20 Celeb Pregnancies That We Saw Coming A Mile Away

There are two types of celebrity pregnancies. The first kind are the ones that completely take fans by surprise. Whether the star got pregnant after a whirlwind romance or expressed disinterest in having children up to that point, there are many celebrity pregnancies that we never saw coming.

However, the second type of celebrity pregnancy that occurs happens when fans totally guessed the star was pregnant before they made an official announcement. Sometimes the paparazzi are able to catch photos of a bump before the parents-to-be have revealed their news. Other times, so-called sources spill to the tabloids that a famous couple is trying or just found out some big news. And in some cases, it’s just the wish of fans to see a celebrity couple have a baby that makes them constantly question if a celeb is actually pregnant.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most famous celebrity pregnancies that fans saw from a mile away. Not that fans weren’t happy for these celebs when they shared their good news, but their baby news certainly didn’t break the Internet. Hey — it can be tough keeping a secret when the paparazzi are always on your tail!

20 Angelina Jolie

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Although fans were definitely surprised when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie first got together after meeting on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith in 2004, everyone had been guessing a pregnancy might be on its way by the time they did confirm Angie was expecting their first biological child in 2006.

Angelina had already adopted multiple children at that point and had always expressed a desire to have more kids, so her pregnancy definitely wasn’t too surprising for fans. It was even less surprising when she announced her pregnancy with twins Knox in Vivienne in 2008, as Brad had already formally adopted her other three children. Honestly, the most surprising thing about Brangelina’s pregnancies was that they didn’t have more!

19 Blake Lively

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All fans could tell what a great match Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were when they first became romantically involved in 2011, after meeting on the 2010 set of the Green Lantern. The couple didn't delay in settling down, as they were married the following year in 2012 in a South Carolina ceremony.

Given how quickly these two tied the knot (and how lovey-dovey they were about each other to the media), it wasn’t surprising when Blake announced her first pregnancy in 2014 with daughter James. It was even less surprising when her second pregnancy news broke in 2016 after photos of her on set were published featuring a very visible baby bump.

Blake says that motherhood has changed her for the better, so perhaps there are more Lively-Reynolds babies on the way.

18 Khloe Kardashian

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Khloe Kardashian’s pregnancy struggles have been documented for years on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, dating back to when she was still married to Lamar Odom. The celebrity has been open about her desire to have a huge family as well as over her concerns about her fertility problems.

When Khloe first began dating NBA star Tristan Thompson, she revealed to KUWTK cameras the couple wasn’t using protection. As such, it wasn’t a huge surprise when the celebrity then soon revealed she was pregnant with their daughter True, who was born last year.

Given how much Khloe expressed wanting a family, fans always assumed it would happen sooner than later. And now that reports say she’s hoping for baby no. 2, don’t be surprised if True becomes a big sister in the next few years. We’re just not sure if Khloe and Tristan can repair things…

17 Jessa Duggar

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Honestly, we wouldn’t classify any Duggar pregnancy as a huge surprise, given how baby-centric the family is (hey- if your mom had 19 kids, you’re bound to have a large family, too).

Fan-favourite Jessa Duggar Seewald has now been married for several years and has been popping out babies left and right. Given that she’s expressed a desire to have a large family just like her parents, no one was surprised when she announced her third pregnancy last January, despite already having two toddlers under three.

Jessa has been married to Ben Seewald since 2014. She gave birth to their first son, Spurgeon, in 2015 after 48 hours of labor. Their second son, Henry, was born in 2017. The couple hasn’t announced if baby no. 3 is a girl or boy yet!

16 Kayla Sessler

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Kayla Sessler has become well-known thanks to her stint on Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant. She’ll become the first TM: Y&P star to welcome their second child, but fans weren’t too surprised when she revealed her good news only a month ago.

On the show, Kayla has revealed that her son Isaiah’s father has been largely absent from his life. In the past year, the reality star began Luke Davis, who she met at her local college. After only a few months of dating, the couple was shown to have moved in together on the show. It also wasn’t long before Isaiah began calling Luke “dad.”

Considering Kayla has said on the show she wished Luke was her son’s father and she couldn’t wait to have kids with him, it wasn’t a big surprise when she posted a photo of her growing bump. Kayla and Luke have since revealed their little one is going to be a girl.

15 Snooki

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Granted, Snooki’s first two pregnancies took some fans by surprise. It seemed like only yesterday the reality star was partying it up on Jersey Shore, but she quickly traded it in for motherhood.

Once she fell for her now-husband Jionni LaValle, the celebrity didn't delay in settling down- and now she seems happier than ever. The couple, who married in 2014, welcomed son Lorenzo in 2012, while their daughter Giovanna was born in 2014.

