20 Celeb Moms Who Preferred To Work After Having Kids

Women shouldn't have to give up their careers because they become mothers. While some moms may dream of giving up work, because they want to be with their children every single minute, others may feel unfulfilled when they can't go to the office or to other types of workplaces. Strong and empowered women have so much to give to their children, whether they stay at home and parent, work part-time or work full-time.

There's no perfect recipe for being a great mother. There are lots of ways to balance work and motherhood. The celebs on today's list chose to work hard after having kids when they could easily have become stay-at-home moms.

Moms get judged sometimes for their choices. Judging other moms for working or not working is unfair because both types of women can be amazing moms. Moms like Serena Williams, who inspire the world with their achievements, will also inspire their children.

With this in mind, let's celebrate these hard-working celeb moms, who want to have it all. Many of these famous moms will acknowledge that having it all isn't always easy, or even possible, but they do try.

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20 Victoria Beckham Is Building A Fashion Brand


While Victoria Beckham's eponymous fashion brand (it's called, Victoria Beckham) isn't currently profitable, the business is still very much alive. Victoria is so into fashion and she creates elegant designs that do get respect in high-fashion circles. Fashion is a tough business and many amazing designers have found it hard to stay afloat financially. Isaac Mizrahi is one example.

Victoria has a young daughter, Harper, as well as three sons. She's a loving mother who's always been there for her kids, but she wants something for herself, too. This is what drives her to achieve in fashion. Moms should always pursue their dreams, as long as they can give their kids enough love and attention.

19 Sarah Michelle Gellar Takes Jobs Close To The Family Home


To keep working while still being present as a Mom, former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star, Sarah Michelle Gellar, chooses to take jobs that are close to home. This mother also makes a point of not sweating the small stuff. She's learned to roll with the punches when it comes to motherhood and balancing work and her home life.

Her two kids cause her stress sometimes. For example, her son once scribbled on the white kitchen cabinets with blue marker, but the marker was washable, so she cleaned it up and moved on. With a busy career and a couple of children, she's learned to pick her battles.

18 Serena Williams Is Making A Tennis Comeback


Serena Williams experiences plenty of guilt when it comes to leaving her adorable baby daughter, Alexis Olympia, to go and train and to participate in elite tennis matches. She does it, anyway, even though it's not easy. Why? Well, probably because she's the GOAT. My son thinks she's the GOAT and I'm inclined to agree.

Watching Serena's comeback has been inspiring. She had so many health issues after labor and she battled through every one of them like a true champion. Alexis Olympia has a mother who loves her and spends time with her every day. She also has a mother who inspires millions of people all over the world.

17 Hoda Kotb Is Career-Oriented


Hoda Kotb is a career woman and that's something to be proud of. She gets a sense of identity and fulfillment from her work, as well as cold, hard cash that she can use to give her little daughter a comfortable and secure home life.

Hoda was raised by a mom who worked, so she grew up with a strong mother who balanced work and motherhood. Now, she does the same.

As co-anchor of The Today Show, she bears a lot of responsibility and she's so good at her job. She's also devoted to her daughter, Haley Joy, who is surely going to grow up respecting her successful and famous mother.

16 Gwen Stefani Loves To Achieve


Gwen Stefani always makes success and motherhood look so easy, but we all know that working while parenting kids is very hard work. Yes, Gwen has millions of bucks, a glam squad and the opportunity to get a break from parenting whenever she needs it, but she is very involved with her three boys. She's always photographed doing typical mom stuff with them.

Usually, she's dressed in high glam clothes, with high-contrast makeup, while she takes her kids to the park, or church, or the beach. Gwen's divorce caused her immense pain and she poured that pain into her music. She used music and spirituality to get through everything.

15 Cardi B Wants To Keep Her Fans Happy


Cardi B adores Kulture and wants to give her financial security. To make money, Cardi B needs to keep her fans happy. Of course, Cardi B also gets pleasure from her work. She's a global hip-hop sensation that so many fans adore. They love her realness.

