20 Celeb Moms That Are Always Ready For The Paparazzi

While most average moms hit the grocery store or the school drop off line in their leggings-as-pants or their hair in a messy up-do, it seems like celebrity moms are both super pampered and super prepared for anything. Even with camera flashes going off every five minutes as they try to do normal things like go grocery shopping or take their kids to school, celeb moms have likely become accustomed to having paparazzi in their faces all the time.

But that doesn’t mean they resort to ratty robes and slippers when stepping out for their newspaper or wearing sweats to grab a coffee. We still love our celebrity moms who err on the side of realism, but it’s impressive when perfectly coiffed celebrities are in public wrangling their similarly perfect-looking children into the car or departing from the airport with jetlag and a pile of luggage.

We can’t all be famous and photogenic, but these 20 celeb moms have got it down to a science, and there’s no denying that they’re always camera-ready when the paparazzi turn up. Even if they’re just doing mundane things like playing with their kids or grabbing a caffeinated pick-me-up, these moms arrive prepared for flashing lights and eternally preserved moments.

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20 Angelina Tops Most Watched List


One magazine called her the “most watched woman in the world,” and if paparazzi pics are any indication, Angelina Jolie is one popular lady. From the time that she and Brad Pitt started working together on the movie that changed their lives (Mr. and Mrs. Smith), Angelina Jolie was propelled into the spotlight.

In a Vanity Fair article that chronicled her split from Brad in late 2016 and described Jolie’s almost ethereal appearance in front of cameras, Jolie sounds like a normal gal. She chats with her kids, cleans up messes, spills things, and is humble about her humanitarian work. But every time we see her on the street, she looks fabulous, whether she has the kids in tow or not. Mega fame plus mega chic results in the perfect paparazzi snap every time.

19 A Classy Demi With Timeless Looks


When Demi Moore began dating Ashton Kutcher back in 2003, critics tittered about their age difference, which is a significant 15 years. But looking at the pair during public appearances, Demi has always looked younger than her years. Now that her daughters are grown, the family resemblance is even more clear, as Demi still maintains her youthful looks.

She always looks polished when she appears in front of the cameras, and we’ve never known Demi to have an embarrassing paparazzi snap circulating. Despite rumors about her split from ex-husband Ashton, Demi never publicly trashed him, another classy move from this always classy lady. But that’s not surprising to longtime fans who have watched her interact and co-parent with ex-husband Bruce Willis, who even attended her wedding to Kutcher in 2005.

18 Keeping Up Queenly Bey Appearances


Now that she’s had twins Rumi and Sir, the photogs are focusing more on the babies than on Bey, but that doesn’t mean she’s been caught looking frumpy in public. From her debut photo of the twins when they were one month old, Beyonce has continued to look fabulous in the public eye. As a mom of three, it would be understandable if she looked haggard and a little worse for wear, but that’s not the case.

From her chic outfits to her flowing locks, Beyonce looks stylish every time she steps out, the only exception being those sneaky paparazzi shots of the twins while the family was trying to enjoy some alone time. Even then, those blurry pics caught Beyonce with her hair done and a smile on her face.

17 Model Mama Teigan Makes Waves


This fierce mama is a model, after all, so it’s not surprising that Chrissy’s always ready for a close-up. She’s often captured striking a pose with or without hubby John Legend, and we’ve never seen her look ruffled out in public. Even carting around baby Luna or pregnant with the couple’s second baby, Chrissy is always glowing.

Her style looks effortless, and that might be because she’s a natural beauty even without makeup and designer duds. Then again, she’s been in Sports Illustrated and a Maxim calendar, so she’s obviously gorgeous in just a bikini, too. The best thing about Chrissy, however, is her upbeat attitude and the fact that she doesn’t take flak from anyone. Her personality is what makes us love her most, but it doesn’t hurt that she’s easy on the eyes.