Currently, Snooki is expecting the couple’s third child (a baby boy!)- but fans saw this pregnancy coming from a mile away. Early last fall, the celebrity admitted she and her hubby were trying for baby no.3 with no luck. But shortly after, in November 2018, the parents announced their happy news via social media.

14 Tori Spelling

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Tori Spelling has always been baby-crazy. Upon meeting her future husband Dean McDermott, the former 90210 star did not hesitate to start that family - even though he wasn’t even divorced from his first wife yet!

Tori and Dean eventually married a month after his separation was finalized in 2006. Together, they have five children: Liam (born in 2007), Stella (born in 2008), Hattie (born in 2011), Finn (born in 2012), and Beau (born in 2017).

Tori has never ruled out having more children, despite having a complicated fourth pregnancy, so fans can never say they’re surprised when this busy mama makes a pregnancy announcement. Do you think baby no. 6 could be a possibility?

13 Heidi Klum

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Granted, Heidi Klum’s first pregnancy did take many fans by surprise. The supermodel had been dating Flavio Briatore for less than a year when she announced her pregnancy.

In a dramatic turn of events, the couple split up soon after the news became public. But Heidi quickly jumped into another relationship –with her future husband Seal- before daughter Leni’s birth. Not only was Seal present for the birth, but he later adopted Leni. The couple was then married in 2005.

Given how quickly Seal and Heidi rushed to the altar (and how crazy in love they seemed), no one was too surprised when the couple welcomed several more kids practically back-to-back. Sons Henry and Johan were born in 2005 and 2006, while their daughter Lou was born in 2009. The couple eventually divorced in 2014, which was the most unanticipated part of their relationship.

12 Giuliana Rancic

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For years, Giuliana Rancic was not only open about her desire to become a mother but also about her troubles with conceiving. Given that the celebrity was so adamant about wanting to start a family, it wasn’t a huge surprise when she and her husband, Bill Rancic, announced their surrogate was pregnant in 2012 with their son Duke.

Prior to this, the couple had been undergoing IVF since 2010, which unfortunately didn’t work for them. When Giuliana was diagnosed with that major women's health issue in 2011, her doctor then recommended the surrogacy option, which ended up working splendidly for the couple. Giuliana has said they’d be open to hiring a surrogate again to expand their family, so we wouldn’t be surprised if baby no. 2 is in the cards.

11 Jenelle Evans


Although Jenelle Evans’ first two pregnancies with sons Jace and Kaiser were unplanned, fans guessed her third pregnancy months before the reality star actually confirmed the news.

Back in 2016, the paparazzi caught Jenelle out-and-about multiple times with what appeared to be a baby bump. The celebrity had expressed various times her desire to marry and have kids with her then-boyfriend David Eason (who she’s since married).

When she began filming the new season of Teen Mom that year, Jenelle’s belly was too big to hide from the camera. Still, she tried to deny the pregnancy for weeks until it was so obvious the show’s producers called her out. Her own mother, Barbara, said she didn’t learn Jenelle was pregnant until the tabloids reported it, although she’d had her suspicions for a while. Jenelle’s daughter Ensley was born the following January.

10 Ashlee Simpson

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If circumstances had been different, no one would’ve guessed that a 24-year old Ashlee Simpson was pregnant, especially since her older sister had always been the one to talk about getting married and having babies.

But when Ashlee married Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz in an abrupt ceremony in 2008, many fans assumed there was a reason behind their decision to rush to the altar - and boy were they right. Mere weeks after tying the knot, the couple announced Ashlee’s pregnancy. She gave birth to their son Bronx the same year.

Though Ashlee and Pete split up in 2011, the star went on to married Diana Ross’ son, Evan Ross. They welcomed a daughter, Jagger Snow, together in 2015. Pete is also remarried and has two other children.

9 Chrissy Teigen


Chrissy Teigen is another celebrity mama who was open about her struggles with fertility. For years, the model and her husband John Legend maintained that they were trying to expand their family and even turned to reproductive help, but nothing was working.

Eventually, after several rounds of IVF, the couple happily announced Chrissy’s first pregnancy in 2016. Their daughter Luna was born the same year. Given how much she’d talked about wanting children, no one was surprised by the state’s pregnancy announcement, although fans didn’t lack in excitement. The couple also welcomed a son, named Miles, in 2018.

8 Kylie Jenner


Given that she was only 20 years old at the time and in a new relationship, the world should’ve been surprised that Kylie Jenner was pregnant. And when the rumors began circulating almost nine months before she gave birth, many fans were very surprised over the news at first.

However, since Kylie didn’t confirm her pregnancy until after Stormi’s arrival, fans had many months to get used to the idea. So, when she did finally release a statement via social media, no one could say they were surprised by the news. Rather, fans were happy that the speculation was over they could go back to their regular lives.

