20 Celeb Mommy Moments We're Obsessed With

Humor is one of the best ways of handling parenting. Without it, all moms would have probably all lost it by now! It's nice for moms to commiserate and know that their kids aren't the only ones who refuse to wear pants, eat anything not shaped like a dinosaur, or nap longer than ten minutes. It's especially relieving to know that the rich and famous are not exempt from toddler tantrums and diaper explosions.

Although their houses may be bigger and fancier, celeb moms still find the same messes that we have because it's just part of parenting. It's refreshing when celebrity moms are honest about themselves and their kids, which is probably why we all love Chrissy Teigen so much! We are all fighting the same fight when it comes to being good parents and wanting to raise our kids to be contributing members of society one day.

In many ways, celeb moms are just like regular moms. They probably have crumbs between the seats of their mini vans too, but they also might have a bigger spending budget at Target. We all love when they share their funny anecdotes about their kids and parenting trials and tribulations. It gives us some common ground with people that we follow and often times admire. It certainly makes celebrities more relatable when we have something in common.

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20 Christina Applegate Was Surprised To Find This Rubber Chicken In Her Bed

Via: PBS

Back in June of 2016, Married With Children actress and mom, Christina Applegate, tweeted that "You know you're a parent when you walk in your room and find a rubber chicken in your bed #BadMoms." The image above was posted to Twitter, and moms everywhere could relate. Her kids had put a rubber chicken in her bed as a prank.

It's a classic.

It probably won't be the last prank that her kids play on her, and some would bet that there are worse things her children could have hid in her bed, like fake snakes or play poop! Welcome to motherhood where nothing is safe anymore!

19 Chrissy Teigen's Daughter Kept Us Entertained

Chrissy Teigen keeps it real with motherhood on social media all the time. We can always count on her for a good laugh. This summer she shared a video to Instagram of her daughter, Luna, on vacation.

According to Teigen's caption, Luna refers to the animals as "mama" or "dada" based on how masculine or feminine they look.

Isn't the mind of a toddler so sweet and simple? If only we all thought that way.

We can hope that Teigen's toddler gets her mother's sense of humor and her sarcasm because Chrissy sure knows how to keep it real and keep us entertained when it comes to her social media posts.

18 Carrie Underwood Admitted She Lives Off Of Her Kid's Leftovers

Via: Huffington Posr

Ever wish we could have Carrie Underwood's diet? Apparently many of us probably already do.

According to The Huffington Post, Carrie Underwood tweeted, "It just occurred to me that the majority of my diet is made up of the foods that my kid didn't finish..."

Honestly, we can all relate to that. It's good to know that everyone can easily have the same diet as this star. No mom is immune to those leftover goldfish, macaroni, and cheese, or fruit snack bites.

We can all laugh at this. It's the refreshing honesty that we need because we all do it whether we care to admit it or not. Why waste it, right? 

Sure, Pepperidge Farms isn't exactly on our healthy eating plan for ourselves, but it's okay, Mama! A few bites never hurt anybody. Plus it's basically a diet for the stars so that means it has to be good for our figures!

17 Catherine Giudici Lowe Compared Her Son To A Frat Guy

Via: Instagram

Catherine Giudici Lowe who won The Bachelor and married Sean Lowe has been keeping us entertained ever since. Both she and Sean have been a great comedic relief when it comes to parenting as they share their take on life with a toddler and a new baby boy.

Catherine posted a sweet picture of their oldest son, Samuel, to her Instagram comparing the toddler to a frat guy. "Samuel barfed at dinner, went home [without his clothes] and has no clue how he got that way. Like a frat guy. My kid is a frat guy," she wrote.

We've all been there, haven't we? The mess is smelly and kind of embarrassing, but it is part or parenthood. Are we even parents if our kids haven't publicly puked somewhere? Laughing it off like the Lowes do is the perfect way to tackle the gross and the messy parts of parenthood that we have to deal with.

16 Kristen Bell Had To Pump While Getting Ready For An Awards Show

Via: Kristen Bell Twitter

Pumping is a necessary evil when it comes to breastfeeding and motherhood. No one is immune, including stars like Kristen Bell, who had to pump while getting ready for the CMAs. This picture was listed in "13 Funniest Celeb Mom Moments Ever Captured On Social Media."

It's no surprise that this makes the list because we've all had that dreaded relationship with a breast pump. Many of us (and our spouses) probably still hear the noise of it in our sleep.

Kristen Bell is another mom who has to pump, no matter how glamorous her events are. We do what we have to do to feed our babies because that's just how it works. Hopefully, the award show drowned out the noises the pump makes.

15 Jenna Dewan's Daughter Wouldn't Let Go Of Her While She Rehearsed For A Dance

Via: Daily Mail

Jenna Dewan definitely had her work cut out for her when she was trying to rehearse a dance with her young daughter hanging onto her. The four year old at the time clung to her mother's waist according to ET Online. That sure added a little challenge to her mom's routine and rehearsal.

