20 Celeb Kids Who Are Already Fashion Icons

When it comes to celebrities, it is no secret that they look super put-together most of the time. Some are extremely into fashion and love styling themselves, while others have a whole team of personal stylists making sure their fashion looks are always on point. So while it's often a part of their job to look flawless, we have noticed that their offspring tend to look suspiciously fashionable as well.

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So that's what we decided to focus on today — the most fashionable celebrity kids out there. These kids, who serve us looks that make grownups want to raid their closets, are bound to become major fashion icons one day. Even nowadays their looks make the front headlines and are often admired and discussed. Personally, we love how all of these kids have a visibly unique fashion preference, and they all strive to wear the things they like. Some are more edgy and experimental, while others like to stick to classy and chic — but all of them are very good at the fashion game.

Alright, enough with the chit-chat; here they are — 20 celebrity kids who are already trendsetters and have more fashion sense in their pinky than most of us copycat peasants.

20 North West

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We're kicking the list off with probably one of the most fashionable kids our generation got to witness — little North West. With fashion icons like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as parents, it was only a matter of time before little North would catch our attention with her fab looks. Judging from the pics and videos of her that we frequently see on Kim's social media profiles, the 5-year-old is obsessed with anything fashion and makeup, and she isn't afraid to go for a bold look. On the other hand, Kim has been under some fire for allowing her young daughter to explore the fashion world this much, especially once North was seen with black lipstick.

19 Apple Martin

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Next on our list is 14-year-old Apple Martin who slowly but surely grew into a true teen fashionista. With actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay singer Chris Martin as parents, it was obvious from the start that little Apple would grow up developing a great eye for fashion — and we loved seeing her with bright pink hair a couple of years ago. Obviously, her parents were chill enough to let her do that, and nowadays Apple can be seen walking around New York City giving us some laid-back, yet quite edgy looks. We can't wait to see more from this blonde teen!

18 Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

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Next on our list is Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's 12-year-old daughter Shiloh, who has often been the center of attention because of her gender-neutral looks. Shiloh has an affinity for clothing that is conventionally considered rather masculine like suits, shirts, and pants — and we think they suit her fabulous. We love celebrity parents who allow their kids to wear what they feel like and don't try to put them in any box. As you can tell, all of Angie and Brad's kids have a unique style, but Shiloh definitely stands out the most by staying consistent and rocking what she likes!

17 Harper, Romeo, Cruz And Brooklyn Beckham

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Okay, this family of siblings is definitely the most fashionable bunch of related kids on our list, and we are not surprised one bit! When your parents have been known as the most fashionable couple for a good portion of the 2000s, it's clear you'll develop a natural sense of style as well. Victoria — the former Spice Girl gone fashion designer — and David — one of the world's most good-looking soccer stars — have four kids together: 20-year-old Brooklyn, 16-year-old Romeo, 14-year-old Cruz, and 7-year-old Harper. All of them always look put-together just like their parents, and you can tell they got their love for fashion from them.

16 Marion And Tabitha Broderick

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The cutest sisters on our list are definitely Marion And Tabitha Broderick. Actress Sarah Jessica Parker's twins are always — in true twin manner — photographed in similar and matching looks. Personally, we love how girly their style is, and that it's always played up with bows, braids and hair accessories. And while they behave girly most of the time, sometimes — as you can tell by the pic on the far right — they run around like children having a great time and not caring if they look cute for the paparazzi. We can't wait to see how their individual styles will develop further with age!

15 Suri Cruise

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Let's move on to a pioneer of celebrity kid fashion — the young Suri Cruise. The now 13-year-old grew up with paparazzi cameras following her pretty much everywhere she goes, and one thing that was obvious from her early years is that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's daughter loves to dress up and wear beautiful floral patterns and bright colors. Personally, we love seeing her in whimsical, fluffy dresses, as we think they suit her wonderful. Once again, we can't wait to see what the next couple of years bring us in terms of Suri Cruise fashion — hopefully, a lot more flowers!

14 David Banda

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Next on our list is the first solo boy, 13-year-old David Banda — Madonna and Guy Ritchie's adoptive son. As you can see, he learned a thing or two from his famous mom and definitely rocked those outfits like a little star himself. We love seeing that he isn't afraid to pull off different hats, wear cool layers or strut in a simple all-white-look. We love seeing a boy who dares to experiment with fashion, especially at such a young age. We bet a huge reason for that is growing up with a mom who has always defied fashion rules and has expressed her true self through different looks.

13 Kingston And Zuma Rossdale

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Speaking of boys who dare to be unique and different — this list could not have existed without 12-year old Kingston and 10-year-old Zuma Rossdale. The two are always seen in funky and colorful looks and something tells us that parents Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale may have played a huge role in that. After all, both singers have a very distinct and unique style, so it is really of no surprise that their kids do as well. In particular, we love seeing the boys break gender stereotypes by wearing clothing that might be considered as more feminine either in cut or color.

12 Max And Emme Anthony

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Sarah Jessica Parker's twins Marion and Tabitha are not the only twins on our list, as Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's 11-year-old twins Max and Emme definitely deserve a spot too. While the two aren't as extravagant or daring with their looks as some of the other kids on our list — they are always super stylish and put together, and anyone who has kids knows how hard it is to achieve that. We love seeing the two on red carpets with their famous parents, especially when they wear adorable kid suits and dresses that make them look so chic and fresh.