Cardi B had gone through her hard times. Her marriage to Offset was troubled, she decided to leave, and now she's seeing Offset again. No matter what happens with her baby daddy, she always has her successful music career and her baby daughter. She is a survivor who started out poor and is building an empire.

14 Kristin Cavallari Is Busy Writing And Doing Reality TV


There are some pretty strong women on today's list and one of them is Kristin Cavallari. Kristin started out on reality TV. She married Jay Cutler (a former pro football player), had kids, and now she's back on reality TV. She's a matriarch now and her show, Very Cavallari, shows her balancing work, marriage, and motherhood in her own inimitable style. In other words, she looks good doing it.

Kristin is a mother of three kids, who are named Jaxon, Camden, and Saylor. She's also a busy entrepreneur. She's an author and a business owner. She's come such a long way from Laguna Beach.

13 Mila Kunis Is Still Into Acting


Mila is heavily involved with parenthood. She's up in the morning with her two kids (a son and a daughter). Sometimes, Ashton sleeps in while Mila gets breakfast for the children. However, Mila hasn't thrown in the towel when it comes to her career. Her Imdb.com page shows projects for every single year for years now, including Family Guy and The Spy Who Dumped Me.

Mila does put parenthood first. She's very committed to raising kids who aren't entitled. That's why her kids don't get Christmas presents from mom and dad. She works when she wants to, but ends up working a lot.

12 Jessica Alba Is A Business Tycoon


Jessica Alba is the owner of The Honest Company, which is hugely successful. Like Kylie Jenner, she's built a business that is awe-inspiring in terms of its reach and profits. Jessica also acts. She balances all of this with being a loving mom to her three kids. Jessica seems to age in reverse despite her busy schedule. She's as stunning now as she was back on Dark Angel when her acting career was just getting started.

By running her own company and maintaining her star power in Hollywood, she's showing her kids all that a driven and talented woman can accomplish.

11 Blake Lively's Films Are Very Successful


Blake Lively has two daughters who are are blond, just like their famous mom. Her kids are named James and Inez. Her hubby is (of course) Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds. Blake will always be an icon thanks to Gossip Girl. She's someone with scads of social media followers and plenty of box office power. Her movie, The Shallows, where she tested her mettle against a giant shark, was a big success at the box office.

Since Blake generates big money for film studios, her acting services are in demand. She takes the projects that she loves, but still spends a lot of time with her daughters.

10 Gwyneth Paltrow Wears Many Hats


What can I say about Gwyneth that you don't already know? She's got the GOOP business empire going, she appears in hugely successful films (Iron Man, etc.) and she's newly-married to a very successful writer/producer, Brad Falchuk. She stays stylish and fit, despite a busy schedule. Being so rich probably helps a lot.

Gwyneth's two kids are growing up fast and she makes them a priority, but also carves out plenty of time for career and socializing. Paltrow is all about balance - she's a Libra who is always balancing the scales. Gwyn makes it look easy, but it's not. It's hard work keeping all of those plates spinning every day.

9 Emily Blunt's Career Couldn't Be Better


Mary Poppins Returns is getting rave reviews, in part because of the acting brilliance and charisma of Emily Blunt. Emily worked while pregnant - she filmed The Girl on the Train while expecting - and she's still working now, as a mother. She gets offered A-list projects. It would be hard for any actress to turn down those plum roles.

Since her hubby, John Krasinski, is also busy and successful, these two must work hard to juggle everything. Emily and John have two daughters named Hazel and Violet. Emily is now 35 and she's a believer in seeing things through, such as work commitments and marriage.

8 Beyoncé Works Hard To Stay On Top


Bey is a powerhouse in the entertainment world. She's awesomely talented, with glamour to spare, and her marriage to Jay-Z means that she's part of a power couple. While Beyoncé is always achieving in her career, she's in love with motherhood, too. She has three kids and adores them. She was spotted (all dressed up, of course) carrying Blue Ivy's juice box at an awards ceremony. That's work-parenting balance in action.

Beyoncé is a Virgo and she's an extremely hard worker, as so many Virgos are. She's into perfection. She has reached a level of success that few people enjoy. Who could give that up?