Every mom has been in Dewan's shoes though, well not exactly, but we've all had our little ones refuse to be anywhere but touching us. It's cute, but it can really get tricky and frustrating some days too. It's nice to know that we aren't the only parents whose children become literal cling ons at times.

14 Britney Spears Got Pranked By Her Sons

Via: PopSugar

Even the stars aren't immune to a good old-fashioned pranking! Britney Spears, who has 2 sons, certainly proved this to be true. Her sons captured a video of themselves scaring their superstar mom when they crept up the stairs.

ETOnline.com shared the video that Spears posted to her Instagram along with a caption alluding us to believe that there was payback from the boys' mom.

Kids love to scare their moms. We've all been on both sides of the prank war. Boys are notorious for it which means boy moms, like Spears, are constantly on guard for the next attack. No matter how prepared we are, the boys usually get us.

13 Reese Witherspoon says "lit" to embarrass her kids


Reese Witherspoon isn't a regular; she's a cool mom, just not according to her kids.

The Big Little Lies actress might be pretty cool to us, but her kids do not find her cool when she tries to use slang like "lit" according to ET Online. Witherspoon would even go as far as to say that her kids would find it embarrassing. Ouch. Just because it would be super cool to have Reese Witherspoon as a mom does not mean her kids agree.

She can be just as embarrassing as the rest of us. It's nice to know that no matter how hip, trendy, or youthful we think we are, we will always be rather uncool when it comes to our children.

12 Jenna Dewan's Daughter Catches Her In The Best Moments

Via: Instagram

Parenting is exhausting, but at least Everly Tatum could keep her mom's Instagram feed looking adorable and realistic at the same time. Clearly the tot know her mother's tastes.

Jenna Dewan shared Everly's picture and credited both her photography and "set design" and she captured the photograph on Instagram.

At just five years old, it is clear Everly, or "Evie," as Dewan refers to her in her Instagram post, has a bright future for both photography and possibly embarrassing her mother.

Don't worry, Jen, we've all fallen asleep in some odd places because any mom knows we take our sleep when we can get it.

It's so refreshing for us to see Dewan in her mom role honestly. Not everyone wants to share that with the world. Dewan recently set many of us straight showing the Instagram vs. Reality version of parenting online as shared by US Weekly. 

11 Jenner Fischer Showed Her Followers The Rotten Bananas Her Kids Leave Behind

Via: Romper

Jenna Fischer, better known as Pam on The Office, shared one of the grosser parts of parenthood.

Yes, we're talking about that half-eaten food that gets lost in the shuffle in our homes, vehicles, and lives because well kids are gross sometimes, a lot of times. According to Romper.com, Fischer shared the picture on Instagram.

The actress's children just left a half eaten banana on the couch and likely scampered off to do something else. At least they ate part of their fruit right? 

Moms everywhere related to Fischer's post because we've all been there, in the trenches of parenthood, picking animal cracker limbs, apple skins, and half eaten food out of our couches, car seats, and any other spot our child finds.

10 Melissa Joan Hart Had To Fix Her Kid's Toy To Stop A Tantrum

Via: Romper

Melissa Joan Hart can add another thing to her resume behind teenage witch and that would be toy surgeon. According to Romper, the mom is a woman of many talents. Hart shared this photo to Instagram of herself putting Woody back together again because that's what moms do. We fix things.

It's almost like Toy Story all over again when Woody had to have his arm sewn back on in the movie. This time it looks like someone did a little more damage. Doctor Mom is probably trying to prevent or stop some very big crocodile tears from rolling because in a kid's world the sky is falling.

We all know it. Many of us have been there. Here's to adding sewing skills to Hart's job description.

9 January Jones' Son Threw His Legos In An Interesting Place

Via: Romper

There is just something kids love about toilets – that is, unless we are asking them to actually use them for the purpose they are intended for. That's a whole different ball game.

For some reason, the concept of what will or won't flush down the toilet is just fascinating to our kids. January Jones' son is no different. According to Romper, Jones posted the picture along with the caption, "I'm trying to eat healthy." It appears Jones' son, Xander, likes to keep his mom's life interesting.

We all know what happens when our kids are too quiet or we blink. It's a good thing that water is clear!

8 Snooki Showed Her Fans The Truth Of Mommy Life

Via: Romper

We all know Nicole "Snooki" LaVelle from the reality show, Jersey Shore, could party back in the day. Her kids apparently got her passion for fun and trouble as the pair toilet papered their own bathroom.

Romper reposted Snooki's Instagram picture of the bathroom fiasco. For some reason, it seems like the bathroom is every kid's favorite room.

