20 Celeb Mommies Whose Kids Look Exactly Like Them

There's the old belief that everyone has a doppelgänger out there in the world somewhere, and very rarely do people actually get to come face-to-face with their own lookalikes.

Some celebrities don't have to look very far to locate their ultimate doppelgänger. While many of us seem somewhat similar to our parents, siblings, and children, these twenty famous faces could be twins with the offspring that they brought into the world. These are lucky children to be sure! They not only get to live the life of the rich and famous, courtesy of these mommies, they also inherited their parents' stunning eyes, cheekbones, and perfect noses.

We had to do a serious double take when we took a look at these beautiful mothers and the twin-like kids that they are raising. Wowzers.

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21 Reese Witherspoon and daughter Ava

via huffingtonpost.ca

Ava Witherspoon is the oldest child of actress Reese Witherspoon and her ex-husband Ryan Phillipe. The mother and daughter duo has practically grown up together. Reese was one of Hollywood's young mothers as she had her daughter when she was in her early twenties.

Now that Ava is nineteen years old, she is pretty much Reese's twin, and for those us who remember seeing Reese in movies like Cruel Intentions, it's bringing us back to those days big time.

Even these ladies poses and smiles that they give to the camera are strikingly similar and we can't even with these two!

20 Robin Wright and Dylan Penn

via lifeandstylemag.com

Dylan Penn is an actress and model who has done work for Gap Inc., GQ magazine as well as a music video for Nick Jonas. She has landed a spot on Maxim's Hit 100 List, walked in Milan's Fashion Week and graced the covers of major magazines. Besides modeling, Dylan Penn has started branching out into the acting world. This is territory that Dylan's mother knows all about.

Dylan is the daughter of famous actress Robyn Wright Penn and her super famous ex-husband Sean Penn. One look at these two tall drinks of water and there is not a shadow of a doubt that they share some DNA.

19 Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber

via shared.com

When you are the child of one of the world's most beautiful human beings, you are bound to be a looker yourself. I'll use the example of Cindy Crawford and her daughter Kaia as an example to my theory. Please look at this mother-daughter dream team? Their eyes, their brows, their cheekbones, and their lips are the exact same! Did her mother teach her to pose like that or is that a bonus gift that one receives when they come out of a supermodel's womb?

It's good to know that as Cindy gracefully ages we get a whole other coming of Crawford gorgeousness with Kaia.

18 Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson

via huffpost.com

Sure, new mommy and actress Kate Hudson and her legendary mother actress Goldie Hawn share tons of physical similarities. They have the blonde locks, the smiling eyes, and the perfect teeth, all of which have become iconic and synonymous with the pair's persona. Aside from the visible features that mother and daughter have in common, they also share a zest for life and a free-spirited attitude.

They are almost the same person at this point. A world with two Goldie Hawns is simply a service to the universe. We are all so glad that you were born Kate. Never change, please.

17 Demi Moore and Rumor Willis

via blackfilm.com

Beautiful Demi Moore has three daughters that take after her, but of all the lady offspring that Demi has given us, eldest daughter Rumor looks the most like her. While Rumor does have her father's strong jawline (Rumor's daddy is actor Bruce Willis), everything else comes from her momma's DNA.

These days the two raven-haired goddesses look more like twin sisters than a mother and daughter! Rumor should be thanking her lucky stars that she has her mom's genes because her mother Demi Moore simply does not age. She is 55 years old and still looks like a spring daisy.

16 Lisa Bonet and Zoe Kravitz

via nypost.com

Lisa Bonet, otherwise known as Lilakoi Moon, is a smoldering mama who passed on her ability to ooze charm to her daughter Zoe Kravitz. Let's be frank: There was never any way that this actress and her ex-husband, rocker Lenny Kravitz, were going to create any human being that was less than uber-cool.

These days Zoe is an accomplished actress in her own right, taking the silver screen by storm, and her momma has to be her biggest fan. These powerhouse women look confident and calm and the same when they pose next to one another while walking the red carpet.

