20 Celeb Moms Share How Being Pregnant Was A Let Down

It's common to dream about what motherhood will be like. Sometimes, women focus on that and don't spend too much time wondering how they'll feel while they're pregnant. When a pregnancy test shows positive, a mom-to-be begins a new journey that may include a few bumps in the road.

Pregnancy isn't easy for every woman. Some expectant moms are lucky enough to breeze through their trimesters, while others are destined to feel let down by the whole pregnancy experience. While pregnancy may be a downer for some women, the good news is that even the hardest pregnancies produce healthy babies. When moms-to-be deliver their infants, they are poised to put their rough pregnancies behind them and focus on the wonders of new motherhood.

In other words, pregnancy may be uncomfortable and downright unpleasant, but it's a temporary condition. Lots of famous women have not enjoyed being pregnant, including Kim Kardashian and Salma Hayek. Money and fame don't always make pregnancy easier. Usually, whether she's famous or not, a woman feels let down by pregnancy because she just doesn't feel good while she's expecting. Women know that they are supposed to be radiant while they're pregnant. They're supposed to glow. When they don't have that radiant glow, they may feel a sense of disappointment.

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20 Kim Kardashian's Pregnancies Were Tough


Kim turned to a surrogate when she was ready for baby number 3 because her first two pregnancies were difficult ones. These days, Kim is expecting a fourth baby, also by a surrogate.

This is a woman who wants a big family but felt let down by pregnancy. Kim has been unlucky in terms of having rough pregnancies, but she's lucky in the sense that she's wealthy enough to pay surrogates. Sometimes, it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay surrogates. It depends on the situation. It's never really cheap.

Kim's been open about disliking pregnancy intensely, but she had her reasons, including preeclampsia during pregnancy and a "stuck" placenta during labour.

19 Tori Spelling Had To Go On Bed Rest

While expecting baby number four, Tori Spelling had to endure fifty days of bed rest. That's enough bed rest to give any mom-to-be a serious case of cabin fever. Tori has been open about not enjoying the bed rest.

Lazing around in the sack for fifty days might sound like bliss to a lot of busy women who rarely get a break. The truth is, it's too much of a good thing. Also, Tori had to have her bed rest in the hospital, rather than at home, and she wasn't even allowed to takes showers or prowl the hospital halls.

18 Salma Hayek Didn't Enjoy Her Three Trimesters


Salma is another famous celeb who wasn't radiant, glowing and content during pregnancy. Like Kim Kardashian, Salma was hit with unexpected pregnancy symptoms that didn't give her a lot to smile about. As Kim did, she soldiered on.

Salma's big issue during pregnancy was gestational diabetes. It took a while before Salma figured out why she was feeling so unwell while she was expecting her daughter, Valentina. Salma actually experienced morning sickness for nine months straight. She thinks that eating high-sugar fruit during early pregnancy made her feel sick.

At that point, she didn't know about gestational diabetes, and her cravings for fruit with sugar just made everything worse.

17 Mariah Carey Needed Help With Personal Care

Mariah was pregnant with twins and she got to the point where she needed assistance to use the washroom. No woman wants to have to ask for help using the bathroom, but stuff happens. Mariah needed help and got help.

Poor Mariah had to deal with so much discomfort. She had preeclampsia, like Kim Kardashian, as well as gestational diabetes, like Salma Hayek. Her twins were born via C-section at the thirty-five-week mark. She wanted to keep her buns in the oven for longer, but doctors recommended delivering them at week 35.

Mariah didn't realize ahead of time just how much pregnancy would impact her body.

16 Kelly Clarkson Went Through The Wringer


Kelly Clarkson is a gifted singer who's been plagued with severe morning sickness each time that she has been pregnant. Her morning sickness would get so bad that she'd need to get fluids delivered intravenously. She was constantly having an upset tummy.

Now, she has two wonderful kids, River Rose and Remington. She had to go through a lot before giving birth to her two children. Kelly got plenty of emotional support from her hubby, Brandon Blackstock. Kelly didn't grow up with her dad around, so she's grateful that her hubby is always there for her and the kids.