Toilet paper is such a fun thing to young kids who use it to wipe boogers, make mummies, and build forts. Our bathrooms look like this more often than they don't, if we're being truthful. Kids are messy and creative. Toilet paper is one of their staple items for such projects and messes.

7 Sherri DuPree Bemis's daughter fell asleep in Target

Via: Romper

Sherri DuPree Bemis's young daughter fell asleep while shopping in Target. DuPree shared the picture on Instagram. According to Romper, her feed is full of adorable pictures about her kids and motherhood.

This one has got to be one of the best because it has mom's two favorite things: Target and a sleeping kiddo!

We've all been there, even as adults probably. That is what Target is meant for.

The singer songwriter is now a mother of three. She keeps us laughing with her real take on motherhood and adorable pictures of her kiddos. We can't blame her daughter for literally shopping until she dropped.

6 Kristen Bell Plays With Her Daughter's Toys

Via: Shoppers Shop

There are many reasons we love Kristen Bell. The fact that she plays with her daughter's dolls and has them have some adult time is certainly part of why. It's hilarious.

According to Romper.com, the Bad Moms actress had the toys be two characters from Game of Thrones, which is a fan favorite. She snapped a few pictures of an Anna toy and a Tyrion toy in several adult positions, namely of the two of them kissing.

Before mommy critics freak out, no she probably didn't use this as a time to teach her daughter the birds and bees. But we have all done this with our kids' toys when they weren't paying attention. It's funny! Though Kristen Bell may be the voice of Elsa, she is just like the rest of us in many ways.

5 Molly Sims Has To Fight To Keep Her Kids Fully Clothed

Via: YouTube

Molly Sims told People Magazine that as a kid she loved to be free of her clothes. Now her daughter is getting her back for it. Sims' daughter even answered the door in a compromising state. Though her mother was probably a little red-faced about it, we're sure she laughed about it because we all did.

It is no simple task keeping toddlers dressed all of the time.

Moms everywhere can relate. It's a rather popular battle for us to have to fight our toddler to leave the house with pants still on. We struggle to keep them clothed as we grocery shop or go out to eat. It's even harder to expect that they'll be dressed if we're at home at someone stops over.

4 Chrissy Teigen Had To Pretend That She Has Twins

Via: Yahoo Movies Canada

Chrissy Teigen posted an adorable photo to Instagram about her "twins" which was actually her son Miles and her daughter Luna's doll. Teigen was breastfeeding both of them at Luna's request, according to People. Luna just wanted to be included we're guessing in what mommy was doing with her baby brother.

Teigen has kept it real with us from the beginning. She's been super open about her breastfeeding journey and we are all loving it! Honestly, many of us have breastfeed a doll or teddy bear at a big sibling's request because it helps with the jealousy. It helps big sister get involved and there's no better reason than that!

3 Kelly Clarkson's Daughter Learned An Adult Phrase From Harry Potter

Via: People Magazine

Kids are like sponges and they absorb everything, including things we don't want them to. Kelly Clarkson's daughter, who was 4 years old at the time, is a prime example of that. According to People, the preschooler used some strong language with her mom.

Apparently she learned the phrase from Harry Potter. There are definitely worse ways she could've learned that word, like from a parent with road rage.

And it's not exactly like Clarkson could tell her daughter to stop reading. Though according to People, she did threaten to take the books away if she said it again. We're all guilty of dropping a few choice words when we get cut off or step on a lego. Though we often don't realize at the time, those little ears pick it up and repeat it an such inopportune times. Our little toddlers sometimes spout off a potty mouth, but we aren't the first or last parent to have this problem.

2 Kim Kardashian's Daughter Was Jealous When She Breastfed Her Son

Via: W Magazine

Kim Kardashian West, who is now the mother of three, shared with Ellen according to People that her eldest daughter had a sibling rivalry with her son that began early on.

West recalled a time where her daughter was jealous that her son was nursing so she would have to put a milk cup in her shirt for her daughter to drink at the same time, just like her brother. That sounds pretty familiar to most of us.

It can take kids a while to adjust to a new baby. When we breastfeed, it can seem even more cut throat for the older sibling fighting for mom's attention. Baby takes a lot of attention and focus.

We've all adapted our nursing routine to try and include an older sibling whether we try to feed both kids, read, or end up feeding a doll. It's just part of motherhood.

1 Jana Kramer's Daughter Drank From Her Dog's Water Bowl

Via: Taste of Country

Okay, honestly, as kids, many of us shared some water with our beloved family dog. Our kids probably did the same thing. Jana Kramer's tot, Jolie, is no exception according to People.

The two-year-old was helping to build a dog house for the family pets. All the work made her thirsty so she grabbed a quick, refreshing drink from the dog's water bowl.

Though some may take this as gross, kids do it all the time. It was nice to hear Jana joke with her daughter about it, even teasing she'd show her future boyfriends one day. They will have probably done the same thing.

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