7 Jenna Fischer Is Filming A New TV Show


Jenna Fischer is someone that most people think of as "Pam from The Office". In real life, she's a mother and a working actress. Jenna gave birth to a son, Weston, in 2011 and had a daughter, Harper, in 2014. She was expecting Weston during the eighth season of The Office. The writers wrote her pregnancy into the storyline.

Soon enough, she'll be starring in a new TV series called National Parker. The series has been officially announced. TV shows require a lot of sacrifices from actors, such as very early call times and long hours. Jenna is ready to get back in the saddle.

6 Bethenny Frankel Excels In The Business World


Bethenny Frankel is a brash woman who has achieved incredible success. Her brutal honesty made her a real housewife to watch. She's too much for some people but revered by others.

No matter how you feel about Bethenny, you can't deny that she's a powerful career woman. Bethenny works and spends quality time with her eight-year-old daughter, Bryn. Bryn's dad is Jason Hoppy.

Bethenny is quite private about motherhood but very open about her career and what it means to her. She's all about career success. Bethenny makes a ton of money from her Skinnygirl Cocktail products. She built an empire from the first cocktail mix, the Skinny Margarita.

5 Jenna Dewan-Tatum Will Appear In A New TV Series Called Mixtape


Jenna is a loving mom to Everly, whom she shares with her ex, Channing Tatum. Nothing seems to get Jenna down for long. She recovers from hard knocks in no time flat, or, at the least, never lets the world see her pain. This brave actress and dancer is always in motion, whether she's working on World of Dance, posing for magazine covers or filming her upcoming musical drama for the Fox Network (Mixtape).

Every mom needs to deal with setbacks in her life. It's how we moms cope with hardship that defines us. Jenna sets a good example by always smiling and by showing her daughter just how successful a mother can be at work.

4 Charlize Theron Is Offered A-List Film Roles


Charlize is one of a handful of actresses who get offered the very best roles. She's earned her spot on the A-list fair and square. She's a dazzlingly talented actress. If you saw her in Mad Max: Fury Road, you already know just how powerful her performances are. She's something else. She's also a loving mother.

She has a son, Jackson and a daughter, August. Since Charlize gets offered the kinds of roles that are tough to turn down, and she loves acting, she juggles work and motherhood. She does it as a single mother but has a network of people helping her behind the scenes.

3 Kat Von D Keeps Running Her Businesses


Kat Von D is a supremely gifted tattoo artist and her makeup line has captured the imagination of many women (and some men, too). She's a successful entrepreneur who's also a mother. She doesn't stop working, because people absolutely love what she produces. Kat is a style icon who chose to wear red to her wedding. She's now the mother of a baby boy named Leafer, who is, frankly, really, really cute.

Kat is balancing work and motherhood like a champ. She's putting together a new line of shoes called Von D shoes, in addition to her other work projects.

2 Jessica Biel Is Now An Entrepreneur


Jessica Biel is a mother of one, she's Justin Timberlake's wife and she's a successful actress. Now, she's adding the title, "entrepreneur" to her resume. Her new venture started in 2017 and it's an eatery that is family-friendly, in addition to an activities center and a marketplace. The restaurant is situated in West Hollywood and it's called Au Fudge. It's a high-end version of a typical Chuck E. Cheese.

Parents may eat with their kids and then deliver them to on-site babysitters, who will look after them while mom and dad linger over the rest of their food...and just take it easy. The restaurant isn't profitable yet.

1 Olivia Wilde Enjoys Variety In Her Career


Olivia Wilde really seemed to blossom when she fell in love with Jason Sudeikis and started breeding with him. She was always very successful, but seems to be at peak happiness right now, thanks to her funny hubby, her two kids, Otis and Daisy and her mixture of business projects. Olivia is the co-founder of Conscious Commerce. It's an online platform that asks people to give money to charity, just by buying awesome products that they would enjoy buying, even without the charity angle. Each purchase initiates a donation by Conscious Commerce to a worthy charity. Olivia is giving back while giving people access to amazing products.

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