15 Ciara Found It Tough To Recover From Pregnancy


Ciara was unlucky enough to be involved in a car accident during her second pregnancy. She was in her third trimester when she was in a minor auto accident. The whole situation was nerve-wracking for her. Fortunately, Ciara wasn't hurt and the unborn baby wasn't hurt.

So, what else happened during Ciara's pregnancies? Well, she struggled to love her changing figure. The problem is, she had to work hard to return to her pre-baby self. She had the normal self-critical thoughts after pregnancy. A lot of women struggle with this and exercise helps to get things back to normal.

14 Amy Schumer Still Has A Bun In The Oven


Amy's not a mom yet, but she's worth mentioning because her pregnancy hasn't exactly been a cakewalk.

In Amy's frank and hilarious way, she is sharing the experience of a tough pregnancy with other women. This is good because women need to know that it's ok to vent when they're pregnant and not feeling good. They shouldn't have to go through it alone.

Amy got hit with the pregnancy issue, Hyperemesis gravidarum, which brings very bad nausea, as well as other unpleasant symptoms. Amy had a hard time in trimester one and trimester two hasn't been easy, either. We hope she feels much better soon.

13 Mira Sorvino Found Pregnancy Grueling


When it was time for Mira Sorvino to prepare for a movie role in a thriller called, "Look Away", she used her own memories of her difficult pregnancy to get into character. She tapped into her pregnancy worries in order to make her performance darker.

Mira is a mother of four and her third pregnancy was very tough. She wasn't sure if she would get through it with her health intact and she also worried about the health of her unborn baby. She had pregnancy issues galore. Mira did get through it and now refers to her third child, Holden, as her miracle baby.

12 Melissa Joan Hart Is So Over Pregnancy


Melissa Joan Hart made a name for herself on Sabrina The Teen Witch. These days, there's a Sabrina reboot that stars Kiernan Shipka. Back in the day, it was all about Melissa's charming portrayal of the infamous teen witch.

Melissa is another Hollywood celeb who didn't really groove on being pregnant. Unlike her character, she couldn't use magic to make things better. Her three pregnancies were all healthy. It's just that she was incredibly uncomfortable during each of them. I think most women can relate. Nausea was especially bad during pregnancy three. Melissa is now 42, so her family may be complete.

11 Hilary Duff Didn't Love The Experience

Hilary was ecstatic when her baby girl, Banks Violet, was born in late October of this year. Banks is a little sister to Duff's son, Luca, who is now 6. Hilary's children have different fathers.

While Hilary was very excited about embarking on motherhood again, she had to deal with plenty of unpleasant pregnancy symptoms. By the third trimester, she was getting weary of the whole thing. She just wanted to meet her baby, rather than dealing with insomnia, trouble putting on her own shoes and frequent bathroom breaks.

Hilary has been photographed a lot by the paparazzi lately and it looks like she's getting her groove back after pregnancy.

10 Cardi B Had Weird Dreams


Cardi B is a brave woman who puts so much energy into building the life that she wants. She's risen up from poverty and attained amazing success. Now, she's focused on giving her daughter, Kulture, a great life that's filled with love and financial security.

During pregnancy, Cardi B had to deal with the same annoying pregnancy symptoms that the rest of us needed to put up with. She kept working for quite a while during pregnancy but eventually had to slow down because she found breathing harder while she was performing onstage.

It's pretty common for pregnant women to get short of breath. Cardi B also had strange dreams.

9 Jamie Pressley Got Moody While Expecting Twins

Carrying twins is a big deal, so it's no surprise that Jamie Pressley had her moody moments while expecting sons, Leo and Lenon. Her adorable twins boys were born in mid-October of 2017. Jamie had a son ten years before her twins were born, so Leo and Lenon have a big brother.

Jamie felt emotional during pregnancy, probably because carrying twins puts a lot of strain on the body and also triggers a lot of hormonal shifts. While she had her moods, she has no regrets. She says that her twins were conceived without IVF...they were definitely a big surprise!

8 JWoww Wasn't Into It

JWoww from Jersey Shore is now a mom. JWoww was actually pregnant at the same time that Jersey Shore cast-mate, Snooki, was.