Now that reports say Kylie is already talking to her BF Travis Scott about giving Stormi a sibling, we also shouldn’t

7 Danielle Jonas

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Kevin Jonas was only 21-years old when he got married to his long-time love Danielle Jonas in 2009, so fans have long assumed the celebrity wanted to settle down early and get started on baby making. So when Danielle announced her first pregnancy in 2013, the only question fans had was why it didn’t happen sooner!

Danielle eventually gave birth to their daughter Alena Rose in 2014. They then welcomed a second daughter, Valentina Angelina, in 2016. For a short time, the family documented their lives on the reality show Married to Jonas. However, the final season aired in 2013 shortly before the couple’s made their pregnancy announcement. We’d be down for another Jonas reality show just to watch Alena and Valentina grow up!

6 Amal Clooney

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We’ll admit that Amal Alamuddin’s marriage to George Clooney came out of the blue! George had long maintained he never saw himself walking down the aisle, let alone having children.

But it didn’t take him long to pop the question to the human rights lawyer shortly after meeting her, proving that things can totally change when you meet the right person.

That’s why no one was surprised when the happy couple announced their pregnancy news shortly after their lavish 2014 wedding in Italy. And to make the announcement even more exciting, the couple was expecting twins! Son Alexander and daughter Ella were born in 2017.

5 Victoria Beckham

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Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham always seemed to know that she wanted to settle down young. She started dating her future husband, soccer player David Beckham, in 1997 and they announced their engagement the following year. The couple were married in 1999 and welcomed their eldest child, son Brooklyn, several months after.

Considering that it seemed like Victoria was popping out kids left and right at one time, fans were less and less surprised by each of her pregnancies. The couple welcomed two more sons, Romeo and Cruz, in 2002 and 2005. The media suggested the pair was trying for a little girl shortly after Cruz’s birth, so it was no big surprise when Victoria announced her pregnancy with daughter Harper in 2011. Now their family of four is complete!

4 Sarah Jessica Parker


Sarah Jessica Parker’s S. and the City character Carrie Bradshaw was always focused on finding Mr. Right and starting a family- and it was hard not to assume the same for SJP. Carrie married fellow actor Matthew Broderick in 1997, after dating for several years. She eventually welcomed their son James in 2002.

After her first pregnancy, many fans wondered if SJP would have any other children, especially after the conclusion of her hit TV show. The actress has since been open about her struggles to get pregnant. She and her husband eventually hired a surrogate, who gave birth to their twin daughter Tabitha and Marion in 2009. Given how much speculation there’d been over Sarah’s fertility issues, no one was surprised by their decision to choose surrogacy.

3 Lily Allen

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Lily Allen had a difficult road to motherhood, and her openness about her struggles is the reason many fans weren’t surprised when the singer eventually did welcome a little one of her own.

In 2010, the star announced her first pregnancy with her then-boyfriend Sam Cooper. However, Lily suffered a late-term loss the same year when her son was delivered stillborn. The celebrity has been open about the PTSD she incurred after going through the event.

Lily and Sam eventually married in 2011. After publicly announcing her desire to become pregnant again, she gave birth to their daughter Ethel in 2011. Lily welcomed their second daughter, Marni, in 2013. The couple has since separated.

2 Jessica Simpson

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Jessica Simpson had been talking about having babies since her time on Newlyweds when she was still married to Nick Lachey. And after years of media speculation, no one was surprised when the singer finally announced she was indeed pregnant.

Jessica gave birth to her daughter Maxwell in 2012, and then had son Ace Knute almost back-to-back in 2013. She and her then-boyfriend Eric Johnson eventually tied the knot in 2014 after several years of engagement.

Perhaps Jessica’s most recent pregnancy was the most surprising. Less than a month ago, the star gave birth to daughter Birdie, despite previously saying she and her hubby were done having kids.

1 Kim Kardashian

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Khloe isn’t the only Kardashian sister who’s pregnancy fans guessed well in advance! Many fans also saw Kim’s first pregnancy coming long before the star made an announcement. Kim was fresh out of her marriage to Kris Humphries when she began romancing her long-time friend Kanye West.

It didn’t take long for the new couple to announce Kim’s pregnancy, which fans didn’t seem too surprised about given how much Kim had talked about wanting a family. Their daughter North was born in 2013 and the couple married the following year in Italy.

Kim became even more vocal about wanting a large family after having her first child. So, it was no surprise when she became pregnant with son Saint shortly after in 2015. Due to pregnancy complications, Kim used a surrogate to deliver her third child, daughter Chicago, in 2018. Another surrogate is currently expecting the couple’s fourth child - a boy!

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