16 Royalty On The Runway


Technically, it’s part of her job to appear ladylike and posh in public, but Duchess Kate always impresses the public and the paparazzi with her style. She’s moved away from the stiff and boring looks of royal generations past in favor of colorful dresses and a flowing mane of hair that’s not often tamed.

Even following the birth of the royal couple’s two eldest children, and bouts of severe morning sickness that hospitalized her, Kate has always appeared serene and photogenic in the public eye. It’s also worth noting that not only is she always camera-ready, but the little prince and princess look way cleaner than most average people’s children, too. Though they may have a team of nannies behind the scenes to manage the children, Kate somehow keeps them clean and reasonably well-behaved while sporting her flawless style.

15 Musical Aguilera Maintains Style


Although her image has changed numerous times over the course of her career, Christina Aguilera always has an iconic look no matter the decade. She started out with straight-ironed hair and pop lyrics, then morphed into a sultry singer with piercings and revealing outfits. Her current look tends to favor bleached blond hair worn in a Marilyn Monroe style, and her bright red lips match nearly every outfit.

It’s difficult to find a photo of Christina Aguilera without makeup on or wearing an amazing outfit- even her daughter’s birthday party saw her donning a grownup-looking Mario costume to match the video game theme of the event. It’s hard to even track down photo evidence of Christina’s natural hair color, she’s that fastidious about her appearance. Although she’s had critics attack her because of weight fluctuations, her look is always on point when she’s out in public.

14 Funky Stefani Style From A Funky Designer


Everything about Gwen Stefani is a little unconventional, from her singing style to her fashion line to the naming of her kids (Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo, in case you were wondering), but that just means she’s always ready to strike a pose for the paparazzo. Back when No Doubt emerged on the music scene, Gwen was an offbeat fashion icon, but that later influenced her clothing line, L.A.M.B. With Japanese, Guatemalan, and Jamaican styles, the line was just up Gwen’s alley.

She’s often photographed wearing pieces from her own line, plus items from another line called Harajuku Lovers after her band. Now that she’s a mom, that doesn’t keep Gwen from continuing to rock her style (plus, have you seen her boys?). Her red-soled high heels and sleek shades are photographic evidence.

13 Photogenic Klum Is A Fashion Icon


Another model mama who’s comfortable in front of cameras, Heidi Klum is also no stranger to having the paparazzi all up in her business. When she split from ex-husband Seal, Heidi was photographed with the family’s bodyguard, whom she later admitted she was dating. Even in surreptitiously snapped photos of Heidi and her kids or Heidi and her man, she always looks like a perfect 10.

She’s been in French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish Vogue, plus Elle, InStyle, Marie Claire, Glamour, and Harper’s Bazaar, but she’s also been an angel with Victoria’s Secret and posed for Sports Illustrated. Suffice it to say, Heidi knows her way around the camera, and she knows that there’s almost always one trained on her whenever she’s out and about, with or without her gaggle of kiddos.

12 Ivanka Is Businesswoman Chic In Public


Ivanka Trump knows her stuff when it comes to fashion and dealing with the media. Although her official title, for the time being, is “Senior Advisor to the President,” Ivanka has dabbled in fine jewelry sales, created a fashion line with clothes, handbags, shoes, and accessories, and modeled briefly.

Mimicking her upbringing, which included boarding school and a family business worth millions, Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, are reportedly “worth” over 740 million dollars. But that doesn’t stop the photogenic Ivanka from wearing a reasonably priced dress from one of Target’s everywoman lines, which the media and the general public all praised. Whether she chose the understated frock to match her own style or wore it to earn the average working woman’s vote, the fact remains that her look is always on point.

11 Leading Lady Jada Looks Glamorous


She’s way more than just Will Smith’s wife, but Jada Pinkett Smith often flies under the radar. She’s never been photographed in a compromising situation by the paparazzi. In fact, she’s always looking flawless no matter where she and her hubby or kids are headed. And it’s not really surprising- Jada is a poised and classy mom of three who acts, dances, sings, writes songs, performs charity work, and runs business ventures.