15 Diana Ross and Tracee Ellis Ross

via wetpaint.com

Legendary songstress and musical icon Diana Ross can pretty much do anything that she sets her mind to. For decades she has focused her energy on pumping out some of the most memorable songs in history as well as raising a brood of children. Her daughter Tracee Ellis Ross took a page from her mother's book and had become incredibly successful in the entertainment world, albeit her sector is acting and not music.

Aside from their similarities in talent, they share that fantastic hair, big beautiful eyes, and infectious smiles. These accomplished ladies are two peas in a pod.

14 Salma Hayek and Valentina Pinault

via justjared.com

Actress Salma Hayek does a stellar job at keeping her only daughter Valentina away from the cameras, but when we do happen to catch a glimpse of the little girl, it's surprising to see how much she is starting to resemble her mother. The ten-year-old girl is the result of power couple Salma and her hubby Francois-Henri Pinault, and we can not wait to see what this little lady does in her future.

Considering who her parents are, the world is her oyster. Whatever she chooses to do, one thing is for sure. She has a lifetime of being mistaken for her mother ahead of her.

13 Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson

Melanie Griffith's little girl is all grown up and is looking like her mother's identical twin these days. Dakota is the daughter of the actress and her ex-husband Don Johnson. She has exploded in the film industry with her performance in 50 Shades of Grey and has scored a People's Choice Award for Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress and snagged a BAFTA Rising Star Award nomination in recent years.

It seems these two not only go all twin in the looks department but also in the acting department. We do have to wonder if Dakota's famous parents are able to watch some of the scenes in her famous 50 Shades film.

12 Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise

via bravotv.com

Little Suri Cruise is the light of her mother, actress Katie Holmes's, life. She is Katie's only child, and her father is famous actor Tom Cruise. By now we all know that Katie and Tom's whirlwind romance, bizarre marriage and train-wreck divorce to her ex-husband resulted in Tom barely having contact with his daughter Suri, and Katie's custody of the little girl.

Perhaps it is the DNA that is responsible for this mother-daughter twinning, or maybe it's because of the constant companionship these two have created over the years. Suri is 100% Katie's ultimate sidekick. Either way, they look identical to each other.

11 Christie Brinkley and Sailor

via huffpost.com

Former model Christie Brinkley has two grown daughters. Her eldest gal is Alexa Ray Joel, from her first union to musician Billy Joel. Her youngest little lady is Alexa's half-sister, Sailor, from her third marriage to Peter Cook. While both daughters are talented and stunning, they are complete opposites in the looks department.

While Alexa Ray Joel physically favors her father's dark hair and eyes, Sailor is a replica of her supermodel mommy. Sailor seems to be following in her mother's modeling footsteps, while Alexa appears to be more interested in the arts like her dear old dad.

10 Susan Sarandon and Eva Amurri

via media3.s-nbcnews.com

These two, gorgeous actresses would easily be co-stars or besties, but their similar looks give them away. Eva Amurri is the spitting image of her famous mother, Susan Sarandon, especially with that fiery hair and perfect skin tone. These look-alikes aren't just mom and daughter though; they are great pals. Eva even got her first tattoo with her mother.

We can't blame Amurri for wanting to hang out with Susan over friends, though. Who gets that lucky in the parent department? That is one cool mom for sure. We love our mothers, but yes you are sensing a touch of jealousy.

9 Vanessa Paradis and Lily-Rose Depp

via yahoo.com

These women right here are beauty times two. French talent, Vanessa Paradis, is the former partner to famous actor Johnny Depp. Of all of the accomplishments these two have had in the world of entertainment, none compares to their daughter Lily-Rose Depp.

She is most certainly daddy's little girl, even now that she is all grown up, and without a doubt, mommy's spitting image. At nineteen years old she looks striking similar to her mother and is even following her mom's career path! Lily is well on her way to establishing herself as both a model and an actress.

