoes to fill for his children. Throughout that journey, he was also involved with four different women and fathered five children between them. Athletes don’t seem to be much different from other celebrities in the sense that the focus they have to put into their jobs can often put a strain on their relationships and marriages. Being a boxer is just as demanding as all the rest, and he wouldn’t be the first athlete to sink a marriage.

5 Charlie Sheen Has Five Kids With Three Women

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Whether or not Charlie Sheen has tiger blood is up for debate but we do know that he has a long history of being a player in Hollywood. He would have done better to not have settled down at all because being a bachelor was more what he was interested in. Over the years, he has father five children with three different women. His oldest is now in her 30's, which is just so hard to believe. His ex-wife Denise Richards has two children with him and she even temporarily took custody of his twins that he had with Brooke Mueller when she was recovering in a treatment center.

4 Travis Henry Has More Babies Than He Can Keep Track Of

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Travis Henry has had a lot of children over his life, and we mean a lot. There are 10 women in question and he has fathered 11 children with them. He’s had court disputes over the years because of the child support he has had to pay. He told the New York Times, though, that having that many children has made him broke. He has to pay $170,000 a year in child support and he says, “I love all my kids,” he said in the interview but asserted he could not afford the amount. “I’ve lost everything in this mess I’ve gotten myself into,” Henry said.

3 Evander Holyfield Welcomed 11 Children Into The World

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Evander Holyfield made a name for himself in the ring as a champion boxer. He’s also made a name for himself with the ladies. He’s fathered 11 children with six different women over the years. Many wondered why he worked well beyond retirement age as a boxer and it’s been said that it had to do with financial reasons. It takes a lot of money to support 11 children. His youngest son has a university football life with the University of Georgia. Holyfield also found himself on Celebrity Big Brother to make a buck but he was booted off the show.

2 Alec Baldwin Has More Than One Baby Mama

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Alec is 61 years old but that didn’t stop him from starting chasing after little children again. He was married to Kim Basinger for a long time back in the day and father to daughter Ireland who is now 23. He decided to get back on daddy duty again with his new wife, Hilaria. The two have four very young children together and the fourth was just welcomed into the world last year. We’re not sure where he gets all the energy from. He joked on Late Night with Seth Meyers that he’s “got to work forever” because of all his kids.

1 Julio Iglesias Likes Spreading His Genes

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Julio Iglesias is the famous crooner who also is a father to another famous crooner Enrique Iglesias. That’s not all the children that he’s had however, he’s the father of eight children with two different women. The Telegraph also reported that a love child came forward and that DNA tests proved that he was also the child of Julio due to a relationship that the singer had with a Portuguese ballerina in 1975. The love child would put his number at nine children in total, though Julio has not wished to discuss the paternity of the love child.

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