She’s an amazing role model for her and Will’s daughter Willow, but she’s also an incredibly poised and photogenic red carpet diva when the occasion calls for it. Her passion for performing probably has something to with her willingness to pose for paparazzi photos, but then again, Jada has nothing to hide since she’s always looking fresh and glamorous.

10 Famous Fashionista JLo Flaunts Figure


Longtime fashion icon and Jennifer Lopez is used to being in the public eye, with recent reports tracking her style choices on a date with current beau Alex Rodriguez. She started her career as a backup dancer for New Kids on the Block, but it took a few years before her role as Selena rocketed her into the spotlight. She’s a mom of two now, twins Max and Emme, whose dad is ex-husband Marc Anthony.

The fact that J. Lo is worth millions means she’s always dressed to the nines, and she’s said to have influenced celebrities like Kelly Rowland, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Plus, she started a fashion line back in 2001 that focused on curvier women like herself. It doesn’t hurt that J. Lo stays glam even when she’s bikini-clad on the beach.

9 From Daisy Dukes To Designer Duds Simpson


She launched her own fashion line back in 2005, and her daisy dukes were quite memorable in Dukes of Hazzard, but since becoming a mom, Jessica Simpson has toned down her style quite a bit. That doesn’t mean she goes out in public in yoga pants and a messy bun though- this mom is always red-carpet ready.

Though she was married to Nick Lachey back when they starred on their own reality show on MTV, Jessica has maintained her spot in the spotlight since then. After a few lukewarm movies and less than stellar albums, her fashion line remains the most successful part of Jessica’s business model. That explains why she’s always looking glam when the paparazzi catch a glimpse, whether she’s strolling to the park with Maxwell and Ace or posing for a magazine shoot.

8 Harried Mom Plus Pre-Camera Prep For Kate


In early photos of her pregnant with her not-so-little sextuplets, Kate Gosselin barely resembles the mogul mom she is today. Back then, she was a registered nurse and mom of young twins (Mady and Cara), but getting pregnant with the sextuplets (Collin, Joel, Aaden, Alexis, Hannah, and Leah) propelled her into the spotlight.

While most of her and now ex-husband Jon’s early years with the sextuplets were filmed for their show on TLC, paparazzi still swarmed Kate wherever she went. Following her high-profile divorce and possible cheating scandal with now-ex Jon, critics were eager to slam Kate for her parenting and career choices, along with her trademark hairstyle. TLC even followed her plastic surgery journey, where she had tissue removed from the baby belly the sextuplets left behind. Regardless, Kate’s always camera-ready, even if she’s hiding behind oversized sunglasses.

7 Fabulous In Fabletics Hudson


While most moms are hesitant to call their yoga pants fashion, Kate Hudson has a different take. Her line, Fabletics, includes leggings and other activewear for busy moms. But Kate’s style isn’t exactly gym-chic- her clothing is fun and sporty but lends itself to casual paparazzi posing, too. She buzzed off her hair into a super shortcut for a movie role, mimicking her son Ryder’s close-cropped style. But growing it out doesn’t seem to be a fashion challenge for this mom-of-two either.

Kate’s looking as glam as ever on the red carpet and elsewhere as she works on getting her strands back to their pre-movie length. Fortunately, the super short look is easier to style, except, she explained on the Ellen show when pieces stick up and she has to tame them down with a product.

6 Fashionable Kardashians


Her original career was as a stylist to Paris Hilton, but today, Kim Kardashian leads the way with the shoe website ShoeDazzle and her own fragrance line. Along with sisters Kourtney and Khloe, she also has clothing boutiques, designed a line for Bebe, and endorses other products that help her keep up her appearance.