11 Blue Ivy Carter

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We're halfway through our list, so we thought it's time to bring up this mini diva. Beyoncé and Jay-Z's 7-year-old daughter Blue Ivy has given us so many memorable looks that we're certain the older she gets the bigger of a fashion icon she will become. For now, we'll just have to settle for the photos her mom posts on her social media accounts of the two posing in semi-coordinated looks. Of course, we knew since day one that a child of Beyonceé and Jay-Z was going to impress us with their looks — which is exactly what Blue has done.

10 Benjamin And Vivian Lake Brady

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Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady's 9-year-old son Benjamin and 6-year-old daughter Vivian Lake are another adorable pair of siblings who definitely love to show off their fashion. Of course, we assume supermodel mommy Gisele plays a major role in helping them find their style, as fashion is her forté. You can tell that Benjamin is into shirts with a red pattern, while little Vivian Lake loves to go bold — whether it's with a pair of wide-legged jeans or a poofy dress. Once again, we can't wait to see how the style of these two evolves, and we're sure they won't disappoint.

9 Harlow And Sparrow Madden

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Let's move on to our first siblings on the list: the adorable 11-year-old Harlow and her 9-year-old brother Sparrow. Their parents Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are known for their unique styles, as Nicole has always been very much into fashion, while Joel has a unique punk-rock style he always stayed true to. Harlow and Sparrow are often photographed out and about with their parents wearing matching and coordinated looks, but even when they are spotted alone with mom or dad — they do not disappoint. Like, how cute is Harlow in that dusty pink dress, and how awesome does Sparrow look wearing a matching snapback with his dad?

8 Jaden And Willow Smith

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A pair of celebrity kids who have pushed fashion boundaries for their generation are 20-year-old Jaden and 18-year-old Willow Smith. Over the past couple of years, the two have given us so many iconic and unique outfits that picking a few was really hard. Both are known for breaking gender stereotypes by wearing clothes that are conventionally not intended for their gender — and both of them always look absolutely edgy and stunning. Willow and Jaden are definitely a level of cool that most kids never achieve, even if they have famous parents. We absolutely know we haven't seen the last of these two!

7 Egypt Daoud Dean

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Next on our list is another boy with impeccable fashion sense. Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz 8-year-old son Egypt definitely has his signature style, one that was developed pretty early. Okay, fair enough, we assume his parents were picking his outfits up until a certain age, but we're quite sure that what he's wearing in the more recent pics was picked by him. We love seeing a young boy who isn't afraid to accessorize and wear bold colors and textures. As you can tell, Egypt is already familiar with being on stage with his mom, so we're sensing the birth of another entertainer there!

6 Levi, Vida And Livingston McConaughey

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Let's move on to the McConaughey siblings — our favorite trio on the list. 10-year-old Levi, 9-year-old Vida, and 6-year-old Livingston are three celebrity kids who always look fabulous — on the red carpet as well as of. Of course, with such fashionable and cool parents like model Camila Alves and Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey, it's only natural that some of it would rub off on their adorable kids. We're obsessed with their fancy red carpet looks, but the clothes they wear while running errands with their parents are just as fab. And we love that little Vida tends to show off her quirkiness with cool patterns and gorgeous hairstyles!

5 Ava And Deacon Phillippe

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Actors Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe's two kids are next on our list. 19-year-old Ava and her 15-year-old brother Deacon have had a quite private early childhood, yet recently we've been seeing more and more pics of the two hanging out with their parents or going to cool events. Ava, who looks like an exact copy of her gorgeous mother, loves to keep her style sleek and classy with pulled back hair and red lips, but don't underestimate her — she also knows how to serve us some edginess. Deacon's style is rather laid-back, and we are in love with his '90s inspired haircut!

4 Lila Moss

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If there's one kind of celebrity kids we definitely expect to be on this list it's those with a parent in the fashion industry. And supermodel Kate Moss' 16-year-old daughter Lila is a clear example of a very fashionable celebrity kid. The teen, who not only looks a lot like her mother — but is also dabbling in modeling herself, always looks perfectly put together serving us that 'popular girl in high school' vibe. Every single look we've seen on her so far has completely stunned us, and we bet her modeling days and fame are only in the beginning stages!

3 Honor Warren

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Honor Warren — Jessica Alba and Cash Warren's beautiful 10-year-old daughter definitely deserves a spot amongst these fellow fashionistas. Honor has always been an adorable kid, but one thing all Jessica Alba fans will immediately confirm is that little Honor has been wearing very cute and fashionable looks from a young age on. While her early style was very chic and cute, the older Honer gets the more edginess she gives us. Nowadays she looks like a younger version of her super cool mom — and we bet she raids her closet quite often. We simply can't get enough of the two — they always look so perfect!

2 Flynn Bloom

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Alright, we are closely approaching the end of our celebrity fashionista kids list, but not before we mention little Flynn Bloom. Supermodel Miranda Kerr and actor Orlando Bloom's 8-year-old son has slowly but surely grown up to be a young fashionista who can rock posh red carpet looks as well as edgy leather jackets. We can already tell that this boy will definitely grow up into a heartbreaker, one that girls all over the world swoon over. But for now, he's still just a young kid playing around and having fun while serving us some very funky and cool looks.

1 Stormi Webster

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Lastly, we had to mention the youngest celebrity baby fashionista on our list — Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's 1-year-old daughter Stormi. Her mom posts so many adorable pics of her little bundle of joy wearing very fashionable looks that making this list without her would have felt so wrong. Of course, Stormi isn't actually dressing herself yet, but as she is growing up with a bunch of Kardashians we have no doubt that she will develop a love for fashion soon. Until then, we'll just adore the looks her mommy puts her in — whether its tomboy chic or glittery diva!

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