20 Celeb Kids Who Look Just Like Their Parents Did

Today we wanted to take a look at some of Hollywood's families and pick out the parents and their kids who look the most alike. This list is essentially a photo comparison of some of our favorite celebrities and their children — who are slowly but surely growing up to look just like them.

From actors and actresses to models and musicians, we covered them all — and one thing we quite often noticed is that the kids tend to usually follow into their famous parents' footsteps and earn their money the exact same way. We also have some very young kids who resemble the baby pics of their parents quite incredibly, as well as complete adults who remind us so much of their famous parents when they were that age.

And then there are those celebs like Reese Witherspoon and Lisa Bonet who honestly don't seem to have aged one bit — and could even be their kids' twins. Either way, we can't wait to see some of these children grow up, as we definitely expect big things from them (we may or may not be talking about Blue Ivy).

Alright, here they are: 20 celebrity kids who look just like their parents did, aka no paternity/maternity test is needed!

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20 Kim Kardashian And Her Daughter North

Via: pinterest.com

Alright, let's kick the list off with everyone's favorite reality star Kim Kardashian and her daughter North West. Little North was born in 2013, and ever since the world has been obsessed with her. Of course, as soon as photos of little North started being taken, a lot of us noticed the resemblance with her mom. In particular, it is this photo of toddler Kim and toddler North side-by-side that shows us just how much the little one takes after her mom. We already know the Kardashian genes are very strong as all of the sisters resemble each other quite strongly, so it's of no surprise that little Northie looks like that as well!

19 David Beckham And His Son Brooklyn

Via: instagram.com

Next on our list is — according to some — the world's hottest soccer (or "football," depending) player David Beckham and his son Brooklyn. Yeah, we'll give you a moment to calm down. Brooklyn, who is now a 20-year-old, does indeed look a lot like his dad when he was younger which undoubtedly means Brooklyn is also out there having plenty of youths swoon over him. It seems like the older Brooklyn and David's other sons get, the more they all resemble their dad, and in the photo comparison above you can see just how much Brooklyn's face reminds us of young David's. Especially with both of them having a similar haircut, the resemblance is uncanny!

18 Reese Witherspoon And Her Daughter Ava 

Via: instagram.com

Probably two of the most look-a-like parent and child examples on our list are Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon and her beautiful daughter Ava. The now 19-year-old looks exactly like her mom Reese did in the '90s — but honestly, since Reese pretty much hasn't aged a day since then, even photos of these two together now make us think they could actually be twins! Ava is for sure one of those Hollywood kids that don't need to tell you who their mom is, you could immediately guess. And speaking of, the next girl is also the spitting image of her famous mommy!

17 Angelina Jolie And Her Daughter Shiloh

Via: tumblr.com

Next on our list are Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie and her beautiful daughter Shiloh. Now while Shiloh does sometimes look like her famous father, actor Brad Pitt as well, we do think she mainly resembles her gorgeous mom Angie. In the photo comparison above you can see both of them around the age of 10, and while Angelina has longer and darker hair, as well as a visibly different fashion style — we do think the resemblance between the two is still very much there. Shiloh has her mom's pretty eyes, cute nose and most of all those naturally pouty lips! No amount of clothing and hairstyle could hide that!

16 Madonna And Her Daughter Lourdes

Via: instagram.com

The older Lourdes Leon — who's now 22 — gets, the more she resembles her mom Madonna! Especially if we compare photos of Lourdes with a young, '80s Madonna — the resemblance is spot on. Another thing about Lourdes that makes us immediately think of Madonna is that she inherited her mom's unique sense of fashion, and also isn't afraid to take risks when it comes to her looks. And of course, just by looking at the photos above, Lourdes definitely has her mom's beautiful eyebrows as well as sassy and fun attitude — we can't wait to see more from this young star!

