20 Celeb Families That We Can't Get Enough Of

In this day and age, families come in all different shapes and sizes. No longer is the nuclear family the norm. The days of white picket fences, mom, dad, and 2.5 kiddos are likely gone for good.  The age of diverse familial makeup has taken over and is greatly illustrated in Tinsel Town of all places.

Out in sunny California, famous parents live their lives marching to the beat of their own drums. Hollywood is full of different kind of families. We see families with two moms or two dads, a gaggle of step brothers and sisters, single-parent households and families with parents who just never saw a point in making their union legal. Some families even forgo children all together and stick to kids will four legs and furry tails. While these famous families all look different on the outside, they all have one major thing in common, and that is they have captivated our attention and intrigued the public with their family dynamics.

These twenty, recognizable families are famous for a whole lot more than their accomplishments on the silver screen or in the recording studio though. They make parenting an art form all its own, and we can not help obsessing over them. We simply can't get enough of these 20 celebrity families.

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20 The Lively-Reynolds Family


Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively met in 2010 while they were filming The Green Lantern together. Two years later the beautiful pair got hitched and started building their adorable little family. The couple now has a daughter and a son, and we can't even handle how sweet they are towards one another.

His speech to his leading lady as he received his star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame makes us believe that love and friendship for life are possible. Also, these two are funny! They are known for trolling one another on the net. Check out some of Ryan's hilarious tweets on matrimony and parenthood too.

19 The Entertaining Bell-Shepard Family


Comedian and actor Dax Shepard and actress wife Kristen Bell are successful, married and relationship goals for us all. They have worked through personal struggles and come out on top. Now the couple has two daughters that they are happily raising all while continuing to be one another's best pal.

They are forever giving a social media shout out to their better half or handing out mad props to each other. These two are most definitely a team and show us all that hard work and dedication will make dreams, both personally and professionally, come true. Never change, you guys.

18 Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn's #Familygoals


This family is legendary around Tinsel Town. Goldie Hawn and partner Kurt Russel proved that love doesn't have to be a color-in-the-lines kind of gig. The freethinkers have been happily unmarried for decades. Goldie's son and famous daughter Kate, are not Kurt's biological children but he has loved them forever all the same as Goldie has done with Kurt's sons. They wrote the book on how to properly blend Hollywood families.

These days Kurt and Goldie are Grammy and Grandpa to a gaggle of grandkids but are still looking fabulous as all hell. Seriously, what if your Grannie was Goldie Hawn?!

17 The Lovely Teigen-Legend family


There is nothing more refreshing than musician John Legend and his model wife Chrissy Teigan's blunt, honest and hilarious take on marriage and parenthood. With these two, what you see is what you get. No one will be doing any sugar coating here. Thank the Lord these two gorgeous humans found one another and decided to reproduce.

We can't get enough of their banter, their style and their love for their two darling children. Also, Mama Chrissy has made the hard truths of motherhood sound entirely normal and downright hilarious instead of unpleasant. Bless their beautiful hearts!

16 The Burtka-Harris Bunch


Can we get an amen for this glorious family of fun? Neil Patrick Harris and his husband David Burtka have a beautiful union and a pair of beautiful twins. These two make parenthood look like so much fun, (and that is not always an easy thing to do). No one does family theme Halloween costumes like these four.

Whether they are taking their twins on the red carpet dressed to the nines, baking up a storm with them or just being awesome parents, they always seem to bring their A game. Gideon and Harper hit the jackpot with these two dads.

15 The Musical Dynasty That Is The Carters


Behold the beauty that is The Carter Family. Rapper and mogul Sean Carter and his Queen of a wife, the one and only Ms. Beyonce, now have three magical children together. This family is an entertainment dynasty in the making, and we can't take our eyes away from any single thing that they do.

Keep on posting every minute of your lives to social media guys, because your dope music, you love story, and your overall fabulousness gives us life.

14 The Beckhams


David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham have the Midas touch. He first mesmerized the world with his out of control soccer moves, and then he mesmerized a Spice girl and made her his wife. The rest is Beckham history. Posh and Becks could have stopped at world soccer star and pop singer, but nope. They only became stronger and more impressive when they combined their fabulous forces.

Now the couple has four growing children, fashion lines and more beauty in their genetic lineage than any two people should be allowed to have. Seriously, look at these stunning human beings.

13 Everyone's Favorite Aussie Family: The Urbans


From the ashes that resulted from a chaotic union to crazy old Tom Cruise, rose the phoenix that is Nicole Kidman. The talented, statuesque Aussie upgraded her partner big time when she married country crooner Keith Urban. The couple now resides in a quiet part of Tennessee with their young daughters. It's hard not to be a little jealous of these Australian lovebirds marriage.

Every time they attend an event together they have eyes only for one another and can't keep their hands to themselves. Nicole and Keith got new leases on love when they found one another, and along with their little family, they are living their best lives together.

12 The Timberlake Trio


Justin Timberlake and Jessica Beil recently welcomed a little boy into their love nest, and now the trio has captured our hearts completely. Justin and Jess still manage to get jazzed up and enjoy a date night on the red carpet or at the basketball court, and when they are home, they are doting on their little man.

Little Silas is bound to grow up to be one cool cat with these fun-loving entertainers raising him. While there don't seem to be immediate plans to add another little Timberlake lad to the family, we will all stalk social media for that announcement just in case.