JWoww loves being a mom but doesn't want to give birth for the third time. She currently has a son and a daughter. She says she's done with pregnancy but is open to the idea of adopting in the future.

JWoww had to take medication from her doctor during pregnancy number one to help with the severe nausea. She didn't take those meds during pregnancy two but felt very ill during her second pregnancy. She also had heartburn.

7 Jessica Simpson Has Had Some Problems

Jessica Simpson is loving motherhood, but not pregnancy. That's kind of a common theme in this list, isn't it?

It's kind of amazing and inspiring what women are willing to go through for the sake of having babies. They will go through a lot in order to fulfill their dreams of being mothers.

Jessica's worst pregnancy symptoms happened during her third pregnancy (which is still ongoing!): swollen feet and ankles. When I saw pics of her ankles, I felt bad for her. She was looking for tips on how to bring down the water retention. I hope she got excellent tips that really worked.

6 Kendra Wilkinson Had Trouble Walking


If Kendra Wilkinson decides to become a mother again, she may not carry the baby herself because she found pregnancy and postpartum so hard.

Kendra has two children and she's said that adoption will be her choice if she wants to expand her family. Kendra didn't like the changes to her body that happened while she was expecting. She prefers to be very fit and dressed in body-conscious clothes.

She also experienced postpartum depression after each pregnancy, just like Brooke Shields and Chrissy Teigen did. Kendra thinks that women should get professional help if they have postpartum depression symptoms because friends, family and partners don't know how to deal with it.

5 Kate Hudson Didn't Like The Pregnancy Changes


Kate Hudson clearly loves having babies. She just had a daughter, Rani Rose, and she also has two sons, Ryder and Bingham. All of the children have different fathers. While she loves having babies, she doesn't necessarily love being pregnant.

Kate had a lot of work commitments at the beginning of her third pregnancy and had to hide the fact that she was expecting from other people. She was exhausted and nauseated but needed to model fitness gear.

While Kate is wealthy, she has work contracts that she needs to fulfill. Working while newly pregnant can be very rough. Lots of women go through this.

4 Hayden Panettiere Had Her Tough Days


Hayden is very petite and the body changes that happened during her pregnancy took a toll on her. She found the changes pretty dramatic.

Hayden didn't have the easiest pregnancy and she had to deal with postpartum depression, too. Her daughter, Kaya, was born in 2014, and she had to seek out professional treatment for PPD (postpartum depression) afterwards. She's been open about her struggle, which so many other new moms have shared, including Adele.

Hayden was 27 when her daughter was born. Hayden loves being a mom to a daughter. She just had some hard times along the way.

3 Snooki Is Struggling During Pregnancy #3


In December of 2018, Snooki carried on her tradition of sharing a lot by letting her social media followers know about her morning sickness. She did so by posting a pic of herself near a toilet in her home.  She was hunched near the toilet, clearly feeling very sick. Snooki was pregnant with baby number three (she's having a boy) and she did not feel good.

Snooki is very excited about having another baby. She just wants the morning sickness to pass. People make jokes about morning sickness as though it's no big deal. For some women, it's a really big deal. It can be debilitating. Women deserve lots of compassion while they are dealing with morning sickness.

2 Beyoncé Needed Bed Rest While Expecting Sir and Rumi


Carrying twins is a lot to deal with. Some women who are carrying twins do need bed rest in order to keep their unborn babies growing for as long as possible before they are delivered. Bed rest may lower the risk of having preemies.

When Bey was pregnant with son and daughter, Sir and Rumi, she needed bed rest, by her doctor's orders. She was on bed rest for an entire month and her labour and delivery were no picnic, either. She had an emergency C-section. Before the twins were delivered, she was also dealing with toxemia, which made her quite swollen.

1 Leah Remini Felt Uncomfortable


Leah was uncomfortable during pregnancy, but she was able to handle the body changes. What she didn't like the way that people commented on her figure after she gave birth. She wasn't one of those actresses who looked exactly the same as she did before she was pregnant after she had a baby. She needed a lot of time to get back to normal.

She didn't appreciate the way that people scrutinized her after she had a baby. Fair enough. Hollywood can be a shallow place. It's often way too superficial. Women need time to recover from what their bodies have been through. They don't need judgment.

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