15 Clint Eastwood And His Son Scott

Via: pinterest.com

Actor Clint Eastwood's son Scott is a pretty successful actor himself with noticeable performances in movies such as Texas Chainsaw and The Longest Ride. However, we're not here to talk about Scott's roles, we're here to focus on how much the 33-year-old looks like his father Clint when he was younger. Seriously, if we didn't know better, we'd even think the two are the same person. They both have that smoldering look going on — and you bet it drives women out there crazy! Keep up the good work Scott, who knows, maybe one day we'll see you act alongside your dad.

14 Jude Law And His Son Rafferty

Via: pinterest.com

Another actor on our list whose son looks very much like him is Jude Law. 22-year-old Rafferty looks so much like his famous father, that we honestly have to take a closer look at the photo above to figure out which one's which! Rafferty definitely has his father's piercing green eyes, and with his short, blonde haircut he reminds us so much of Jude in the '90s and early 2000s. As with all of the kids on this list, we can't wait to see what the future holds for young Rafferty — but we bet we'll definitely see much more of him!

13 Yolanda Hadid And Her Daughter Gigi

Via: pinterest.com

Gigi Hadid is currently one of the biggest and most popular models in the world, but something you may not know about the 23-year-old is that her mom Yolanda was also a successful model. Most people know her as a star of the reality television show The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, but Yolanda actually modeled for 15 years, before settling in Los Angeles with her family. It does make sense looking at the picture, doesn't it? It's definitely clear whom Gigi (fun fact: her real name is Jelena) got the talent from, as her mom Yolanda definitely know how to strike a pose!

12 Kate Moss And Her Daughter Lila Grace

Via: pinterest.com

Speaking of models, Kate Moss' daughter Lila Grace — who is also slowly creating a name for herself in the modeling industry – is another daughter who looks very much like her famous mom. Honestly, in the photo comparison above where Kate is around Lila's age, and both are photographed with their hair up — the resemblance is uncanny! We're sure that Lila, who is currently 16 years old, will have just as much success with modeling as her mom did, and we can't wait to see it! Kate was such a modeling icon in the late '90s and the only one who could ever live up to that is probably her own daughter!

11 Katie Holmes And Her Daughter Suri

Via: pinterest.com

Suri — Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's adorable daughter — looks so much like her famous mom. The older the now-12-year-old gets the more evident it is how strong Katie's genes are. In the photo comparison above you can see both of them around the same age and sporting a very similar hairstyle! Honestly, pigtails suited them both so well, and we think they were absolutely adorable! We're wondering what Suri will decide to spend her life doing and whether she will follow in her parents' footsteps and become an actress? She will surely have inherited enough talent in that department!

10 Vanessa Paradis And Her Daughter Lily

Via: instagram.com

Lily Depp — Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp's daughter is definitely a total copy of her gorgeous mother. The 19-year-old is already a model and actress, and is surely making her parents very proud. In the photo comparison above you can tell that Lily looks so much like Vanessa, as the two have very similar facial features and hair color. Honestly, the only difference we can spot between the two is their eye color, as Vanessa's are green, while Lily inherited her father's eye color and has gorgeous dark brown eyes. We bet we'll see a lot more of this famous face!

9 Meryl Streep And Her Daughter Grace

Via: pinterest.com

Actress Meryl Streep has three daughters and honestly, all of them look a lot like their mom when she was younger. However, in our opinion, her daughter Grace looks the most like her, which is why we picked her for the list. Grace Gummer is a successful actress herself, with roles in movies such as Frances Ha and Jenny's Wedding. In the photo comparison above you can see just how much Grace looks like her gorgeous mom Meryl — we'd immediately know whose daughter she is. The 32-year-old definitely resembles her mom, not only with her looks but also with the way she carries herself!

8 Goldie Hawn And Her Daughter Kate Hudson

Via: tumblr.com

Since we are talking about famous actresses, let's also mention Goldie Hawn and her daughter Kate Hudson! Some people may not know the two actresses are related, but if you take a closer look the resemblance is definitely there. Especially if you compare a photo of Kate with a photo from Goldie's youth — you can immediately see how much the two look alike. And we also have to mention that, as you can see in the photo comparison above, the two have the same bubbly and fun personality that makes them both so lovable. This is definitely one very successful mother-daughter duo!