11 Long-Lasting Loves Mila Kunis and Aston Kutcher


Once upon a time actress Mila Kunis and actor Ashton Kutcher were merely known as Jackie and Kelso. The two spent their younger years portraying teenage lovers on the hit television show, That '70s Show. The show ended it's run; the two went on to live their lives separately until love saw them back into one another's arms, this time it was in real life though.

Fast forward a few more years and the Kutcher family has added a little girl and a little boy into their family. We love how the pair always keeps it real and aims to raise their children with values and humbling experiences, as opposed to silver spoons.

10 Furbabies Forever: Ellen Degeneres and Portia DeRossi

via people.com

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and no one does a better job at illustrating this than comedian and talk show host Ellen Degeneres and her actress wife, Portia DeRossi. The happily married couple chose not to have any biological children of their own, but are instead the proud parents to a couple of fur babies.

They love their animals as if they were their human children and together with their pets, Ellen and Portia are busy living their dream lives. They even named one of their puppies, "Kid." When you are true to yourselves, great things come about it seems.

9 The Cute Clooneys


For many years we all though uber bachelor George Clooney was destined only to be "that fun uncle," but never a husband or father. His dating track record didn't quite point to matrimony and domesticity, and over time he developed a reputation as one of the World's Most Famous Bachelors.

All of that changed, though, when the lovely human rights lawyer Amal sauntered into George's life and made him a one-woman man for good. The pair married and welcomed fraternal twins Alexander and Ella into their lives. There is nothing that we do not love about this classy family of Clooneys.

8 Blended and Beautiful: J Lo and A-Rod's Brood


Famous entertainer Jennifer Lopez is the proud mama to twins Max and Emme, who she welcomed into the world during her marriage to fellow musical performer Marc Anthony. Following their divorce Jenny from the block dated a slew of fellows, but none made her heart go pitter patter as Alex Rodriguez's did.

Baseball great A-Rod has two daughters from his first marriage, and now the two beautiful lovers are moving ahead with their blended family. No wedding bells are ringing quite yet for the pair, but they all seem smitten with each other nonetheless.

7 The Coolest Gang On The Block: Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats


These musical geniuses are so fun to watch because their love story is pretty twisty and quirky. They first met when they were sixteen years old, but that wasn't exactly when their relationship took flight. Keys found him annoying, but eventually, she found herself in the studio with him.

Somehow Keys and Beatz made their way down to the altar in 2009, regardless of the two recent baby mamas he had. These days all ill wills seem to be history as it was reported only a few years ago Beatz, Keys and their kids vacationed with his ex-wife Mashonda and her children with the music producer. One, big happy family.

6 The LaValles And Their Tiny Meatballs

via smagazine.com

When MTV's Jersey Shore's Snooki traded in her stumbles for baby bottles and wedding vows when she met future husband, Jionni Lavalle. The world pretty much concluded that her union to hubby LaValle was a mess in the making and would never last. No way could Snooki make family life work!

The girl could barely stay straight up after 10 pm. Several years of matrimony and two darling children later, these Italian lovebirds managed to prove the world completely wrong. They are still going strong and have even alluded to the fact that more babies could be in the future.

5 The Fresh Pinkett-Smiths Of Bel-Air


Love them don't, you can't deny that the Smith Family is one intriguing group of people. Will and Jada Smith have two biological children together, and Will has a son from his previous relationship. The family is often seen walking the red carpet and giving interviews for various magazines.

They always have some quirky things to say! The couple has stood the test of time and the countless relationship rumors to build their family and are now watching their children step into the entertainment spotlight. Both daughter Willow and son Jaden are becoming the next big things in art, music, and entertainment.

4 The Youthful Kardashian-Scotts


Of all the Kardashian kids, it's the Kylie-Travis Scott family that has our attention these days. Older sisters Kim, Kourtney and Khloe all have their own families now, but littlest sister Kylie Jenner didn't want to wait to join club mom. She, along with her partner rapper Travis Scott, kept Kylie's pregnancy under wraps for its entirety before announcing baby Stormi's birth.

The young parents are currently enjoying their little family and keeping us in the know with their countless posts on social media. There are even rumors that the pair is expecting again. (We are calling false, but still! They get people talking.)

3 The Curry Family: Party of Five


Steph Curry and his devoted, loving wife Ayesha are living their very own fairy tale. He is basketball's biggest star, and she is making her own dreams a reality with her books deals and celebrity chef gigs.

The talented couple met when they were kids through a church group, reconnected as adults and made a life with each other that most of us can only dream of. Steph, Ayesha, and their two daughters recently welcomed a third child into their loving family, a baby boy! They don't get much cuter or much more successful than the Currys.

2 Shakira's Sweet Brood


Shakira and her soccer player hubby are a public obsession for two main reasons. First, they are too beautiful to be human. Really, they are that good looking! Also, every couple of months a new report comes out claiming that the pair has split is on the brink of a breakup or has reconciled from a separation.

We never exactly know where these two stand, but there is always some gossip surrounding them. We hope that they can make it work out for the sake of their two young boys, but maybe two people this gorgeous simply can't be together. It's too much beauty in one space.

1 Pink, Carey and Their Kiddos


Rocker Pink and motor cross star Carey Hart have certainly had their share of ups and downs. While they have fallen in love, parted ways and found their way back into each other's arms, they seem to be in a good space these days just being mom and dad to their children. They seem to be a good balance of funky, fun parents and stable, progressively driven parents.

They have publicly stated that they are raising their daughter to be gender neutral and simply love herself for who she is. These two aren't exactly traditional in their family values, but we think that they are doing something right.

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