Although she attracted negative media attention during two of her three pregnancies (the third baby was born via surrogate), Kim keeps photographers on their toes with her ever-changing style choices and constantly photogenic appearance. She wears both clothing from her line, Kardashian Kollection (sometimes upwards of half a dozen outfits per day), and her husband’s clothing line- Yeezy. Beyond clothing, Kim also endorses and helps create fragrances and cosmetics, meaning her close-ups are just as stunning as paparazzi snaps.

5 Keeping Up With Kris


While the media tends to speculate that Kris Jenner is more concerned with the spotlight than her family’s privacy, the fact remains that this matriarch knows how to keep the camera trained on her (and her daughters). She’s a mom of six, including one son, and all her daughters are involved in the fashion industry in some way. But being a TV mom isn’t Kris’ only smart career move- she also heads Jenner Communications, a production company in Los Angeles.

It’s no surprise that Kris is always camera ready, given that she manages the entire family’s public appearances and has written a book about her family. She even documented her facelift procedure on Keeping Up with the Kardashians right before daughter Kim’s wedding. With the entire family in the spotlight at all times, she’s focused on looking her best.

4 80s Icon Madonna Meets Modern Style


Although her fashion choices have often proven debatable, Madonna maintains an iconic presence no matter where she goes. She was a trendsetter in the 1980s, wearing lace tops, skirts over pants, fishnet stockings, and bleaching her hair. She and daughter Lourdes co-designed the Material Girl clothing line, named after one of her most famous songs, of course.

There was also a brand which featured shoes, accessories, and underwear, but it’s safe to say Madonna doesn’t just slip on a t-shirt and sneakers when she goes out. From her famous cone bra (which sold for over 50 thousand dollars years ago) to low-key jeans and flats while out with her kids, Madonna wouldn’t dare be caught looking frumpy. Suffice it to say, this mom of six is aging rather gracefully and with style.

3 First Lady Obama Flies Under The Radar


Although the media didn’t seem to like the sleeveless top she once donned, Michelle Obama embodies class and has a modern fashion sense. Even when vacationing, she keeps things classy in a white bikini top and shorts, plus a sheer coverup. And that one time she was photographed shopping in Target, Michelle had on a Nike baseball cap and sunglasses, her hair all pulled up, and still looked better than the rest of us harried moms desperate for our household essentials and our Starbucks.

She’s never had a nip slip or any other fashion faux pas, and she’s often worn dresses that us average ladies can afford, too. Obviously, Michelle understands that paparazzi are potentially everywhere, and there’s no sense in trying to avoid them- it’s simply better to dress well and be prepared.

2 Fashion Forward Activist Salma Hayek


She’s in her 50’s now, but you wouldn’t know it based on Salma Hayek’s appearance. Even when she’s keeping it casual in jeans and boots when out with her daughter, Valentina, Salma never seems to shy away from the cameras. She’s a fan of flowy dresses and heels, judging by paparazzi snaps on the web, but we’ve also seen her wearing comfortable jeans and flats.

The truth is, as photogenic as Salma may be, she’s more focused on her family and her humanitarian work. She’s donated money to organizations that help battered women and is a member of organizations that support moms and children. She’s also a breastfeeding advocate, and on a trip to Sierra Leone, breastfed a baby whose own mom wasn’t making enough milk. Then again, it doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous even without hair and makeup on-set.

1 Posh Model Mum Storms US


Victoria Beckham began her career in the UK, where she became famous as part of the Spice Girls group. Nicknamed Posh Spice, she went on to release a few songs on her own after the Spice Girls disbanded. If being married to David Beckham, soccer superstar wasn’t enough to put the spotlight on this posh mom, she also started her own fashion brand called Victoria Beckham.

She’s worked with Dolce and Gabbana, Rocawear, Roberto Cavalli, and Marc Jacobs, to name a few high-profile collaborators, and she’s always perfectly attired when spotted in public. From best-selling albums with the Spice Girls to mom of four in the US, along with five documentaries on the topic of her family’s lives, Posh is used to being in the public eye, meaning she’s always ready to face the paparazzi.

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