7 Tom Hanks And His Son Colin

Via: pinterest.com

Actor Tom Hanks' son Colin is a very successful actor himself, with having played major roles in movies such as The Great Buck Howard and Orange County, as well as television shows such as Dexter, Fargo, and The Good Guys. But besides just having inherited his father's talent when it comes to acting, Colin also inherited his father's looks — which become more and more apparent the older he gets. Seriously, look at those two photos, Colin looks exactly like a younger Tom Hanks, minus the curly hair. Another example of a family with very successful actors and super strong genes!

6 Jada Pinkett Smith And Her Daughter Willow

Via: instagram.com

Eighteen-year-old singer Willow Smith grew up in the eye of the public, and we have to say, the older the girl gets the more of Jada Pinkett Smith we get to see in her. Don't they look so much alike in the photo comparison, especially with their super short blonde haircuts and fierce makeup? We bet the young singer will resemble her famous mom the older she gets even more — and we can't wait to see that. Also, can we just point out how Jada doesn't seem to age at all? The woman pretty much still looks like she did in the photo above!

5 Mel Gibson And His Son Milo

Via: pinterest.com

While we're talking about some of those very successful actors from the '90s, let's also mention Mel Gibson. Mel's son Milo, who — surprise, surprise — also happens to be an actor is yet another example of a child looking exactly like their parent when they were younger. Looking at the two photos above we can definitely see a clear resemblance. Milo actually worked as an electrician before deciding to give acting a chance. So while you'd think Mel Gibson's son would have been acting for a long time already, Milo actually had his debut in Hacksaw Ridge, a 2016 war drama directed by his dad Mel.

4 Lisa Bonet And Her Daughter Zoë Kravitz

Via: instagram.com

Now, how about this photo comparison — can you tell who's who? Alright, we assume you got it right, but just in case, the left one is Lisa Bonet and the right one is her daughter Zoë Kravitz. Even nowadays the two still look so much alike, as Lisa pretty much hasn't aged one bit. However, we decided to go for this photo of Lisa from the '90s as she's rocking the exact same hairstyle and similar sunglasses as Zoe does in the photo above. And yes, it's another case of talent spreading through the family, as Zoe is also an actress just like her famous mother!

3 Melanie Griffith And Her Daughter Dakota Johnson

Via: pinterest.com

Okay, we promise, these are the last two actresses on our list, but we just had to mention them. Melanie Griffith's daughter Dakota Johnson became very popular after playing the lead role in the Fifty Shades film series, and the actress doesn't seem to be slowing down ever since. Of course, everyone has heard of her famous mother, but not everyone may know that these two are related. However, one look at a photo of young Melanie makes it all clear — Dakota looks so much like her mom at that age. We guess gorgeous just simply runs in the family!

2 Beyoncé And Her Daughter Blue Ivy

Via: instagram.com

This list wouldn't be complete without the iconic singer Beyoncé and her daughter Blue Ivy. While we do sometimes see a bit of Jay Z in little Blue Ivy, it can be without a doubt said that the older the now 7-year-old gets, the more she looks like a young version of her gorgeous mother. So for the photo comparison we went for two images where they both rock a very similar hairstyle and are around the same age. Something tells us that we can expect big things from little Blue when she grows up because we are sure that besides just inheriting her mom's looks, she also picked up some of that talent!

1 Cindy Crawford And Her Daughter Kaia

Via: whowhatwear.com

Lastly, another model mom and daughter combo! We already mentioned Yolanda and Gigi Hadid, as well as Kate and Lila Grace Moss — but this list wouldn't be complete without supermodel Cindy Crawford and her daughter Kaia Gerber! The 17-year-old, who is already a successful model and actress, reminds us so much of a young Cindy slaying all those runway shows in the '90s. If we didn't know better, we'd think the image on the right is also from one of Cindy's old fashion shows... Either way, there you have it — those were 20 celebrity kids who look just like their famous parents!

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