20Julie Roberts: Pretty Mama

Funny enough, the actress admits that she can’t make her kids watch her own iconic films.

Julia Roberts is not only a Pretty Woman but a wonderful mom. She had it all – a charming smile, a successful career, and a lot of cash. While many celebs rely on nannies, Julia Roberts sacrificed her career for her children. She left the spotlight and dedicated her life

to her three kids, Hazel, Henry, and Phinnaeus.

Well, it’s not surprising that kids love animation. The great news is that celeb kids also love reading. As this pretty mom says, "My dad read to us before bed every night. And I think it’s one of the great universal cuddle times. We would read books we were ready for but not necessarily ready as readers to take on and it was just a special, cosy time. It’s a nice way to head into dreamland, I think, with the sound of your parent’s voice."

Psychologists reveal that reading can have a crucial influence on kids. It helps kids develop reading and writing skills and strengthens their imagination. Even 15 minutes reading aloud is enough to help kids, which is also a great way to bond with them.

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