8 Gwenyth and Apple

via pagesix.com

Gweneth Paltrow's daughter is most certainly the apple of her mother's eye. Gwinnie and her ex-husband, rocker Chris Martin, have two children together, but it's their precious daughter Apple who resembles her actress mother in the looks department.

As she grows into a young woman, we can tell that she has her mom's baby blue eyes, pouty lips, and a penchant for lighting up the cameras without effort. Call us crazy, but we even see a bit of Gwen's mom and Apple's Grandmother Blythe Danner in this young woman. Those maternal genes seem to run strong in this family!

7 Jennifer Garner and Violet

via pagesix.com

Actress Jenifer Garner and actor Ben Affleck couldn't make a lot of things work, but one thing they got right was their three perfect kiddos. The famous exes have three children together, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel, but it's eldest daughter Violet that favors her mother. We have watched little Violet grow up in front of our very eyes and now she is nearly as tall as her mother.

She has her mother's facial features and a similar smile, (watch out world!) We can't wait to see these two twins walk the red carpet in a few years when Violet comes of age.


5 Tish Cyrus and Miley

via philadelphia.cbslocal.com

Smiley Miley Cyrus got her good looks and ability to light up the camera from her good-looking mama Tish. Tish has that young-at-heart look about her where you see her and start to wonder: how old is this woman? She has a heard of kids at home, manages her kids' careers and has been married to one of country music's biggest stars, yet she still looks like a million bucks.

Her daughter Miley was lucky enough to get her dad's musical and acting talent and her mother's flawless facial features. There is no doubt that Miss Miley will be fortunate enough to age gracefully.

4 Heidi Klum and Leni

via bloggersarena.com

Supermodel Heidi Klum has four beautiful, young children, but it's her first daughter who looks exactly like the German-born supermodel. Leni Klum's biological father is wealthy, successful businessman Flavio Briatore, but it was Heidi's ex-husband and musician Seal who raised the little girl. Regardless of the fathers that have been in and out of little Leni's life, her mother is indeed the constant parent in her life.

The two look more and more like each other as Leni grows older. Heidi might be passing her supermodel crown on to her daughter someday very soon. Leni Klum is destined for stardom.

3 Donna Karen and Gabby

via bloggersarena.com

There is no denying that Donna Karen is the mother to this fresh-faced lady. The two look a whole lot more like sisters, twins at that; then they do mother and daughter. While Donna Karen has made her mark on the fashion world, becoming a household name in all corners of the globe for her runway designs, her grown daughter and her husband have branched out into the restaurant business.

The currently own and manage a trio of Italian restaurants in The Hamptons and New York City. It looks as if Gabby got her mother's physical features as well as her excellent sense of business.

2 Bette Midler and Sophie

via bloggersarena.com

Oh. My. Stars. Attack of the Midler Clones. Ms. Bette The Great, and her daughter Sophie could not look more alike if they tried. It makes one wonder, did Bette just clone herself or was an actual partner around contributing to Sophie's DNA? Sophie grew up with one of the most noted women in entertainment making her grilled cheese sandwiches and reading her bedtime stories, so it would make sense that she would follow mom's career path.

She has done some Broadway work and even landed a part in a Woody Allen film. In recent years Sophie has done work on some television shows such as FX's The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story and The Wizard of Lies.

1 Pricilla Presley and Lisa Marie

All of the late Elvis' leading ladies look the same. If he were still with us, he might have to do a double take to determine who is who. His ex-wife and their child look so much alike. Matriarch Pricilla Presley is 73 years old, and she still looks as if she could be her only daughter, Lisa-Marie's, twin sister. They both have those smouldering eyes and rock the hint of a smile look.

If we throw Lisa's eldest daughter Riley Keough into the mix, then we have a triplet thing going on because the young aspiring model and actress has many of the same features as her mother and her grandmother.

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